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happy to hear that you had a good time at your concert! if you don't mind, i came up with a request v///v i think it's a little angsty ?? sometimes i get worried for josh since he's a professional drummer, he'll wear himself out and pass out during a show. can you write something where josh practices nonstop and its painfully obvious that he's tired but ignores everyone's rants? during the show, he just drops to the ground unconscious. you & tyler are worried sick when he doesn't breathe well!

thank u so much! i had tons of fun at my concert! sorry this took so long, i didnt like my first draft so i did a lot of revising and editing, but now it’s where i want it to be!! enjoy xx. 


“Jesus Josh,” Jenna says, as you and her walk across the stage, “I got tired just watching you drum.”

She pats him on the back as she goes by, subtly wiping the sweat off on her jeans when he’s not looking, before walking into Tyler’s open arms.  

They all collectively laugh as you walk gingerly up to Josh with a bottle of water.  He smiles gratefully at you, accepting the water and immediately chugging it.  You hear the plastic crinkle as he squeezes the bottle in an attempt to drink it faster.  You’re surprised at how sweaty he is during just soundcheck.  His tank top is soaked through the back and you could see beads running down his temple.

“Thanks baby,” he says with a gasp after finishing the whole 13 ounce bottle in one gulp.  

You make sure to smile and tell him how good he sounded before expressing your concern.  

“Hey, are you feeling okay?”

He immediately nods.  “Yeah, I’m great, why?”

You watch as he continues to breathe heavily, like he just can’t seem to catch his breath.  

“You’ve been hittin’ it pretty hard these last few days, I just get worried—“

“Is that a drumming pun?” he asks, “ ‘hittin’ it pretty hard’?”  

You scowl at him, annoyed that he was trying to divert the attention away from himself, “Josh, I’m serious, you’ve been practicing like… nonstop lately.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I’m fine baby,” he says, smiling at you, “but it’s cute that you’re all worried.”

You didn’t think it was very “cute”.  Especially once you notice how shaky Josh’s legs are as he stands up.  He wobbles a little at first, and even has to grab onto the edge of his drums for balance.  You watch warily, and open your mouth to make a comment before you’re interrupted by Michael coming on stage, telling the boys they have a radio interview to do.  

Josh kisses you quickly on the lips.  

“I’m fine, please don’t worry,” he says.

You nod hesitantly, “Just make sure you get something to eat before the show, okay?”

He winks at you and nods, walking towards Michael, with Tyler trailing behind.  

“Is he okay?” Jenna asks, joining you as you make your way off the stage.  

“I think so,” you sigh, “just exhausted.  He’s been practicing constantly lately.  He skipped breakfast this morning to come play.  It’s just odd…” you let your voice trail off.  “I noticed he was a little shaky, just now.  It freaked me out a bit.”

Jenna runs her hands through her hair, before reassuring you, “I’m sure he’s fine.  I’ll have Ty make sure he eats before they head out tonight.”

You nod gratefully at Jenna, feeling stupid for being so concerned.  But something about the way he’d been acting lately was off, and you could tell.  You tried to ignore it, you weren’t Josh’s mother, you weren’t in any place to tell him what to do.  On the other hand, you weren’t sure what you’d do if anything ever happened to him.  

The worst part of being on tour is all the waiting around.  Normally, Jenna and you would wander around the venue, checking things out and chatting with the crew.  But today you were both too anxious for Tyler and Josh to be done with their interview, so you find some folding chairs to sit in and just wait.  

About forty minutes later, they find you both.  

“Productive day I see,” Tyler teases as he bends over Jenna and kisses the top of her hair.  She puts her phone away and smiles up at him.

“Hey baby,” Josh coos, doing the same to you.  You close your eyes briefly and grin smugly at his soft face.

“How’d the interview go?” you ask as he pulls another folding chair up beside you.  

“It was fine, same ole’ stuff.”

“Same ole’ stuff?” Tyler says in disbelief at Josh.  “Were we in the same interview?”

Josh chuckles.

“That guy was a nut job! I wish you guys could’ve heard some of the questions he was asking us—“

Tyler goes on to joke about the interview for the next few minutes, until it’s time for them to get all dressed up and ready for the show.  You’re laughing so hard at Tyler’s commentary that you completely forget to ask Josh if he’d eaten anything yet…

You and Jenna watch the show from side stage tonight, the best spot in your opinion.  

