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The infamous “alien megastructure” star is back, and astronomers are grabbing their telescopes

  • Scientists around the world were shocked when a mysterious “alien megastructure” star suddenly went dim on May 18.
  • Astronomers have had their eye on the star — also known as Tabby’s star — since 2009, when it was first discovered by Tabetha Boyajian at Louisiana State University. It’s special because its bright lights dim and flicker in a random, unidentifiable pattern, which is really strange, as far as star behavior goes.
  • “The weird thing about this star is the constant brightness for so long, then the unpredictable, relatively short periods of dimming,” Matt Muterspaugh, astronomer and professor at Tennessee State University, said.
  • “It’s been four years since scientists last noticed the star dim,” Muterspaugh said, and information about it only became available three months after the star had dimmed.
  • “This is exciting because it’s the first time we’re seeing it happen in real-time,” he said. Read more (5/22/17)
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Princess Bride: The Shoot From Hell That Made A Beloved Film.

The Princess Bride is one of the most popular heartwarming films of all time. But the story of its production was no fairy tale. Here are just a few of the events that happened on set:

  • The lead actors didn’t get along. Robin Wright and Cary Elwes fought constantly, often refusing to kiss each other on cue. In one instance, the actors refused to be on set in the other’s presence, necessitating many scenes to be shot with doubles, or one angle at a time. 
  • Director Rob Reiner made the film while suffering from brain parasites. Picked up from bad catering on “Stand By Me,” Reiner frequently collapsed on set, losing the shooting day as a new worm was found and removed from his cerebral cortex. He was finally cured of the disease only days after filming ended.
  • The “Cliffs Of Insanity” shoot lasted well over 7 months. Weather refused to cooperate with the dangerous stunt of climbing the rope. Every time the actors were in place they had to come back down before a storm hit, and seven stuntmen were killed when they couldn’t get free in time. Due to the dangerous conditions, many of their skeletons remain on the Cliffs of Moher where the sequence was filmed.
  • Author Donatien François who wrote the book on which the movie was based was furious over the adaptation and often showed up on set despite a restraining order. He managed to burn down the castle sets twice, kidnap Billy Crystal for two days, poison the craft services table with Iocane powder, shoot Werner Herzog, steal most of the horses and viciously bite off Christopher Guest’s sixth finger for which he had been cast. He remains in jail as of 2016.
  • The budget soared from an intended $16 Million dollars to a record $98 Million, and its planned two month shoot lasted well well into 1987, the film having begun shooting in 1983. During this time numerous roles had to be recast, and many crew were replaced, including ten cinematographers, four directors (Reiner was preceded by Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, and Werner Herzog), and had to reshoot many scenes when the movie took so long to make that the first footage shot had decayed by the time it made it back to the developer lab.
  • The large rats used as “ROUSs” were real rats that had been specifically bred upward in size to be in the movie. Taking 4 years to breed, the giant rodents were uncontrollable on stage. In a single day, they ate all the catering, splattered the swamp set with noxious feces that caused sickness among the handlers, tore up most of the costumes, killed an alligator which was to have appeared in the scene, and seven of the beasts were lost into the streets where they caused a massive traffic accident and plagued the Fox Studio lot for decades. One can be seen hiding in the background of a shot in Alien 3.
  • Wallace Shawn stubbed his toe on a rock while shooting the famous battle of wits scene. He tells the story in “My Dinner With Andre.”

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DARK MATTER | 1.04 | Three & Five

I’m gonna buy myself a pair of goggles, some work gloves…


Seven Steps to Hell: The Second Step.

Series: Prologue | BamBam | Jackson | Youngjae | Jaebum | Yugyeom | Jinyoung

Genre: Good question, but kind of smut and angst?; 7 Deadly Sins! AU

Word Count: 1.9K

Notes: Fair warning, this has a mommy kink (?) which is completely non-sexual. Which is why it isn’t exactly smut. I’ve been seeing this around lately, so decided to give it a shot

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The one whose concern is with that which enters the belly will discover that his value is found in that which goes out of it. - Imam Al-Ghazali

You can hear him even as you approach from a distance. You hesitate, for a brief moment, before you ignore your inhibitions and push open the door, entering the well-lit room.

He’s hunched over in a chair in front of a table filled with delicacies, hands cradling his head despairingly; and you can’t help but feel guilt for what he is going through. Still, it must be carried out, in order to give them another chance at having their peace.

“We’ve failed, yet again.” He says, without even looking up—and there is a reason why he’s one of your favorites—as though he can sense you there, “I’m sorry for that, Creator.”

His hands are trembling as they pull away from his gaunt cheeks, and he looks at you with hollow eyes of flickering orange that scream of years and years of turmoil.

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annyeong, annyeong.

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Hi😘omg i loveyour blog so so much and i am so grateful that i found your bolg and your fics you can't even imagine. I was just reading every story in your mastelist and if you don't mind or when you have time can u make a fic where eleana is realy pregnant? Not where she lost another baby or where kaden bought clothes for orphan chids❤️❤️❤️pls and thank you

Since so many people have asked and I keep avoiding it, I guess I can give you a lil something. 

Or a 2k word something. All in the name of fun.

Psst. For some more you can look at my masterlist here if you want.


