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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

They’re watching baby animals videos

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Shhhh.. She’s sleeping

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Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

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Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader gives birth, baby is home and Tom does a livestream to show the baby to his fans.

Warnings: Swearing cause Tom swears IRL.

Word Count: 1,200+

A/N: Comment if you want more of these kind of imagines. Also my requests are open :) Tyoed this while on pain medication so,hopefully its not fucked up.

[Tom’s POV]

   Today I just got done filming what I had to do. Now I get to go home, be with my newborn and spend time with my lovely wife. My wife and I got to bring her home after a few days. Ever since we introduced Tessa to her she’s been hooked,Tessa loves laying by the crib now. She absolutely loves being near the baby.

    The doctor warned us about introducing Tessa to our daughter. Me of course I knew Tessa couldn’t do any harm. Even my wife knew Tessa wouldn’t even harm her. The moment Tessa met her was the most purest and sweetest moment anyone could witness.

   Opening the front door I’m greeted by a happy Tessa. Smiling down at her I rub the top of her head. Pulling out my phone I smile by all the sweet comments on my picture. I posted a picture of me holding my daughter when she was born. Clicking on my story I click the ‘Live’ option. It counts down from three to one after checking the connection. Viewers start racking up once the livestream started.

“Ello guys, today’s been a really good.. I finished filming what I needed to for the new sequence, yes I’m not going to spill details” I laugh at how I recklessly spilled stuff in the past.

   Reading the comments I see them mainly asking about the baby. Other’s asking about how my wife was feeling. Setting my phone on a shelf I pull out a mug. Pulling the coffee pot from its warm home I fill the cup up. Smiling at how the coffee was ready for me, she must have started it knowing I’d be home as of now. I’m so blessed.

“My wife is a trooper guys, she was in labor for eighteen hours.. I’ve never heard her swear so much..” the memory causing me to laugh out loud.

“She was like “Fuck you Holland it’s all your fault”  and I being a lil shit was like “well if we didn’t fuck we wouldn’t be here” then I got slapped on the head which wasn’t fun” chuckling as I take a sip of my coffee. Reading more people comment about how beautiful our daughter is. One person saying she looks like a baby rather than an alien like some baby’s look like when they’re born.

“Thank you for all the lovely comments! You guys won’t believe how lovely my daughter is..” holding my phone in front of my face as the live stream continues. Watching as the side gets spammed with hearts. Then I see the same question pop up, yet It was on the post I made a few days ago. Drinking more of my coffee as I see the same question pop up again and again.

@tomhollanlover6991: WHAT IS HER NAME?!

“Her name is Nova Anne Holland, she was born two weeks earlier which surprised everyone because I didn’t think I would be home for her birth” I respond making my way up the stairs. The carpet feeling good against my aching feet from today’s interview and photoshoot.

“We named her Nova because our daughter is beautiful like Supernova’s and no we didn’t name her Nova after the Marvel character” I explain with a small laugh only imagining the memes they would try to make. My fans and their damn memes will be the death of me.

    Making my way up the stairs I hear Tessa’s tags jingling behind me. Checking my bedroom I don’t see my wife. The only other place she could be is in the nursery. Walking down the hall I see Nova’s galaxy plaque with her name on it hanging from the door. Continuing to talk to my fans as I get closer towards the door.

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh my,you’re so beautiful.. so so beautiful” You whisper down at Nova,the rocking chair moving slowly as you cradle her in your arms. Her little finger wraps around yours as she lets out a little yawn. Watching her eyelids droop were falling due to sleep beckoning her.

“Let’s get you off to bed love” her eyes closing slowly as you get up from the rocking chair. Smiling at the sight of her hand still wrapped around your finger.

“Your daddy and I love you so much darling” Pressing a soft kiss to her head before lowering her into her crib. Slowly taking her hand off of your pointer finger,her small hands making your heart melt at the sight. This little human you created was everything to you.

   Taking the small multi-colored purple knit blanket off of the railing. Laying it across her body you tuck the sides so she’s in a semi blanket cocoon. She cried the most when she was cold, which we learned quickly. Tom’s voice could be heard through the door. Freezing I look to see Nova stirring in her sleep.

Thomas I swear to God.

“I’ll show Nova to you, she’s probably sleeping by now” The door opens to reveal Tom. He peeks in the room entering slowly. A smile popping up on his face as he sees you. You were dressed lazily and felt like death, yet he still looked at you like you were a million dollars.

“Shhh… she’s sleeping Tom, I don’t want her to wake” you whisper holding a finger to your lips. He walks over towards you giving your cheek a swift kiss.

   Turning the camera around he shows Nova to his fans. His free hand reaches down towards Nova. Tom strokes her cheek gently with his finger down to her chin. Nova smiles in her sleep at her father’s touch making you almost die from the cuteness. 