You swear the crowd gets louder and louder each night.  Or maybe your ears just get more sensitive.  Either way, as soon as the boys step on stage, Jenna’s story about some elbow pads she bought Tyler, is drowned out by screams.  

After the first song, you notice Josh already grabbing his sweat towel, however it’s not the moisture on his skin that begins to worry you, it’s the way he’s squeezing his eyes open and shut repeatedly, almost like he’s having a hard time concentrating.  

You watch him carefully for a moment.  But the show continues and you try to ease up a bit.  

But there’s something wrong.  Josh’s beat is slightly off during a song.  You watch as Tyler throws you a glance, but they both continue.

“Did you hear that?” you ask Jenna, immediately paranoid.

“What?” she yells so you can hear.

You pierce your lips but decide it’s not worth explaining over the noise.  

At the end of the song, you notice Tyler walking over to Josh.  You watch carefully, trying to read his lips, but it’s impossible once the lights go dark.  He pats him on the back and they chat for a second, before Tyler throws you another quick look.  You try to make eye contact, so that he knows you’re paying attention.  But instead, he just goes back to center stage and continues the show.  

The knot in your stomach only grows bigger when the platform comes out for Josh’s drums.  You bite your lip as you watch Josh drag himself off stage and near the barricade.  You peak your head around the curtain, so that you can watch.  

You practically hold your breath as he balances himself, the crowd holding his hand until he’s able to sit comfortably on his seat and play on top of them.  His back flexes, the muscles tensing and relaxing in various spots as he pounds on his drum.  The crowd is going nuts, grabbing at his ankles and screaming for him.  

You feel infinitely better once his feet are on the solid ground.  

“Your boy did good,” Jenna smiles at you.  You finally peel your eyes off from Josh to respond to her, causing you to miss the way he’s blinking awkwardly again as he walks unsteadily back on stage.  

What you don’t miss is the collective, simultaneous gasp that echoes throughout the arena.  One that makes your head whip around lethally, eyes searching desperately.  You see Tyler shedding the bass from around his neck, and you’re horrified to see that Josh isn’t perched on his stool, where he’s supposed to be.

You don’t hesitate to sprint on stage, even though crowds and attention scares you.  

“Josh!” you cry out, and it’s weird because you can hear yourself shouting his name, and you can hear Jenna calling for help.  The room that was once filled with screams and music, is now hauntingly quiet.  

You gulp hard once you’re kneeling beside Josh.  He’s collapsed on the floor, just shy of his seat, laying face up, eyes closed.

You cup your hands around his head, the skin burning hot.  Tyler quickly unscrews a bottle of water and begins pouring it generously on Josh’s bare skin.  

“Ty, why isn’t he waking up—“ you ask, your voice shaky and scared.

“Jenna’s calling for help, he’s gonna be okay,” Tyler says.  

You feel so useless, just kneeling there, staring at his unconscious body… waiting…

You almost cry out in relief when you see his eyes flutter beneath you.

“Thank goodness,” you exhale sharply, grabbing his hand and pulling it towards your lips to kiss his knuckles.  

Josh looks up at you then Tyler, his face twisted in confusion.  

“What happened—“ he’s asking, just as Jenna’s running on stage followed by a group of crew members.  

“You passed out,” Tyler says, his voice wavering too.  

A couple of medics lean down next to Josh.  They start shining lights in his eyes and getting cool packs to place on his skin.  You can feel your hands trembling as you cling to his.  When you feel him give a reassuring squeeze, you look up to see him staring at you, his eyes filled with fear.  You squeeze back, stroking his skin with your thumb, as if to say ‘I’m not going anywhere’.

As it turns out, Josh’s pulse had gotten dangerously low.  After a few minutes, he had been able to walk shakily with the support of Michael and Tyler, but was further examined backstage.  You sat nearby, listening to everything the medics said.  

“Should he go to an ER?” Tyler asked, he too refused to leave Josh’s side.  

“I think it was just exhaustion,” the medic answers as he unwrap another cool pack.  “Gotta be careful, when you exercise like that, in this heat, that you eat and drink enough…”

You bite your lip, knowing damn well that Josh hadn’t eaten much of anything today.  But you don’t say anything out loud.  Not yet.  

Once everyone’s cleared out, and Josh is instructed to rest, and drink lots of fluids, you make your way back closer to him.

“You gotta be careful, man—“ Tyler says.  “That was seriously scary.”

