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I miss Agent Ava Sharpe of the Time Bureau and want her back on my screen asap


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sentence starters

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”
“My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre, and that I am therefore excused from saving Universes.”
“Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”
“Funny how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does.”
“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”
“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”
“Listen, three eyes don’t you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal.”
“Shee, you guys are so unhip it’s a wonder your bums don’t fall off.”
“Since we decided a few weeks ago to adopt the leaf as legal tender, we have, of course, all become immensely rich.”
“It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”
“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.”
“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”
“Don’t panic.”

Game Of Thrones: Season 7 episode 6 non spoiler review: Starkbowl, The blue eyed army, Jon Snow (King of my heart), A dragon or two, A tale of the hammerless Gendry, A love song for Tormund and me being absolutely done with Game of Thrones. Because I'm not ready to die and the show wants to kill me.

Note: Even though this is a non spoilery review, it may contain spoilers which will be noted/indicated before they are revealed. All thoughts are just my personal observations and opinions.

Firstly, let’s talk about Arya and Sansa- because that’s some BS right there and I can’t even; at first, I thought Arya and Sansa were playing littlefinger. But from this episode, I am now unsure. D&D, do you truly expect me to believe that these two sisters who haven’t seen each other in years, believed most of their family members to be dead and had no one and nowhere to call home would honestly be fighting like this? I can understand if there were only a slight atmosphere of distrust and/or caution- they didn’t get along even as children and of course now that they’re grown up they’d be trying to get a better feel of eachother, but all full blown bloody starkbowl is not what I had in mind. I mean [SPOILER] Arya (essentially) only threatened to kill Sansa [SPOILER] by saying she could wear her face (can you wear the face of someone living?). I mean maybe threatened is too harsh a word? But Arya’s intention in that scene was certainly to intimidate Sansa. It was working very well. But bravo to my Sansa (Queen of my heart and my Kings heart), for standing her ground. My point is, I find this very unrealistic and if it’s not a ploy planned by my Stark girls, I very well hope they band together in the end (which they will). I just want my baby’s to understand and recognise each others struggle and bloody love eachother.

Now let’s move on to the King of my heart: Jon “I am a King” Snow. Sigh. Jon oh Jon. Why oh why would you do that? No, seriously. I’m very very angry. I saw this coming of course ( I read the spoilers- shame on me). But I seriously can’t even comprehend what you think you’re doing. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. [MAJOR SPOILER] There was absolutely no need for you to “bend” the knee. She had promised to help you fight the white walkers. She was going to help you fight the blue eyed demons. Soooooooooooooo why did you do that. [Spoiler] My Queen- YOU ONLY KNOW ONE TRUE QUEEN IN THE NORTH WHO’S NAME IS STARK. Sigh. I don’t get where this sudden affection for Dani has come from. It was literally non existent before. It’s either due to his gratitude for her help. Orrrrrrrrr he’s playing the game. He’s killed the boy, recognised her great affection for him, and has decided to use it to his advantage. He’s killed the boy. Hopefully it’s that latter, but I can imagine it being a mix of both. Furthermore Jon Snow, I am very cross with you, but I love you and trust you enough to know that when we are at the end, your duty to the North, to your family, to your one true Queen Sansa Stark will override everything. Including Dani. You’re a man of your word Jon snow. A man of your word.

