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okay so i noticed this while watching stuck together again during the special: the engine for aquamarine and topaz’ ship looks PRETTY SIMILAR to the crystal heart in the temple?? which if you’ve been following me for a long time you’ll know i refuse to shut up about

I cant remember if anything else that looks similar to either of these has shown up before, but if not this is the first thing that seems similar, or at least close enough that I’ve noticed. 

A friend suggested that this probably means it’s the power source for all the gem-tech used in the temple (which would explain why the rooms work the way they do). gem tech seems to cover a lot of things, especially teleportation(?) and like, projecting/manipulating or materializing things in rooms. we see this on the ship and on homeworld structures. 

so what I’M wondering is 1) why does the crystal heart seem more significant than just an ‘engine’ or power source? obviously bad shit would go down in the gems’ side of the temple if it was damaged, but it’s also significantly larger than the one found in the ship (larger due to being older? since they’re super behind on gem tech). i mean it’s name is the ‘crystal heart’ while the other thing is just called an ‘engine’, so I’m lead to suspect that even if they serve the same basic purpose, the crystal heart is at least a little different. 

2) how the fuck was the crystal heart created? same as the engine? are these things organic or purely technological? does it make a difference that the crystal heart is being used (and seems to be ‘wired into) an organic environment rather than a purely mechanical/technological one? 

and 3) if it’s like… an engine… all throughout the temple……….. like just Hear Me Out……. what if the temple statue is like a gIANT STONE GOLEM THING THEY CAN DRIVE LIKE A GUNDAM FIGHTER-

Lazarou has been nursing on a blanket. Here’s some thoughts on cat nursing and why you should always let it happen.😺

A cat nursing out of the blue is like an eight-year-old suddenly sucking his thumb. Even if it is a behavior long forgotten it is a form of regression.

Years ago people believed the only reason a cat would nurse was because it was removed from its mother too young. While that is a reason, it isn’t the only one. Perfectly well adjusted cats not removed from their mothers early will suddenly nurse, even as full grown adults. Nursing makes them feel secure and content. It is a coping mechanism.

So if you are worried about your cat nursing out of the blue, ask yourself what it has to stress about. A death in the family, new home, new member of the family, and so forth - all the same reasons a human would be stressed apply to a cat. Also watch for things like new noises and new smells. Try and look at it from your cats’ point of view to figure out what stresses them. Then remove the stressor or try to alleviate their stress, and the nursing should go away. Some stressors (like death, relocation) can’t be fought head-on. Attack such stress with more playtime and cuddles, plus lots of secure & comfortable sleeping spots (if you only have exposed cat beds, get boxes. Secure means give them walls!). Treat the problem, not the symptom.

Don’t stop, redirect: Unless the cat is putting themselves or someone in danger you should let them nurse. If the cat is nursing a human and it’s painful, or if they are nursing something that could harm them, then try and switch them to an appropriate item to nurse (Blankets and pillows work well).

Otherwise, let the kitties cope!

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I don´t think our Pearl was PD Pearl, Pearl has been called many times defective, why would a defective pearl would be The Pearl of a Diamond? also, she would have been recognized (because of the shape of her gem she would stand up among other pearls)

well, she couldve been called ‘defective’ because she had defected from homeworld. while its weird her gem location doesnt match, that would explain her reaction to the mentioning of pd. and she might have regenerated so holly blue didnt recognized her at the zoo.

Seriously, though

How long has it been since we actually got to premiere time/day without the SU episode leaking, in full, beforehand?

I honestly can’t remember. I think it started back around Super Watermelon Island, when the Alexandrite/Malachite episode was leaked by the UK website?

In any case, its been a while. lol

As an addendum to @breathinginthissilence‘s fabulous text post (though she is probably asleep) let me just add:

These whining fuckers are getting EXIT and ONE TREE HILL on the regular for the first time in…probably longer than most of them have been alive? Or if not, certainly for the first time since they were in college. But oh my God, U2 has dropped that other song so they suck forever.

The agreement was this: U2 will play The Joshua Tree in its entirety, plus some other stuff to round out the show. They have not reneged on this. You don’t like it, give your tickets to someone who can’t afford to jetset around the country in the band’s wake.

Sorry. I’ve been holding this stuff back for a while. Thanks.

