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New things we learned this season
  1. Galra cruisers can submerge underwater
  2. The BOM mask can be removed with both the hood up or down.
  3. Keith’s blade seems to stay in its doormat stage while the other BOM member’s blades stay activated.
  4. The Castle of Lion is operating off Olkari and that seems to be their main base of operations
  5. Shiro is able to regain Black’s trust, but what made him lose it in the first place?
  6. All the refuges are being moved to Olkari
  7. Slav is off with a rebel group
  8. Keith is gone with the Blade often enough that it causes issue with the team and is causing him to miss important events
  9. The Paladins have been personally handing out food and supplies
  10. It has been a few months since the end of season 3
  11. Keith does not feel confident in his abilities as the leader of Voltron
  12. Pidge owns a cloak
  13. There is a rebel group that has a member that looks like he could be part Altean (Lieutenant Ozar)
  14. One of the people who broke Matt out was a girl named Te-osh
  15. There was a planet destroyed in a fight against the Galra that could have cost 127,098 people their lives. (Since Matt is alive the number could be different)
  16. Voltron Paladin helmets have the ability to translate and read out other languages. The set voice is female.
  17. Voltron Paladin uniforms have x-ray tech
  18. Matt has been stationed on a listening outpost since he was freed
  19. Matt has a bounty on his head
  20. Pidge was teased in school for being a nerd
  21. Matt is the one who gave Katie her nickname Pidge, which she originally didn’t like
  22. Katie’s room is full of space related stuff, but she does have a toy Mermaid. Meaning Pidge probably likes Mermaids (who else on team Voltron likes Mermaids???) 
  23. Katie had her own pair of cat slippers back on earth
  24. Katie has a stuffed bear and what appears to be a mecha figurine
  25. Katie has an award ribbon in her room, could be a science or math related reward
  26. Katie was in Middle school when her brother left for space
  27. Matt and his father have a secret code they like to use.
  28. The Holt family lives close to the launch pad
  29. Matt used to need glasses but the Garrison fixed his eyes
  30. Katie got Matt’s glasses the day he left and still tends to wear them even though she doesn’t show any signs of actually needing them.
  31. Both Katie and Her brother color code their work because what are they, animals?
  32. Hunk or someone has made goo puffs out of the food goo
  33. Matt makes puns
  34. Matt finds Allura to be very beautiful
  35. Lance does not like Matt, or maybe other people in general, making moves on Allura
  36. Pidge’s room in the Castle is a mess
  37. Pidge kept the Hunk and Lance statues she made
  38. Pidge has at least two of her little garbage buddies in her room with her (one blue and one green)
  39. Pidge has fairy lights in her room
  40. We have now seen 4 of the Paladins rooms, granted Shiro’s and Lance’s were at the beginning of season 1 so they might have more characteristics to them now…. More likely lance’s does
  41. Kaltenecker has her own area and access to hay and grass
  42. Hunk figured out how to make Milkshakes and whip cream
  43. Alteans don’t get brain freezes
  44. Allura and Coran really have no idea what a cow is
  45. Lance knows how to properly milk a cow
  46. Alteans don’t appear to do anything similar to any of the animals their species eats or gets food from as the milking process shocked and scared them.
  48. Someone, maybe Hunk, found a way to get the earth video game to work. 
  49. 2 ships have been made from the comet and a thrid was in production
  50. Lotor had a crew of centuries and live galra soilders working on the ship (they where all killed when Zarkon had them attacked)
  51. Zarkon has been placed in an Armored suit that is powered by the new form of Quintessence
  52. Zarkon has not trained Lotor
  53. Zarkon thinks very little of his son
  54. Lotor has beheaded or sliced Narti’s head off
  55. Lotor’s general will put their well being over his own
  56. Haggar can enter a person’s mind and watch through them
  57. Haggar can still shape shift to look like Honerva
  58. Lotor doesn’t know that Hoverva and Haggar are the same person
  59.  It appears that Haggar hasn’t informed Zarkon that she remembers
  60. The dog rebel caption has pictures on her control panel  
  61. The canons have a very far range
  62. Haggar can somehow activate a planet bomb from far away and has no problem with whipping out ten entire solar systems in order to take out the rebellion
  63.  Allura’s powers continue to grow (she said a little prayer to her father that’s so cute!)
  64. Keith is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good
  65. Matt was the only one who knew what Keith was going to do, none of Voltron realized that Keith was about to sacrifice himself
  66. Lotor’s ship can break through strong shields
  67. Lotor has turned to the rebellion for help, I mean he has all of the Galra empire after him, he has to side with someone or else he is doomed no matter where he goes

Feel free to add on anything I missed, I’ll probably add on more later as well if I see something I missed.