Ah, Dany. Now this episode, Dany’s character intrigued me immensely. I’m going to start with her wardrobe choice. When she went to help our gang, she transitioned back in to her lighter coloured clothing (to show that she’s actually doing something selfless for the first time in ages). But as soon as she gets back to the boat, she has changed back in to her darker attire (to represent the dark path she’s still walking on). Nothing in GOT is a coincidence, they’ve done this on purpose. To foreshadow. To mirror her actions. I repeat nothing is a coincidence. They even throw in the conversation with Tyrion. Tyrion’s begging her not to go- to do nothing. Not because he wants our blue-eyed demon fighting companions to die- oh no. He does it because he loves her and he’s scared and he doesn’t want to lose her. But Dani refuses. She has to go. She has to help them. Why is this conversation thrown in? I think it’s to give us hope. Last episode Tyrion and Vary’s are having that whole conversation where they are convincing themselves (mostly Tyrion) that what she did to the Tarly’s (my poor Dickon), was justified. When Tyrion says she isn’t her father, Vary’s replies she never will be with the correct consul. And here in episode 6, we perhaps see the earlier version of Dany. Helping people because she wants too, because she sees it as a duty, because it’s the right thing to do. Not the Dany we’ve been seeing recently: a Dani obsessed with the iron throne because she believes it’s her birth right (lol- R+L= J. Targbowl is really on the horizon). And it gives us hope. Perhaps she makes questionable decisions, but she is still good. Nope. As soon as we’re back on the boat, back in to her dark attire to represent her dark path. I mean think about it, [SPOILER], if they wanted to paint her as this truly good leader, why accept Jon bending the knee? If she had said no, I’ll help you either way, no my faith in her would’ve been fully restored. Because she’d be helping Jon not because she got something out of it, but because she recognises the threat the white walkers pose is too real to ignore. I have a love/hate relationship with Dany. I don’t hate Dany, I love her in the way that I love Cersei- not because she’s a good person, because she’s a complex one. When her and Tyrion discuss what happened with the Tarly’s, she calls it necessary. When Tyrion explains other ways they could’ve dealt with it- SHE DISREGARDS HIM. Sigh. There’s so much I could say about Dani but honestly, I’m just not bothered.

The blue eyed army- also known as the White walkers. This paragraph will include spoilers in essentially every sentence, so I suggest you just skip this one. Okayyyyyy- let’s talk about The King of the Blues- or the night King. Whatever. Same thing. This guy is BADASS OKAY. [SPOILERS FROM HERE UNTIL THE END OF THE WHITE WALKER PARAGRAPH]
The way he killed Viserion on his first attempt? Yeahhhhhh byeeeeeee. Dude’s just too cool for school. He’s too cool for the North. He’s just cool in general to be honest. I really can’t wait until season 8 and the rest of the books to find out what the WW’s true purpose is. I’m really interested to find out. They really killed my baby Benjen. Who deserved so much more in life- YOU SEE JON. BENJEN DIDN’T DIE FOR YOU TO BEND THE FRICKING KNEE. YOU POMPUS SWINE. YOU ATTRACTIVE BEAST. YOU PANTY DROPPER. Sigh. Jon Snow, King of my heart- he knows nothing. But the White walkers are seriously such an interesting aspect of the show and now that they have a dragon on their side, it’s about to get very very interesting. The wall’s coming down. And the war’s about to begin.

Tormund and a splash of The Hound- I just love Tormund and thought it was wrong to write a review and not mention him. I love him and all the cute things he said about Brienne. And his observation of the Hound was bloody spot on (the hound is another interesting character).
[Slight dialouge SPOILER].
“I don’t think you’re really mean, your eyes are sad.”
[SPOILER] I just thank the God’s (the old God’s and the new), that they kept him alive as it was a very very close call.

The Hammerless Gendry- A tale: A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR BLOODY GENDRY THE HAMMERLESS who indirectly saved our gang. Whom is already loyal to his future “brother” (mwahahaha) in-law and the KITN (forever and always) Jon snow. Who could’ve died but kept running. The true hero of this episode: THE HAMMERLESS GENDRY. [SPOILERS AHEAD BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE HIS HAMMER IS READ ON] Okay, so we’ve captured a WW, just another day in the North you know- no bigie and we’re ready to return to perhaps not the comfort of dragonstone (we are essentially bloody prisoners), but definitely as far away from the blue eyed ones as possible when we find ourselves surrounded by the army. YAY. Bloody brilliant. So what does Jon who knows nothing Snow do. We send our most capable rower- sorry- runner to run back to Dadvos (I do love Daddy Davos) and get a Raven to Dragonstone stat. At first, he refuses to leave bro in-law but Jon tells him he’s the only one who can do it. So he begins to run when The Hound stops him, says he’ll be faster without the hammer and so (hesitantly), Thor- I mean Gendry- entrusts the hammer with The Hound (guess he’s worthy). And that my friends, is how Gendry the Hammerless lost his hammer. And he’s a bloody hero for it. If Gendry didn’t get to Dadvos, Dani wouldn’t have known what was going on and therefore, they’d have been screwed. Gendry is the true hero.

