it's been a great month


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

When people say they are Hardenshipping Trash

This is what I think of, every time.

Perfection. It isn’t real. It isn’t human, and Carlos is not perfect. No–even better–he is imperfect. Everything about him, and us, and all of this is… it’s imperfect. And those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our outsized love can seep and pool. And sometimes we’re annoyed. And disappointed. And that too is a part of how love works. It’s not a perfect system, but… oh well.
—  “Condos”, Welcome To Night Vale

im finally playing this game and pit has such son status

id like to thank every single one of my followers! i remember getting excited when i had 30 followers! i never thought i would get this far and i never thought i would ever have art that gets over 400 notes!

(also the fact that ive gained 12 followers since i started drawing this amazes me!)

in celebration, i may be opening a redbubble shop soon so you can buy stickers, phone cases and more with my art on it!

its been a great couple of months already and i cant wait to see what happens in the future :)

character aesthetics-

aline penhallow

“you’ll have to forgive her; she has the face of an angel and the manners of a moloch demon.”

It is about my 1 year anniversary of using tinder, and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. A year ago I was a 19 year old kissless virgin, who had minuscule experience talking to girls, and I had no hope of ever meeting anyone. I signed up for tinder as I was too afraid to approach girls in real life.

I started matching and meeting with a couple girls, and the first few dates when horribly, I felt very uncomfortable but I powered through. On the third girl I got my first kiss, then I met my first girlfriend after about two months of using tinder. I felt comfortable with her, and we dated for only two months, and thats when I lost my virginity. After we broke up I met my second girlfriend who I am still currently dating. Its been 6 months and she is great. I also have made some girl platonic friends from Tinder.

I feel like a whole new person compared to what I was a year ago, and even my family/friends/coworkers comment that they’ve noticed that i’ve changed for the better.

I cannot believe a silly little app on my phone has made such an impact on my life.