it's been a while and i miss them

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1. my kinda-crush-kinda-not-crush while walking in the street, it was cute. 

3. i actually miss my grandma and its been a while since i visited her so, her. 

6. god idk im kind of attracted to different kinds of people, like i just have to vibe with you idk how to explain 

10. my uncle, he was kind of worried abt me cause i don’t know what to do in life so he talked to me.. it was actually a great talk i felt so good afterwards 

12. im high key obsessed with lorde at the moment ( 400 lux !!!! ) 

19. i do but i dont take them enough 

21. i take forever to do things, and not in the trendy way of procastination but litteraly DAYS go by till i decide its time to fucking water the plants or smth 

23. ohh booy do i have trust issues (that is a yes in case it wasnt clear) 

25. tbh, right now im really comfortable with my body, my only issue is like my body hair, i have a lot of t and i hate the pain of waxing so im really self conscious abt it 

28. if you are my friend im comfortable with you, like that’s it ill be saying whatever shit goes through my head to you 

30. i do ♥ i feel like im a relationship kinda person u know? like if you were my s/o i would be thinking abt you all the time and doing cheesy stuff for u so yeah i hope i’ll get married one day 

38. make me laugh, be cute, be kind. 

41. i mean… yes, it might be hard but yes. 

47. nope, im a pussy whos scared of drugs 

52. only one? i wish i was more sure of who i am 

55.  i don’t have one favorite but im a big fan of all my mutuals specially @elizasanvers @canihavethisurl @elyzas 

56. light blue and all its variations ♥ 

63. i dont think so, no 

64. okay so i was like 5 years old and i was in school and i really liked this boy who at the time was my best friend. we were on the playground on one of the big games that had like a below floor so it was kinda hidden i guess? and he kissed there and then i was like “oh..” and the we kept playing 

73. i sleep with my food-stuffed dog 

75. i want to say dogs but i really love manatees they are adorable♥ 

78. currently cream and berries 

95. harry potter 4 

100. please don’t ask me that god. 

102. i regret giving my so much time to people who didn’t deserve it and also being lazy and not doing enough things that i enjoyed 

112. my uncle in the before mentioned deep talk 

122. i don’t think i could ever forgive cheating, i think its one of the worst things someone could do to me tbh 

124. i looooove the concept but i don’t think it happens 

127. rainy walks with good music, crazy nights with crazy friends, unexpected compliments, when u find a tv show that you love and can binge watch, the SKY and all its delightful color combinations, great fanfiction and tea 

133. people talkt to me, but nothing ever hits home

137.  1,63 m/ 5.2 feet 

140. winter! 

143. nope, i tried to once and i just couldn’t do it 

144.  milk chocolate 

145. depends, but tea

146. its been okay so far and now im going to watch the beauty and the beast with my mom so i guess you could say so 


Today the Eren & Levi merch from the Asano Kyoji x WIT STUDIO Exhibition finally arrived! I fell in love with these when they were first announced and I knew I had to get them no matter what. It’s been a while from then until I was able to find them, buy them, and get them shipped to my country, but the wait was so worth it!

The board is my favorite, it’s so beautiful. I am pleasantly surprised with its size, I expected it to be small like the others, but nope, this one is huge! I wonder if I should frame it and put it on my wall…

Oh and at the same time I got 2 older ones that were given with the movies because I didn’t have them yet:

I think I’m still missing one with Eren, I’ll have to get it next time! (^ω^).


The past five years had definitely been stressful. Not only had you graduated university and gained a fantastic job, but two of your closest friends had gone missing. At first you had tried to be there for your other friends, comforting them when ever their grief got too much, but after giving and giving, you felt desperate for some time for yourself.

At first the break had been wonderful, working wherever your bosses sent you and simply immersing yourself in anything and everything the world threw your way. But over the past few months that had changed. Oliver was alive and back in Starling City and the only communications you were able to have with him were over emails.

But that wasn’t enough. No, it was obvious that Oliver was holding back in his emails, that there was something truly bothering him and now, for the first time since his return, you were able to find out what was going on.

Your communications with Thea had thinned somewhat over the past five years, but you were still in good sted with one another, so it was easy to get her in on your little plan, and as you sat back in your seat, taking a heavy breath as you pulled up to Queen manor, you couldn’t have been happier.

An odd sight greeted you as you exited the cab. You were aware that Oliver had planned something of a celebration, like those you remembered growing up with. While the decorations were more than evident, that was where the similarities ended.

The crowd you had expected was no where to be seen. In fact, as you carried your bag up the stairs, the only person you could see was your taxi driver making his way down the driveway.