My final thoughts: I enjoyed episode 6 thoroughly (apart from a few bits and bobs) and don’t know what I’m going to do next week when it all ends for maybe two years as opposed to one. It definitely gave me all the feels- I shouted, I jumped, I rolled my eyes, I almost cried (twice) and I got very very angry. I don’t understand where Jon and Dany popped out of but understand its necessity in the show in order to set up Targbowl, The (inevitable) Northern revolt and the fulfilment of Dany’s prophecies (three mounts you must ride… three fires you must light). I can tell Dany is smitten with Jon. Couldn’t say the same for Jon until this episode (poor Jorah). I’m happy the gang is safe for now. And I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of Sam and Gilly at Winterfell. Littlefinger death shall be immensely satisfying. Can’t wait for this foolish Starkbowl to end. The meeting at KL is going to be epic. Dany vs Cersei. Brienne and Jamie reunion. Euron shows his face maybe? A flipping R+L=J REVEAL WOULD BE GREAT. And yeah. I have too many feelings to type coherently, but overall, I quite enjoyed that episode.

I’m on book two of The Ice And Fire series: a clash of kings. And so far, I am enjoying them immensely.

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The whole “punching a bully to stop them” works on multiple bullies while punching only one in my experience; many people from varying ages bullied me for five years at school until I snapped and smacked one of them with my book. They stopped after that and it was genuinely a proud moment. They were all very angry that I got off scoff free while the bully got suspended for a week, but they should’ve just been glad it wasn’t my massive hardback that I smacked her with.

yeah. a lot of bullies are more bark then bite. show them you mean business and they often back down. now, that isnt always the case, but its fairly consistent.

Roomba Rumble

Adrien and Marinette weren’t expecting anything exciting to happen when they got a Roomba. It was just a glorified vacuum, after all. But even glorified vacuums can turn exciting in the hands of the right person….or, in this case, in the paws of the right kwami.

( (AO3)

The Roomba had been an impulse buy. Marinette had been complaining about what a pain it was to vacuum under their bed and their couches just that morning, and then Adrien had seen the advertisement an hour later. He trotted out to the store over his lunch break and returned with a Roomba thirty minutes later.

And now it was roaming around in the middle of their living room.

“I mean, I suppose it could be useful,” Marinette managed as they watched the little machine putter around the room. It seemed to not be cleaning in any particular order, instead zig-zagging to and fro as it bumped off of walls and furniture alike. As she spoke, it vanished under the couch and bumped around under there for several minutes before emerging again and heading across the living room towards a lamp.

“Well, it’s fun to watch at least,” Tikki offered. The kwami floated along after the Roomba almost absentmindedly as it bumped its way off the lamp and headed down the hallway, seemingly intent on getting somewhere. Plagg floated along after her, green eyes focused on the Roomba as it went.

“Maybe we can program it so it’s a little more efficient,” Adrien suggested as they shuffled over to watch the Roomba bump its way into their bedroom. “It really isn’t very methodical at all, is it? Funny, they don’t say that in any of their ads.”

“I’m sure it would cover almost everything if you let it run for long enough,” Marinette said as the Roomba rounded the corner and vanished. There was a thump as it presumably bumped into the legs of their dresser. “…it could take a while.”

Adrien looked a bit sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll go look at the instructions booklet. There’s bound to be something in there about how to program it.”

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What are some things you like and dislike about Claire Danes's portrayal of Juliet?

Claire Danes is possibly my least favorite Juliet, I must say.

I do think her portrayal of the character is valid, but personally I find Shakespeare’s Juliet to be far more resolute and forceful, guided by her strong-mindedness and her unbounded desire. Her naiveté tinged with rebelliousness, she fearlessly furthers her own desire, no matter what social conventions she must break to do so. For me, a good Juliet should make be believe that the whole universe is not big enough for her, that she is too alive for life itself. I need her to burn and scream and laugh limitlessly.

Claire Danes’s Juliet, though, is rather silent, still, her shyness present all along. The quintessence of her portrayal seems to lie in her harmless innocence, her softness, her quality as ‘a snowy dove’. She is (literally, at the ball) an angel, the extremity of her passion hidden beneath her bashfulness and delicacy. She blushes continually, laughs silently, always speaks in a sweet, high-pitched voice, smiles nervously, etc. She seems to be dominated by insecurity, her character defined by her maiden qualities. Of course, these attributes befit her wonderfully at the beginning of the play, when she is still an obedient daughter and talks to Romeo in a formal and maidenly fashion. But I believe she gets rid of such restraints as the story advances.