    His eyes full of adoration while he looked at her. Tom ends the livestream and puts his phone away in his pocket. Leaning against his chest as he held you next to him. The two of you looking at your beautiful child together. Tom kisses you on top of your head making you sigh out in content,life was perfect.

“C’mon I’ll got put the kettle on, if she cries I’ll head back up” You whisper taking Tom’s hand giving it a small tug. You didn’t know how much time you would have with him before he would have to take off again.

“Can we look at her for five more minutes? I feel like she’ll grow up so fast” Tom begs quietly pulling you towards him. Stifling a laugh you nod up at him as he grins. 

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger and she’s only been home for three days” Your eyes examine her sleeping face. Tom rests his left elbow on top of the railing of the crib. Resting his chin on his hand as he looks down at her. 

“She’s definitely going to say Daddy first” he sends a cheeky grin your way. She is going to say Mommy first, what is he thinking?

“If she’s smart like her mother she’ll say mommy first” you respond in a challenging tone earning a look from Tom.

“Is this going to be a bet?” Tom asks raising an eyebrow up.

“You’re going to lose” you whisper pushing him slightly. He fakes a painful attack placing his hand on his forehead. Opening the door to the nursery Tom grins pulling you towards his body. He picks you up spinning you in a circle. 

“Let’s make a bet,if I win we have another kid and if you win we have another kid” His offer making you laugh a bit as he carries you out of the room. Setting you down he cups your cheek with his hand. The warmth of his skin makes you smile.

“Well I was wanting another kid anyways so we both will win?” you respond brushing a curl out of his face. He lets out a chuckle nodding his head agreeing with you.

“She’s still going to say Daddy first, I just know it… I mean did you see that smile when I touched her cheek? That was brilliant” the excitement in his voice was absolutely adorable.

“Nooooo” you whine wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“It’s going to happen darling, just you wait till Nova says Daddy”  he whispers as his lips kiss your forehead. 

“You cheeky lil shit” a groan escapes your lips as your head falls against his chest. You give up with a sigh of defeat as he laughs holding you close to him. Moments were wonderful like this with Tom, you couldn’t imagine a life without him and Nova. 

crumbling- h.s imagine

You let out a sigh as you glanced at the clock hung up on the wall. Joanne, your marriage counselor stared at you with sympathy in her eyes. She reached out from across the table in between the two of you and placed her hand on top of yours, “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m afraid our time is up.”

You looked down at your hands and shook your head. You let out a mumbled, “Thank you for your time” before you grabbed your purse and left her office. Joanne stared after you and let out a sigh herself. “Katy, grab my 1:00 appointment, please.” She called out to her assistant.

As you waited for your destination on the elevator, you pulled out your phone hoping to see something from Harry. When you were greeted with nothing, you pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes tightly. As you sat in your car, you pulled out your phone once more and dialed a number you’ve been familiar with for the past couple of weeks.  “Hey Jake. Yeah, I’m fine. I think I’ll grab the papers today.”

Harry let out a curse as he saw the bedroom light was still on when he pulled up in the driveway. He was hoping you were asleep so he didn’t have to listen to you complaining about how he should’ve been there today. Harry tried to be there today, really he did. But he had to approve his album cover, he needed to put some last minute touches on some songs; he was a busy man today. Harry ran his hands through his hair as he debated whether or not he should pick up some flowers, just to soften the blow. He shook his head. He had to face the consequences that were yet to come.  

One word that you would use to describe your marriage with Harry was crumbling. It was amazing the first few years. Harry made you feel loved and made sure you were cherished. You made sure you showed Harry nothing but continuos support and just as much love. When the band split up, it was hard for Harry. One Direction was like his baby, it made him the man he is today. You remember how upset Harry was once the news broke to the fans. You remember Harry telling you that this changed everything. You remained positive for him. You told him things were going to be okay and that this was just a bump in the road. You made sure you told him that his fans were forever and they’ll love him no matter what he decides.

When Harry decided to audition for a movie role, you were nothing but excited for him. You made sure he was well rested before his audition and you made sure you helped him read his lines. When he got the role, you were dying of happiness. When he had to leave to film, you, being the supportive wife you were,  travelled alongside him. You dropped everything just to see your husband pursuing a new passion of his.

When Harry decided to go to Jamaica to focus solely on his debut album, you agreed. You told him that if he felt this was the right decision then this was the right decision.

You tried being the supportive wife. You tried lifting Harry’s spirits when your own was down. You tried reaming positive and just being what Harry needed during these crucial times in his life.

But you couldn’t say the same was being done for you. There were times when Harry wasn’t there for you for special events in your life like going back home to see your family or being your date for your sister’s wedding. There were times where you had doubts in your marriage and you tried. You tried so badly to remain optimistic. You tried telling yourself that he was busy with his album, you tried telling yourself that he was filming a movie and that he couldn’t drop everything. You tried putting your emotions aside in hopes of Harry never finding out how sad you were.

But you can only bottle up something so much that it just explodes.