Eleana watched as Drakon, the almighty and powerful, fluffed the cushions at her feet so she was more comfortable. She was laying on a couch, her long hair tangled around a myriad of pillows and her arms happily twisted in a white velvet blanket.

“Now how is that?” The bronze male asked. His eyebrows had knitted together and his hands were now steadily stationed on his hips. He ran an eye over her, evaluating whether he thought she had sufficient comfort or not.

“Perfect. Thank you.” Eleana offered him a sweet but tired smile.

He grinned at her, and pulled up a chair to sit at her head. Drakon was keeping her company while Kaden was off gallivanting with Miryam, and Eleana was thankful for it. Otherwise, she would be a nervous wreck. Her mate certainly was, no matter how hard he tried to disguise it, and Drakon and Miryam were not only very good distractions, but also wonderful hosts and people.

Eleana ran a hand down her bulging stomach. Only two weeks to go and she would finally be a mother. The pregnancy had been a hard one, she was sick every day and was often too weak to leave the house. Kaden was in ruins over her state, and constantly tried to siphon her pain to him through the bond. She kept reminding him that it’s not how the bond worked – you’d think he’d have it down after so long – but he insisted on trying anyway. She loved him for it, but also worried about how he might fare if… how he might fare if this pregnancy ended the way all their others had.

“There is something I need to tell you.” Drakon placed one hand on her forehead, and the other on her hands now settled on her belly.

“Yes?” Eleana rapidly became nervous, her mind thinking of the worst-case scenarios. It wasn’t Kaden, he was still sending messages of love through the bond every five bloody minutes, and it wasn’t Prythian. She had spies set up so she would know if anything major happened at her homeland while she was gone. So what made Drakon speak with such severity in his voice?

“Rhys and Feyre are coming.” Drakon said, and it was much worse than anything Eleana could’ve predicted.

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i’m obsessed with my own fanfic. send help. updated version of this disgusting thing from four months ago [x].

i colored digitally. i colored digitally. my god it’s been so long since i’ve done anything remotely decent like this digitally.

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Request: Imagine Tig falling in love with a prospect but they have to hide their love from the club. In the end they all find out and they’re all cool with it.

Note: To the person that requested this; I hope I have done the request justice. Im sorry its not my best writing. Please let me know what you think 💕

Also I have no idea what sorta timeline I was going with here so bare with me.x


“Juice, I want you and the prospects to head up to the warehouse. Keep watch.”
“I cant be up there all night man, Roosevelts on my case with these piss tests. Gotta get one in by the end of the day.”
“Shit.” Clay took a drag of his cigar.
“I’ll head up there in a few hours, take over.” Tig offered.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I got this brother.”
Clay nodded and turned to Jax.
“You and Ope set a meet with Laroy. Make sure he ain’t gonna make a move without our say so.”
“Juice after you see Roosevelt I want you to find out what you can about the Mayans supplier.”
“Yes sir.” Juice nodded.
“Chibs and Bobby, your with me. No body makes a move until I say so, is that clear?”
Heads nodded around the table and Clay banged the gavel against the desk.
You watched the doors open and your brothers-to-be file out of Church.
Tig pulled his pouch of tobacco out of his pocket and began to roll a cigarette as he walked towards you, Clay beside him and you stood to meet them.
“Wheres Phil and Miles?” Clay asked.
“Outside, helping Gem get Abels new carseat in the car.”
Clay nodded and pulled a .22 pistol out of his kutte and handed it to you.
“Your on watch. It’ll be a long night. Don’t fuck this up.”
He slapped your shoulder and headed out of the clubhouse, Chibs and Bobby on his heels.
Opie pulled out his cell phone and dialled a number as he and Jax headed for the door as well while Juice headed for the bathroom.
That left just you and Tig in the clubhouse and he turned to you as he licked the rolling paper and folded it over.
“I’ll be at the warehouse in a few hours, taking over from Juice.”
You raised your eyebrows and a smirk came to your lips.
After quickly glancing around the room to ensure you were alone you grabbed Tig by his kutte and pulled him closer to you.
“Just cant stay away, huh?”
“Something like that.” Tig said. He lifted your chin with his hand and pressed a kiss to your lips.
A low growl left your throat and he smiled against your lips.
“I gotta head out.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper.
You nodded and tugged his leather once more, pulling his lips to yours.
He pulled away and licked his lips, just as the flush of the toilet was heard through the bathroom door.
You met his eye and with a slight nod you shared a silent goodbye.
He slapped your ass as he walked past you and you laughed just as the bathroom door opened and Juice walked out.
“Whats funny, prospect?”
A blush rose to your cheeks and you shook your head.
“Nothin, man.”
Juice raised an eyebrow and shrugged.
“Come on, man. Tell Phil to pull up the van.”
You nodded and headed out of the clubhouse.


