it's been a while since i used photoshop

John Tracy seems to have crept into my work sketchbook as well…

Alt. title: Why helmsmen absolutely cannot be trusted to have any free will whatsoever.

Been getting quite a few followers because of the lyricstuck lately, so I feel it is only fair to put this out as a warning that I put out REALLY QUALITY STUFF like dang you guys may want to hold onto your muffins because it’s about to get Da Vinci in here.

No but in reality, it’s because gomollusk kept playing this headcanon voice video over and over again and I couldn’t stand not using it anymore.

it’s been a while since I last drew something for @ichigomaniac ‘s beautiful youkai au! Kenma is my guilty pleasure in the au so…here, have some Kenma with sakuras in the background ♡✧( ु•⌄• )