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🔥: Hey guys! Fire here! We won’t be doing much work on the comic or managing the blog this week. 

Why, you may ask?


That’s right! Moon has come down to Southern Cali for a week to visit me! We’ll be hanging out and doing touristy things and spending some much awaited quality time with each other. Checking the blog will be less frequent, and we’ll probably be posting less art content, but don’t be surprised if a few pictures from the trip come up. 

Thanks for understanding! And as always, stay tuned for what’s Next™!

Pillow - Jim Kirk

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Characters: Jim Kirk

Warnings: N/A

Request: “Oh it’s nothing, just giant lobsters terrorising your friends and family”

Word Count: 482

Author: Hannah

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hiatus: 10-31 ~ 11.17

my long-awaited trip to korea has finally come. it’s been too long~

i will probably check tumblr messages a couple of times during that period but otherwise i’ll be even more dead to the world than usual. please keep that in mind if you try to get in touch.

thank you for your patience and understanding, i’ll see you guys again with more art soon(ish)^^


Hey guys! Long time no talk. Here’s my first story in months and I’ve actually been writing this for over a year? I’m sorry if its sloppy, still trying to get used to writing again :P 

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Setting: Long Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu; Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Loke BROTP

Summary: Gray, Gajeel and Loke were determined to help Natsu find out who this ‘Lucy Heartfilia’ truly was.

“Alright boys, time to crack another case today.” Gray announced, rubbing his calloused hands together. He walked over to the desk where his computer full of emails from awaiting fans to get their ‘Catfish’ case solved. His two accomplices, Gajeel and Loke, followed in suit behind the dark haired man.

“Geez, I can’t believe this many people think their being catfished.” Gajeel said, propping an elbow up on the desk. He watched as Gray scrolled through the thousands of emails they had received.

“This one sounds… intriguing.” Loke stated, pointing to the computer screen at an email entitles ‘Princess and the Pauper’.

“Alright let’s see…” Gray drew out his words, clicking on the email. When Gray seen the name of the person who sent the email, his eyes grew wide. “Oh my Mavis.”

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'Walking Dead': 7 Key Moments From 'New Best Friends'

[This story contains spoilers through season seven, episode 10 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.]

It’s going to take a whole lot more than a hole in the hand to smack that smirk off of Rick Grimes’ face.

In the second episode since returning from its midseason hiatus, The Walking Dead again championed joy and possibility over bleak inevitability, as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies fought their way out of a tough situation against some deadly new adversaries - adversaries who could very well become friends by the end of this thing. Far away from that action, the episode featured a long-awaited reunion between Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), who have been separated for almost a full season now. The happy times were short-lived, however, with Daryl deciding that Carol’s continued happiness depends on his continued depression. (Look, even when joy and possibility in the air, this is still The Walking Dead we’re talking about here.)

Here are the seven biggest moments of the episode, called “New Best Friends.”

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1. Batter on Deck

The episode begins with another meeting between King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and the Saviors, far away from the Kingdom’s reach. As usual, it does not go well, especially when an argument with Richard (Karl Makinen) becomes a full-blown standoff. The Saviors make it clear that Richard is on thin ice, forbidden from carrying firearms, and very much the first person in line for a swift Lucilleing should things escalate any further. Another casualty from the meeting: Morgan (Lennie James) loses his aikido staff, a devastating loss for the season one veteran.

2. The Sacrifice Play

Of course, the meeting doesn’t do anything to dissuade Richard from coming after the Saviors. Far from it. He enlists Daryl in an elaborate plan that involves shooting up a highway filled with Saviors, framing a stranger who lives in a nearby neighborhood for the assault, and using that incident to spur Ezekiel into action. Just one problem: that stranger? It’s Carol, and when Daryl finds out, he physically stops Richard from putting the plan into action. Daryl promises to kill Richard if anything at all happens to Carol, even if she’s struck by lightning. Seems like a lot to put on Richard’s shoulders, but point made.

3. Garbage People

Far away from the Kingdom, Rick deals with some problems of his own: the Junkticons. At least that’s what they were called in Transformers: The Movie. It turns out the people who snagged Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) are the proud inhabitants of a massive junkyard, lording over piles and piles of trash, and taking whatever it is they want. Here’s what they want right now: they want the supplies Rick and Aaron (Ross Marquand) stole from the boat a few episodes back. Rick wants to give them something more: a free and full life, something that’s only possible if Jadis (Pollyanna Mcintosh) and her people agree to fight the Saviors.

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4. Not-So-Silent Hill

As a means of testing Rick’s worthiness, Jadis has the Alexandria leader thrown into a gladiatorial arena of sorts. Inside, Rick battles one of the most memorable walkers in recent Walking Dead memory: a zombie that’s outfitted with a metal bodysuit covered in knives, spears and other assorted sharp objects. It looks more like a creature from Silent Hill than the comparatively realistic world of Walking Dead, and Rick experiences an appropriate amount of difficulty as he tries to kill the thing. After suffering some scratches and a skewered hand, Rick defeats the monster, and proves his point to the garbage people.