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fuck american bombs but here in france the only people supporting assad are white bigots and far right people, they're willing to let women and children be butchered because of ISIS (and also bc they hate muslims). so yes sometimes, when i see their lies about assad and the syrian genocide i want an american intervention against assad.

um no, i don’t think you understand the situation or the ramifications of what you are hoping for.

while it’s undeniable that even alt-right nazis like richard spencer have been very vocally supportive of assad, first thing you need to know by now is that the US is already in syria and has been waging an undeclared war for at least 3 years, and as a matter of fact it is responsible for the killing of more than 225 civilians, including 44 children JUST between april and may. the US coalition has bombed schools and mosques as part of its war-on-terror in syria and just last night, it bombed raqqa so mercilessly killing 18 civilians. So, the US intervention that you hope for is already taking place but to the detriment of the syrian civilian population, and not necessarily to assad.

keep in mind that the US intervention in syria does not mean the assad regime is in any way threatened, but actually, it appears to be providing aerial support for both russian and regime forces and hence alt-right nationalists have all freaked the fuck out when the US struck a government base but they all have failed to bat a lash to the continuous US led attacks against syrian civilians because syrians are not anyone’s concern.

basically, the bigots that you are speaking about only care when their favoured dictator is hurt by the US and not the syrian people (…much like you sound when you want the US to hurt the dictator without concern for how it will effect the people).

we need to ensure that the desires of the syrian people are our main concern. i’m not sure if you’re syrian or not (i doubt you are) but as individuals supporting Syrians we need to remember not to get sidetracked or self-important, and we need to make sure we are focusing on them and amplifying their voices and making sure that even our words don’t step over them and what they demand.

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has there ever been a robot character you didn't like? I'm curious cause while I usually automatically love robots there's a couple things where I just didn't like how they were portrayed and it was sad :(

x6-88 wasnt my favorite. i dont even necessarily dislike him, i just…was done with his company after getting his perk

its hard for me to genuinely dislike characters tbh

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Its kind of cool Activision has had the same logo forever.

They moved away from it for a little while (and even changed their name to Mediagenic at one point after some mergers) but yeah, it’s been pretty constant and that’s rad.

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okay but could you imagine ASL bringing their s.o over to meet Garp and Garp is just like 'oh so you enchanted this one? how did ya do that. how do they even want to deal with you? ' or ' I'm sorry if they give you much trouble, they're just a bunch of idiots. had they been marines like i told them t-" " okay, old man enough! " teasing the heck out of them bcs cmon its Garp, Garp is as much as a dork as the boys X'D.

Or he just wouldn’t believe them. xD

Then when their respective s/o’s do confirm it, he’s like:

Originally posted by chikach00

Probably in denial for a while, too.
Then, of course, he has to bring up embarrassing stories. :3

I say that this is canon, BTW.

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hey! do u know any good face masks for ppl struggling w acne? my skin is mostly dry im just scared to google ones to do since. yknow. thank you so much and ramadan kareem! <3

hmmm i’d say clay (white or pink, not green as green clay is best suited for oily skins) mixed with aloe vera. i got one from morocco that has these two ingredients + verbena and both me (combination + acne prone) and my sister (DRY ASS skin i kid u not and also acne prone) can use and it’s not drying and quite soothing. i want to try making an avocado + honey face mask which should be moisturising and acne fighting but i’m still doing my research!! will let u know if i feel any different after using it. and ramadan kareem to u too!

i haven’t caught up with steven universe yet. though i plan to asap. for real… it looks juicy. but that aside, i’m so happy to see so much excitement pertaining to the new episodes on my dashboard?? i honestly started to dread it airing because my entire feed would just be discourse, people nitpicking about how “””ugly””” a character looked in a particular scene or how awful and allegedly disrespectful certain story boarders or writers were to the narrative, which gets pretty fucking exhausting after a while.

not to imply that steven universe is without its flaws, or anything? it has plenty, just like every other piece of media does, and people definitely have a right to point them out and complain. especially in cases where they’ve been offended in some way. i just feel like the bulk of the fans who Have been complaining, if you can even call them fans anymore, have devolved to a really unfortunate point where they’re not even letting themselves enjoy its highs. or, in the case of everybody who makes “critical posts,” fairly weigh the show’s pros and cons. which sounds really redundant and obvious! but imo, you’re pretty severely past the point of acknowledging how unhealthy that is if you’re channeling any portion of your energy to run a side blog dedicated to how much you despise a children’s cartoon that strives to be a positive, progressive influence on its viewers and, imo, predominantly succeeds.

like….. just saying. if you’re resorting to screencapping every instance of what you decide is a character not looking conventionally attractive, is it even worth it anymore??? i seriously can’t think of anything more petty and unconstructive.

