it's been a while since i made a post for this series

Persona Protagonist : P1-P2

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my artwork, so let’s make up for lost time in the upcoming days! First up, Persona faces with their personas on one side. My plan is to do ALL the users from every series and at least two per weekend. So let’s begin!

P1 | Naoya Toudou

Naoya (or nameless protagonist) is probably the least famous but he’s still great fun to draw. The persona is clearly inspired from Jojo stands and it was probbly the easiest to draw so far.

P2: Innocent Sin | Tatsuya Suou

Tatsuya got a few fans at the convention which was great! I made him look serious with his patented glare. Vulcanus was a massive issue - the chess-like helmet and the fact there’s only the offical artwork and nothing else to go off of means I did them last. However, I think its one of my favorites now.

P2 : Eternal Punishment | Maya Amano

The often forgotten protagonist (I can hear fans of this game groaning at how terrible this double pun was) of the persona franchise, I really love Maya. Much like Tatsuya her persona gave me some issues, but overall I really love the design of it.