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Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle

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Hello there ! :D It's been a while since I follow your blog and I want to tell you... that your art is really beautiful. <3 In fact, what I like the most about your blog is two things : the way you draw UF!Sans. I find him so... * blushing intensely * handsome ! And the other thing I love is how you draw UT!Papyrus. In the last drawing you made about him, my heart exploded in small pieces. I love this character and you made him even cuter !! I would love to hug them both ! Keep it up ! ^u^

this is the first time that someone tells me that I draw uf!sans ‘’handsome’’

 oh dear.. you are so cute <3 thank you~

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Make out session with Levi story/headcannon thing?

This got so out of control, omg. And the best thing about writing for Levi is not only making y’all happy, but making mod Spookzz happy as well since Levi is her bae. Anyways, takes place in a modern AU where Levi is a lawyer. Enjoy, anon! 

The sound of the lock turning and the jingle of a set of keys forcefully shoved you out of the reverie you had fallen into and you glanced at the door in anticipation. A large stack of papers sat untouched on the coffee table, but you paid no heed to it, too invested in your apartment door opening; or, rather, just who was walking through it.

It was fairly obvious that Levi was exhausted. The bags beneath his eyes were dark violet in color, which only indicated that he probably hadn’t slept on his ten hour plane ride despite having his own private quarters. “Tough flight?” you asked rhetorically, taking his jacket from over his arm in order to hang it up in the coat closet.

 “A shit show,” replied Levi as he wheeled his suitcase off to a corner and walked into the kitchen area. If he was in no hurry to unpack his clothes in case they were wrinkled, then it was super obvious that he had a hell of a time getting home. You watched in silent awe for a split second as Levi’s arm muscles stretched against his shirt’s fabric, the sleeves rolled over his forearms while he rummaged through a cabinet, searching for something that you could only guess was tea. It wasn’t uncommon for you to step back and admire your boyfriend’s physique because you were fairly positive he was, single-handedly, the most attractive man you ever laid eyes on in your entire life, but this was only amplified by the fact that you had gone for two whole months without being able to see him save for infrequent Skype calls.

 You crossed your arms over your chest and reluctantly pried your eyes away from his ass in favor of looking him in the eye. “Crying baby? Turbulence?” you offered in slight amusement.

 When Levi finished placing the kettle on the stove, he braced his back on the counter and revealed, “No. Every time the flight attendant saw me placing the cushion down on the chair to try and get some sleep, she’d insist on doing it and tucking me in like a fucking five year old.”

 A chuckle escaped through your lips, only to grow into pure laughter at the thought of how grumpy Levi must have been at the poor woman who was only trying to do her job. Levi hated being touched by strangers, after all. “That’s what you get when you fly first class on a flight that’s longer than seven hours.”

 “Erwin can shove it up his ass next time he forces me to go out of the country,” Levi humorously stated, even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, intentionally.

 You rolled your eyes at his typical antics and motioned towards the microwave. “I made you lunch a little while ago, but it should still be warm.”

 “…You cooked and didn’t burn down the entire apartment?” Although it was a question, Levi had worded it more like a statement, much to you annoyance. Huffing, you pushed past him and opened the microwave, revealing the plate you had made. While you weren’t the most spectacular chef to ever live, your best friend had been delicately coaching you on how to make simple things when Levi wasn’t home to cook. While your arrangement of cooking and cleaning duties worked just fine, you had wanted to do something nice for him since he had been eating out every night for the last two months.

“I already ate some earlier, you ass. It’s fine.”

In lieu of firing back and bruising your ego over its lackluster presentation, Levi merely sighed and placed the plate back into the microwave, heading towards the couch where he sat down with his freshly brewed mug. “I’ll shower then eat. There’s some stuff I need to get taken care of at the office.”

 Of all the things Levi could have said, the last thing you had been expecting was for him to head back to work. He was tired and you were deprived for eight whole weeks; like hell was Erwin stealing anymore of your time with him.

 Before he could even protest, you marched towards the couch and straddled his lap. Leaning in just a few centimeters from his lips, you restrained yourself from tasting him in order to declare, “No way. I haven’t seen you in two months. Erwin can handle paperwork or whatever the hell he has to do on his own.”