The sun was starting to set and you sat on a stack of old tires, your back leant against the old wood of the warehouse.
“You seriously gotta Blastoise?” Juice asked.
“Yeah man. Took me ages to get 100 squirtle candies though.”
“Whos squirting?”
You both looked up as Tig walked round the corner, a wild grin on his face.
Juice laughed and shook his head.
Tig rolled his eyes as he saw the cellphones in both of your hands.
“Seriously, that pokemon shit again? How old are you two?”
“Dont be jealous, grandpa.” You laughed.
“Nah we should be the jealous ones, (y/n). Tiggy grew up with real life dinosaurs.”
You both laughed.
“Yeah yeah yeah, let me know when you hit puberty.” Tig punched Juice on the shoulder.
You sniggered and slid your phone back into your pocket.
“See ya later man.” Juice nodded to you before he slapped Tig on the back and headed off towards  his bike.
You pulled your cigarettes out of your pocket and offered one to Tig, which he accepted.
Both of you lit up as you watched Juice get on his bike and Tig waited for him to ride outta sight before turning towards you.
“Grandpa, huh?”
You smirked and took a drag of your cigarette. “The daddy kinks getting kinda boring.”
Tig raised an eyebrow and stalked towards you, those piercing blue eyes burning straight into you.
He stood between your legs and placed one hand on the wall right beside your head.
His lips crashed against yours and the nicotine on your tongue mixed with the faint taste of whiskey on his breath.
You breathed him in, your tongue pushing against his in a playful battle.
You flicked your still lit cigarette into the dirt and ran your hands through his black curls, holding his face to yours.
A primal growl rumbled in Tigs throat and you smirked against his lips.
He broke away first but kept his face close to yours.
“How often have they been coming round the back?” Tig asked, referring to Phil and Miles who were keeping watch at the front of the warehouse.
You shrugged and reached for Tigs cigarette.
“Every half hour or so.”
Tig sighed and you passed the smoke back to him.
“We shouldnt, doll.” He whispered and pecked your lips before stepping back, adjusting his pants with one hand.
“Who cares, Tiggy? They’re gonna find out eventually.”
“Dont.” He took a long drag before tossing the butt to the ground and crushing it with his boot. “You know its too soon.”
“Its been four months.” You whined and slid off the stack of tires.
He ran a hand through his hair, a frustrated look on his face.
“I know, baby. Once you’ve got your kutte we can.. be more open.”
You sighed and walked towards him, draping your arms over his shoulders.
“I dont wanna wait that long.” You pouted.
Tig drew you in for another kiss before pushing you away gently. “Its not forever.”
“I know.” You whispered against his lips. “I love you, Alex.”
“I love you too, (y/n).”


Three days had passed since the night you’d spent at the warehouse with Tig. He had tried to resist as much as he could but eventually he caved and you’d spent most of the night kissing under the stars.
Until Miles had almost caught you.
You’d both been so engrossed in each other you barely noticed the sound of footsteps approaching and you’d only just managed to seperate in time.
Ever since then Tig had been keeping his distance.
He was pushing you away, scared that one wrong move would out your relationship to the club.
He had sent you and the other prospects to watch the warehouse again last night, without supervision from a full patched member and you hadn’t been all too bothered.
Until you’d turned up at the clubhouse in the morning to find the remains of a SAMCRO party.
It hadn’t been a big one, but you and the other prospects had still been left to clean up the mess while the rest of the Club headed out to Lodi.
Thankfully you had avoided the bathroom, where Phil was now scrubbing some croweaters vomit off the tiles. Miles was sorting out the empty bottles into the recycling while you swept up the shattered glass and the cigarette ash scattered over the floors.
You were tired, and slightly pissed that you’d missed the party and when you heard the roar of the bikes signalling the return of the Sons you swore under your breath.
You knelt and swept the pile you’d made into the dustpan, and headed for the trashcan.
“Seriously man, what was that crows name?!” You heard Juice exclaim.
You tucked yourself out of sight in the kitchen.
“Which one?”
“The one that was with Tig, damn I haven’t seen her before.”
You jaw clenched.
“Ah the one with the big titties.” Chibs chuckled.
You stepped out of the kitchen, the broom still in your hand.
No one noticed you, no one except Tig and his body straightened when he saw you.
His face went hard and he looked away.
“Seriously man, what was her name?” Juice asked again.
“I dunno, man.” Tig said.
“Nah what was it? Jess or something, right?”
“Drop it.” Tig snarled before stalking out of the clubhouse.
Juice raised his hands in defense, his face full of confusion.
You dropped the broom and followed TIg, not bothering to care who noticed.

The door slammed shut after you and Tig turned, shaking his head when he saw it was you.
“Jesus christ.”
“What the fuck was that, Alex?”
“Nothing.” He shrugged. “It was nothing.”
“Are you that fucking embarrassed to be seen with me?” You walked towards him, anger fuelling your steps.
“Not here.” Tig warned.
You ignored him and grabbed him by the cuff of his kutte.
“Do you want to be with me or not?!”
He was breathing heavily, his blue eyes filled with an ocean of emotions yet his facer was cold.
Your face was only inches away from his as you stared into those eyes that drowned you, and with each breath he took you felt the fire inside of you growing.
He must have felt it too.
He crashed his lips against yours, his hands holding your face and the cool metal of his rings pressing against your warm cheeks.
You pried his mouth open with your tongue, yet the moment your tongue touched his he caved, a low moan rumbling in his throat.
“What the fuck is going on?!” Clays voice boomed.
You leapt apart, your eyes wide in shock as Tig closed his, tilting his face to the sky and covering it with his hands.
“Church. Now.” Clay growled. He turned in your direction and you shrunk under his cold glare. “You too.”