It kinda gets on my nerves how some posts in the tags will appear if I’m on a pc, but not while I’m on tumblr mobile. It happens quite often and I’m curious, do you guys ever had this experience or know the reason as to why this happens ?

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I think this whole NFL national anthem protests has reached its peak. At this point, I might as well blame all of this on both Kaepernick and Trump.

Honestly; I think this whole thing is a non-issue and I feel like it’s another case of “this offends me so people shouldn’t be allowed to do it” but this time coming from Trump and some of the people who are completely against the kneeling in the first place. I heard Kaepernick has been doing this for a while before the media and ultimately Trump started picking it up. 


Summary:  Jaebum bolts down the quiet streets, lungs worked to its maximum. He’s breathless already, heavily gasping for air, but he can’t afford to take a break. Not when a life is in danger. Not when her life is in jeopardy. He looks into every alley he passes by, seething each time it’s empty, heart pounding harder. Just where the hell is she? Where could they take her?

Word count: 1348

Pairing: Jaebum X OC

Warning(s): mafia!Jaebum, OC has a mysterious past (which may or may not be hinted here)

A/N: This idea has been nagging in my head for quite a while, so I wrote this on a whim. It’s kinda like by a Mr and Mrs Smith au? Pardon the poor flow of the plot T_T

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I know you lead a busy life, but perhaps Black Panther trailer has ignited a tiny spark of inspiration? Perhaps for smol avenger babies and Baba T'Challa? Tiny avengers and auntie Shuri? Peggy trying on Gran Ramonda's jewelry? Bucky and Sam following Okoye around?

Lol is this what happens while T’Challa is busy doing kingly things? The smol avengers spends time with the rest of the family. Peggy tries on Ramonda’s hats because she flippin loves hats.

Shuri builds crazy fun science projects and take Sam and Steve out to test them?? Thankfully T’Challa came home just in time to stop Sam from strapping on Shuri’s prototype wings before he could take off LMAO.

Okoye took them on the jet one time because she thought she could trust them. Never again….

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to catch a swan ch 13?

Soon very soon!

I know I’ve been saying that for a while.  It’s my last semester as an undergrad, and I’m taking extra credits so I can actually finish that this time.  That, combined with me frantically revising my manuscript, and other assorted personal and family explosions has made it very hard to have the motivation to write.  Depression has had its way with me this semester…

The good news is, I organized THE SHIT out of my documents on my computer, which is a big deal for me, because I usually just save them any old place and then it’s a fun game of “where the fuck did I save the most recent draft of TCAS”.

But last night, while I was watching “Miss Congeniality” (VERY Swanfireable, btw), I made a FANFICTION FOLDER divided by FANDOMS I WRITE FOR and a FANFICTION UPDATE EXCEL SPREADSHEET.  

Suffice it to say, I was PRODUCTIVE AS FUCK and I’m very proud of myself and going through my fanfics refreshed my motivation.  So hopefully I can work on some things this week–it is my fall break after all!

I can’t stop thinking about the way people dislike Discovery and dismiss its Trekkiness.

It’s odd, because while I definitely think there are certain flaws with the show, literally none of them have anything to do with the flaws by which it seems most Trekkies are bothered (with the exception of the Klingons, because the plot definitely focused on them too much and their makeup definitely inhibits their ability to properly emote). I’m not too bothered by continuinity, because Star Trek has never been very good about it. The ways in which technology advanced (or didn’t) between TOS and TNG (and then ENT!) always made me feel as though it was less about the internal continuity than the ways in which the shows must reflect our existing reality. After all, TOS was originally supposed to show this “utopian” (it was never utopian) future in which humans are out exploring the stars, with silly grievances past.