 Levi sighed and placed his mug off to the side, those gunmetal gray eyes that you had come to know and love inching down to the shape of your lips. Angling his head, his mouth brushed against your own and, just for a moment, you reciprocated and melted against him. Just as one of his hands carded in your hair and the other inched down to your waist, you reluctantly pulled away from him and smirked. “Nice try, but you’re not getting anything until you tell me you’re not going anywhere.”

 “You goddamn tease,” he muttered underneath his breath, which did a lot to inflate your ego even if it was just by a fraction. The defeat in his voice sang true of your minor victory, but nothing could have prepared you for the way he crashed his mouth back to your own in a desperate, heated kiss. Turning your head to the side, you shivered as soon as his hand began to trace down your spine, lingering close to the curve and dip of your lower back. It was hot and it was needy, but you could tell just in that moment that Levi had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

 When his tongue traced your bottom lip, you complied with vigor, your hands moving down to settle against the rigid muscles of his chest. Against your lips, you felt Levi smirk as his tongue explored your mouth, earning him a quiet noise of approval as his hand brushed across your thigh. Wanting the upper-hand for just a minute, you playfully nipped at his lip after he retracted his tongue before you braced your hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using all of your weight to hover over him to grind your hips into his own.

 “Fuck,” he groaned into your lips, breaking away from you in order to latch his mouth to your neck. Bracing his hand on the back of your head, he pulled you down and continued to pepper a line of hot kisses until he reached the junction of your neck where he ran his hot tongue across the area where shoulder met collarbone.

 You sighed in complete bliss, dark and lustful eyes meeting his own underneath you. “You are not allowed to leave the country ever again,” you declared, tilting your head back down in order to meet his lips for yet another mind-blowing kiss. He parted and took a moment to hold the side of your face in an almost uncharacteristically tender manner, studying your features as if trying to map them into the back of his subconscious.

 Tilting your cheek into his palm, you sighed and quietly confessed, “I missed you.”

 “Yeah. Me too.”


well isn’t it funny? it was sort of like as if you were coming from the pool…

A post on why I love jingyeom
  • They make each other happy. Jinyoung has said before that Yugyeom gives him energy, and it’s obvious that Yugyeom loves being around Jinyoung. Watch this fancam where Jinyoung seemed tired until he looked at Yugyeom and he became so happy he even forgot to sing (from 2:02). Find yourself someone who makes you that ecstatic, basically. 
  • They are on the same wavelength. Yes they’re always bickering, but it seems like they really enjoy doing that? It almost feels like watching a tennis match, the way they give and take. Like in their Got2Day interview (from 6.25) where Yugyeom makes this gesture at him and instead of ignoring it Jinyoung goes ‘we should make that into Got7′s next dance’ (simultaneously praising and making fun of Yugyeom, aka his favourite thing to do). Just a small example of how well they respond to each other. They’d make a good comedic duo. And they usually end things with a handshake, as though to say: ‘that was another good match’.
  • They confide in each other. Yugyeom has said that he trusts Jinyoung a lot and has depended on him since he was a trainee. Jinyoung has mentioned that it’s nice to talk about problems with Yugyeom because he listens well. They just seem really comfortable around each other and though their friendship might be low-key, it’s probably one of the strongest in the group.
  • They believe in each other. It’s no secret that Jinyoung is Yugyeom’s #1 hype man, always making sure that Yugyeom gets to show off his talents and gets to speak in interviews. Yugyeom also has said multiple times that he respects Jinyoung. Basically they always have each other’s back!
  • They find each other attractive. Hello, the tension between them?? (This is all flirting and also they look in love at 1.25, just saying). Not to mention the way Jinyoung looks at Yugyeom when he dances (from 2.20 onwards - same) and Yugyeom going into full blushing mode when Jinyoung does his sexy dance (also same). Add to that all the mutual compliments and you get the idea. 
  • They’re fun. You can’t have a boring show when you put Jinyoung and Yugyeom next to each other - whether they bicker or flirt or are being soft, they just have such a great dynamic. And they agree with this, look how happy they were when teamed up for making cocktails.
  • They’re hyper focussed on each other. Jinyoung can’t leave Yugyeom alone, it doesn’t matter where they are. Likewise Yugyeom is always trying to get a reaction out Jinyoung. They are like magnets. 
  • They look great together. No further explanation needed. Two distinctive visuals, I mean, wow. Also isn’t it kind of cute that Yugyeom, being the younger one, towers over Jinyoung (but then Jinyoung beats him at arm wrestling and most other things, so that evens it out). 
  • tl;dr jingyeom should be loved for al the above reasons, but it’s not as much as they love each other, the end. 