Josh just nods as he stares down at the floor.  

You narrow your eyes at him, picking up on the fact that something was wrong.  

“Tyler,” you say under your breath, “can you give us a sec?”

Tyler gives Josh one more concerned look before nodding and walking away.

“Babe,” you whisper, gripping his shoulder as you walk up to him, “talk to me, what’s wrong?”

He just shakes his head, refusing to look up.  


“I can’t do it—“ he says, his voice sounding blubbery and full of agony.  

“Do what?” you ask softly.

“I’m not good enough—“ his shoulder slouch even more, his head hanging low.  You can hear the crack in his voice.

“Josh, what are you talking about?” you whisper.

“I was practicing so much because all I want is to be good enough… but I can’t even do that right—“ he chokes out and your heart breaks on impulse.  

You immediately start shaking your head, and turn so that you’re facing him.  

“Josh— no… no, no, no.  You’re good enough, you have to believe me.”

You lift his head up with your finger delicately, making him look at you.  His eyes are red-rimmed and glossy, with deep bags outlining them.  

“I don’t want to let Tyler down— or the fans.  Or you.  I want to be good enough-“ his voice cracks at the last word.  

“You’re so talented, Josh.  And you work so hard everyday— Why wouldn’t you think you’re good enough?”

He tilts his head back and starts wiping some of the tears that have fallen off from his face.  

“I don’t know… I’ve just been really struggling with that lately— always worried I’m gonna be awful.  I thought if I practiced hard enough, I would be okay.”

“Josh, that’s your anxiety talking, it’s not real.”

He nods slowly.

“You have to take care of yourself baby.  That was so scary tonight—“ it was your turn to start crying.  “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you, so that can’t happen, okay?”

You can hear the tears surfacing in your voice.  Josh must’ve heard it too, because he looks up empathetically at you and opens his arms.  

You straddle his lap awkwardly and wrap your arms around his neck in a giant hug.  You can still feel how shaky his hands are as they caress your back soothingly.  

“I’m sorry,” he whispers after you sniffle again into his shoulder.  “I’m sorry, I’m gonna do better.  I’ll make sure I take care of myself.”

“I just love you so much,” you whisper into his neck.

“I love you too,”  he says back, his hot breath hitting your skin.  

Just then, you’re interrupted by a strange, distant sound.  Like someone chanting.  It’s muffled and the words are unclear, but you pull back and give Josh a funny look.

“Guys,” Tyler calls from down the hall.  He pokes his head around the corner, “You gotta come hear this.”

You get up, helping Josh to his feet and follow Tyler down the hall.  He leads you closer and closer to the stage entrance, and you can hear the chanting becoming more clear.

We love Josh.  We love Josh.  We love Josh.

A portion of the crowd had stuck around, despite the abrupt ending, and had started this chant.  

You watch as Josh’s face perks into a small smile.

He pulls you closer into his side, and you wrap your arms around his middle listening as the chanting continued.

“I told you you were good enough,” you say.


jongyu / seaside au / 860 words
Jonghyun moves to a quiet seaside town, looking for a fresh start and maybe even a new muse for his next novel. He finds one in Jinki, his lonely and handsome next door neighbor who, just like Jonghyun, carries a past he can’t seem to let go. 

i’ve had this idea ever since i saw the teasers for jonghyun’s lonely mv and jinki’s lullaby mv because they seemed to match so nicely. this is just a small part of a very long au. thank you to @shitfics​ for reading this over for me! 

Jinki regards him carefully, eyes dark and reflecting the pale moonlight that rises over the waves behind them. “So why did you decide to leave Seoul to come out here, Jonghyun?” he asks.

There’s so many things Jonghyun could say. Family issues. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Betrayal.  He decides to go with the simplest one. “Writer’s block,” he replies. “My editor thought a change of scenery might help me get out of my funk.”

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whelp, i decided against posting this before for reasons before, but with all the shit going on about him right now, i see wander hasn’t changed one bit. so here we go.

Callout post for @.kingwander/jollywander (now with updated info at the bottom)

i don’t want to make this callout super long, so i’m leaving out certain parts of the story that i don’t deem important. if called for, i’ll add them.

child abuse tw, general abuse tw, suicide tw, hospitalization tw, death mention tw.