“How long has this.. thing been going on?”
“Few months.” Tig answered.
He stood next to you at the back of the room, while the rest of the club sat around the table.
You couldn’t help but feel like a naughty school kid being scolded by the school board.
“Look, guys. I-“
“Dont.” Tig interrupted but you ignored him, throwing him an apologetic glance before continuing.
“I love him. I don’t care if this ruins my chances of getting a kutte. I care about him.”
Clay stared you down, his face blank.
You glanced at Tig but he was focused on Clay.
“This.. Whatever this is.. It doesn’t interfere with your role in the Club, understand?”
Tig nodded. “Absolutely, brother.”
Clay nodded slowly before turning to you.
“You still want that top rocker?” You nodded. “Dont think we’re gonna go easy on you. Your gonna have to work extra hard to prove yourself.”
You nodded.
“What goes on behind closed doors is between the two of you. But I want it to stay behind closed doors.”
“So thats it?” Tig asked. “You really don’t care?” He reached for your hand and squeezed it tightly.
“We’ve never givin’ a shite where ye sticking your dick, brother.” Chibs said.
The rest of the club nodded and you smiled at Tig.
“I dont wanna see you making out or whatever it is you two do.” Piney spoke up. “But as long as you don’t come on to me then I don’t care.”
Tig smirked and you clutched your hands to your heart in mock hurt.
“Dammit, Piney. You know that oxygen tank really turns me on.”


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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 4

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 2,700+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 … Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

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You were frozen, listening to the grown men shout at each other. Their voices were muffled and your conscience could not make itself loud enough for you to know whether you should lean an ear directly to the door, walk in and interrupt their yelling, or just walk away altogether.

Reluctantly, you decided on the first option and steadied your breathing enough to gently rest your face against the large double doors leading to Yang’s office. Jiyong was just on the other side of those doors; his body was closer to you than it had been in nearly four months and your heart couldn’t begin to process it. It was difficult to control its rate as you listened to his voice clearly for the first time in so long. There was also no controlling your eyes as they widened upon realizing what they were talking about.


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Now you know

I wanted to draw an icon for myself since ages instead of using my leftovers art. Add to that a little self-indulgence due to shitty week and the need to show off my new hair cut !! *waves non-existent hair* Yeah, I chopped off all my curls…

Don’t repost, better safe than sorry.


Pairing: Bilbo x Reader x Thorin

Characters: Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli, Kili, Balin, the Company

Warnings: A Bit of Angst

Word Count: 1, 612

Note: I hope the person that requested likes the one-shot.

Dunno if u r in the mood for a request but I will try my luck: How about this the reader-who’s a dwarf and elf hybrid- says goodbye to bilbo after the bofta and thorin watches her kiss bilbo a goodbye kiss, the reader had a thing for thorin but she knows she has no chance with him so when she met bilbo she fell for him and biblo is gone and she is upset because she’s confused of her feelings and fili and kili thinks she’s upset because she misses the blue mountain

Your name: submit What is this?

As hard as it still had been for me to believe, it had happened. 

Erebor had been reclaimed and restored to its peaceful glory, after the very long months that had passed by, journeying across Arda on a dangerous quest. Now, Erebor was to be rebuild and Thorin was to be crowned as King Under the Mountain. Without any further doubt, there would surely be a marvellous, grand feast that not a kingdom from across the four corners of Arda could have fathomed to organize. 

Though, everyone knew that this grand feast wouldn’t be arranged till many days later, as we all had felt deeply exhausted in body and soul. 

Upon the aftermath of the horrific battle cries of orcs that collided with the roars and shouts of dwarven soldiers, amongst other races - everything had grown silent and still. So still was the atmosphere that if a light feather would happen to fall, it would be heard. And should there be the beating of a bird’s wings - that would have been the only breeze. It was still, utterly still.

I gazed out the balcony of an abandoned chamber that had once belonged to a Durin ancestor of Thorin. There, I squint my eyes as the blinding sun, like a bashful youth who had been kissed for the first time, glowed with its final rays, flecked in gold. I rest my arms upon the railing of the balcony and begin to contemplate the sudden, unexpected paths I had taken in life.

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Some people think it's Liam's baby, others see inconsistencies but don't really care either way because one BG was enough for them and they'll accept it as his, as long as he claims it and lots of others are quite weirded out by the fact that Liam apparently agreed on having a baby after four months of dating and are still rather suspicious and a bit weirded out because of how it's been handled in the past.

Yeah, I’m the last case you mentioned. I guess the next few days will tell us more.

Hah, so I’m watching the episode 10 Q&A for the first time (look, I was in a hurry to get to more of the plot the first time around), and I’m cracking up over here. Livebloooog.

