it's been a day

The Todorokis at the mall
  • Shouto:Excuse me? I lost my father. Can I please make an announcement?
  • store clerk:Of course.
  • Shouto:*leans into the mic* GOODBYE YOU PIECE OF SHIT

later on today i’ll probably post either a link to the official polyshipprompts chatroom on chatango or a poll to help decide on the themes for polyship week (which, btw, been a plan for 9 months apparently! i’d like to thank the anon who originally suggested it)

Tfw you start a new job and your acne gets worse ;-; I have an actual job yo but today I feel tired and gross let’s pray my makeup works out XD

On the bright side I am working through a smut and drug dealer Wonwoo (I have so many notes I feel like this could be good ^^ So maybe soon you guys will get more than unneeded life updates which I only really post so you guys kmow I’m not dead XD Ty all for your patience, I am working on another series too but it probs won’t be out until after the Wonwoo one ♥


a charmander and a vulpix both ran away from me and i’m probably going to be annoyed about it until the day i die