Harry wiped his face before he leaned back on the couch. He wiped his sweaty palms on his thighs before he asked, “Are you asking for a divorce?”

You quickly looked up. “No! Never! I would never ask for a divorce.” You made your way over to Harry and sat down on his lap. You stared into his beautiful eyes that held nothing but sadness and tears. You gently whispered, “Something just needs to change.”

After that, the two of you decided it was best to seek a marriage counselor. It was definitely a hard choice to make but the two of you decided that it was best to talk out whatever problems there were then really letting things escalate. And going to couples therapy was great at first. The two of you felt like with time, things might actually turn around.

Until Harry started missing sessions. It was always one excuse after another. You tried to be forgiving and you tried to make it seem ok that he was missing the meetings but your heart broke more and more each time he skipped. It sucked being in that office yourself. You hated the feeling of your therapist staring at you with sympathy. You hated being asked why did you think Harry decided to bail. You hated every single minute of being there and feeling like you were alone. You hated that you were the one that put all the effort into this marriage. You hated that you had to remain brave. You hated crying alone. You hated the thought of Harry no longer loving you. You hated every single minute of it.

You were staring at your reflection in your sanity mirror in your shared bedroom with Harry. You noticed all the bags under your eyes and how puffy they were with how much you cried tonight. You wondered, “How did I get here? How could something that once was so beautiful crumble into something so tragic?” As you were pondering your thoughts, in the reflection you saw the bedroom door open. Harry had an ashamed look on his face.

He closed the door behind him before he turned to you. “Y/N, love, I’m so sorry.” You continued to stare at Harry. You bit on your bottom lip as you drowned at the pathetic excuse he was coming up with. Your eyes glanced at your wedding ring that was sitting in a little jewelry dish next to you. You let out a little scoff at how ironic it seemed to you. Isn’t that ring supposed to represent happiness? Yet all you felt was despair.

Hesitatingly. Harry walked closer to you. He tried to decipher what was going in that beautiful mind of yours. “Love?”

Slowly, you turned around in your seat. Your eyes were staring at Harry’s shoes, afraid that if you looked up into his eyes that the words would never fall out of your mouth. “I want a divorce.” You whispered.

You said it so quietly and so gently that you were sure Harry didn’t hear you. But the gasp that fell out of his lips proved otherwise. Harry bent down so that he was looking up at you. He placed his hands on top of yours. “Love, no.”

You shook your head as you closed your eyes, trying so badly to not let out a sob. Harry’s eyes started to fill with tears of his own. “Y/N! Please! I’ll change! I’ll go to the meetings! We can go every fucking day! Please!”

You let out a shaky sigh as tears began to cascade down your cheeks. Where was this when you needed to hear it the most? You finally looked into Harry’s eyes and completely lost it. You hated yourself for the hurt you saw in his eyes. “I’m not happy anymore, Harry.”

Hearing you say that felt like a direct bullet to Harry’s heart. He winced as if he was in actual pain. Hearing you say that meant he was a failure of a husband. He shook his head quickly, as if he was trying to get the thought out of his head. “You’re just upset with me and I get it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t mean it.”

You tried to defend your decision before Harry got up. He ran his hands through his hair. “We just need to sleep it off. You’re hurt, I’m hurt. Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom, alright? We just need to sleep it off” Harry tried convincing himself. He bent down once more and placed a soft kiss on your lips before he walked out of your room.

You stared at the door before you wrapped your arms around yourself and let out the sob that was trying to read its way out.

That night was the quietest the house has ever been. Both you and Harry were laying in separate beds, wondering how your marriage got to this, while tears fled your eyes. Harry wanted to do nothing but hold you and to convince you that this was just another rough patch and that you guys were going to get through this. You wanted Harry to come to his senses when you said that you weren’t happy. You wanted him to realize that you’ve been trying for a very long time and that you couldn’t take it anymore.

The next morning, Harry walked downstairs and into the kitchen. You were sitting at the dining room table, a cup of tea in your hands. He noticed instantly how red your eyes were the puffiness of your cheeks. You looked up at Harry before you walked over to your purse that was on the counter. Harry was watching your every move intently, afraid to make a sound.

You pulled out the stack of papers that were weighing down your purse before you looked up at Harry. You placed the papers down on the table before you walked past him and went back into your room. With shaky hands, Harry picked up the papers. He let out a sob and fell to the floor.

You were filing for a divorce.

out of everything i’ve written recently, i actually really enjoyed writing this! it’s been in my drafts for the longest time and i’m glad im finally sharing it! let me know what you guys thought!

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Will you ever post more relive the magic ? It's fine if no, but the last time you mentioned it was almost a year ago and I'm curious ^^' hope you're doing okay !!

Soooo I know this is probably gonna cost me some followers, but I’ve been holding off on answering this and variations of this question for a while because I wasn’t sure of the answer.