  • Marisha’s the youngest of the group and Taliesin’s the oldest.
  • Taliesin, Liam, and Sam realize they’re all 38 and are trying to figure out who’s the oldest, and then Ashley goes, “Oh, I’m 37!” and they’re all staring at her in shock until she admits that okay, she’s actually way younger. Liam immediately flips her off.
  • Laura and Travis met right out of high school when they were both extras who had to silent-talk at the same table together for six hours. “We thought we were so cool.”
  • Sam: Donatello is my favorite ninja turtle. Liam: Sam is my favorite ninja turtle.
  • Matt and Marisha met via a sketch-writing group that never panned out. Marisha asked him out. Taliesin was already friends with Matt at the time: “It was adorable.”
  • Sam: “Did you not know? Ashley and I have been dating for like… forty years now.” Ashley: “Yeah, forty-something years now.” Matt: “That’s not true.” Liam: “If you replace Ashley with Liam, it’s true.”
  • Awww, the story of how Vex met Trinket. And she finally posted it online!
  • They want Jennifer Hale on the show as a guest. Heart-eyes. I don’t care that they said this a million years ago, it’s gotta happen.
  • Hah, they’re joking about dream guest-stars and mention a couple that actually happened: Ashly Burch, Vin Diesel, Chris Hardwick.
  • Theorizing about a possible fight with Kevdak… forty episodes before it happens.
  • Sam wants a body-swap episode. Sam is wise.
  • Mentions of Nala… fifty episodes before she shows up again.
  • Yuri Lowenthal “guested on the show” back when it was still a home game.
  • Taliesin: “Percy doesn’t know if his sister died, and right now Percy doesn’t have a plan for his family because Percy is scared shitless of everything going on in the north.” Meanwhile, Matt’s plotting the next major arc of the show…
  • Scanlan critical failed while trying to get the final blow on the Dread Emperor, who sidestepped so he ran straight through a stained-glass window instead.
  • Oh gosh, they’re talking about Pike’s death pre-stream–Ashley didn’t realize and Matt had to explain what had happened.
  • Gilmore is everybody’s favorite–he hadn’t appeared on-stream yet.
  • Whenever they did a Winter’s Crest festival in the pre-stream times, they’d give each other gifts from their characters. Gifts Grog gave party members: Pike got pine cone earrings, Keyleth got pine cones, Percy got a bag of leftover Ikea stuff.
  • Hogwarts houses: Laura and Matt are Hufflepuff (woo), Liam and Marisha are Ravenclaw, Taliesin and Travis are Slytherin. Sam has never read the books because he’s waiting to read them to his son. (Everyone: “Slytherin.” Liam: “Hufflepuff.”) I don’t think Orion or Ashley replied.
  • Liam: “The most important thing in my life is my wife and my two children.” Sam and Laura: “Hi.”
  • Laura: “Ooh, which Game of Thrones house do we belong in?” Sam: “Slytherin.”
  • Matt explains that he’s going to take perma-death very seriously and that’s just the end of the character. Sam: “Oh, I forgot to mention: Scanlan has two identical twins.”
  • They weren’t planning on dressing up for the original opening credits, but Taliesin and Matt wound up bringing a bunch of stuff from home and they went a little overboard.
  • Marisha talks about how real the game seems to them now, pointing to how excited they all got when they realized the viewers of the stream hadn’t met Gilmore yet.
Midnight Snacks. (Takashi Shirogane x Reader)

Midnight Snacks. (Takashi Shirogane x Reader)
Also includes Lance, Keith, Hunk, and Pidge. Mentions of Allura and Coran.
Shiro and Keith sister (You) dated before he disappeared. A late reconnection of the happy couple is written below  :)))))

I sigh as I walk out of my room. The castle floor is cold against my feet and I look both ways down the hall checking for anyone. Like anyone’s going to be awake, I think then snort out loud.

My feet quietly patter against the hard floor and I walk quieter as I pass doors that rest should be sleeping in. And by the rest, I mean the almighty Team Voltron. Yeah, I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my typing. 

Lance wears full body robes and has a religious self-spa schedule (No judge though, he pretty fuckin’ cool. Has good aim, too). Keith is my adoring little brother who can’t hurt me if he tried (Seriously? Where do you think he learned how to fight?). Hunk just wants to cook and be happy (Dude has seriously good vibes. If he doesn’t like someone, you should probs listen). Pidge is a force to be reckoned with (They have access to security cams, Lance, the mice, and I may have karaoke nights occasionally). And Shiro, who is an uncertain boyfriend of mine (Yeah, we were together before he disappeared from the Kerberos mission, haven’t talked a lot since he’s reappeared. It’s awkward)? Allura is the best girl friend ever, totally kick ass (Actually has a good sense of humour, and is just great at braiding hair?). Coran, a true gentleman I tell you (Also has a really dry sense of humour, but it’s really funny?)

As I think about all these people I’ve had to live and fight with these past two weeks, I get closer and closer to the kitchen. Before I get there though, I notice the light is on, and there’s mumbling. I stop and glare at the door to the kitchen before quietly striding over and standing in the doorway.

“Keith, I can assure you, your sister is totally into Shiro!” Lance whisper-yells, almost as if he’s solved a big mystery. Meanwhile, Keith has a subtle smug look on his face.

“Yeah? You think so?” Keith replies as he takes a sip of water. Hunk and Pidge scoff as they look at the tablet Pidge is holding.

“You guys are so dead,” Hunk says out loud, looking down at the tablet. “So dead,” He repeats, looking up with a smile towards me. I put my finger to my lips and step out of the doorway, but stay close enough to hear the conversation.

