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His name is Chester after the cheetos cheetah and he is 9 yrs old. Sadly we have to let him go as we found out he has FIV (cat aids) and its caused him to have severe issues. While i don’t want to let him go he has been and always will be my pride and joy and i would hate to see him suffer any longer.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Head Boy

1.5k words, G rated

Scorpius’s seventh year letter from Hogwarts contains an unexpected piece of good news, and Draco has never been prouder. 

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relationship status: well I never!

favorite color: Orange! It’s just my thing. Not like for clothes or anything, I don’t think I look too great in bright colours, but I still love it so much.

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, my lips would have fallen off my face by now if it didn’t exist.

last song i listened to: Who’s With Me - Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

last movie i watched: Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the movie ‘Slap Shot’. I don’t watch a ton of movies, and I’m not going to say Slap Shot is indicative of my taste, but it’s the last movie I watched.

top 3 tv shows: uhhhh, if I’m throwing Anime in there Gintama 100% fave forever and One Piece as that one show I’ve been following since I was a lot younger. For live action I loved White Collar so much and that was actually a recommendation from Victoria who tagged me so thanks again, but I’m going to have to fight you over my love of TNG.

top 3 characters: Roxas, Riku, and Aqua… I mean, what? But actually, Roxas is my love. I also want to add Morrigan (from DA) to that list, and Twenty-Fifth Baam from the webtoon Tower of God (the greatest thing I’ve ever read btw the most I could recommend any comic)

top 3 ships: HA! What…? I guess Roxas + Xion mostly. Other than that I (friend)ship a lot of people so I don’t think that counts all that much. I ship Jacob from Mass Effect with a better character writer to do him justice if that counts too. I have a couple other ships but mostly in really small stories that don’t have a real following so I doubt listing them here will do anything for anyone. Oh and LadyNoir, I got 3 now… sort of… technically.

books i’m currently reading: My manga + comics list is… extremely long… Putting a list that long is likely bad form so I’ll abstain.

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This is the anon from before asking about what the guards do in their free time. Sorry about that being so vague! (´・ω・`) Thank you for replying! Samon, Kiji, and Seitarou?

Sorry it took so long!! Here you go!

-he doodles on the corners of his paperwork when hes being lazy, which isnt often. hes a pretty decent artist
-along with sparring and training hes a good swimmer.
-when he has been drowning in work and he gets a day off he usually just leaves the tv on while eating fast food and then falls asleep. he watches sitcoms the most
-great at checkers
-dabbles at embroidery
-tries to cook but hes terrible at it

-embroiders along with samon
-makes amazing fckibgb coffee he grinds his own beans its amazing
-lowkey knows how to play guitar like he doesnt know notes or anything he just does what sounds good but its pretty nice
-lowkey whittling
-is usually fixing his fellow guards’ old clothes. the ones that deserve to be salvaged, anyway.

-hes a pretty face with zero talents
-no wait im kidding hes a cute boy who is amazing at video games
-yoosung from mystic messenger honestly
-fantastic at shooting games
-also loved to film some short videos for his family when he was younger. sometimes he still does it for his younger brothers. sometimes his friends will play characters
-selfie king
-amazing cook

any time my mom asks me about exo or has something to say about them (which isn’t often) she always refers to them as /my/ exo. like earlier while i was eating she asked me in our language “so is your exo in the philippines?” like yes mom….MY exo, loves of my life….that’s right my type

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"cause hed never see my cringy love confessions" didnt you say he knew of your blog? aLSO HES LEARNING ENGLISH FAST WATCH OUT

The truth always ruins me 😭😭😭😭 Oh well its time for me to change identities and go hide ten feet underground in the atlantic. #PRAY FOR JUNGKOOK TO STAY AWAY FROM MY BLOG #HE ONLY KNOWS THE URL THOOO SO IT’S SAFE TO SAY THAT HE DOESN’T KNOW THE GIRL WHO’S BEHIND THESE CONFESSIONS LMAOOO 😂 HE HAS A LIFE , HE SHOULDN’T BE SCROLLING THROUGH MY STUPID POSTS 😱😱😱😱 #I’M LOW KEY SCARED NOW # JUNGKOOK BETTER GO PLAY OVER WATCH AND GO BOWLING #I shouldn’t even be worried tbh , cause it’s been such a long while since it happened , I’m sure he forgot about it 😂😂😂