With a determined nod, you make your way into the house, preparing yourself for whatever reaction may greet you.

The second you entered the house a brunette figure was rushing towards you, quickly wrapping their arms around you an an incomprehensibly high squeal escapes their lips.

“Y/N!” Thea cheers, taking your bags from your grip only to place them carelessly at your side. “I can’t say how happy I am to see you. Come on, you need to see Ollie.”

She was right, in fact, you could barely contain yourself from simply running in and throwing your arms around your long lost friend, but it wasn’t that simple. Your surroundings were off, and you needed something of an explanation.

“Um, Thea?” you paused, looking around the foyer. “Where is everyone?”

With something of a grimace, Thea spins around to face you, no longer attempting to simply drag you into the house. “Not here?” she offered, before sighing in resignation. “Look, it’s not… It’s not like it used to be. Christmas just reminds everyone of what we’ve lost.”

Nodding in sympathetic understanding, you wrapped an arm around the teenager. “Well, we will have to change that.”

“You sound like Oliver,” Thea replied, rolling her eyes at your words, a small smile playing on her lips nonetheless.

“You can hold an intervention for me tomorrow,” you laugh.

“Who’s holding an intervention?” a deep voice calls, pulling you from your conversation as you and Thea spin around in surprise.

“Oliver,” you sigh, an ecstatic grin taking residence on your lips, grateful beyond belief to see his face, for once in real life.

“Y/N,” Oliver practically exhales your name, as if not entirely sure he can believe the sight in front of him. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in Tokyo for Christmas.”

“Surprise!” you cheer, unable to suppress the giddy grin that was taking over your features. “Couldn’t let my best friend have his first Christmas back without me, could I?”


Stingue Weekend Day 1: Flowers

and that is one of the main reasons for why Rogue never wears white… during working hours.

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Sophii! I had an idea: can you make a little fic from one of the God's points of view where they wake up and find Mount Olympus has moved to America? Thanks! --Ryanthehan

  • the throne room shook in an old and familiar way, one that roused the interest of the gods no matter what inane pastime they were occupying themselves with 
  • Olympus rumbled and groaned as its very foundation was lifted from its perch 
  • the Olympians gather on the grand balcony, staring down as the mortal world that has kept them going passes 
  • None of them say a word to each other, not wanting to have the same conversation that they’ve had so many times since leaving home 
  • “where do you think we’re going” “_____ has been building power for a while, maybe there” “think Zeus knows?” “he looks as lost as the rest of us” “I miss Greece” “me too” “think anyone will have temples of us where we’re going” “I don’t know, Hestia. Let’s hope.” 
  • they arrive with a crash, the entirety of Olympus groaning to a halt 
  • the Gods grip the railing as they look down on their new home 
  • The West expands before them, a testament to what remains of their power. A beacon of hope that they could once again become what they were so long ago. 
  • “think this time will be different?” “how long do you think we’ll get to stay?” “anyone see any temples?” “it doesn’t look like Greece at all” “I wonder who our heroes will be” 
  • they seem to collectively take a deep breath, and when they exhale the air around them seems lighter 
  • Apollo is the first to depart, bidding his fellow Olympians a farewell as he goes to see what the Horizon has to offer. 
  • Artemis soon follows, looking towards the forests for what beasts need to be slain 
  • Aphrodite giggles as she sees a spotlight in LA that could use someone to stand under it 
  • Dionysus hears the faint call of a music festival and leaves to see how hard this new place can party 
  • Ares spots the small spark of a bar brawl and runs off to fan the flames 
  • the museums, with their Greek architecture, call to Athena who wonders if they hold any new specks of wisdom for her 
  • Hephaestus hears the clank of machinery at MIT and stumbles forward to see what innovations are being brought to life
  • the chatter of workers as they are sent down to a coal mine rings in Hades’ ears and he heads towards the Underground 
  • Poseidon can see the roar of the Bering Sea against the hulking crab fishing boats, and he goes to resume the life of a sailor 
  • Zeus smirks as his eyes land on a group of politicians at a burlesque club, leaving under the pretense of going to meet powerful people 
  • Hera retreats to her private palace, hoping that this new home has at least a taste of the love and devotion she used to see so often, back in simpler times 
  • Hestia watches her family leave, piece by piece until she is once again alone on the balcony, “Ok, you guys go ahead and check it out” 
  • she hops up to lean over the railing, smiling down at all the homes, both stable and makeshift that people have created 
  • the crackle of the hearth catches her attention and she turns away from the new world below to walk back towards the throne room
  • “I’ll wait here.”