I am now. It’s a definitive no. And here’s why:

Recently Action Labs released its latest Miraculous comic set in New York. There’s a lot - and I mean a lot - wrong with it. Honestly, I would have just been grossed out by the fact that for some reason, the very underage main character reverts to her civilian mode… completely nude. In an alleyway. In a city. The writers either had to break canon, or invent a reason for their underage female protag to be buck naked for a large chunk of the issue. That’s not a good conflict, that’s just fucking creepy, full stop.

And if that wasn’t bad enough? She covers herself in a cardboard box, then runs into a group of racist caricatures of Black people, immediately assumes they’re looting a store, and then begs them not to kill her. 

So far I’ve seen criticism of this deflected as “oh but the Black people are actually collecting goods to donate and she learns an important lesson!” Sorry, that’s really not how that works. The writers chose for the underage female hero to be naked. They chose for the female hero to look at Black people and see criminals. There’s no fig leaf that covers how heinously inappropriate both of those choices are. 

I wish I could say that well, maybe the showrunners will take these issues to heart and take steps to fix them. I can’t.

Consider this me “going all SJW.” (Side note: the Venn Diagram of “Assholes” and “People Who Use ‘SJW’ as a Pejorative” is a goddamn circle.) What other valuable lessons are going to come out of our heroes’ vile racist beliefs? What lessons are your nonwhite viewers supposed to learn, that even superheroes can’t get over their own racism for ten goddamn seconds? And for fuck’s sake, what lesson are your female readers supposed to take away from this? That not even grand cosmic superpowers can save a female hero from being stripped naked and dumped on the streets because that’s what the all-male writers team wanted?

Sorry, but fuck that. If I wanted racism or sexism from someone who’s supposed to be a role model, I’d follow President Trump on Twitter. I really do hope that ZAG and Astruc figure their shit out, but in the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.

P.S. “Ghetto Blaster” ???!!!

Law is frightening to children...

so anyway that’s my fan fiction

Chance Encounters (Peter Parker)

Summary / Request: “Hiii, how are you? Could you do a[n] imagine with spiderman (tom)? (Y/N) fathers works in shield and she is familiar with all the avengers, and she goes to the [same] school as peter. She is very brave and smart, and they both fall in love and start dating” / The day Y/N and Peter meet and the day Y/N confesses her feelings for him.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of a gun


requested: anon

word count: 1454

Originally posted by juliechavira

With so many wonders to explore in Manhattan, Y/N always finds a way to Stark Tower. The building blends in with the concrete jungle of the city, but because of the distinguishing architecture and being a home of heroes she could not help to gravitate towards it. Luckily with her father working closely with The Avengers, Y/N often joins him on meetings just to have the opportunity to be in the tower. Over time Y/N befriended The Avengers to where she can stop in unannounced no problem. Though ever since the accords tore a rift between the heroes, Tony requested for Y/N to not visit until three months later, and she was asked to come back and catch up.

After many visits to Stark Tower, Y/N always, and will always be in awe of the exalted building. Before entering, taking a step back to admire it once more, focusing in on the details and away from the buzz of the crowd, she hears the click of a camera.

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 5,137

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by intokai

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Make out session with Levi story/headcannon thing?

This got so out of control, omg. And the best thing about writing for Levi is not only making y’all happy, but making mod Spookzz happy as well since Levi is her bae. Anyways, takes place in a modern AU where Levi is a lawyer. Enjoy, anon! 

The sound of the lock turning and the jingle of a set of keys forcefully shoved you out of the reverie you had fallen into and you glanced at the door in anticipation. A large stack of papers sat untouched on the coffee table, but you paid no heed to it, too invested in your apartment door opening; or, rather, just who was walking through it.

It was fairly obvious that Levi was exhausted. The bags beneath his eyes were dark violet in color, which only indicated that he probably hadn’t slept on his ten hour plane ride despite having his own private quarters. “Tough flight?” you asked rhetorically, taking his jacket from over his arm in order to hang it up in the coat closet.

 “A shit show,” replied Levi as he wheeled his suitcase off to a corner and walked into the kitchen area. If he was in no hurry to unpack his clothes in case they were wrinkled, then it was super obvious that he had a hell of a time getting home. You watched in silent awe for a split second as Levi’s arm muscles stretched against his shirt’s fabric, the sleeves rolled over his forearms while he rummaged through a cabinet, searching for something that you could only guess was tea. It wasn’t uncommon for you to step back and admire your boyfriend’s physique because you were fairly positive he was, single-handedly, the most attractive man you ever laid eyes on in your entire life, but this was only amplified by the fact that you had gone for two whole months without being able to see him save for infrequent Skype calls.

 You crossed your arms over your chest and reluctantly pried your eyes away from his ass in favor of looking him in the eye. “Crying baby? Turbulence?” you offered in slight amusement.

 When Levi finished placing the kettle on the stove, he braced his back on the counter and revealed, “No. Every time the flight attendant saw me placing the cushion down on the chair to try and get some sleep, she’d insist on doing it and tucking me in like a fucking five year old.”