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Im sorry but like what is happening why is muselk racist now when did that happen i didnt follow him in years

lol theres no need to apologize, ive been making a lot of facetious jokes about this but honestly lol that was an exaggeration on my part since im mostly contemptuous of white men in general and i wasnt really thinking when i made that post so its on me that i cant properly back my statements up so feel free to like not actually trust me when i call him bigoted

hyperboles aside i still very much distrust him since he collaborates with well known racist zylbrad (racist as in he says the n word and makes thievery jokes about lúcio n partakes in “ironic” usage of the confederate flag etc) and co all the time on videos and content, and in general makes a bunch of dumb angry jokes about triggers n shit so 😂 idk if that gives you weird vibes or not but its certainly been enough to put me off

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While I've never dealt with drama myself, but I've admired both you and Puddin from afar for a while and wish both of you a lot of emotional strength to get over this gross drama c: (idk what are words :P)

aw thank you very much anon ! it certainly hasn’t been easy for either of us (the hardest part was probably having to keep quiet about it for several weeks to collect evidence) but as @undinaes said, “I’m ready to be angry.”

we really appreciate everyone’s love and support during this !

and I totally understand anyone who wishes to remain silent / uninvolved or unidentified but still supports us, because no one decent enjoys being involved in drama and this is a pretty heavy / sensitive topic (especially considering recent events) on its own that might trigger some people. you’re all precious beans. ♡

You know this week has seriously made me sit up and realise that life isn’t bad at all, whenever I feel down I just think to myself that I have a caring family, my friends, best friend and girlfriend are all amazing and caring too and I honestly couldn’t ask for anymore than that, thank you. <3

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I've been having a hard time concentrating today. Nothing seems to hold my attention very long. I feel spaced out and upset/angry about everything, which probably means it's almost shark week (tmi?), but I'm frustrated because I don't know what to do/how to handle it. Any words of wisdom or advice?

ha, i love that euphemism! When I’m feeling frustrated or upset with things, I always go for good, calming music. I actually have something on my phone called the “911 playlist” which my therapist suggested I make for times I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotions (it’s actually been a really nice tool for me to have and I 100% recommend making one). Some of my favorites to listen to are: Canyon City, Sleeping At Last, Radical Face, and Passenger. Hope that helps a bit!

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I've been looking for this fic for weeks and the only thing I remember is that jean had his nipples and penis pierced?

Ghost Story by avoidingavoidance 

Summary: My name is Jean Kirschtein, and I have a shit job. I’m basically a garbage man. And by ‘garbage’ I mean 'very angry dead people.’ I guess it has its perks sometimes, though; I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.

This is the only I could think of right now that had both nipple and dick piercing but if it wasn’t the one you had in mind, feel free to let us know ^^

- Mod J

#13 - You Broke Up A While Ago and He Wants You Back

Liam: You dropped your bag by the front door and sighed. Another bad day at work, and another day where Liam wasn’t there to comfort you. He used to hug you, kiss you, make you food, anything you wanted till you smiled. Now? You had to suck it up and make dinner. For one.

If the two of you had been together, it would have been your two year anniversary that very day, but you hadn’t heard from Liam since the week after you’d broken up, on your last anniversary. You asked him to leave you alone, so he did. For this long. You missed him, but you also were angry at him. You broke up for one reason, and one reason alone. He was never around. Tour was more important to him than you were, and you didn’t want to be second choice anymore, so you ended it.

You walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, disappointed by its contents. Making dinner was clearly not an option, so you picked up your mobile phone and called the local pizza place. The pizza place you and Liam always used to order from.

“Hello? May I take your order?” A woman at the other end answered.

“Yeah, um…” You ran your fingers down the faded paper menu, “Can I have one medium hawaiian pizza? And a coke. One bottle, please.”

“Can I have your address?” The woman asked. You told her your address and you heard her typing, “Ma'am? You already have that exact order on the system. Would you like to a-”

“What? I didn’t order it.” You frowned.

“It seems as though you did, ma'am.” You could hear the woman’s confusion.

“But I didn’t order that…” You trailed off, “Okay, well, thank you.”

Your doorbell rang and you assumed it was the mysterious pizza. You opened the door and standing there, looking older and very different, was Liam, holding your pizza, a bottle of coke and two glasses.

“You work at the pizza company?” Was the first thing you could say, and regretted it instantly.