5. Happily Ever After

With that, Rick and Jadis strike a deal. The Alexandrians will get their hands on a massive supply of guns, and in exchange, Jadis and the others will join their war against the Saviors. Following the negotiations, Rick and Gabriel stop down and share a moment of mutual admiration. Indeed, Rick credits Gabriel with making the deal possible, since he’s the one who showed Rick that enemies can become friends. It’s a real “aw shucks” moment, as the Father Gabriel Redemption Tour continues.

6. The Reunion

Let’s return to the Daryl story, in which he finally reunites with Carol. Despite the fact that she wants nothing more to do with anyone else, she’s still thrilled to see Daryl. She’s less thrilled once she starts asking about what the Saviors did to Alexandria after she ran away, becoming an emotional wreck as she wonders aloud about the possible carnage. But Daryl, always protective of his good friend, falls on the proverbial sword and tells Carol that everyone survived their brush against the Saviors - a lie he tells in order to keep Carol’s current peaceful existence as intact as possible.

7. King of Shiva

The episode ends with the formation of yet another new friendship: Daryl and Shiva, King Ezekiel’s pet tiger. Morgan finds Daryl sitting beside Shiva’s cage, the two old souls keeping each other company. Daryl even pets Shiva without agitating the animal. Is this a sign that Daryl and Shiva will have each other’s backs in a future action scene? If so, that day can’t come soon enough.

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You are Skolas. Kell of Kells. Leader of a lost and disbanded house. A race long forgotten in the storm. In a short time you led an entire kingdom on its knees. Now you are imprisoned once again. Awaiting your own execution.

You have been taken.

You are free now. Free of the scrapyard and the light that kept you there. Free of reefs watch and the travelers minions that wants to rip your arms off like a dreg.

Breathe. Taste the sweet smell of freedom.

But what happened? How did you die? Who was your executioner? Who brought you here?

Will. Pure will brought you here. The will to complete what you have started.

You are committed to fulfill the role that the prophecy foretold, to reunited your kind from the great cataclysm, to band the houses into one and honor the ways of the old. You feared extinction so you fight on to keep existing.

But the light thought otherwise. The same light that separated your ancestors has come to break you. To destroy your legacy and separate the fallen once again, you retaliated but you have failed.

Fight, fight on and bring the houses back to one.

This knife is for you. It is shaped like [Reconcile]. Pick it up.

No longer shall you be in shackles, trapped in a rusting prison.
No longer shall the fallen bicker and fight like rabid wolves.
No longer shall the light take away your life and perverse you for their needs.

Take the knife. Reunite the Fallen. Take your new shape.

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This was it, the day you had been training yourself for. This was the day when you’d finally act out your revenge plan on the city that abandoned you when you sought it’s safety as a young bird. You flew above the city, eyes narrowed - awaiting the perfect time to dive down and attack. However, something caught your eye in the distance, distracting you. You paused mid-air and hovered in place on the desert winds and looked out on the direction of the small figure seemingly hauling a cart behind them. 

You cocked your head to the side in curiosity. If this was a resident of the city then instead of attacking like you planned, you could always take them hostage. After all, they were outside the walls that protected them. You flapped your large wings a couple of times and perched yourself on the top of one of the tallest buildings on the outskirts, watching their every move.

Eventually, you took off from your position and flew as quickly as you could over to where this person was, planning on catching them off guard. As you went to land, sand flew up from all around the two of you from the air force from your wings and you quickly realised that you were in fact the one who was caught off guard.


The cat girl seemed confused. Of course she wouldn’t recognise you. You had changed a lot in the past seven years, personality-wise and physically. 

❛❛Well, what a damn fine surprise this turned out to be. Never could’ve guessed that you would’ve ended up this fuckin’ attractive.❜❜

catastrophic affairs, truly (chapter 3)

chap 1 / 2 / on ao3

lol i know i know its been a while. also its funny bc when tea (demistories on ao3/sadrien on tumblr) released her chapter of staos i was reading it and laughing bc we used the same trope where people find stuff out through the internet. but anyways i swear that was coincidental and here is your long awaited chapter 3(a) enjoy

“Why didn’t you check your phone? I texted you, like, 20 times!” Alya says as soon as Marinette joins her in the classroom. Yeah, I saw them, but I was busy trying to set up a fake relationship with Chat Noir out of all people, so I didn’t look at them. And you didn’t call me, so it probably wasn’t life threatening.

“Uh, I was taking a nap.” Her hair is a bit disheveled, but Alya doesn’t know it’s from yoyo-ing to school as Ladybug. Unfortunately, Marinette’s generic excuse doesn’t work this time.

“Right, then explain this.” Alya holds up her phone, which displays a picture of Chat Noir. On Marinette’s roof. He’s blushing profusely and she’s laughing at him. Marinette almost screams; she’s been fake dating Chat for 5 minutes and there’s already pictures! And speculation!

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The Justice Department has found that Baltimore police violated black residents’ civil rights.

Before Baltimore officers took Freddie Gray on a paddy wagon ride that would lead to his death last year, the local police force had been routinely violating civil rights and using brute force against residents in the majority-black Maryland city.