 A chuckle escaped through your lips, only to grow into pure laughter at the thought of how grumpy Levi must have been at the poor woman who was only trying to do her job. Levi hated being touched by strangers, after all. “That’s what you get when you fly first class on a flight that’s longer than seven hours.”

 “Erwin can shove it up his ass next time he forces me to go out of the country,” Levi humorously stated, even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, intentionally.

 You rolled your eyes at his typical antics and motioned towards the microwave. “I made you lunch a little while ago, but it should still be warm.”

 “…You cooked and didn’t burn down the entire apartment?” Although it was a question, Levi had worded it more like a statement, much to you annoyance. Huffing, you pushed past him and opened the microwave, revealing the plate you had made. While you weren’t the most spectacular chef to ever live, your best friend had been delicately coaching you on how to make simple things when Levi wasn’t home to cook. While your arrangement of cooking and cleaning duties worked just fine, you had wanted to do something nice for him since he had been eating out every night for the last two months.

“I already ate some earlier, you ass. It’s fine.”

In lieu of firing back and bruising your ego over its lackluster presentation, Levi merely sighed and placed the plate back into the microwave, heading towards the couch where he sat down with his freshly brewed mug. “I’ll shower then eat. There’s some stuff I need to get taken care of at the office.”

 Of all the things Levi could have said, the last thing you had been expecting was for him to head back to work. He was tired and you were deprived for eight whole weeks; like hell was Erwin stealing anymore of your time with him.

 Before he could even protest, you marched towards the couch and straddled his lap. Leaning in just a few centimeters from his lips, you restrained yourself from tasting him in order to declare, “No way. I haven’t seen you in two months. Erwin can handle paperwork or whatever the hell he has to do on his own.”

 Levi sighed and placed his mug off to the side, those gunmetal gray eyes that you had come to know and love inching down to the shape of your lips. Angling his head, his mouth brushed against your own and, just for a moment, you reciprocated and melted against him. Just as one of his hands carded in your hair and the other inched down to your waist, you reluctantly pulled away from him and smirked. “Nice try, but you’re not getting anything until you tell me you’re not going anywhere.”

 “You goddamn tease,” he muttered underneath his breath, which did a lot to inflate your ego even if it was just by a fraction. The defeat in his voice sang true of your minor victory, but nothing could have prepared you for the way he crashed his mouth back to your own in a desperate, heated kiss. Turning your head to the side, you shivered as soon as his hand began to trace down your spine, lingering close to the curve and dip of your lower back. It was hot and it was needy, but you could tell just in that moment that Levi had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

 When his tongue traced your bottom lip, you complied with vigor, your hands moving down to settle against the rigid muscles of his chest. Against your lips, you felt Levi smirk as his tongue explored your mouth, earning him a quiet noise of approval as his hand brushed across your thigh. Wanting the upper-hand for just a minute, you playfully nipped at his lip after he retracted his tongue before you braced your hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using all of your weight to hover over him to grind your hips into his own.

 “Fuck,” he groaned into your lips, breaking away from you in order to latch his mouth to your neck. Bracing his hand on the back of your head, he pulled you down and continued to pepper a line of hot kisses until he reached the junction of your neck where he ran his hot tongue across the area where shoulder met collarbone.

 You sighed in complete bliss, dark and lustful eyes meeting his own underneath you. “You are not allowed to leave the country ever again,” you declared, tilting your head back down in order to meet his lips for yet another mind-blowing kiss. He parted and took a moment to hold the side of your face in an almost uncharacteristically tender manner, studying your features as if trying to map them into the back of his subconscious.

 Tilting your cheek into his palm, you sighed and quietly confessed, “I missed you.”

 “Yeah. Me too.”

Spray Paint || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: 78 and 68 @Juggie

68.) “Run for it!”
78.) “Don’t argue. Just do it.”

A/N: This was a fun fic to write! Hope you guys like it!

Gif by @juptern


“Care to explain to me why we snuck out and walked all the way out here at 11 o’clock at night on a Thursday?” Jughead asked as he yawned.

You rolled your eyes. It was pitch black out and the two of you were at the drive-in which was scheduled to be bulldozed that morning at eight.

“‘Jughead Jones wuz here?’ Seriously? You need to up your game.” you said as you jumped the fence separating the two of you from the drive-in.

Jughead sighed as he followed you, jumping down on the opposite of the fence with a light thud.

“I said what I had to say,” he said. “What else was I supposed to write?”

You snorted as you dropped your backpack from your shoulder. You unzipped it, revealing six spray paint cans in different colors. Jughead saw them and his eyes widened. His mouth opened as he was about to protest but you jumped up suddenly, shoving a paint can into his chest.

“Don’t argue. Just do it.” you said.

Jughead was silent and you sighed.