And that’s the biggest gripe that so many viewers seem to have with Discovery. “It’s dark and gritty because that’s what ‘prestige’ TV is today.” People are unhappy that the show takes place during a war, and that this is highlighted throughout the show. I’ve seen so many Trekkies complaining that the “tone” is all wrong.

Yet I would argue that these viewers are conflating tone with aesthetics. Certainly, Discovery uses a literally darker color palette than TOS or TNG did, but it’s on par with the later shows (and is, unlike most shows, literally explained in canon since Lorca is light-sensitive). Engineering scenes are particularly bright, in a way that emphasizes the differences between wartime bridge and wartime science. Stamets is all about the purity of his research (and honestly, as a biophysicist, I relate to his specific expertise on a hilarious level), while Tilly is quite literally the brightest thing onscreen at any given moment (both because her pale skin is lit in such a way that it’s practically blinding, and the red hair).

Tonally, I just don’t see the show as dark and gritty. In fact, the war seems far less intensely presented as it was in DS9′s later seasons (which, for the record, I adored). Heck, I never even watched it all the way through, but Voyager wasn’t exactly a stroll-in-the-park optimism sort of show either. I would still argue, though, that none of these shows abandon the principle that I feel defines Star Trek: Does the future have hope?

Discovery definitely does.

By framing the show around a character who has been unfairly accused of starting a war (which she didn’t! oh my goodness, Starfleet, are you serious?), I have to wonder if Discovery isn’t making that message all the more clear. Michael is the epitomal Starfleet officer - proud in her (former) role, loyal to her ship and captain (at least, from her perspective; “for the greater good”), brilliant, morally sound, and a good person

Michael doesn’t feel like Spock; she feels like a toned-down version of Kirk, honestly, constantly questioning and challenging and leading (if much less explicitly…). Georgiou, meanwhile, felt like a more exuberant, outgoing play on Picard, with a similar sense of intellectual rigidity. Lorca, meanwhile, feels like his own spin on Starfleet captainhood. I imagine him to have been a swashbuckling explorer type (though I literally have no idea, and the show is being so deliberately “mysterious” with regards to his character that at this point I’m beginning to doubt the very premise of his villain-ness at all), made harder by wartime experiences he cannot erase. He’s what Picard should have been, had Picard ever been given the opportunity to process the horrors he had been through (this is absolutely an essay for another time).

And honestly, I could probably ramble a lot more about how I feel these characters are developing (even in the face of some of my main criticism of the show, like the fact that much of the direction feels stiff or that the writing is oddly formal), but I find myself coming back again and again to that question… Is Discovery dark? I just don’t think it is.

Tilly is all hope - hope for her future, hope for her growth, hope for her relationships, hope for science. Stamets is scientific optimism - he may be a sarcastic faux-jerk, but he’s sincerely in love with his research and will do anything for it. Michael (I have no idea why, but she’s the only character who resides in my head under her first name. Go figure.) is command clarity - bright, brilliant, a leader, empathetic, and learning wisdom. And Lorca… Lorca I will grant you is still an enigma. But the motives he’s presented thus far have actually been surprisingly clear. He is thrilled that his spore drive is saving people’s lives and helping the war effort. He is hyper-aware of the capabilities of those around him. He’s sharp and he’s focused, and while this may turn out to be a smokescreen for some nefarious plot twist, I struggle to see him as anything more than an interesting character at this point.

As for the war itself being contrary to Starfleet… I’m sorry, but no. Go rewatch the shows. The point is never that war ceases to exist, the point is that humanity’s motivations in war shift. Humanity learns that it must avoid conflict, instilling this value within Starfleet. But it does not pretend to be a pacifist organization either. You don’t arm your exploration starships with weapons for nothing (even if you don’t build explicit warships until much later; hello, Defiant, you tough little ship), and Star Trek has never shied from mentioning the wars that have come to pass (or showing them). Yes, even TOS and TNG. The Klingons were an adversary from the beginning. The Borg bring instant war and destruction. Even pre-war DS9 shows the effects of war clearly, with the focus on Bajor’s occupation and subjugation.