That’s the gist of a long-awaited report released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Justice, which launched a probe of policing practices in the Baltimore Police Department following Gray’s death in April 2015.

Among its findings, the Justice Department said Baltimore officers disproportionately stopped and arrested African-American residents, often lacking probable cause and failing to tell arrestees why they were being detained. Hundreds of residents were stopped by police at least 10 times — some, more than 30 times — in the span of four years, according to the copy of the report that Mic obtained Tuesday night.

Justice officials also found that 82% of Baltimore Police Department’s traffic stops involved black drivers, even though they only accounted for 60% of the driving age population of the city. Officers had also used excessive force against residents and retaliated against those who spoke out against their tactics, according to the report.

The Justice Department’s investigators conducted interviews with police leaders, current officers, community members and civil rights activists, who all agreed on one undeniable truth.

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“If there is one thing I ever learned,” she said.

“Forever is never constant. The definition is relative to each person. For one, forever might mean standing in line for almost 4 hours just to get tickets for the long-awaited concert. It’s waiting for the water to boil. It’s hoping for the rain to stop. Other times, it’s waiting by the phone for the chance to talk with that special someone. It’s being stuck in traffic. It’s getting into the theater and finally watching the sequel you’ve waited for all summer long. It’s a little boy waiting for Dad to pick him up for the baseball championship game. It’s Grandpa and Grandma growing old together. It’s two souls trying to make things work. The concept changes from time to time, from person to person. That’s why I no longer expect anything. That’s why I will no longer ask. Forever will exist for us. We just don’t know when and how long our forever will last.”
—  EL // How long is Forever? (Day 1 of 365)


The long awaited pewey bomb 2! This time way more organized YAY! y’all seriously better like this teaser it might have been done fast but it was fucking hard. ANYWAYS here’s the schedule!

14-15 casual date  

Nothing too fancy! just a casual  fun date that will probably end up in disaster.

16-17 Family   

Show us how Pearl and Dewey are with each other’s  family. How well can they work together and are they comfortable with each other?

18-19 Digital love

 draw/write a scenario with pearl and Dewey based on a Daft Punk song. Yeah I found a way to drag daft punk into this and you’re gonna deal with it.

20-21 Crossover

draw/write pewey as a couple from another fandom/show/video game 

22-23 Angst

maybe someone dies. Maybe pearl become corrupted. idk just make it angsty!



26-28 Anything!

Do whatever you want

Now you don’t have to follow these prompts but it’s highly encouraged. If you’ve done something for the bomb before this don’t sweat it remember its a free country. ‘MERICA!!!!! NOW FOR THE BONUS! DRAW YOUR SELF OF TAKE A SELFIE WITH ANY BIRD AND YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER’S LIST!!!! IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON IT DO THIS AND GET A STAR NEXT TO YOUR NAME!! IT CAN BE PHOTOSHOPPED!!!! Remember to use the tag #peweybomb no spaces <3 If you have any questions send them to @pewey-bomb any asks to here will be ignored. But if you want your art taken down or have a “business” question leave it here  :3





It’s Been A Long Time Awaiting - The Nymphs

1989 has been out for 6 months.

Time to reminisce!

Me after the live chat:

Me after being graced with the full album and listening once a million times through

Me after seeing how many of my friends “finally realized” knew all along taylor swift was indeed the queen of music not pop or country but music 

Me once it was announced Taylor hit 1.287 Million in the first 24 hours

Me after Shake it off, Blank Space and Style’s video premieres

and NOW we bring us to today.. ME awaiting the 8 long tiresome days until the TOUR COMMENCES

taylorswift lets just say its been a long six months (lol I HAD TO) and I’m immensely proud of you each and every day. Here’s to the next 6 months filled with touring, more surprises and amazing career changing moves!


Something light and happy that will make you SMILE!


i love this. this gives me hope for springtime.

the year is 2042. everyone is excited about the long awaited announcement of the 50th anniversary sonic game. i hold my breath as the premiere trailer starts up, nervous. its been 10 years since modern sonic was last seen. everyone crosses their fingers in hopes that they will finally see him again.

the video trailer begins. the scene is the remnants of a dark wasteland after a nuclear war, completely devoid of color. there are explosions going off in the background.

suddenly, the camera switches to a shot of classic sonic holding a gun. everyone sighs in frustration. this is the 16th time that classic sonic has made an appearance in a main title game in the past 25 years. and now he has a gun. the camera begins to slowly pan down. its revealed that he is standing over the unmoving body of modern sonic, the text “get ready for a new era… classic sonic finally makes a comeback” appearing in flaming letters on screen. people are screaming

It is SO HARD TO BELIEVE that in two weeks exactly, we’ll be packing a little UHaul and starting our long jaunt across the continent!

Now that I’ve had time to get used to the idea, and have had several conversations with friends who seem genuinely excited I’ll be back in their part of the world, and have remembered that returning to Vancouver means spring starts in February, and that we’ll FINALLY be able to get stuff out of storage that’s been in there for EIGHT YEARS (what treasures await??? SO MANY BOOKS)… I’m pretty excited. I’m not without anxiety, but mostly I’m just happy.