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okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”

i know a lot of us are really angry and venting, but also keep in mind that you can only take so much before it takes its toll on you.  so if you can, sign off for a while.  i’ve been doing stuff for myself all day, getting work done and being as productive as i can be.  it’s helped clear my mind since damn near everything online leads back to this election which has made me not want to socialize.  it might be good for you to take some time to process this on your own and enjoy a little solitude while things are so intense.  either way i am wishing all of you affected by this future wellness; you deserve it.

Hey y'all! It’s been a while since I’ve made a personal post, but I really want to apologize for not replying to messages as much as I used to or being as active on here as I was before.

I’m going through some really tough times now–I know this might sound super edgy or something, but I haven’t been doing very well mental health-wise. For those who aren’t familiar with my Sad and Tragic Backstory™, I come from a very abusive household and my time living there has taken its toll on me through things like PTSD and bipolar disorder. It takes a lot of energy for me to get out of bed, let alone interact with others, but I am trying my very best to get back on my feet again!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all your support for Puu; the story means a lot to me, and I’m glad that it’s bringing many people happiness. I never expected it to be received so well, so it’s a pleasant surprise every week when I see people’s tags, comments, and messages about how they enjoy Puu. All your support keeps me going, not only art-wise, but also in life! You all make things a little easier for me and put a smile on my face the times I need it the most.

Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my art and that I can keep on creating the things I love.

Wishing you all well! xoxoxo

Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell
Ships: Berena haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~
WC: 564
Rated: G

“I’ve made a discovery.”  Bernie shut the office door behind her and leaned against it, crossing her arms and looking very grave.

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“96 is less of a garbage fire now, tell ur friends”

Because nobody can sum things up quite like @docholligay.

Today is my break from THE GIFTENING, so I’m catching up on a few things. LIKE SLEEP, but also other stuff. Something that’s been on my to-do list for a little while now is to watch Viz’s dub of Episode 96 and report back to Holligay on its absolute shittiness. The changes made to 98 were very promising, but there was so much in 96 that was bad. SO VERY MUCH. And with Holligay actually kind of enjoying Usagi for a change, she was reluctant to ruin it. I was going in as an advance scout.

Since I still had the blu-rays out from Sailor Moon Day, I sat down to completely my THE MISSION this morning. I was so thrilled to be able to report back that it better. That it was just SO MUCH BETTER.

I’m so happy and excited about the changes Viz made to this episode, I had to come in here and tell all of you. I appreciate that I’m way the fuck behind here, that the discs have been out for a while now. But just in case some of you were uncertain about the episode, or indeed about the Viz dub as a whole, I wanted to put this out there.

You guys, it’s SO GOOD.

In case you don’t remember Episode 96, or what’s so fucked up about it, it’s the episode where Mako has a crush on Haruka, and the whole thing is this terrible, homophobic pit of awful. Usagi especially comes off dreadful, as she so often does when the writers decide to pull this shit. But the Viz dub took one look at that and said “Hmm, okay, but what if we DON’T make women loving women out to be disgusting?” AND SO IT WAS.

Not every line is perfection; there are a few that come across a little rocky. But I think part of that reaction comes from knowing what’s in the original, and part of it from the fact that there’s only so much they can do. If Usagi’s looking suspiciously at Mako, there’s no way to give a line reading that’s anything but, if you want to make it actually flow with the story and animation. Even with the bumps, the dub manages to bring it all together in the end in a way that I thought was amazing and brilliant. Looking at context of the episode as a whole, Usagi comes across not as inexplicably lesbophobic for an episode, but as a sheltered teenager who’s occasionally a little awkward with her words and feelings, dropped into a new situation. Obviously mileage varies for how tolerant someone would be of that, but it is at the least not outwardly condemning as Usagi (and the others) appeared to be in the original, and I think that goes a long way.

Hit or miss though (and it was a big hit for me), I feel it’s huge that the Viz dub creators TRIED. They looked at the original, recognized it was fucked up, and put in the effort to remove the bad pieces and replace them with something better, while not losing the heart of the episode, and without having to directly contradict what was on the screen. That’s a hell of a lot of work that wasn’t STRICTLY necessary. They were dubbing the original anime, and they could’ve taken the easier path and just kept it as is.

What I see in these choices is nothing but love. Again to quote Doc, “It comes to me as a sign of loving something enough to want to make it better. Looking at the show and going “c'mon you’re better than this."” And wanting to share that love, too. To not make anyone feel excluded, like the main character of this show could be looking at you with judgment and scorn rather than the love and acceptance you know Usagi would have for each and every one of us.

I’ve barely begun to explore the Viz dub of Sailor Moon, but I’ve been nothing but impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. I don’t know how many people are still on the fence, I figure most everyone’s made their own call by now. But if you’ve been reluctant, if you’ve held back at all, then I encourage you to put your concerns aside. I feel confident that the Viz dub has nothing but love for the anime in its heart, and it wants nothing more than to share that love with everyone.

I hope, if you haven’t yet, you consider picking up the blu-rays or DVDs. I feel Viz has proved they’re the right people for this job, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season in their hands.

[And if you’d like to read the dialogue of those scenes for yourself, check out this post.]