“Why? No one else is up?” Lance says, so sure of himself. “’Kay, your sister,” He looks at Keith again. “She’s a doctor, which is totally hot, but also a mechanic, even better. Shiro is a leader, and also hot? They’re perfect,” Lance settles. “I’m going to set them up, I will, I’ll do it,” He confirms, I laugh quietly and lean against the wall. But as I’m trying to stifle my laughter, I hear slapping footsteps coming down the hall.

I look down the hallway towards the source and see Shiro, I put my finger to my lips and he frowns. I point into the kitchen and lift up four fingers. He nods and walks quieter and crouches besides me.

“These kids, I swear to god,” Shiro sighs quietly, “My room is right by the kitchen, they don’t think I hear them mumbling?” he grumbles. 

“Oh, but, my Dear,” I whisper, testing the words out slightly, “Do you know what they’re talking about?” I ask, he shakes his head with another confusing look on his face and then starts listening in.

“I’m telling you guys, this is a bad idea,” Pidge starts but gets interrupted by Lance. 

“No! No,” Lance disagrees, “There is something there, there’s a spark in there. They are totally into each other,” He pushes. “I’m going to ask them both to hang out in the common area, and then I’m going to bail. They’ll be forced to have a date,” Lance plans out. I cover my mouth with my hand and force my laugh down.

“Are they-” Shiro starts but Keith sighs loudly.

“Trust me, I’ve seen the spark a long time ago,” Keith says monotonously. Shiro snorts quietly and covers his mouth with his hand as well. He looks at me with wide eyes and gestures between the two of us, I nod. It looks like Takashi remembers that one time Keith walked in on us, doing it.

“Oh my god, this is hilarious,” I gasp quietly, “And Keith is just going with it,” I giggle quietly. 

“I can’t believe,” Shiro sighs and shakes his head with a smile. “Wow, memories,” He chuckles quietly. “You wanna bust these kids? Send ‘em to bed?” 

“Do I ever,” I agree, standing up quietly, “Wanna pretend to be mad?” I wonder.

“How else do you send kids to bed when they’re up too late?” Shiro replies with a smirk. I give him a nod before busting the doors open, glad that Coran and Allura are on the other side of the castle.

“What that hell do you think you’re doing?” I say in my normal angry voice, which is probably loud during this time of night. Lance gets scared and falls off the couch, Keith ducks, Hunk jumps a little, and Pidge… Pidge just pretends to be scared by putting a hand to their chest.

“Get to bed, all of you, before you piss us off even more,” Shiro adds as they all leave the kitchen single file. Pidge is the last one to leave and Shiro grabs their arm to hold them back a second. “Early training tomorrow, tells the others, please,” Shiro requests politely, they nod and smile.

“Okay, goodnight,” They smile and leave, clinging their tablet to their chest.

“Pidge is such a sweetheart,” I gush a few seconds after the four leave, walking into the kitchen. I grab a cup and fill it up with water, taking a sip. I turn and lean against the counter, facing Shiro, feeling a little awkward now. “So, what are you doing up?” I ask curiously, then roll my eyes at myself. “Other than sending the others to bed,” I snort at myself. Shiro laughs. 

“Nothing, probably was going to grab a glass of water, too,” He shrugs, walking my way. I offer him my cup and he takes a sip awkwardly. When he’s done we both sigh and look off.

“Listen-” we both start at the same time, looking back at each other. 

“You go ahead,” Shiro nods.

“Okay one, I can still call you Takashi, right?” I breathe out, feeling nice to get it off my chest, Shiro laughs and nods, leaning on the counter beside me. “Okay, good, because this whole time I have been calling you Shiro in my head and I personally like Takashi better. And two, uhmm, well,” I scratch the back of my neck. “It’s not very common that your significant other, the person that you love more than yourself, disappears from a research mission, ya’know? And then presumed dead for a year, comes back, and your little brother saved them and things get awkward because, holy fuck, you haven’t seen them in a year. And then they have this white puff of hair and a huge scar across the nose and they’re even more beefy and muscular than you remember and they’re super fuckin’ hot. But you don’t really know what you should do? Like, you don’t know if you’re still together and dating after all of that. Because, of course, you still love them, you never stopped. But you’re not really sure if they feel the same way?” I ramble out really fast, then force a laugh out at the end. “Sorry, it’s such a specific problem,” I joke after a few seconds of silence, Takashi laughs and it makes me laugh.

“God, and this whole time I thought you were over me,” Takashi sighs. I laugh nervously and shrug. “And thank fuck you’re not,” he continues, setting the glass cup from his hand onto the counter. I smile and look up at him, he reciprocates the smile and leans in for a kiss. It’s slow and passionate and perfect, and his lips taste like berry chapstick and his mouth like mint.

“Is that Lance’s homemade chapstick?” I wonder when we break apart.

“Yeah. He gave some to you, too?” Takashi laughs. I laugh with him and pull him back in for a needy kiss. 

Soon one thing leads to another and I’m walking backwards out of the kitchen. Takashi is gripping my waist as we slam the kitchen doors open while my hands are pulling his hair. I’m backed into the hallway wall a few seconds later and then pushed into it forcefully.

