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Camping AUs 

‘cause you get lighter the more it gets dark by arolouis

 Alternatively, Louis and Harry go camping with Doris and Ernest, and have a lot of feelings. (8k)

counting the steps between us by @zarahdetand

AU. So, yeah. That year abroad helped Harry establish that he is in love with his best friend. Now, if Louis would stop treating him like a little brother, that would be awesome. (Additional ingredients: a collapsing tree house, a lot of pining, the other three boys as Louis’ new best mates from university, and a camping trip. Serve hot.) (24k - a fave)

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Fordtato Gravity Falls Theory: Mindscapes, Thresholds, Dreamscapes and Memories

Hey guys, remember when this was a Gravity Falls theory channel? 

I’ve been seeing a bit of discourse on this, so I figured I’d see if I could find a solution where it all makes sense.

This theory is not going to be as in-depth as it should be, but I’ll at least outline my thoughts.

There are four different mental states which we see Bill invade and interact with Gravity Falls.


There are mindscapes, the black and white embodiment of one’s conscience and mind.

We’ve seen Stan’s Mindscape, and we know the following about what a Mindscape is:

  • It is a physical landscape representing thoughts and concepts which have a huge influence on our lives and personalities
  • It is seen in black and white
  • It contains our memories (more on that later), which, in Stan’s case, are behind wooden doors
  • While in the Mindscape, anything you imagine will come to fruition (which is how our heroes fought Bill initially)


Similar to a Mindscape, but not quite, would be what I call the “threshold.” We have seen Bill interact with this state of mind on a few different occasions.



And here:

In the threshold, Bill can interact with one’s mind without entering their Mindscape. Here are some details we know about this state of mind:

  • Bill has control over his surroundings but it seems others do not. Unlike in the Mindscape, where anyone in it can think up whatever they want, only Bill has power here. We see him interact with the deer teeth, but we never anyone else perform in any supernatural feats — not even Dipper, who, in Sock Opera, already knew that he had power in the Mindscape.
  • Bill cannot enter Ford’s Mindscape due to the metal plate in his head. So this is, theoretically, as far as he would have been able to go.
  • This seems to be a way for Bill to speak to people in the physical realm when he wants to propose deals.

Remember, Bill cannot speak to those in the physical realm without a physical form. Even in Dreamscapers, when possessing Stan, the most physical he appears outside of the Mindscape or Threshold is a shadow on the wall:

So what about the times we see him in a colorful world?


The Dreamscape is exactly what it sounds like: Bill interacting with the dreams of the Pines family. We only see him in a colorful three times before the finale, when he’s brought to the physical world.

The most memorable case is here:

In this case, we know for a fact that Ford’s dreams were often fucked with by Bill. Bill saw him return, possibly through any number of birch tree eyeholes, and was able to invade his dreams for the first time in many years. But what of the other cases?

Right between Dipper getting sleepy and entering the Threshold, Bill appears, with a fantastical shade of blue around him with a blinding spotlight. This is something, that, like Ford’s dream, does not exist in the physical world and is likely symbolic in the same way, which i won’t go into here.

We know that Bill could not interact with the physical world to this extent without a physical form, meaning this had to have been a Dreamscape that he was able to engage with the second Dipper fell asleep on the room.

He then switches to the Threshold, choosing to enter a realm where Dipper cannot imagine and materialize anything to fight him.

Finally, we see the Dreamscape for the last time here:

This is a colorful realm in which Bill interacts with a younger Ford while he’s asleep. We see Ford sleeping by that tree before entering the Dreamscape. 

We also know it is in Ford’s dreams because Ford highlights it in the journal, saying that his “muse” had been giving him glimpses of truth in his dreams for the last year.

So this is what we know about Dreamscapes:

  • Dreamscapes are essentially dreams, complete with color and strange sights
  • Based on the way Ford can change around the books in his Dreamscape (and based on the way he changes his tea’s flavor in the Dreamscape in the Last Mabelcorn storyboards) those in the Dreamscape also have power to interact with their surroundings
  • Bill does not need permission of any kind to enter the Dreamscape

But what about the finale? And what about deals to enter one’s mind?


The idea of making a deal to enter Stan’s Mindscape has been a point of issue for the fandom. If a deal is needed to enter a Mindscape, why were Dipper, Mabel and Soos able to follow Stan in, no problem?

So this is what I think: Permission isn’t needed to enter the Mindscape, it’s needed to access the MEMORIES.

Bill needed a deal of some kind to be able to interact with (in this case stealing the combination within) Stan’s memories. While Stan’s mind was open, Dipper and Mabel and Soos were able to follow with that spell (remember, the spell is designed specifically to FOLLOW Bill into the Mindscape, not to enter it independently, which implies it needs to be accessible first).

Memories, it seems, are an extra layer of difficulty for Bill to interact with. Like possession, he needs a deal of some kind before he get that power. But with a deal, he can rummage through them.

And while the Mindscape is in black and white, the memories:

are in color.

This idea comes up again during Weirdmaggedon.

In the finale, Bill wants to go into Ford’s mind, to look at his memories and find the equation needed to break through to the rest of the world. Bill can get to the threshold, but can go no further.

Bill can’t enter Ford’s Mindscape and memories for two reasons: For one thing, Ford has a metal plate in his head, preventing Bill from just entering his mind and possessing him. It seems to be equally powerful in preventing Bill from invading his memories.

For another, Ford needs to shake Bill’s hand to let him in (though we realize later on, that even if Ford WERE to shake his hand and let Bill in, the metal plate would have prevented him from entering, meaning ford took all that torture knowing that Bill would never get the answer, knowing he couldn’t give Bill the equation if he wanted to, possibly to buy time for the rest of the family to come up with a plan. What a champ.)

But then Stan shakes Bill’s hand.

First he enters the threshold:

And then he enters the Mindscape:

How do we know it’s a Mindscape? The door is black and white.

So what about the color within?

Well, that’s a memory.

Stan cleared his mind of everything but this one door, of a useless memory of him sitting on the couch. It’s a memory that Stan is able to manipulate, creating a paddleball the same way he materialized a pitt soda in Dreamscapers when he talked to Dipper in that other memory.

So there you have it.

This theory might have some plot holes, but it’s the best I could do. Let me know what you think!