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Hi I am waiting for your boncas thing lol

hiiii omg i’m the worst for teasing this so much and then never actually posting it. so here’s the thing. i wrote this so quickly while i was sick with a fever last week despite never really feeling compelled to write anything resembling fic of dnp ever before?? this scene, the post-boncas cab ride, is one that i’ve thought about a lot. and then when i saw @beautiful-hallucination‘s lovely doodle of it, i decided i really needed to write it down in that moment. but then, like the v next day, when i tried to go back and actually read it/edit it i couldn’t stop cringing at myself. there’s something really strongly blocking me from being able to earnestly write dnp as characters so .. basically i found it way too difficult to re-read the thing and actually edit it into something i really loved, and realized that other than one-off instances like these where i just need to scribble out a rough sketch of how i think a certain interaction between dnp may have transpired, i probs won’t be writing them like this with any sort of frequency in the future. 

all that being said i feel really guilty for teasing it so much so. i’m going to just post it here, under the break. (i realize i’m cheating a bit by posting this basically in the middle of the night. but i srsly.. .. feel so weirdly embarrassed about it). so anyway … yall can see the pretty raw thought process i had about this Moment. which is still one of my very favs to think about. def lmk your thoughts if u end up reading it xx 

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can u rec ur fav holsom fics? :) only if u want to!!!!!

he’ll ya i wanna,, fair warnin tho i didnt wanna omit any fics i liked so like?? my ULTRA FAV ones will all have the ice cream emoj after the title

ok so i’ve only been thru the 1st 15 of the 18 pages in the holsom relationship tag on ao3 so there is a giant possibility i’m missin a great fic here (n also if any1 has any recs???? hmu)

the only order these are in is the order i opened em up in my tabs in

these r all rated t or g, or they should b!!! if there’s 1 in there that’s not, pls lmk so i can edit the post n let ppl kno

also this is more hc than fic however. ultra fav

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you are my favourite ‘what if’

summary: it’s been six years since dan and phil moved on from each other and phil just wants to be better off without him [word count: 1700+]
a/n: inspired by that fall out boy song. u know the one. come on. but mainly inspired by the thought of phil with a natural brunette quiff. also, alcohol mention! pls read if u want to think about dan w/ makeup or phil w/ a quiff, ty!

Phil doesn’t dye his hair anymore.

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favorite kingsman fics?

OH SHIIIIII- ok nonny. i have….184 kingsmen fics in my bookmarks on ao3. 
This is some SRS BSNS right here. u ready for this? 

1. Here is a link to my kingsmen bookmarks, i highly recommend ALL OF THEM, ok? Ok. 

2. I will proceed to list a few of my all time favs, alright? And my bookmarks mainly consist of only completed fics, so i’ll be missing a TON of really awesome WIPs, so i apologize. send me another ask maybe for my fav WIPs and i’ll go through my subscription list (its -massive-). 

In no Particular order:
~ Class of Conduct by Fideliant, this also has a sweet ass sequel

~Withdrawal by @saucefactory i fricken love touch starved things ok

~Levamentum by DistractionReaction, this has some sweet ass classic eggsy-breaks-down-because-surprise-harry-ain’t-dead! in it, fuckin love it.

~Strife of Camlaan by themocaw, this one is paaaaainful, but its so SUBTLE AND GOOD AND AHHHHHH EGGSY MY BABE! u tell that mean man what for :>

~Under my skin (tried so not to give in) by @venvephe its a frickin SWEET ‘lets kiss because we need a distraction on a mission!’ trope. v hot ok.

~Kingsmen: the Misadventures Edition by LazyBaker, eggsy gets truth serum’d and its just FABULOUS ALRIGHT? i reread this one often

~Pleasant Dreams by was_adamant, its short its sweet, its DADDY ISSUES OK

~Carbon Copy, by alexwhitewell and plingo_kat ITS MERHARTWIN AND THE FUCKING ARTWORK BY @blinkingkills IS SO AMAZING ITS MY PHONE BACKGROUND 

~The Fire’s Out But Still It Burns by Vacilando, who i’m p sure is @getinthefuckingjaeger but its been a while and i forget D:, this ones tragic and i LOVE IT, eggsy keeps calling harry’s old phone number ok. <3

~A Little Fucked Up by ace_thetic, short sweet, violence kink and AWESOME!

~Fight of Flight by bellax_xmuerte, its angsty and heavy and really awesome because eggsy is scared and guilty and just OUCH!!