“No, I… I made a special request.” He placed the pizza and coke on the table by your door and began wringing his hands together, “(Y/N), I really do miss you. I know it’s been a year but I haven’t thought about another girl since, I haven’t loved anyone since, I’ve made loads of mistakes but it was just to feel something again after we broke up. I know I messed up, (Y/N), but I love you, I loved you and I always will love you.”

“What about tour, Liam? You know why it didn’t work last time…” You were still uncertain.

“I’ll make time, (Y/N). I will. After I left you, work got so stressful and I had nothing to come back to. But before… I had you. I wish I still did, (Y/N), that’s what I’m asking you for. So can we please, please, try it all again?” He threaded his fingers through yours.

“Yes… yes we can.” You whispered and pulled him close. You pressed your forehead to his and he searched your eyes for doubt before pressing his lips to yours.

Niall: You walked down the street, brushing your greasy hair out of your face with one hand, while looking down the road for a bus. You’d just had a one night stand for the fifth time since your break up with Niall over six months ago and you regretted it, but you still felt empty inside. You didn’t feel anything, didn’t love anything, not since Niall left.

Niall walked out on you for a reason he never had explained. He simply broke up with you, and left the apartment, leaving you torn up. Since you never knew why, you couldn’t hate him. You wanted him back in your life but didn’t have the guts to ask for it.

You sat down in the seat of the bus and glared at your reflection. Your drinking was making your eyes turn red and you had ghastly purple smudges beneath your eyes. You tied your greasy hair out of your face and sighed deeply.

When the bus got to your stop, you stepped out and crashed right into someone, “Oh, sorry.” You mumbled, wanting to get home immediately.

“(Y/N)?” A familiar Irish accent said your name in shock.

“Niall?” You looked up and met his blue eyes.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I was just looking for you…” He combed his hands through his hair, “I was going to your apartment but… Listen…” He grabbed your hand and dragged you into a quieter part of the busy street, “(Y/N), I’m so-”

“You’re what? You're sorry?” You nearly laughed in his face, “Niall, you left me without a word of explanation! You said ‘It’s over’ and left before I could ask why! Why did you leave me, Niall?”

“I… I was unhappy. And I blamed you. But it wasn’t you. I was unhappy because… I missed home, and I missed being happy, and I thought you were keeping me back. But you were the only thing that made me happy. Do you understand?” He was stumbling over his words and he looked nervous, and you wanted to give in, but you needed more.

“But Niall, you never told me what happened. Do you understand? I could have fixed it. And now look at what you’ve done to me, Niall. I’ve slept with so many men just trying to feel something again that I’ve lost count.” You gulped, continuing, “I’ve been drinking daily, getting drunk and waking up the next day and doing it all over again. Drugs, Ni, I’ve been taking drugs. Y'know why? I’ve been broken since you left, Niall, and I lost feeling. I’m just… I’m broken.”

“I can fix you.” He whispered, “Please, give me another chance?”

“But…” You started, but he cut you off by placing his hands on either side of your face and pulling you close, before planting his lips onto yours. When he pulled away, you were both breathless. But the answer was right there, he knew it as well as you did.

Louis: You picked up your shopping bags and walked with your giggling friends, laughing about something or the other. You and Louis had broken up seven and a half months ago, simply because he cheated. And you had been trying hard, so hard, to completely get over him, but you couldn’t forget.

“Um, (Y/N)…” One of your friends nudged you, “Isn’t that Louis?”

Your eyes darted in the direction of your friend’s finger and you nearly gasped. Louis was looking at you with an expression of shock and the slightest bit of hope. He walked over to you.

“(Y/N), can we talk?” He mumbled by your ear, “I want to fix things.”

“But you can’t fix things, don’t you see Louis?” You pushed him away and all your friends slowly started giving you more distance, “You cheated, Louis. You were seeing another girl while you came home every fucking day and told me you love me! You can’t, Louis, you can’t just come here and try to fix things between us because they broke when you kissed her for the first time. When you flirted with her for the first time. One year, Louis. That’s how long we’d been dating. And you were seeing her for half of that. So don’t try to fix things, Louis, when they’re so broken.”

“I can try.” He offered, but you shook your head.

“I don’t want you to.” You countered, “Louis, I really don’t want you to.” You got on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his cheek briefly, “Bye, Louis.”

Zayn: You heard a knock on your door, and knew it was Niall. He was your best friend since you and Zayn had started dating, and remained your best friend after the two of you broke up. 

