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Hey Neko, whatever happened to the artistic liberty comic thing? (Or whatever it is I honestly have no idea what to call it haha) Just wondering since it seems you haven't done anything for it for a while.

Oh trust me, behind the scenes, I’ve been doing a lot for it. I’ve been working on a web comic for the series, but I haven’t posted it yet because I’d like to have at least 10 pages finished before I show everyone. :D

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maybe it was all the angst and nakey boys but that last comic gave me such berserk vibes and i loved it

Well. I mean. It’s funny that you mention it. Because when I started drawing this I had just finished the 90′s anime and was ploughing through the manga. The first three pages were drawn with the god hand remix of ‘forces’ on repeat. xD

 It may have its faults but it’s been a while since I read something that made me go like “Wow, now I remember why I love comics!!” I’m like 20 years late to this party, can’t believe it took me this long to check it out

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PD, what do you think about the stories My First Flower, Isolation and Elysia's Flight? Any details you can add?

Its been a bit since I payed a good amount of attention on PL stuff. So I had to look up the stories you mentioned here anon.  Before telling you my opinion , I would like to apologize to you and possible other anons who asked me a questions a while back, I didn’t mean to be gone for this long. 

My first flower

Well , I do admit I did follow this comic for a bit even though it isn’t really finished. I think the story is interesting enough, very explain heavy though. What I do notice is that the first 3 pages were looking very good and looked, how can I put it..complete? While if I had to give advise, use less headshots and more body shots or scene shots, while its nice to have a good look at a characters face and expression it does get old after a while. Like there is a lot going on in the city of warfang, which could be added in the background. Unfortunately I don’t really see that to often in this comic so far.  Now around page 4 up to the current page 15 we seem to move over to what i can only imagine to be a flashback, explained from the main characters point of view. What I notice is that the frames that were once there from page 1 to 3 are gone and now the pieces seem to be  ‘floating in an abyss of white’ sorta deal.While I understand this would have been done to put more emphasis on a flash back or think back idea I feel it could have been done a lil differently. As there are many other ways to show its a flashback without losing the detail from the first 3 pages. An example would be giving the comic a sepia or gray colour hue over them. Another thing could be done are that the borders of the frames are blurred and the colors more saturated (or a combi of sepia and blurred borders) .  Seeing as most of the pages are done in the floating white style it kinda pulled me out of it.  Its a nice story so far, just wished It could have been a lil better art wise.

No offence to the artist! Its just my silly opinion (whom you don’t have to agree with) 


 This is an interesting looking comic that unfortunately has only 5 pages( currently that is) . Cause of this we don’t know much about the story yet. While I do enjoy the rather active beginning of the comic. I mean Ratwoman?(Sailenia i think)  VS Wormtail goodness. Though there are some things that my nitpicky mind can’t help but to point out. One of it being that the I can’t seem to indetify de difference in gender between the two rat characters, they look mostly the same anatomy wise. heck even in the beginning I didn’t knew the rat was a female( I actually thought it was male , My bad) . So a suggestion is to try and make the difference between the rat characters better visible( aside from the armour)  and make the main character look less …male i suppose? My second nitpick is one that I myself tend to suffer from. The darkness  used in the comic itself. Making things look dark isn’t essentially bad, as it can actually look good in some instances. However make things to dark and one cannot see whats going on. This is especially so when taking into account that some monitors on pc’s and laptops are quite dark from the get go, meaning that on some screens the picture can be to dark to see. I myself struggle with this concept as I like to draw dark scenes and it happens on occasion that one of my friends wasn’t able to view the picture in its entirety cause it was to dark for her monitor.(It might be cause I like to work with my monitor brightness on full force, should stop doing that XD ) So what other advise I could give the artist is to lessen the darkness just a tat. So those with dark monitors can see it fine as well! . Story wise I can’t really tell cause the story hasn’t progressed far enough yet XD

once again no offence to the artist, just my silly opinion XD

Elysia’s flight

It is a nice looking story that unfortunately got canceled at a 6 page stop.

It is a dark comic , though not to dark enough to cause trouble visually i don’t think. The story or at least from what we got to see is a rather dark and minor-action packed story. It looked like  comic that could have involved a possible halfler or egg smashs. I felt a tat sad for the main character, but didn’t grow to attached to her as the story wasn’t long enough for me to get well attached to her. The art style of the comic was quite nice and looked really good to me. I would have loved to see how this story would have gone, if it wasn’t canceled.
Nothing else really comes to mind here atm..

But yeah I hope this explains enough of each of them!

once again this is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it!

Details mentioned : 

  1. don’t overuse headshots, make more full body or scene shots to add more to your comic  and make it less repetitive.  
  2. Don’t make your scene’s to dark, for not everyone has bright monitors or well will be able to see whats going on in your comic! 
  3. Work on anatomy and make characters look slightly less identical, think of sexual dimorphism! . No person looks identical to each other, unless their like identical twins or somth. Don’t fall into the “Same face, same body” pit. 

Dear everyone,

It’s been a couple of months and the team is hard at work finishing illustrations and ensuing this book looks its best!

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to give you any sort of update, and we thought it’d be nice for you to get a sneak peek on what the inside of the book would look like!

This splash page was done by the talented Nina Nowacki- fanartdrawer - for the Pitch section! This is where your beautiful fanart and letters will be showcased. Pretty awesome right?
Later this week I will be showing you a different splash featuring another guardian and its artist. Please look forward to it!

Until then!

BoB Team

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