“I missed you,” Takashi sighs, leaning down and kissing my neck while grabbing my leg and pulling it up. 

“Missed you too,” I reply breathlessly, grabbing his hair and pulling his head up so I can kiss his lips again. I let my one of my hands go to the back of his head and the other clawing at his back. “It’s been-” I gasp as Takashi grinds into me.

“Too long,” He finishes, picking up my other leg and putting his face in my chest. I close my eyes and let my head fall back with a small thud. “You’re still so, so beautiful,” Takashi gasps and grinds into me again. I pull his head back again and go into his neck to kiss, but as I go down to his pulse point I open my eyes to see four very scared teens.

“Takashi,” I gasp, freezing completely. He grips my ass harder and grinds me into the wall harder. I bite my lip and hide my face in his neck, hitting his chest at the same time. “Babe,” I say seriously and Takashi freezes like I did, “Look behind you,” I tell him quietly, glancing at the frozen teens. He turns slowly and looks at the four, then down at me.

“Oh, we, uhh, haha,” Takashi stutters, hopping a little bit to get a better grip on my butt. Keith raises an eyebrow and Takashi gives a cheap smile, slowly letting me to the ground. 

“I think I’m going to go to my room,” I state in a quiet voice so they all can hear me. As I’m about to turn to leave Takashi takes my arm and pulls me back in front of him.

“Actually, Beautiful, would it be okay if you sent them to bed?” Takashi asks pleadingly, I frown at him and tilt my head. He looks behind us and turns red. “It’s just that I have a, uhh, a problem. One that I would prefer if the others don’t see,” he gestures down and I hear snickers from behind me. I smile and nod.

“Alright, go ahead,” I agree, going on my tippy-toes to give him a small kiss. He gives my butt a little squeeze before walking to down to the bedrooms. “I swear to God, when you die I will be the one to end your lives,” I threaten all of them before they all start laughing quietly.

“Listen, Beautiful,” Lance teases, “Why don’t you go kiss lover boy again and leave us mature teens to decide what we please to do,” He suggests cockily, getting nudges from his teammates. “I mean, Shiro’s boner is going to go away so soon,” he continues. 

I stalk towards all of them and within a few seconds I have all of their ears in my hands and I’m pulling them down the hall. I have Keith and Lance in one hand, pulling hard, and Pidge and Hunk in the other hand, pulling not as hard.

“Ow, what did I do?” Keith shrieks, pulling at my arm.

“Don’t act so innocent, you and Lance were gossiping about me and Takashi,” I reply with a huff. I manage to throw them all in their bedrooms (complains coming from all of them) before thumping towards mine at the end of the hall. 

Once in my room I close the door with a slight slam and a sigh. But then I hear a click and there’s a light glow of a lamp from behind me. I turn around to see Takashi on my bed, his clothes on the ground, and a corner of my blanket covering his junk.

“Hey, Beautiful,” Takashi greets in a deep voice. “I’m feeling a little lonely over here, you know?” He invites. A smug smile grows on my face as I walk towards the man on my bed while he purrs.

“I’m going to kill myself, I will, I’ll do it,” Lance sighs as he leans over his food goo. “And you knew,” He gasps at Keith, who’s sitting across the table from him.

“Believe me, my bedroom was right beside theirs, if you think you heard it all, think again,” Keith says monotonously, staring at the wall. Pidge has been watching him for the last ten minutes and they don’t think they’ve seen him blink yet.

“I don’t know, Pidge and I passed out as soon as we hit our beds. We didn’t hear a thing,” Hunk shrugs. Lance lets his head drop as he covers his ears and cringes.

“What’s the matter, Lance?” Shiro asks as he walks in. The team looks at him and notice that he is positively glowing, looks happier than they’ve ever seen him.

“Say that again, Beautiful. Takashi. Oh, Baby,” Lance repeats from what he heard the previous night. Shiro laughs as soon as the words came out of his mouth and keeps laughing until he’s out of breath. 

“I’m sorry, guys. Really, I am,” Shiro apologizes, a big smile on his face but it soon drops. “You alright, Keith?” Shiro asks, putting some food goo in a bowl. Keith turns to him and raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going to open my skull and remove all the memories of last night,” Keith states in the same tone he used before, Shiro snorts.

“Sorry,” He says again with a smile.

“Hey, where’s my sister?” Keith asks with a frown.

“Yeah, and why are you taking food out of the kitchen? What about the rules the Princess put in place?” Lance questions.

“I was going to get to that,” Shiro laughs dryly. “Keith your sister won’t be joining us this morning or at training, she a little sore for obvious reasons and she needs to eat,” He explains before dashing out of the room.

Keith lets his head slam down into his food goo with a thud.

We'll go together

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

“Can you help me please I’m so lost?” the child looked up at him and Pine could see the boy had been crying for a long time. He could also see the bruises and tell-tale marks of abuse, on the child’s arms and neck.

“It’s ok, what’s your name?” Pine understood he must seem awfully tall and scary to a kid, so he knelt down to be a little more on short stuffs level.

In tatty jeans, a t-shirt long past its user date and trainers fit only for the bin the small boy, who Pine thought must be about eight tops, looked at him.