Behind The Mask: Eggshells

It is an all too common scene in an action movie. The brave hero punches out a henchman who collapses to the ground unconscious. The hero steps over them and moves on safe in the knowledge that they are still morally superior because they don’t kill their enemies, no matter how justified they might be.

Except of course, it isn’t true. The difference in force between a blow to the head that can knock someone unconscious and the force that is required to kill someone is so small and so variable that I don’t believe it has ever been measured. Superheroes are walking mass-murder machines the moment that they start using violence to solve problems. This is, shockingly enough, why the police are not encouraged to beat people unconscious when arresting them in real life. Because it kills people.

Eggshells by Ziggy Shutz, while a beautiful story, sidesteps the issues of violence tied to being a superhero quite ably by giving its heroine Pen, aka Mayhem, her concussion outside of the line of duty. If the story had wanted to focus on Pen’s trauma rather than the journey of her recovery and the ways that she grew as she made that recovery then a supervillain smashing her in the head would have been the way to go.

As it is, this story is perfect in its simplicity. There are no needs for twists and turns in the permeating confusion. The reader just follows Pen from the moment of her injury to the moment where she feels like her life is back under her control.

Beyond the central story relating to the concussion, Eggshells feels almost effortless. The connections between the characters and the depth of personality that manifests from the brief moments of those relationships that we witness are overwhelming and resonate as real.

The moment in which Pen forces herself to start defining her own life rather than sitting back and allowing others to do it for her in the wake of both her injury and a lifetime of slipping past unnoticed is one of the most potent moments of self-realisation in fiction that I can recall reading.


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

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봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.

Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.


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i know you meant well when you said 30 isnt ancient, but im nb so my life expectancy is actually 30 :(

Hey anon, I’m so sorry that that’s a fear you’ve had to live with. I know that trans people are at greater risk of violence and suicide, and I’ve heard people say many times that the life expectancy of trans people (or trans women, or trans women of color, depending on who you ask) is anywhere from 23 to 35. Your ask troubled me, so I’ve dug deep looking for solid evidence of any of these, and I don’t believe that these statistics are true.

A trans woman, Helen, looked into the “23 years” claim and traced it back to someone’s notes on two workshops at a 2007 conference, which stated that trans people’s life expectancy is “believed to be around 23” (emphasis mine) but cites no actual source. This claim has been presented as fact in many news articles since then, but as far as I can tell, no one seems to know where this figure came from.

Another claim is often sourced to an Argentine psychologist quoted in this NPR article

Psychologist Graciela Balestra, who works closely with the transgender community, says it’s an especially vulnerable population.

“Transgender people have an average life expectancy of about 30 to 32 years,” Balestra says. “They don’t live any longer; I think that statistic alone says so much.”

But again, the article gives no source for this figure

I found an article claiming that a 2014 report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) “concludes the average life expectancy of trans people in the Western Hemisphere is between 30-35 years.” However, when I tracked down the report, An Overview of Violence Against LGBTI Persons (pdf), its only reference to this is (emphasis mine): “[T]he IACHR has received information that the life expectancy of trans women in the Americas is between 30 and 35 years of age.” Again, this is no source.

Someone said on my post that these statistics may have come from the NCTE/NGLTF report Injustice at Every Turn (pdf), but I can’t find any reference to any such claim in the report.

Thinking about these claims, they seem unlikely for some basic reasons. Consider that we simply don’t have a long enough span of data on trans people, and that what data we do have is extremely limited because we can’t always know who is trans and who isn’t. Consider also that, although obviously the murder rates for trans people are extremely high, the number of deaths of 20-something trans people would have to be ENORMOUS to offset the existence of older trans people and bring the average down to 30. Especially since, unlike with racial groups for example, the data on trans people would likely include almost no childhood deaths, simply because it would be much more difficult (and in many cases impossible) to identify these children as trans. And since we know that trans women of color are extremely disproportionately affected by violence, statistics that include white people and/or trans men would be especially unlikely to be so low.