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akafuri + hangover!AU

There was a rule in the Furihata-Akashi apartment.

There was a rule well and clearly established through trial and error and Akashi fucking broke it.

Do not drink when the other was drunk.

How hard was it to follow?

Furihata cursed colourfully at the pain booming in his head like a marching band. Akashi was sleeping next to him. Equally wasted by the looks of it and yet managing to steal all of his blankets. The bastard.

He rubbed his face, forcing his eyes to open by sheer willpower and groped for the glass of water that should be there on the dresser. But no. It wasn’t. Not today. Of course not. The great Akashi-sama did not fucking keep water on the dresser for his wasted roommate.   

He cursed again. And kicked Akashi off the bed.

Akashi yelped, grappled the sheets to sit up on the floor and yelled, “What the fuck was that for?”

Big Mistake.

They both winced loud, holding their heads and covering their ears.

Furihata hissed, “I lost my job, you ass. You were the one who broke the rule.”

Akashi pulled his face off the sheets to stare at him, aghast, “I got dumped!

Another bout of hissing ensued.

“Kouki.” The voice was muffled against the sheets, Akashi still sitting on the floor. “Can I come to bed now?”

Furihata pushed his face into his pillow, piling the blankets on himself before Akashi stole them again. He whispered hoarsely. “Get us water first.”


Five hours, two bottles of water and about four mugs of coffee later, Akashi spoke up. “You hated that job anyway.” An olive branch was extended.

Furihata commiserated, “And your date was such a jerk. Good thing I don’t have to see his face anymore.” Hence, peace reigned in the small two bedroom flat.

Akashi drifted closer, resting his back on the pillows and pulled Furihata into his arms. Furihata sighed, shuffled the blankets keeping an eye on the space Akashi took from his side and returned his hug. Burying their faces in each other’s necks, they held on to the weak embrace. Deeply repressed feelings threatened to erupt, words and promises on the tips of their tongues, held back forcibly. I am not what you deserve. You deserve so much more. Yet I want only you. Above all else.

They still hadn’t moved out of bed.

And neither had any inclination to.

The One Where Phil Dates Dan

TW: Mentions of self loathing, cursing?? I guess
Word Count: 7712
Genre: Fluff
Prompt: dontforgettosmile (AO3)

Summary: It’s been a long time since Dan last dated someone. Eight years, to be exact. Phil offers that they go on a date, to save each other from the dreadful feeling of being alone. But no homo though.


I may or may not be accepting prompts it depends do u want a fic next year let me know

Author’s Note: This promt was sent an entire year ago! Yikes! I’ve been struggling to write this because of school, but since its summer again, I finally got to finish it! Ey! 

Also listen, this was meant to be a sad ending™ fic but I love yall!! Didn’t say it’s a good ending tho it’s pretty rushed and shitty so yea enjoy

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looking for otome blogs to follow

hello! so it’s been a year since i’ve actively posted otome stuff since the whole blog deleting incident, and now that i’m trying to get myself back into otome stuff i’m gonna try to follow more otome blogs again. please like or reblog if you post any of the following, and i’ll try to check out your blog! also, since this is a sideblog likes and follows will come from my main, yurikatsuki.