You looked up from your seat on the couch and mumbled, “It’s open…" 

He opened the door with a bag of Chinese takeaway and a bottle of coke, "You hungry?” He asked, surprisingly chirpy in contrast to your sad and mopey attitude.

“Not really.” You sighed softly and rubbed your eyes. You and Zayn had been broken up for three months. It wasn’t anyone’s fault really, you just didn’t see each other enough. But now you missed him more than anything, and you’d been sad and locked in your apartment since the break up.

“Well too bad, (Y/N), you haven’t eaten all that much in weeks!” He scolded and started to scoop some noodles onto a paper plate, “Soy sauce?”

“Ni, I’m really not in the mood…” You barely whispered and you heard him sigh. He sat down next to you and looked intently in your eyes. You turned your gaze away but he nudged your chin up with his finger.

“Okay (Y/N), I didn’t just come here to feed you, though you still have to eat.” He thrust the paper plate at you and you held it in your hands, not eating it, “Zayn’s outside. And he wanted to see you.”

“He does?” You frowned, “But Niall…”

“It’s okay, (Y/N), he misses you as much as you miss him. It’ll do you good.” He pressed his lips to your forehead and left the room, after beckoning Zayn to enter.

“Hey, (Y/N),” He closed the door behind him and sat down in the same spot Niall had sat, “How have you been?" 

"Zayn…” You twisted your face in awkwardness.

“Right, cut to the chase. Well, (Y/N), I miss you. A lot. And I know we spent a lot of time apart but…” He trailed off.

“Please take me back, Zayn.” You blurted out, not caring about how desperate you sounded, or how terrible it would be if he said no. But he didn’t. He pulled you close to his chest and hugged you tight, his face buried in your hair.

“In a heartbeat, love, in a heartbeat…”

Harry: You hailed a cab on Oxford Street, London, just outside Harry’s studio where you’d heard he was recording. You were wary of your location; you knew your ex-boyfriend of eight months could be out soon and he always took a cab home. But you were tired, and needed a cab to get you home as soon as possible.

A cab pulled up a little bit ahead of you and you walked over to it. Just as you were about to open the door, you watched someone else come around the other side and open it as well. Harry.

“Harry?!” You frowned, confused. You knew he’d be here, but the chances of the same cab?

“(Y/N)!” He smiled but sensed your expression, and his face fell, “I really do need this cab.”

“Well I need it too.” You countered.

“We could share it?” He offered and you sighed, knowing it as the best and only option. With a nod, both of you slid into the cab and he joined you. You gave your address first, but Harry interrupted you by giving his.

“There is no way I’m going over to yours.” You laughed and repeated your address.

“C'mon, (Y/N), we can talk about what happened. We only broke up because-” He started.

“Because you thought I was sleeping with Zayn, and you didn’t trust me when I told you I wasn’t. Time doesn’t make everything okay, Harry, and this is a fine example.” You pointedly turned away, 

“But I want you back.” He whispered desperately.

“Well too bad, Harry. You lost me.” You ran out of the car, not wanting to talk to him right now. And besides, home could wait. You just needed to be alone.