“Jughead, this was your home. I know you’re angry. I know this may seem childish and all, but it might be a good idea. Just like you write down your thoughts about Jason Blossom and his murder, maybe you could write something up on the building about your feelings towards the people that are responsible for the destruction of the drive-in theater.”

Before Jughead could say anything, you grabbed another paint can from your bag, shaking it and spraying something on the wall of the projection room. Jughead whistled as he saw what you wrote out.

“Damn, Y/N, you sure have a way with words. ‘Mayor McCoy is a—”’

“Oh, shush. She deserves it. They all deserve it,” you said and turned to your boyfriend. “Forgive me if I’m a little mad at the people who want to take what’s important to you away from you.”

Jughead smiled softly at you before he started shaking his spray can.

“What should I say?” he asked, a sly smile on his face.

A wolfish smile made its way onto yours.

“Anything you desire.” you said as you began to spray paint the wall again.

You didn’t know how long the two of you were out there, spraying obscene words and comments on the wall along with random paintings of rainbows and woodlands and anything else you could think of. It was quite the juxtaposition. You exhaled as the both of you stepped back, admiring your work. The wall was completely covered with paint and there wasn’t a clear spot to be found. Jughead wrapped his arm around your waist and you leaned into him.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he said quietly. “This was great.”

You shrugged.

“It’s nothing. I knew you were feeling down, and I just wanted to do something about it.”

Jughead looked down at you. You were oblivious to his stare, instead staring at the work of art the two of you had created.

“I love you,” he said.

That got your attention. You turned to him, your eyes wide. Although you had been dating for a while now, you had never heard him voice those three words to you.

“I really do.” he said, a blush making its way onto his cheeks.

His eyes were softer than you had ever seen them. You smiled and tilted your head up, gently kissing him. Jughead smiled into the kiss, pulling you closer to him.

“I love you too.” you said when the two of you pulled away for air.

Jughead smirked and was about to kiss you again when the two of you heard,

“Hey! What are you two doing over there?”

It was a cop patrolling the drive-in, making his way over to the both of you, light shining in your faces.

“Oh sh—”

“Run for it!” you told Jughead as you swung your backpack over your shoulder, the two of you running as fast as you could to the chainlink fence.

“Hey! Stop!” the cop yelled.

Adrenaline filled your and Jughead’s bodies and the both of you quickly climbed over the fence and jumped to the other side, hitting the ground running. The two of you began laughing as you ran, chests burning for oxygen, the cool night air slapping you in the face.

What. A. Night.


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Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Character / Genre: Yoongi x reader | parenthood!au, angst

Word count: 7,714 words (well since this is no longer a drabble)

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

a/n: I have re-written this part so many times because I originally had two different ideas for the ending - one got people (my proofreaders) screaming at me, while the other had so many plot holes in it which made me unhappy with it. I finally wrote this version down after taking a nap this morning and got a much clear head. Sorry if it’s too sappy and sorry if I made some mistakes in it - I’ll probably come back to edit this later (let’s just hope I won’t change my mind once I do that and erase the whole thing to make an entirely different ending cause I did that once lol). Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. I’m sorry for the long wait.

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I believe White Diamond ordered OUR Pearl to shatter Pink Diamond

Steven Universe Wanted has warmed me up to this theory since its episodes have aired. We are now certain that Rose was NOT the one who truly shattered PD, and that she was framed in some internal politics by one of the Diamonds. This theory is based on the limited information we do have and speculation on my part. The Crewniverse can easily throw a curve ball and shatter this theory in a second, but I digress. 

My theory: I postulate that Pearl was originally made for White Diamond, but was given to Pink Diamond as a “gift” for her work on her first planet
(probably because she was ‘defective’ )
. Pearl’s true objective was to Spy on PD and to gather intel on how the planet was going, and information on the Rose Quartz situation which had already been underway for some time.

The reason for the spying? White Diamond did not care for PD’s fascination and preservation of organic life. It went against the established order that the three of them had already created before PD came along. On top of that, PD’s gems were becoming particularly willful as shown with Rose Quartz’s rebellion. Rose Quartz in general upset WD, because not only were they geared towards preserving and caring for organic life, they were excellent support units that could heal gems, making rebellions that much more feasible against the Diamonds. PD, WD mused, was going to unravel everything the Diamond Authority had made if it was allowed to continue.

So, WD engineered a plan, a plan that her “gifted” Pearl would carry out for her. Pearl would Shapeshift into Rose Quartz in front of someone particularly impressionable, like a Ruby, and Shatter PD , throw her planet into chaos , and ultimately force the operations to shut down, corrupting any gems left behind and use it to create a theoretical planet sized weapon in the process. ,

During Pearls mission however, right up to the shattering of PD on WD’s orders, she had been racked with guilt and fear over what she was being made to do. It was killing her that she was going to have to assassinate a Diamond she actually liked more than her old one. When she had actually done the deed and escaped, it had left her broken in more ways than one. She had nothing left.