Silithus Expedition: 2/25


  • Asharri
  • Morgroth
  • Infyrana
  • Zun'gomba
  • Vivarion
  • Sethion

Event Briefing:

Another Legion portal may have been discovered outside of the Broken Isles. This time, it has been discovered deep in Silithus; threatening the sanctity of the Cenarion Hold and a known Reliquary outpost. Emberfury members have been tasked with tracking down its precise location underground and break the barrier protecting its entrance - while additional forces arrive.

A Reliquary agent was said to have stumbled upon this discovery within the ruins of Southwind Village. Her communication was severed not long after the report was made and she was never heard from again. The remnants of her communication pendant were found crushed into the dirt not far from where last communication was given. A few attempts were made in recovering the missing agent, but to no avail.

Their findings have located a tunnel heavily guarded by unseen forces protecting its entrance and crude runic markings of dark magics scrawled about. Demonic forces have been seen during the nighttime hours, but no reports have been made of any daytime sightings.

It is unclear what their motive is so far out, but anything burrowing underground is always cause for bad news; especially in this part of the world. Could there be more going on out here outside of the Legion’s threat? Surely there was something more foul at play!

Event Summary:

The Emberfury Offensive located the pin-pointed location and discovered an access way leading underneath Southwind Village. Heavily guarded, they drew the ire of the ghosts still roaming the area and ultimately, faced the Legion’s threat. To their horror, not only had three felguards rushed in for attack - but a massive silithid infused with fel energies; giving it an even darker twist than ever before.

The encounter left some with minor injuries, as holding off the Legion’s small force proved more difficult. Reliquary members and other reinforcements arrived only moments after the creatures had been slain, working easier to bring down the barrier and eliminate the threats within. The Emberfury were then dismissed for their part in the encounter, and a proper message had been delivered to Magistrix Brightfall on the fate of the missing agent and success in vanquishing the portal location.

Bits and pieces of the missing Reliquary agent were discovered and collected for proper burial.

Mission Status:



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Homescreen/Lockscreen: Well i know these are supposed to be two different things but.. they change constantly. They change every 5 minutes or upon a double tap, the Boyfriend ♡ Album has pictures of Taeyong, Johnny, Ten, Yuta, [NCT], Hansol [ToppDogg] Suga, V, [BTS] and Hyungwon [Monsta X] at the moment, but I just add pictures regularly. Mostly ‘selcas’ or them acting really cute
My Taeyong album started around.. November and its been growing ever since ^^“.

The last song i listened to (it has changed more than 5 times while writing this but at THIS EXACT MOMENT it is the instrumental of Rainy Day by Toppdogg 😋) (its also been stuff from heathers: the musical, because of you (monsta x), ssenunni (jessi) )

And yes, here is a selfie of me 😝

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Why are you so anti La La Land?

I’m not anti-La La Land at all. I have nothing against it, it’s a cute movie and all. I just feel like movies like Moonlight are more deserving of all of the awards that La La Land has been sweeping up this awards season.

The reason why I want Moonlight to win so bad is because of its story. To have a movie about an African-American boy struggling with his sexuality while growing up is something I thought would never happen. It’s touching and relatable because it’s something that I went through growing up and to see someone that looks like me going through what I went through during my whole childhood really strikes a chord with me. Growing up African-American and gay is difficult because the stigma of showing yourself as weak or feminine is something still looked down upon in the African-American community if you’re a boy. You have to act as masculine as you can to prove yourselves to others or else you would get teased or picked on. Barry Jenkins telling of Chiron’s story through Moonlight paints a story of millions of African American males childhoods. Not only African American males but also other males of color as well.

When you compare that to a musical about a white woman wanting to be an actress and a white man wanting to save jazz, a genre deeply rooted in African-American culture and from slavery…she just doesn’t have the range compared to Moonlight, I’m sorry.

But none of this really matters anyway because we all know that La La Land is going to sweep at the Oscars just like it did with all the other major award shows this season so


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)


I’m seriously in love with this game!



i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open