And as to your specific situation anon, again given that trans women of color are most at risk, I don’t think we have reason to believe that being non-binary specifically puts a person at anywhere near this level of increased risk of dying young.

I don’t say any of this to question anyone’s experiences or to deny the state of emergency that trans women face with regard to violence. That is very real. But I think it can be harmful, even dangerous to trans people to spread claims like this around, especially without evidence. Expecting to die by 30 would take an extreme emotional toll on anyone, and trans people deserve better.

But don’t take my word for it: FORGE, a national transgender anti-violence organization that works with trans survivors of sexual assault, wrote the following in its 2016 publication “First Do No Harm: 8 Tips for Addressing Violence Against Transgender and Gender Non-Binary People” (pdf) (I have moved two footnotes into the main text and provided links to some endnote sources; italicized emphasis is theirs while bold is mine.): 

Promote Hope for the Future

It certainly is not the same as a murder, but publicizing a low “life expectancy” rate for transwomen of color is another way to steal away their future, a “crime” that has been committed repeatedly by trans, LGBQ, and mainstream press. Think about the people you know or have heard of who have been diagnosed with a fatal illness and given a short time to live: how many of them have enrolled in college, undertaken lengthy training for a new occupation, had a new child, or tried to establish a new non-profit? A few do, certainly, but many more focus on their bucket list, arrange for their good-byes, or simply give up entirely, essentially relinquishing whatever time they have left to depression and regrets. When we tell transwomen of color they cannot expect to live very long, we rob them of hope. We rob them of any motivation to invest in themselves, their relationships, and their communities. We rob them, in short, of their lives even while they are still living. (This statement in no way negates the need to systemically work to improve and increase the life expectancy of trans people through working to end transphobia, racism, poverty, pervasive violence, and health and healthcare inequities, and more.)

One trans woman of color was trying to come to grips with an estimated lifespan figure more than ten years shorter than the one that has been published most often. (We are not repeating any of the (incorrect) estimated lifetime figures that are circulating, to avoid even inadvertent reinforcement.) Faced with the report of yet another attack on another trans woman, she wrote:

These days, I look at the latest reports of stabbed, shot, beaten trans women, search myself for tears, and I cannot find a thing. I want to mourn and rage. I want to honor all of our sisters — the hundreds each year who are ripped, namelessly and without fanfare, from this life — who are taken so young before their time. But the grief and anger — even empathy — do not come. I don’t feel anything but numbness and fatigue, and somewhere far below that, fear.

The terrible irony of the life expectancy “fact” is that it is based on an impossibility. The only ways to determine a given population’s life expectancy are to: examine decades or more of death certificates or census data containing the information being studied, or follow a specific set of individuals for around 100 years and record every single death. There is not and never has been a census of transgender people. Our death certificates do not mark us as transgender. There has been no 100-year-long study of a representative group of trans people. So where are the estimated lifespan figures coming from?

FORGE tracked the most commonly-cited figure back to what was most likely the 2014 Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, where a workshop presenter gave the figure and explained she had calculated it by averaging the age of death for all of those listed on the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) website. This means the figure is actually the average age of those trans people who were both murdered and came to the attention of someone who added them to the TDOR list. Interestingly, this average is very close to the average age of everyone who is murdered in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Justice statistics. [I’m not seeing an average age given in the cited source but you can see on page 5 of this Bureau of Justice Statistics report (pdf) that the average age of homicide victims in the U.S. was between 30 and 35 from 1980 to 2008.]

But not everyone is murdered.

Despite how many there may appear to be, only a tiny, tiny fraction of transpeople are killed by other people. Most of us, transwomen of color included, live average lifespans and die of the most common U.S. killers — heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, and unintentional injuries (accidents).

Please don’t add to fear and hopelessness by spreading inaccurate and profoundly disempowering data.

Since I can’t respond to everyone directly, I’m @ing some people who’ve brought this up on my post and may be interested: (urls removed after posting for their privacy). I appreciate your thoughtfulness in bringing this to my attention. If you or anyone else has a source on any of these figures that can provide specific methodology, I’d be very grateful to see that.

In closing, here are some resources that provide a more hopeful view of trans aging. They are well known but I hope they will be helpful to someone.