That is when Rose found her, when she had lost everything, racked with guilt and shame over what she had done, and took her in with open arms. Rose didn’t even care that Pearl framed her, it wasn’t her fault Rose would say. Finding redemption and a new sense of purpose in Roses acceptance of her, Pearl zealously turned against Homeworld and WD, declaring she was her own Pearl and she was owned by no one, all the while giving herself to the gem who gave her a purpose when she had lost everything.

 She still thinks about it too this day though. In one way that isn’t blatantly obvious is she refuses to shape shift and never has during the show. She probably swore off ever doing it after performing the deed of framing Rose and Shattering PD. 

  You can even see it in her Hologram copies of herself. Just look at where it instinctively stabbed with its sword. 

Right in the body where PD’s gem would have been. It would also explain why Pearl threw herself into the fray, getting poofed over and over again for Rose. The combined guilt of Shattering PD and framing Rose would definitely drive someone to that point to feel redeemed. 

It was Pearls past deeds and who she used to be that made her feel like she was nothing, but it was Rose who pulled her up from the brink of despair and guilt over what she had done, and “made her feel like she was everything.”

That’s where I think her near desperation over Rose comes from. Even Now, through Steven, she is still being treated with kindness she doesn’t believe she deserves.  

That’s my theory anyway. Like I said in the beginning of the post, it could get debunked in an episode. Still, I think it holds water. 

Condescending Manager

I’ve worked at my current hotel more than long enough that at any other business I would be treated as if I was just as competent as any other employee. But unfortunately I have the weirdest most baby talky mother fucker of a manager.

But I was warned when I first started working here by the previous new person that this behavior will continue until their is another new person. She apparently had dealt with this for 3 years…..

On to the story.

My Manager starts hovering as he usually does cause I’m “new” and starts saying things like “you could do this to make it faster” or “I usually click these buttons” but the one thing he says that pisses me off more than anything is when he says “f1 THEN f5, to save and checkout the folio” like bitch I can remember two things damn! All of these little suggestions are always unprompted.

But I have one thing up my sleeves. I’m younger and better then him at anything technology related. So obviously I decided to switch that little shortcut to f5 first then f1.

The next day he starts his usual suggestions all the while I’m waiting for “f1 then f5”. He finally says it and the following interaction occurred.

me: Hah so you’re trying to mess me up now? That’s new.

him: What?

me: Its always been f5 then f1.

Approaches computer after letting out the most fucking sarcastic sigh I’ve ever heard.

him: No no no seee…

He stands their confused as nothing happens when he hits f1 and im just sitting their watching him but I decide to mess with him more.

me:Is this some sort of weird test? Why are you doing it wrong?

him:No its always been this way….. (he really trailed off like mindfuck trailed off)

me:Well here comes some customers let me take over again.

He walks away looking extremely confused, as hes walking away

him:Okay…. Okay… Right

I really hope that ends his hovering.

i’ll see you

A/N: happy birthday grace @prongsno. ur the only one i would wear a bad hat for. 

She brought back a dead thing. She forgot she wasn’t meant to be able to do that.

“You can’t fucking say anything.” Lily said immediately after, staring at James, who was looking at her, wide eyed, mouth parted. She felt her pulse going in her neck, the only sound in the entire street.

“I-“ he said, strangled. Staring. His eyebrows go up, and she can’t believe she did this. She can’t believe- “The cat” he finished, disbelieving. She doesn’t know what to say to that. “It was dead” he almost gaged, chest heaving.

“James. You can’t tell anyone.”

“It was dead.” He pointed at the street where the cat had been minutes before. “I- it was” he gestured to the front of his car, inches from them, “and then you-“ he waved his hands, “and then- it was alive again.”

“Yes. I was there. I know what happened.” She couldn’t help herself. James’ eye twitched, and he abruptly stalked around in a circle before turning back to her, finger out, accusatory.

“Don’t fucking-“ he grasped for the word “sass me, Lil, You just-“


Lily snorted. “Sass?”

“How long have you been able to do that?” he asked. Her throat closed up. She hadn’t ever, not once, talked about this aloud. It feels so wholly unnatural to be standing here in the middle of the street at eleven at night next to James’ car, over the spot where there used to be a dead cat two minutes ago.

Since forever. Since before I knew my own name. Since before I knew yours. That long.


“A while.” She said. He stared at her again, and its only with the street lamp on that she can see him, cheekbones illuminated by light. Hair sticking up like an electric shock. He is giving her a look she can’t quite place, but she isn’t scared, even now, when he could yell and anyone could come running, because of course its James who would be first to know. It could never be anyone else.

“I wanted to tell you.” she said, truthfully. “But what if you’d-“ she stopped herself. She had been about to say but what if you’d never spoken to me again, and the thought is to be awful to be said out loud.

There is a long silence, and for one awful minute she thinks he’s going to get back into the car and leave her, never come back, and then she’s thinking about how much it’s going to be so fucking hard to never speak to him again, how much it’s going to suck to not be in his front seat again, late night driving, stealing fries, laughing about his mother and the fact she hadn’t done her chem homework in months.