Now I get why Interstellar is so confusing to people.
  • So I watched Interstellar two weeks ago and loved it. A friend of mine who doesn't watch or read much science fiction had a few questions about it, and after talking to him a while on Facebook, I realized why people who are not as genre-experienced as me and my nerdy friends may be really, really confused by the whole movie. To wit:
  • Him: Hey trever
  • Me: Sup, dude?
  • Him: Hey man so I'm glad you've seen the movie Im sure you can provide some more clarity
  • Me: That's debatable, but I can try. 😛
  • Him: Lol so explain what happened,to Rom
  • Like why did the ship explode
  • Me: Which one?
  • Him: The black guy how did he die
  • Me: There was a bomb in the robot that he was working on.
  • Him: A bomb?
  • Ok planted by Mann. Okay. What are those dust storms? Like why is the earth dying
  • How can you encode the location into,a watch
  • Me: The earth is dying because an Oxygen consuming, nitrogen respiring super blight is consuming all of the fixed nitrogen in the plants and killing them. The dust clouds are what happens in the Great Plains of the US when all if the grass dies.
  • See the great dustbowl of the 1920's as a real world example.
  • The second hand of the watch is pulsing back and forth in Morse code.
  • Incidentally the real problem with the blight is that is not only consuming all of the plants, but also that it is changing the atmosphere of the Earth do that there is not enough oxygen to breathe.
  • Him: Why is there no military?
  • And why are they always talking about gravity
  • What has gravity,got to do with the ghost in her room
  • Me: Gravity is, science supposes, the only thing that can relay information through time.
  • The reasons for this involve some curious maths.
  • Gravity effects seem to be observable instantaneously across any distance.
  • This suggests that whatever it is that gravity works through--whatever force that is--it travels faster than light.
  • Theoretically, then, if it travels faster than light, it travels outside of the linear limitations of the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension, of course, is what we call time.
  • If this theory is true, then gravity can transmit information both ways along a timeline.
  • And, as such, could be used to communicate with the past.
  • Ignoring the problematic nature of paradoxes if you think about that too hard. XD
  • Him: Okay so when,they throw that coin down in murphy's room why does,he blame gravity
  • I don't understand how they figured out in her bedroom it was gravity
  • Me: As I understand it, the blaming of gravity at that instant was more of a joke. When the Lunar Lander module breaks in Murph's room at the beginning of the movie (well, when we see her bring the broken model to the breakfast table) she blames it on gravity, which sounds like a weak tweenager's excuse for breaking it herself. So when the coin falls, her dad blames gravity and tacitly tells her that he's not angry at her for breaking the lander. Shortly thereafter, he realized there definitely is something weird with her room, as Morse code bands appear on the dust on the floor.
  • And at that point, "gravity" is invoked more or less like "magic". Because there's been a lot of weird stuff happening at the farm that week
  • It's only later do we realize that the oddness there is *actually* gravity.
  • And there is no military because keeping a military is very expensive--it is only in the last 50 years that countries have had enough surplus labor to keep a standing army due to the incredible rise of productivity brought on by computers and massive robotic industrialization. When there's not enough food to go around, no one has the money to spend on tanks and planes and maintenance and fuel and every other of a million things that a standing army needs.
  • Up until right around the Korean War, the mere act of keeping a standing army was considered a belligerent act by most nations, because who would keep a military trained and ready if they weren't going to use it?
  • And, finally, the ghost in Murph's room is her father.
  • In the tesseract, we see him interacting with her room, pushing things around and knocking them over. That's just him messing with the gravity waves locally, but from Murph's point of view, it looks like a ghost. Until she realizes it is her father, calling out to her from somewhere or somewhen beyond her experience.
  • Her belief that the ghost in her room is her father is what leads her to look at the watch he gave her and notice that, rather than ticking around in a circle, it bounced back and forth in morse code.
  • The morse code is the data from inside the black hole that TARS has gathered.
  • Which her father relays to get through manipulating gravity waves from inside the tesseract.
  • And that data is what she needed to solve the gravity equations and create antigravity to lift off the massive ark that NASA built.
  • Him: But how can u use gravity to program a watch
  • Me: He's not programming the watch.
  • He's using gravity to gently twitch the second hand.
  • Imagine like he has a string tied to it through all of time and space.
  • Each time he twitches his finger, the second hand twitches in Murph's hand.
  • And Murph can read the morse code numbers that she needs to solve the equations.
  • Him: Why did all those planets suck
  • Like that water one was insane
  • Me: There's some definite scientific irregularities with the planets, but that at least is pretty answerable.
  • Do you know how waves form?
  • Him: Tectonic plates
  • Me: >.>
  • much.
  • That determines continental formation.
  • (The land rising and moving around.)
  • Waves are caused by two different elements
  • 1. the tides.
  • The tides, of course, are simply gravitic interactions between the moon and the earth.