~Past and Present (they don’t matter) by @plinys its a groundhog day au, its angsty with a happy ending yummmm

~Next to Me by Wirewrappedlily, its awesome! super happy ending, eggsy has ptsd and harry saves his booooi

~are we human, or are we dynamite by randomhorse, PACIFIC RIM AU PACIFIC RIM AUUUUUU!!!!

~Ace of Spades by manic_intent, its a what if eggsy was on valentine’s side au, and its awesome, a bit dark (a lot dark?) and it has a realistic alternate resolution to the movie ok

~As Men to Fear the Dark by proxydialogue, @proxydialogue its a fix-it fic where harry is following eggsy (its been a while since i read it) but it involves bamf spy fun and a crazy villain and yessss, much fun

~pause the (tragic) ending by Nillen, its a Harry is the civilian and eggsy is the spy au! AHHHH!

~Random Access Memories, by Fideliant, @fideliant eggsy gets a super computer downloaded into his brain. its awesome, then maybe not so much lol, happy ending though!

~Keep you like an Oath by @kirkaut ITS SO ANGSTY BUT ITS SO AMAZING OK i  don’t wanna give a summary because it would give it all away!


~Downtime by Hartwinning or @thorins-arkenstone its cute and about non mission things, like massages! 

~Cherry lips by @faedreamer daddy kiiiiiiiiiiink and rent boy for the thrills eggsy! its steamy, and angsty, and hot, and i love it mmmmmyes

~Tailor Shop by Rougewinter, Harry is cursed to be a mannequin au! its super cute and fluffy

~Avia by Cortesia, or @awesomehartwintrash its WING FIC! AW YE

~Exposed by Callay, @calllay its a shy eggsy fic where he’s not used to being loved! ahhhh it melts my heart i love it so

~another head aches, another heart breaks by driftwoodq, ok i really fucking fucikng love this story. harry has bad ptsd and is very depressed, but eventually pulls it together for eggsy and its angsty but has such a good ending and the journey to it is so rich and just, one of the best imo. 


~ My Saints Fallen Series, by Rochester, this one IS ALSO SO GOOD I FUCKING WEEP EVERYWHERE FOR IT! its not complete but by god i don’t fucking care its one of my top favs. 

~Putting of the Ritz by lazulisong is so fucking funny and in character for me actually, because eggsy is snarky as shit and harry is an asshat and its gr9.

~No Charm Equal by @potentiality-26, Harry is Eggsy’s cupid and needs to set him up with love but yknow it don’t work that way :>

~How not to attack Harry Hart by @enjoy-acne, its freshly finished and SO GOOD AND FUNNY AND REALLY IN CHARACTER AND I LOVE IT UGH MY HEART!

~Patience and Sheer Determination by @blacktofade, eggsy is sold to harry au and its angsty and amazing and i really like affection starved, but wary of it eggsy ok. my weakness!

~Hold your Breath by Sheepie, @sheepunderthemountain its about an abused as a kid eggsy and some long lasting side effects. painful. delicious. 

~Flame Keepers Series by Deepdarkwaters & thekookster, @deepdarkwaters it has such a rich character base, and amazing plot and its really thoughtful and funny and great and this is one of my top favs as well. just. too good!

~One Night by Nickygp or @kingsmanhartwin its the judge and rentboy au! p gr9

ok. this ended up as way more than ‘just a few’ omg, but i just couldn’t decide! theres SO MUCH! i tried to list some of the fics i love with lesser hit counts, and you’ll notice i gravitate towards depictions of ptsd, abuse, mental health, recovery, and tons and tons of hurt/comfort, though i do prefer happy endings i can totally enjoy a good angst fest :>

lemme know what you guys think! also, i tried to get every author’s tumblr that i know, but i know i missed a ton, y’all should tag any i missed :D

Zude Fanfiction - Wounded

Here is Part three to the Zude Fan Fiction Enough. It’s called Wounded and it follows on from Challenges.

Special mention to @zude-malec again for being a gem and proofing and editing my work. Love u girl! 💞

Please let me know what you think.
Hope u guys love it. 😘


Things between Zero and Jude had been slightly tense since that day in the arena over a week ago. Zero was trying his best not to let Owen get to him but his insecurities were rife and proving hard to silence, no matter how hard Jude tried.

Jude walked through the door a little after 7 p.m. and greeted his man affectionately.
“Hey you,” Jude says and kisses Zero long and hard.