I really could ramble about this for thousands and thousands of words (and I might just do that!), but basically… I’m just not seeing the darkness. I see a bleak situation, with a growing pocket of goodness emerging. And as we get to know the characters better, I am confident their goodness will shine light in our dark reality.

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I dunno about the whole Mercy thing. I mean, wouldn't having the person of color be the one who exists solely to assist others for the most part while the other players are more actively involved in the fight have its own set of unfortunate implications? -Wjr38

i’m not black, so i can’t give my two cents about it.

all i can say is that i’ve been reblogging how black fans of Overwatch because they do seem upset over the fact that having a kind-hearted black man that went into the medical field that has the “angelic” theme tied to him was something that we really don’t fucking see anywhere and really would’ve broken some new ground. and tbh, it’s pretty upsetting that we didn’t get that in-game.

if anyone would like to add onto this, please do so. 

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Secret~ My siblings don't think I have Depression and Anxiety, They say I'm just saying I do for attention. I hate how mental illness has been romanticized by some idiots that think it's cute and poetic to Have anxiety or Depression, Or to be suicidal.

i feel you so much. people who think depression is a pretty thin white girl sitting at her window while its raining and not going outside with her friends, or that anxiety is just being nervous to do a presentation or something make me so upset. this is why i’m so so happy there is being more of a conversation happening lately around mental illness, and more people with large audiences are opening up about it and ways to get help. i’m so sorry your siblings are like that and you are completely valid in your feelings my dear :(

tell me a secret anonymously

“Better to dream big, right!”

“Then you’ll have bigger failures!”

“Work hard and things work out!”

“For normal people!”

her friends are so encouraging considering that… well, Lilie simultaneously has no faith in her at all. Pike might believe that she has a chance if she actually does work hard, though working hard at dance has thus far not been one of duck’s strong suits.

You know, I know I tend to collapse these two into a single dual character, since they’re always together and always seem to have the same goals, but they really are different from each other. Pike seems to genuinely want her friends to succeed, while Lilie pushes people onward because she enjoys seeing people fail dramatically. She thinks Duck’s totally hopeless. But that doesn’t stop her from cheering her on? The cheering is its own reward for Lilie, even though she seems to hope for defeat. Like, I always want to criticize her, but even though she’s a sour supporter, her support is still pretty consistent. And there’s something to be said for that.

Today has been so upsetting, like ? ?? This guy (read: asshole) at work made some really disparaging comments about me. I happened to return to my desk while he was in the middle of it, trying to get two colleagues to agree with him that I’m ‘not cut out for a managerial position’ basically, and making a mockery of my attempts to advance in my career. I’m happy that the two other colleagues were actively disagreeing with him, but it’s still kinda… idk ? demoralising? hearing someone say shit like that when you thought you were getting along okay >.>

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Help :c what should I do... The only friend I have got a new friend and she is a total bitch. I can't stand her but she is now everywhere with my friend and I am alone sitting there doing nothing.

Aww noo, I’m sorry to hear that.
I think you should try to talk to your only friend about the new one.
I’m going to assume that your only friend has been friends with you for a little while and that you’re able to speak to them about this matter.
I would try to talk to them and let them know that their new friend doesn’t seem to be a good person. If they disagree with you then its a little difficult because that might mean your only friend is blind to their bitchy-ness or is okay with it or something.

This is a tough situation because you might lose a friendship or be stuck with someone who makes you uncomfortable.
Weigh your options! Do what makes you the most happy in the end and if you end up by yourself for a little while, know that its okay! Because friends come and go. I’d rather be alone than stuck with people I hate just because I wanted friends.

Just think about it first (maybe make a pros and cons list) I wish you luck in your decision making and hopefully things turn out okay :))) let me know how things turn out Anon.

PS: noooo sweet summer child, you’re not a bother at all. :3


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

continuation under the cut

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봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.


(i would like to think they were exchanging smiles not only because of keith cracking a joke to make lance feel better in that moment, but because they were also sharing an inside joke from the previous moment; keith being like: ah yes I remember back on our first day in the castle when you called me a dropout for correcting you, while lance was thinking: keith, that comeback is a bit late)