it's been a while since i finished a page

So, my brother just finished Tokyo Ghoul part 1, and started :re. 

While reading chapter 140, he said to me something, since he’s trying to get the knack of the whole search-for-symbolism thing.

Brother: wow is this supposed to also be a throw back to Touka, beside of the whole “let’s go to sleep” thing?

Me: What? No, why? Where do you see Touka here?

Brother: well, that part of Kaneki sort of looks like Touka’s kagune, the one on Kuro’s back that’s floating away

Brother goes back to earlier chapters, and shows me this:

I just stared in the void, mind blown, thinking that one, I created a monster, and two, there’s nothing too far stretched for a shipper

He also made me notice that on Shiro’s back, the missing part is were the Rinkaku is supposed to be