“My name is……” he had to really think. God thought Pine, he must have been badly treated.

“My name is Danny” the name seemed strangely​ familiar but Pine no matter how hard he tried couldn’t place it.

“Well Danny I'm…..” bloody hell I’m doing it now, still it’s not like he hadn’t had to change his name four or five times in the last six months, it was hard to keep up.

“Pine, and we will see together if we can find someone for you” 

Where was he? Looking about he realised he recognized nothing. Standing up and taking the boy’s hand he took stock of his surroundings, which turned out to be no more than a corridor with stone cold, bare walls and  no doors, except for one at the very end.

“Well Danny it looks like there is only one way to go, ready? It’s fine I won’t leave you and somebody must be missing you” he only hoped that the somebody was a different one to the person who had made the marks on the boy.

“I’m scared” came the small voice “I don’t remember how I got here”

Pine didn’t either but dithering would not help to find the answers he needed.

“Come on, forward Ho! And we will travel onward to find the end to this adventure” trying with all his might to sound positive Pine picked up the lightweight kid, set him on his shoulders and started moving off.

“Why have you got blood on you? It’s everywhere!” Danny asked in a panicked voice

For the first time Pine checked  himself out and staring down at his clothes, saw he was indeed covered in sticky drying blood. Couldn’t be his, so who had he hurt and why could he not remember.

“Killed a monster before I got here, I tell you all about it, when we are out of here. Hey fancy ice cream, what’s your favourite?”

“Pistachio or mint chocolate”

The conversation rang a bell in Pines head but still no answers came to him.

Pine started singing with the little chap on his shoulders, jogging a bit and making the child giggle and laugh. Now that was a wonderful sound! 

The door grew nearer.

“I’m really, really scared, let’s not go through the door.” Pine put Danny down and sat on the floor. The boy crawled into his lap and hung on.

“Look you, this corridor is just a way to the outside and once there we will know what’s going on. I find that with most things in life it’s the not knowing that’s scary so..” and he lifted Danny up off his lap, stood himself and place the boy on his shoulder once more.

“We’ll go together right, you and me against the dragons, yes?”

“Yes, Mr Pine” 

Pine started singing “Men of Harlech” loudly which made Danny laugh again and through the door they went into the light and somewhere an ice cream.

The corridor of the mortuary was empty even the sound of a man sing and a boy laughing went silent with the closing of an ethereal door. On the slabs in the cold M.E.s room, there lay two corpses that had come in together. A man, and the boy, he’d try to protect from too many guns. 

Pictures not mine I just played (and I know they are not in a corridor)

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Monument of the Female Resistance Fighter ~ La Partigiana ~  Venice

La Partigiana, by Augusto Murer. The original statue, by Leoncillo Leonardi, (in the Giardini Pubblici) was destroyed by a fascist bomb in 1961, four years after its installation. This was installed in 1964 on a setting designed by Carlo Scarpa. It was supposed to float, but the mechanism failed after a few months. The area had been under restoration for a long time. It was re-opened on 6 June 2009.

Father Is Strange, 7

I haven’t watched many weekend family dramas, mostly because they’re so long. From my limited experience, they can be pretty hit or miss—with the requirement to fill at least fifty hours of air time, their stories sometimes get repetitive and frustratingly drawn out. And because they’re engineered to please every demographic, they’re often very traditional, with restrictive gender roles and rock-solid hierarchies that don’t really work for me. 

But these shows also have some of the down-home charm that has largely vanished from Kdrama miniseries, which are now too glossy and aspirational to feel like they’re set in the real world. Family dramas deal with the everyday trials and tribulations of life, from a rent bill that’s raised unexpectedly to siblings who bicker over their possessions to the horror of six adults trying to share one bathroom. I love seeing the inner workings of a big, complicated Korean family, where relationship patterns are lifelong and much more well-defined than ones in the west.

So far, Father Is Strange has avoided all the things I don’t like about family dramas and embraced the ones I do. It charts a cluster of narratives revolving around the Byun family: Lovable dad runs a snack shop with the help of his wife, who’s also responsible for their big, unruly household. Their four adult children all live at home, and their lives regularly intersect over ramen at the family table. There’s a son who’s studying for the civil service exam and three daughters—one a successful lawyer, one a babely yoga instructor, and the last an awkward new hire at an entertainment company. And, because it’s not a family drama without a grandma, halmoni lives next door with her screw-up son and his family.

Essentially all of these people have their own storylines, and like an American soap opera (do those even exist any more?), every episode devotes a few scenes to each of them. Unlike Korean miniseries, this show won’t end with a guy getting a girl—over its six months on the air, all four Byun children will almost certainly either get married or end up in a longterm relationship. There will be in-law drama and baroque wedding rituals and light class warfare. 

The first seven episodes have been a treat, exploring each character and moving their narratives incrementally forward. Their world is big and well-developed—there’s a retiree who hates his wife and loves his dog, a terrible actor with daddy issues who may or may not be the long-lost Byun child, and a cadre of supporting players who surround each of the siblings.

I wouldn’t mind a little more solidarity between the ladies, but other than that, there are no red flags here. Father Is Strange is safe and cozy and perfect rainy day viewing. It doesn’t ask for much, but it offers lots in return.