“I would never say-“ he started, then stopped, looking at the streetlamp and then back to her. “you must know. I’d never say anything. I’d never do that to you.”

She’s flooded with relief so fast it almost knocks her over. It’s all through her, like she’s been filled with sea water, and all at once she’s calm. He’d never say anything. He’d never do that to her. How could she have doubted him.

“I know.” She said because there was nothing else to say. The world is such a quiet place, serene. In her dreams where this happened it was always lighter, during the day, she was always bringing back a person, he was always less shocked. It didn’t matter. None of it did. She brought back a dead thing and he still loved the same.  

“Do you think-” he asked into the silence, “If I hit a cat and it died but then my best friend bought it back to life a minute later, I still have to report it to my driving instructor? I’m asking for a friend.”

She laughed. He was so good. He smoked and interrupted her in English and speed on city roads and called her mother ‘Vi’ but he was good the whole way through. He was looking at her, half smiling, like she was something else. A piece of art. A star in a classroom. A thing to hardly be believed.

“Tell the friend he should try avoiding hitting the cats, and then he wouldn’t have this problem.”

“The friend said to tell you that it was dark and he was trying his best.” He opened the driver’s door.

“If the friend stopped speeding-“

“Oh my God! The friend was going fifty!”

“The friend obviously can’t read. The speed limit is forty.”

Later- she knows- they’ll talk about it. Skipping class or eating food or in the music room at lunch where students aren’t supposed to go, he’ll ask her and she’ll tell him. the whole pointy, uncomfortable, strange thing of bringing things back to life when they should not be. But now- laughing. Now- arguing about the radio station. Now- the dark, the stars, the road. Now- her heart aching like a broken bone for him without her knowing why yet.

Treat you better (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

RequestHi can you do a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach are best friends and are in love w/ each other but both don’t know and the reader is afraid to fall in love bc of past relationships so Zach tries everything to convince her he won’t be like the others? Thanks!


Word Count: 1648

Warnings: My english is bad, and please remember that its fiction. im not very good with locations so if there’s no beach nearby, now there is 

NA: i really enjoyed writing this and I hope not to disappoint anyone. I’ve made some changes too, so let me know ;)

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Gay or not I love them so much.

They love each other, and he said it out loud, All that he have done is because he LOVES kaneki.

I don’t need them to be a thing, I don’t need kaneki to leave Touka and ran away with Hide.

All what I need to see their reunion, I want to see them cry while hugging and promising they wont never let the other one get hurt, I want them to be supportive, I want them to be caring with each other, I want them to stay side by side.

I want them to love each other in the purest way someone could ever love, just as they have been doing from the very beginning.

onyourleftbooob  asked:

I'm sure it's been reced before but I want to rec archiveofourown*org/works/10659162/chapters/23589582 again because I just read it and it was one of the best stucky fics that I've ever read. It was entertaining/funny as hell while not losing its stakes. It had delightful cameos from outside the MCU and it also had fourth wall breaks which I've almost never read it fics. Oh, to top it all off, it's cap!steve/modern!bucky. If anyone hasn't read this fic yet, please do so it's beautiful.

Thank you for writing in!

Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou

“Sergeant Barnes?”

“Oh, hell no, don’t call him that, man,” Sam warned.

“Captain Fuck Off!” Barnes shouted over him. “Fight me!”

Steve didn’t know whether to laugh or just slink away. He managed to combine the two by pacing two steps and snorting instead. Like a bull.

“I’m gonna need you to calm your ass, Barnes,” Sam said as he went limp again, obstructing Barnes’s struggling under him. “This is so undignified. That is Captain goddamn America.”

“Captain goddamn America!” Barnes repeated, louder. And angrier.

Steve cleared his throat again. “I’ve been looking for you,” he told Barnes.

“I hope you brought lube this time!” Barnes shouted.

My thoughts

original post: @crystalliaxx97

Yeah Brian is right but Lui is also right the way some of the people respond is atrocious. They demand him to upload and in a very rude way to. When ever Lui tweets all the replies are just “UPLOAD!!!!!!”

I bet those of you who are nagging him to upload haven’t even watched all of his uploaded videos.

I understand that you guys miss his videos but tone it down like my god what the hell! If you are one of these people instead of harassing Lui maybe reply to his tweets posts with something actually to do with his tweets, that goes for other social media’s as well and if you aren’t prepared to do this then just leave the poor guy alone.

Terrorisers view is true and at one point I bet Lui would have agreed with him but after an extended amount of time views change.

Think about it this way. He hasn’t been uploading for over a year and ever since he has stopped he would of been getting these messages. At first he would have seen them as “awww they miss me :)” but after a while it would get extremely annoying and irritating. I know you miss him but its his decision, it’s his life, not yours, his life.

No one has probably read this but if you have thank you :)