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Mike Wheeler’s never been an expert at managing his anger.

For as long as he can possibly remember, he’s always taken what begins as small spats very personally, to the point where he himself would wonder why he couldn’t bring himself to let it go.

When he was five, a nine year old Nancy accidentally broke his toy firetruck after stepping on it carelessly, and his small face turned such an alarming shade of red Karen had him sit in his room for a few minutes in order to calm down. While he lay in his bed, she brought him a PB&J (his favorite) and promised to purchase him another truck. It isn’t just the truck Mike wished he could properly communicate to her. How could his big sister be so careless? Didn’t she care about his things? About him?

Despite his 5 year old passion and genuine anger, things were so much simpler when he was younger; in retrospect. 

Seven years later, when an alien of a girl crashes into his life like a meteor across the Andromeda, and promptly leaves the same way, something inside him just breaks.

“Mike c'mon man, you can’t spend your entire life sulking.” Lucas sighs. It’s when he, Will and Dustin find him sitting on the basement couch with a blank expression that he decides to speak up. “Earth to Mike!”

“Lucas leave me alone okay? Please.“ It was the first time Lucas saw true desperation in his best friend’s eyes, and the same look that almost made him relent, pushed him to give him the wake up call he knew he needed.  

 "No, you can’t just sit in this basement and think that it’s gonna solve everything, it won’t and we both know it.”

 “What am I supposed to do? Go out and ride my bike? Go to the arcade? Pretend? She should be here too!” It slipped. Mike had no intention of even mentioning her, trying for months to imagine a world where he never met her, causing his heart to empty out in the form of emotions he didn’t know how to deal with.

 “And you don’t think I know that? Just an FYI, both Dustin and I were there in that very same classroom. We all saw it. You don’t think that very image keeps me up at night?! I cared about her too! But if I let it run my life, I’ll be lost just like–” Lucas stopped himself. Everyone in the room knew how that sentence was going to end, but accepting what it meant was difficult for all of them. To that both Will and Dustin let out a long sigh they didn’t realize they were holding in.

 “Just like me? Don’t you think I know that Lucas?! God, why don’t you do me a favor and just get lost?!”

Doing just that Lucas storms off and slams the door, with only a sigh and a immensely hurt look on his face. 

 “Mike…” Dustin starts, moving from his and Will’s spot by the stairs. 


 Dustin flinches slightly, but holds his resolve firmly. “We only want to see you you again, dude. We’re all hurt, but we have to accept that nothing’s the same anymore. We still have to stick together no matter what.” Mike doesn’t look up, and Dustin takes that as his cue to leave. “C'mon, Will.” 

Will takes one long last look at Mike before following his friend out the basement door.

 Ugh they never understand! They don’t see her every time they close their eyes, every time they wake up, every time they look at that damn fort!

 Storming over to the fort, he begins to tear it apart, every piece, every soft smile, every longing look; every memory. Reduced to tears, Mike is unable to control the soft sobs that escape him. She’s not coming back. And no amount of red faced and angry hearted rage would ever bring her back. Nothing’s the same anymore. And they never would be. Not without Eleven.

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GREETINGS! I was thinking about the ask below, about the whole Alec lying to Magnus. You mentioned that maybe the argument may carry into 218, which makes sense. Because aren't Magnus and Luke at the Seelie court again? It def could be damage control. Who knows, but I do concur that this could carry over. And they're grown men, in a serious relationship. And no relationship is perfect. Arguments happen and resolving them can bring them even closer I think. I CANT WAIT THOUGH. \_(ツ)_/¯

They are indeed at the Seelie Court again and also I feel like the stills with Magnus and Alec feel…tense? Serious? This whole thing with the soul sword goes beyond their relationship; it could shatter the already fragile alliance that’s holding the Shadow World together, so I hope we see this played out in full. The synopsis for 2x19 says that the Downworlders will come together to make a surprising decision, so I wonder if by the end of 2x18, the Downworld may choose to forsake the Shadowhunters – including Magnus – but that something will happen in 2x19 that changes their minds. (I think I know what that something is but I won’t get into it bc I’m not sure haha but it does have to do with City of Glass and the Alliance rune.)

Anyway, I agree that we’ll see Magnus and Alec even closer by the end of it. I love watching them navigate their relationship while being on opposing ends of the political spectrum, like it’s just really important to have an lgbt+ relationship where the tension isn’t from drama that reduces our relationships to being all about our sexual orientation (i.e. one partner being unhappy about the other being in the closet) but because of this war they’re both caught up in and because they’re both leaders responsible for making tough calls while trying to maintain a healthy, respectful relationship. Having Alec run the Institute while they’re still in the learning stages of their relationship is easily one of the best calls the show has made.


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@aprettyred-ashiningblue requested AsaNoya doing some chill mundane domestic shit like grocery shopping, so I put them in the cutest most pastel supermarket I’ve ever heard of and confined myself to a hell of cute pastel milk cartons ~ I hope you like it!

Can I just say how much… I really, really love writing Rhys and Mor? And maybe just take two seconds to chat about how underrated their relationship is? The more I write Rhys, the more I keep finding myself in these scenes with him coming to her, leaning on her, using her for help and advice whether he knows it or not. I think Rhys loves her so, so much. And I honestly believe that out of everyone in the IC, if Mor were to die it would hit him harder than anyone else (save Feyre, of course). They’ve grown up together, and he’s fought his entire life to give her independence and freedom, and I think Mor returns the favor when he lands on her balcony after the Mountain, and he sort of just… lets her keep being this shepherd in his life, helping him keep from fully unraveling. I think Cassian and Azriel aren’t the only ones who feel her endless warmth and spirit. Say what you will about the Cazigan dynamic in the books and who has to “shield” whom from Mor’s infectious spirit, but if you think about it, Rhys is exempt from that protection. He just gets to enjoy Mor for all she is, how selfless and supportive and encouraging, and she too gets to be there for her cousin who has empowered her and given her status and strength over her family, these things that make her into a queen. They’re friends. Really, really good friends and I think there is so much love between them that we don’t get to see a lot of in ACOMAF, but if SJM were to ever write the book as Rhys or elaborate on it, I think we’d be surprised just how much goes on between the two of them and how much he confides in her. And I think given how much they’ve gone through together… that’s just, I don’t know, really really special and I love it so much. It’s nice to see that even when the entire world and family around them falls apart, there is still this lovely little kernal of them left to lean on and it never goes away.

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I wanted to touch really quickly on the gym showers thing. Not all schools make you shower in school, if anything, where I went (standard California public school) if we were caught trying to use the showers we'd get into trouble. That goes for both schools I went too that had showers. I may be wrong, but from what I'm aware of less and less schools do the shower thing now adays, it's slowly become a cliche highschool staple of the past only seen in movies, much like getting shoved into lockers.

I agree but because less schools do it that means that the ones that do are more confused on how things work


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I once had the urge to make a shitty photoshop edit of cullen as a farmer and once I gave in, I coudln’t stop. It is completely unrelated to just anything we know about Cullen and there is absolutely no excuse or justification for this mess. I am so sorry. It’s just I feel like he’d be a great farmer, living a happy life on his own little farm okay?