“What was that for?” Zero asks inquisitively.

“Because I love you and I missed you today,” Jude replies honestly. “Why didn’t you come to my office today to see me?” Jude asks as he puts his brief case down.

“Busy day, training and all,” Zero replies unconvincingly.

“Hmm, okay. Well are you going to make up for it now?” Jude says cheekily as he puts his arms around Zero’s waist and begins kissing his neck.

Zero laughs. “You bet!”

The two men begin to kiss passionately and start tugging at each other’s clothes when Jude’s phone begins to ring.
“Ignore it,” Jude says voice husky with desire.

The phone continues to ring. Zero loses patience and heads to the table to silence it. Owen’s name and number appears on Jude’s phone and Zero can no longer see straight. He loses all rational thought and throws Jude’s phone hard against the wall. It smashes instantaneously. Jude’s shock is palpable on his face, but the reason for the broken phone is painfully obvious.

“Was that necessary?” Jude asks calmly but clearly angry that Zero is letting this get to him so much.

“How often does he call you?” Zero asks suspiciously.

“Why does it matter?” Jude says calmly.

“It fucking matters to me, Jude!” Zero shouts angrily.

“Why are you doing this?” Jude says, clearly distressed.

“Me? Are you serious Jude?” His voice latent with anger.

“Yeah, you?” Jude replies angrily.

“He’s the one fucking with us and doing everything in his power to take you away from me and you’re blaming me?” Zero shouts angrily.

“I’ve told you a thousand times I am not interested in him,” Jude replies honestly.

“And how long until you are, Jude?” How long until he finally succeeds and you want him more than you want me?“ Zero says fiercely.

“Well it depends on how long you insist on continuing to behave like this and continue to push me away!” Jude says more fiercely, if possible.

Zero steps back, shocked, feeling things he can’t control and walks out the door.

Jude collapses on to the lounge, face in hands feeling frustrated and at a loss.


Jude wakes the next day feeling edgy and exhausted from the previous sleepless night. Jude had found his old phone and had sent Zero an ‘Are you ok?’ text message, followed by an ‘I am sorry and I love you’ one but had heard nothing back. Jude’s stomach was in knots all morning and he missed Zero already. Missinb Zero wasn’t unusual for Jude but today he felt it even more so.

Jude couldn’t understand where all this was coming from. He knew Owen was pushing Zero and pursuing Jude quite fiercely but he had told Zero repeatedly that he wasn’t interested in him at all. Why wasn’t that enough? Why couldn’t he believe in their relationship like Jude did?

Jude settles into his chair and begins to drown himself in work. Anything to distract him from his thoughts. At that moment his door opens and Zero walks through.

“Hey,” Jude says jumping up to greet the man he loves with everything.

“Hi,” Zero replies quietly.

“I am sorry about last night and what I said,” Jude says sincerely.

“I am sorry for breaking your phone,” Zero says calmly. “I just… I don’t know how to deal with all of this, it’s all so foreign to me.”

“I know,” Jude says cupping Zero’s face in his hands. “Nothing and no one could ever change the way I feel about you. You are the love of my life, Gideon.” Jude states with so much love in his voice.

Zero smiles and kisses Jude gently.
“But you do owe me a new phone!” Jude jokes.

Zero smirks.

“I love you Jude, more than you know,” Zero replies sincerely.


The week flies by quickly and Jude manages to keep Zero away from Owen. Jude does his best to keep Owen at arms length but with business it’s almost unavoidable. Jude insists the meetings are quick and professional but Owen’s arrogance means he can’t help himself with the constant flirting and sexual innuendos. Jude just finds its draining.
Jude gets why men (and women) would flock to Owen’s feet. He’s ridiculously gorgeous, well built, intelligent, wealthy and charming to a fault. Maybe in another time and place, Jude may have gone there, but not now. Jude has found his one true love and no brooding male could ever change the way he feels about Zero.

“Are you sure you want to go tonight?” Jude shouts from the shower. “We can just stay in, get take away, and watch a movie?”

“Sounds nice Jude but we kind of have to go to this Devil’s party. You being the EVP and me being a starter, looks bad if we don’t!” Zero replies.

“Yeah okay, I guess.” Jude shouts “I won’t be long then.”

It’s a formal event and both men are wearing black tuxedos looking incredibly sharp as they enter the room. Chandeliers, white drapes and fairy lights deck out the venue and give off an incredible romantic ambience.