  • serendipity next door
  • star crossed myth
  • irresistible mistakes
  • dangerous seduction
  • really any voltage inc stuff there are just way too many things to list
  • code realize
  • kenka banchou
  • period cube
  • mystic messenger
  • uta no prince sama
  • amnesia memories
  • ozmafia
  • hakuoki
  • nightshade
  • collar x malice
  • probably other games that i’ve forgotten about

i also lost a lot of mutuals so if we were mutuals before and we aren’t now and i don’t follow you could you please tell me or something

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So I submitted a similar ask to projectava but thogught I should share it with you. What if, Ryou, having went AWOL into space and was found by team Voltron, hears about how Shiro pilots the Black Lion with godlike grace and hides the fact he feels betrayed becuase Black is not something he made yet Shiro flies it just fan-fucking-tastically without Ryou's help?

hey nonnie!  I’m sorry, I just saw this and I suspect its been in my inbox for a while.  also going to tag @theprojectava since they were mentioned and might be interested.  I think you’ve got a very interesting point but can we just -

can you imagine Ryou’s reaction if he hears about Voltron before he sees it?  His brother is flying a WHAT now?  A - giant cat?  That turns into a  - Big Person if you add four Other Cats?  That - punches things?  With It’s Cat Hand?!  Like, let’s take a moment to just - appreciate the aesthetical sheer horror and straight up laughter Ryou would be torn between.

And then he sees it. 

….oh… then he sees it…

And he’s gone.  Over the moon.  Head over heels, lost at sea, utterly, completely in LOVE!  LOOK at the way it moves!  Look at how beautiful everything fits together!  Look at how sleek the lines (lions! har har) are.  Can he breathe it, taste it - touch it?!  Because he’s seen some amazing things since coming into space but - just plop him down in a hanger somewhere and let him stare for an hour or two without bothering him, will ya?  Ryou with his love of all things speed and flight and mechanical and you’ve just given him the lions.  He’s so smitten he’d have stars in his eyes forever.  ‘Taka! Do you even realize how Amazing she is?!’ (and yeah, Taka kinda does but he loves seeing his brother this way).

I mean, I’m sure there would be a quiet struggle period for him.  Taka has, in a way, moved on without him and left him behind and while he realizes Black is an upgrade from Little Magpie (SUCH an understatement and he knows it) - they still got left behind.  There’s going to be a period where he’s running to catch up, to find out where he belongs in Taka’s new world.  But, man, nonnie, if you thought he was bad before about talking to Little Magpie all the time and singing it songs and calling it Wonderful and filling it in on all the latest Garrison gossip and pouring his heart out to it… imagine him with one of the lions.  Imagine him with Black.  Because Black is Takashi’s and Takashi is Black’s and he feels his brother’s happiness (and pain) like its personal to himself.  If he managed to earn Black’s approval - how in utter over the moon love would Ryou be?  Let’s talk about someone to give Pidge a run for her money when it came to upgrades.  But really - if Black would show him even a fraction of her workings and mechanics - can you imagine Ryou responding to that kind of faith and trust.  Ships have always hummed for him before, but this one purrs, nonnie.  He doesn’t need what Taka and Black have and he’d never dream of intruding but - maybe he and Black would have something too.  Not the same but that’s the point.  And how they both love and want to protect Taka too…

Let’s end this note on a little angst though. 

Picture Black the way we last saw her, sprawled out and dead light on the hanger floor on her side.

Now picture Ryou sitting between two of her claws, long legs tucked up, as squished in there as he can get, face in his knees.

And the silence.

That forever silence.

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Did you really like that Arthur movie? It looks ott and ridiculous :\ no offence though.

okay full offence taken though because it is a Thing of Beauty. Of course it’s over the top and ridiculous - but so is Arthurian legend. 

‘But it’s not historically accurate’ - Arthurian legend was written over hundreds of years in a bunch of places by lots of different people in several languages, and features historical accuracies such as magic and dragons. Kung-Fu George is NOT the strangest thing I’ve come across while researching my dissertation on Arthurian literature last year. 

This movie is continuing the proud tradition of absolute absurdity and nonsense that has been a staple of Arthurian legend since its inception, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. 


The thing is, people stereotype it as their attraction to the music is something other than the music, and I think that’s unfair. And honestly, I think it’s writing people off. It’s kind of rude. Everyone’s musical taste is different, and there’s no right or wrong answer. So I don’t know who’s the person in the world who is like — that guy has good music taste.


My witchy travel-kit
> two tarot decks (one for personal use only and one others are allowed to touch)
> a set of angel oracle cards
> lavender&salt water
> a bunch of candles
> a lighter
> a pendulum
> two pieces of rock crystal
> amethyst
> a jar to help with my anxiety
> a jar for additional safety when working with spirits
> some shiny 1ct coins