Espirito Santo is on chaos

Sooo, here in Brazil, there is a state in a really dangerous situation right now unfortunately…
My english could be a bit of an issue to explain the situation sooo, basically: the police is currently on strike due to salary and other issues in their work/career, and people from their families have been protesting for that too, however negotiations arent even happening since the police isnt working (i think its been since saturday) and they arent on the streets, at the same time authorities made it clear that they wont negotiate until they go back to work… meanwhile thieves are doing whatever they want there, so that means robbery and even death are increasing, there are many videos popping up while showing the situation in that state and its cities :(

Another thing which is unbelievable is how I didnt hear anything about that (probably) on tv, so yes I only found out about it by checking out Twitter, if it wasn’t for the internet who knows when people from other states in Brazil would know about this for an example…

Also, that means its better to not even leave the house until the situation will finally be under control again, but the question is: WHEN??

If anyone here in tumblr is from ES, please, dont leave by any means and stay safe at home, even though thats really difficult unfortunately, I hope for the best :( 

And anyone reading this, if you want to spread or reblog, thats also okay and fine… tbh i would say to spread it, because its a shame that the tv in Brazil wasn’t even SHOWING ANYTHING ABOUT IT wtf. I decided to write this to update and give information about the current situation for people who didn’t know about it


did someone say Timeskip!Group West? no? well whatever; still did it 

I’m going to be working on a timeskip comic so i decided to finalize my designs so that I don’t get confused/change things last minute. 

so yeah, stay tuned! :D


achilles had known
his whole life that he was destined
for greatness / ‘aristos achaion’
they called him / the best of the greeks,
made not with love / but glory / and the
haunting ghost of war.

when you are told,
from birth, how your life will unfold, 
you can’t help but seek out
serendipity /  the locking of eyes
across a crowded room / that moment
of free-fall is easily addictive.

achilles chased it across fields
the colour of sunshine / and through
waves / ocean salt like a second skin.
even time could be quiet
for moments like these / for a boy
like this / unknown and unplanned.

achilles had known his whole life
that he was destined for greatness / but he
could never have guessed he’d be bound 
for this too / for a love he’d tear cities apart for,
and die for / a love he’d wait more 
than a thousand years for. 

SERENDIPITY vs DESTINY // l.s.  © 2016


well isn’t it funny? it was sort of like as if you were coming from the pool…

Full Confession:

I was in a huge fight with my husband when I picked up SoS to escape from life temporarily. In the game, I met Raeger, and he reminded me very much of my husband. They were both gentle, sweet, and had a fairly normal life; my husband was also influenced by his grandparents to cook, and he owns his own cafe. Needless to say, I chose to marry Raeger in-game, and that made me realize that no matter how angry I am with my husband and regardless of the fact that we fight over many things, I’m always seeking for him in some form or another. It helped me to reconcile with him. To many people, the characters in SoS are flat and uninteresting, but Raeger saved my marriage, and because of that, this game will always be special to me.

Harvest the Source: Kash Phia!

The Ring

A/N: This is the drabble i was referring to in a post called “Different is good”. I’ve been taking my time on this and well I feel like this could be a multi chapter fanfic but I’m not sure. So please, I’d like some feed back on whether or not I should do it. Its been a while that I haven’t had writers block so I’m secretly hoping you guys want me to continue this. :)

Whenever someone told Caroline to take something seriously, she did. If someone told Caroline to take care of her things, she did. Caroline was told repeatedly to take care of her daylight ring after she was turned. She always made sure that she obviously would never take it off since it was part of her survival of being a vampire. Bonnie explained the rules after she made the ring for her and she could recite the lecture by heart.

 Standing in the shower reminiscing of that day while staring down at her daylight ring on her pointer finger, Caroline sighed. As the hot water was washing away her stress with helping everyone the ring, just for a moment reminded her how she was when she was human. How she was never the one to be picked first, all of her insecurities and how she thought she would never be loved. Tears began to form in her eyes and if it weren’t for the water hitting her face she would have realized that tears were falling. She felt happy that after the day Katherine killed her, she became a strong, independent, mature person, and like she had always said, being turned into a vampire was for the better. She slowly removed the ring and then placed it on her ring finger, now thinking about the possibilities of what her future would be like. She knew how she felt about Stefan and finding out his feelings about her, but looking down at her hand being lost in the idea of being with him forever she wouldn’t want anything else. However as if on cue, her insecurities came swarming through her like a big wave hitting a beach. “How could someone like him, want to be with someone like me,” she thought. “I’m the insecure neurotic control freak who is never put first.” She sighed once more. But even though with all the thoughts running through her head, she didn’t care. She loved him but she wasn’t ready to tell him yet that she was ready. And what’s worse is that she was feeling guilty at making him wait for her.

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Tokyo Ghoul Flower!AU: Sasaki Haise as the Forget-Me-Not

As the name suggests, Forget-Me-Nots are given or used to decorate gifts with the hope that the recipient will not forget the giver. It also symbolizes faithful love and memories.

its been like two months since I last did digital art aaa so rusty;;;; anyways I’m back from my study abroad in Japan so since I have more time to draw now I made a new pair icon for twitter w puni~ wehehehe///// ^q^