“Wow, Lionel, you really went all out tonight didn’t you?” Zero states as he kisses her hello on the cheek.

“Well it’s our mid-year ball, it has to have all the trimmings,” Lionel replies. “You two look gorgeous.”

“Thanks Lionel,” Jude says as he kisses her, “you look radiant as ever!”

Jude then heads to the bar to get drinks, leaving Lionel and Zero to chat. It doesn’t take long for Owen to make his way up to Jude at the bar.

“My God, I wouldn’t have let you out the house tonight looking that good if you were mine,” Owen asserts in his usual, sexy tone.

“Owen, Hi,” Jude fumbles, never knowing how to react to those sorts of inappropriate comments. Especially knowing Zero is here. He doesn’t want to do anything that might upset him.

“So, are you going to get me a drink?” Owen asks.

“Umm, sure. What would you like?” Jude asks hesitantly.

“Double scotch on the rocks,” Owen replies.

The bartender hands Jude the drinks and Jude passes Owen his.

“Well, have a good night,” Jude says as he begins to walk away.

“You aren’t going to have a drink with me?” Owen asks flirtatiously.

“Look, Owen, I know what you’re playing at here and I can tell you this is not going to work,” Jude exclaims firmly.

“It’s just a drink Jude, it’s not a marriage proposal, not yet anyway,” Owen replies with sass.

“Enjoy your evening Owen,” Jude says calmly and leaves the handsome male standing at the bar.

Jude returns to Lionel and Zero and can tell immediately that Zero had seen the exchange between him and Owen at the bar.

Zero is doing his best to remain calm and level-headed. Lionel has clearly helped anchor Zero, knowing the situation all too well. She has been Jude’s sounding board.

The night continues to progress quite seamlessly. Zero kisses Jude on the lips and tells him he’s going to the bathroom and he’ll be back soon.

“You’ll never be enough for him,” a voice echoes to Zero on his way down the hall way. The sentiment hits Zero like a tonne of bricks and the weight of that remark is crushing. Zero stops in his path and turns to face Owen.

“What do you know about what is enough for him?” Zero replies shakily, voice ridden with doubt.

“I know that he wants more from this life emotionally than you could ever give him. I know that when he looks at you he sees a broken soul.” Owen speaks painfully clearly.

“That you are just a wounded bird he found along the way and tried his best to etch back to life and stupidly, like a little lost boy, got attached.” Owen continues.

“But it isn’t real Zero, this love you think you have with him, sooner or later he’ll realize that you, with your broken wings and stilted emotions, are not what he wants.”

The words punch Zero so hard in the stomach that he has to physically step back.
Owen walks back into the party, seemingly unaffected by his actions.

Zero’s doubts and fears and all his insecurities come flooding back like a bitter rain storm and his emotions all become too much.

“Hey, there you are. I was getting worried, you’ve been gone for ages.” Jude says as he comes around the corner finding Zero standing aimlessly in the hall way.

Zero doesn’t reply. Jude steps forward to touch him and Zero steps back.

“I can’t do this!” Zero says, eyes partly vacant and partly distressed.

“That’s okay. We’ve been here long enough, we’ll go home,” Jude replies innocently.

“I don’t mean this stupid party. I mean us… I can’t do this anymore,” Zero says fiercely fighting back any real emotion.

Jude’s face drops and his heart begins to pound at the prospect of what’s happening.

“What do you mean Zero? What are you talking about?” Jude replies confused.

“We’re just kidding ourselves with this, this will never be enough for you?” Zero replies anxiously.

The penny drops and Jude knows exactly what’s happened.
“What the fuck did he say to you?” Jude asks angrily.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Zero replies with tears in his eyes, no longer able to hide his emotions.

Jude steps forward and puts his hands around Zero’s face searching his eyes for answers, for a clue, for anything.

“Please Gideon, please don’t do this!” Jude cries, heart clearly breaking as the words fall from his mouth.

“It’s Zero, Gideon doesn’t exist!” And with that, Zero turns and walks away leaving a broken hearted Jude standing alone.

