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okay so i don't have a complete prompt or anything but could you write something really fluffy and really sweet? can just be a little blurb, i don't care. i've just been reading so much angst lately it's lowkey making me depressed. so idk something cute with maybe harry's family it as well? could be something as simple as meeting his family for the first time(: thank you love you're the best

Family Dinner

In which Harry soothes your nerves about meeting his family.

You’ve been up for hours, since long before the sun rose, making yourself busy, straightening up around the flat. When you and Harry made plans to have his family over for dinner, your heart had jumped in your chest, just as it has every time the thought of tonight has slipped into your mind since. Today, however, there is a constant thrumming, an uncomfortable, jittery feeling that makes your hands shake and your head dizzy.

“Mornin’, love.”

You shriek when you feel arms wrap around your waist, doubling over and away from the warm body behind you.

“Oi!” Harry pulls you back into his chest, locking you in his hold and pressing a gentle kiss to your hair. “’S jus’ me, Y/N, chill out.”

“Sorry,” you whisper, attempting to catch your breath.

“Are yeh all righ’?” He loosens his arms and allows you to turn around. “Can feel your heart beatin’ through your back.”

“I’m fine.” You slip out of his arms and return to the dishes you’d been washing, scrubbing at a plate until your fingers begin to ache. You don’t even realize Harry’s left the room until he returns and you feel his presence in the doorway.

“Love, how long yeh been up?”

You glance over at him where he’s leaned against a wall with his arms crossed over his chest, crease formed between his eyebrows. His eyes are curious, watching you closely.

“A while,” you answer quietly, turning back to the sink and rinsing the plate in your hands and setting it off to the side for drying.

“Baby.” He says it with a sigh. You dry your hands off and turn to face him.


“Yeh’ve cleaned the whole place.” He steps toward you and smooths his thumb over your forehead, pressing out the lines that have set in there. “Yeh nervous, angel?”

Your gaze falls to his feet, socked and cozy against the kitchen floor. You heart had begun to calm, but now it picks up speed again as thoughts of tonight flood your mind once more.

“Oi, look a’ me.” He pinches your chin between his thumb and forefinger to lift your head, staring down straight into your eyes. Your chest warms, heart lifting again, but this time not with nerves. “’S gonna be fine. They’re gonna love yeh, everythin’ about yeh.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Do, too. They’re gonna love yeh b’cause I love yeh, and b’cause yeh have exactly no flaws fo’ ‘em to pick out.”

Harry’s lips slot gently over yours in a kiss that you can feel in every nerve, soothing you with all of the confidence he feels. His hands cup your jaw and he presses his forehead to yours after a moment, freshly brushed breath fanning over your face. You take a deep breath, hands closing around the sides of his loose t-shirt.

“Yeh’ll be jus’ fine. Migh’ even have some fun.” He rubs his thumbs back and forth along your cheeks, nudging your nose with his. You’re amazed at how easily just a few touches and some words from him can put your mind at ease.

“I’ll even hold your hand under the table ‘f yeh need me to.”

You giggle at him and he grins, pecking your lips again.

“There’s m’girl.”

#AlternativeFacts Podcast: All Time Low Doesn't Care If You Think They Sold Out

“I think we sold out a really long time ago,” All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat admits. 

He’s able to joke about it because melodramatic sellout accusations are something the Maryland band has grown accustomed to since breaking out with its debut single “Dear Maria, Count Me In” in 2008. “It’s kind of a dumb conversation,” says frontman Alex Gaskarth. “We’ve never been this super-cred, indie-all-the-way, we-have-something-to-prove-to-anyone kind of band. We’ve always just made music that made us happy – whether it was more punk, more rock, more pop, whatever.”

On their new album, All Time Low’s will to experiment serves it well. Last Young Renegade (released June 2 on Fueled by Ramen) swaps the band’s straight-ahead pop-punk for alt-pop crooning, glistening guitars and a synth-rock banger featuring Tegan and Sara. No, it won’t get the approval of every member of ATL’s fervent fanbase, but it’s a savory summer album well worth the listen. It’s almost as enjoyable as listening to these good-natured goofballs talk about making it.

Below, listen to Gaskarth and Barakat chat with co-hosts Chris Payne and Taylor Weatherby. They go deep on all things All Time Low: why they signed with Fueled By Ramen, their favorite fans to see at meet-and-greets, why they still close shows with “Dear Maria,” and why it has to do with Fall Out Boy and Blink-182. 

But that’s not all! Today’s episode features part two our chat with Billboard contributor Paige Williams. After discussing how she helped break Halsey’s career in our last episode, Williams gives her thoughts on the new music the 1975 has been teasing, why the Maine’s new album is such a keeper, and Fall Out Boy’s divisive new single. And even though she’s a longtime One Direction fan, she’s got some critiques of Harry Styles’ long-awaited debut album. Listen above for more! 

#AlternativeFacts is a weekly Billboard podcast devoted to all things alternative music. Click here to subscribe to the #AlternativeFacts Podcast on iTunes. Let us know what you think on Twitter (@cpayneonaplane) and by rating the podcast on iTunes. 

A new episode posts each Thursday, so check back on June 22 for the next installment!

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How come after all this time, you're still a big johndave shipper? Like, hasn't any other ships overpowered your heart? Like daveka+? I hear that's the it thing cause it's canon or whatever. I ship it pale but apparently, most dk shippers see it like its just to excuse how "obviously red it is". Hm.

this got really long so

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it's been a long time since I've stayed up late reading something, but I just stayed up too late reading How the Marquis Got His Coat Back, and that story made me so, so happy. However long you worked on it was very worth it.

Thank you! I’m really proud of it.


beginning something uneasy and primitive

dallison + complementary colors

its been a long time coming, my friends, and i honestly don’t know what to say. thats a really huge number and i haven’t had something like that for a long time. i’ve deleted and remade once before, and i am very glad that most of you decided to refollow; two urls since i’ve picked up my baby again, and even though hes fled before, i haven’t had more fun than on this muse and i’ve made some really good friends. been playing thor for five years now, almost six, and you’ve given me all a great time on tumblr. 

there are a fucking fuck-ton of you, so i can’t have everyone on here–i’m surely going to miss some people, please forgive me if i do! 

close to my heart; people that have helped me here or on other accounts & those i consider my closest friends, who have helped shape both my muse and me. i know you out of characterly and you’ve made me feel comfortable as a person or as my muse, thor or my other accounts (robb & ramsay & hannibal.)

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the babies; i follow you and we’ve either yet to interact or i don’t know you on a personal level (or i have you on skype but we NEVER TALK) but boy do i admire you and love you and the way you write. you’re awesome, keep doing what you’re doing. 

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