  • The moon has a relatively small effect on the earths' gravititational pull, but it does counteract it enough that the side of the earth that is closer to the moon actually drifts up a little bit towards the moon.
  • The water, at least.
  • The earth part of the earth only drifts up a few milimeters.
  • But the water moving closer to the moon as it the earth rotates around its axis (and the moon rotates around the earth) creates a gentle waveform action.
  • Basically, earth's tide is one gigantic wave, rotating around the planet at a touch over 1 revolution per day.
  • The other element that causes waves is wind.
  • Him: So why was that one so big
  • Me: Now, a lot of things cause wind motion, but the principal cause of wind motion are temperature differentials.
  • Say, the difference between the ocean and a landmass.
  • Or the difference between the sunny side of a planet and the dark side.
  • We don't get (many) terrifingly huge waves on Earth from that because the gravity attraction between the Earth and the Moon is not phenomenal (tides are relatively reasonable) and wind patterns tend to get disrupted by land masses (all of the continents that get in the way of a really good wind).
  • The planet that our astronauts go to is located distressingly near a black hole, and is covered entirely in water.
  • This has two effects
  • 1. the wind doesn't form small local currents over the temperature between the land and the water.
  • Instead, it forms giant currents between the dark and the day side.
  • Him: If it's covered entirely in water how are they standing up?
  • Me: The water's only a few feet there.
  • They don't specify how deep it is elsewhere.
  • It may only be a few feet over the entire planet.
  • Now, with giant, uninterrupted currents of air sweeping across the globe, you get a massive "fetch" as it is called, to build up waves.
  • This is how Rogue waves form; when the wind blows just right across the Pacific or Atlantic, you get a wave of freakish proportions and, if nothing ends up breaking it up before it gets near land, you have a 10 or 15 story tall wave moving across the ocea.
  • The other effect of this planet is that it is in a giant gravity sump.
  • It's near a black hole, which is pretty much the theoretical infinite point of gravitic distortion.
  • So being in this gravity well causes massive tides.
  • These tides create giant waves, too.
  • Between one and the other, we are intended to believe that giant tsunamis sweep the globe every few minutes.
  • One other weirdness about the water planet is that, because it is in such a huge gravity well, time passes at a very different rate there than in orbit outside the planet.
  • We already know that extreme gravity wells--such as those around a black hole--slow time down to a virtual standstill.
  • So while the away team is on the planet, 22 years pass.
  • Well, more accurately, as they descend into the gravity well, their apparent time to an external observer slows down progressively as they get closer to the surface, and as they take off of the surface, they speed up until they sync back with local n-space time.
  • And the sum apparent time that passes over the course of the time they are gone is something like 22 hours.
  • Now, a scientific problem that I have with that planet is that any planet undergoing sufficient tidal stress to have giant waves like that would likely itself be broken into pieces.
  • So I'm not sure that it's scientifically plausible, but I was willing to go along with it for the point of the story.
  • Him: Lol ok so what happend to the 11other scientists who got to their planet and,it,wasn't good
  • Me: They died.
  • That's why the mission was considered the height of bravery.
  • Because all of those scientists would be going out into the night, alone, and would likely be dying farther away from the rest of the human race than anyone else ever had before.
  • The odds of their mission being worthwhile were slim at best.
  • So the sacrifice of very probably giving up your life in the faint hope that you would help save humanity is brave. And tragic.
  • And that's why Mann was such a bastard. He led them all out there to die, and wasn't brave enough to die himself when his planet was unsuitable.
  • Him: What happend to Edmunds
  • Me: They don't say.
  • His planet was clearly habitable, but there's no indication whether or not he lived.
  • Presumably, he did not, since we see Anne Hathaway alone on the planet as Matt McConaughey steals a space ship to go and find her.
  • But it's left unclear, as far as I know.
  • Ah, apparently he died in a rock slide on his planet.
  • At least, according to Wikipedia.
  • But I didn't realize that from the movie.
  • Him: Good stuff
  • Me: Glad I could help out.
  • Him: Thanks a lot. Oh wait why did Mann die?
  • Me: Mann? Because he was too stupid to dock correctly with the Endurance.
  • So when he tried to open the airlock, he instead caused an explosive decompression.
  • Explosive decompression is what happens when a massive imbalance in pressures equalizes itself at great speed.
  • Presumably, Mann was hurled out into space, lost forever,.
  • Him: Could he have docked correctly and boarded
  • Me: Theoretically, yes.
  • But there were two reasons why he did not.
  • 1) he was not a trained pilot.
  • 2) TARS turned off the automatic docking
  • So he tried, as an untrained pilot with very tight time constraints--he knew that Matt McConaughey was right behind him--to force the dock. He failed to make a perfect seal, overrode the safeties, and then tried to board the Endurance. When he did, the explosive decompression caused the shuttle to forcibly eject off the docking ring and then smash into the spinning module, and then from there caused all of the explosiony goodness you saw.
  • Him: Hah Mann was such a tool
  • Me: Oh, yeah.
  • A right bastard.
  • Him: Thanks, dude. Lots to think abot
  • Me: No worries. Hope I helped some. :)