Shuuen no Shiori Novel 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write- Ch 1 + 2

hellooo!! I translated a bit of the third novel just to join in on all the shuuen hype aha I really have no idea if I’ll do the rest at all
(looks at kagerou daze v…looks away…..)

but yeah enjoy!! I did most of this at like 3 in the morning so if something doesn’t make sense I’m really sorry ww

author – suzumu
cover – saine
illust – komine
main ‘offender’ – 150p

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Hello everyone ~ The blog just reached 10,000 followers and I would like to thank every single one of you ^^ ♥ It’s been a year and few months since I started running this blog and I didn’t think I would last this long with managing it. So whew, thank the heavens I still haven’t abandoned this blog. (Let’s hope I wouldn’t…? Haha ~) I thank my long time followers who are still here especially but I also welcome new followers~ Let’s stay together for a long time and I do hope that we get to talk at some point >u< ♥

Again, thank you so so so much ~ I hope you’re all having a good day!

Our Last Days (Jaehyun of NCT)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


A/N: I’ve only edited this ONCE! I apologize for any grammar mistakes or repeating too many words. It’s really late here (20 past midnight >.<) and I’ve had a loooooong day! I’m really tired!

Also, there’s still a Part 3 coming up!

Originally posted by curlyjaehyun

Three weeks.

It’s been three weeks since Jaehyun and I have been dating. He’s such a sweetheart. Always walking me to my classes, offering to help me carry my heavy textbooks (even if I declined, he’d take them out of my hands), giving me his school lunch (he sticks to a strict diet but grabs lunch from the cafeteria just for me), and he would always, always be under the same tree (that we had bumped into each other) every day after school waiting for me.

Despite his cool image, Jaehyun was a shy guy. We’ve never held hands before, and you can probably guess from that that we haven’t had our first kiss yet. It seemed like he was scared to have any type of skinship with me.

We were having our usual date on a Friday afternoon (it’s become a tradition of ours ever since we met about 2 months ago). As usual, Jaehyun was walking quietly by my side as we strolled across the bridge that led to the other side of the river.

The sun was beginning to set. I was about to reach over to the side of the bridge when a bike began ringing its bells at me. I looked over to my right and saw it charging towards me! I froze in my spot, but thanks to Jaehyun’s quick thinking, he pushed me against the rail and used his body as my shield.

I took a deep breath and was able inhale the faint scent of his cologne. My heart was beating a thousand times faster than usual. Jaehyun held my head protectively as he checked to see if the biker had passed by yet.

He looked down at me worriedly, “Are you okay?” I lifted my gaze up to him, only to look down and turn away due to his extreme handsomeness. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. T-thank you,” I stuttered out.

I cleared my throat and apologized for being so careless. He shook his head and gave me that adorable smile that always made me held my breath. He told me that there was no need to apologize and that I had a reason for doing what I did.

To make things less awkward between us, I suddenly pointed out the beautiful sunset. I leaned on the rail and admired the scenery before it’d disappear for the day. A cool breeze blew, reminding me of the day that I bumped into Jaehyun.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. I bit my lips to stop myself from smiling widely. I knew what Jaehyun was finally doing, but I couldn’t give away the fact that I had practically waited for this moment ever since we started dating.

He gently rested his chin upon my shoulder. His breathing was shaky at first but it soon calmed down. Within a matter of seconds, I felt Jaehyun’s grip on my waist tighter than before. I finally gained the courage to lean upon him instead of the rail. And slowly, I gently placed my hands on top of his.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment,” I felt his warm breath on my ear. It tickled, causing me to squirm a bit. “Heeeey,” I whined. “That tickles!”

I felt the vibration of his deep chuckle. “Oh, really?” he said as he purposely scooted closer to my now red ear. Before I could say anything, he buried his face into the crook of my neck.

“Can we just stay like this for a while?” he suggested. I gripped onto his hands even tighter as a response. I felt him smile against my neck.

And that was when I knew that what I had begun with Jaehyun was real love.

Not so thick-skinned

[ edit: now on AO3! ]

My first Jaspidot fic, or for the matter, first fic ever. I’m going to set up my AO3 account in a little and I’ll post it there too, but for now, enjoy it on here!

Summary: Jasper visits Peridot’s lair for dinner and has a little trouble finding her.

Notes: SFW, Jaspidot Dragon AU, 2.7k words.

About the Dragon AU: Jasper is a knight; Peridot is a dragon-woman who mostly lounges around in a half-and-half form. She can shapeshift to be even more humanoid to some degree or towards a fully dragon form, depending on her convenience and/or emotional state.

Special thanks: pubictransportation​ for beta-reading, timefortigers for being overly excited and basically inspiring this AU to begin with??? u rock

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