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Do you have any advice for someone whose really tight on money? I have a part time job but it's not enough and I have bills. It's becoming a lot to handle.

Hey darling 💕 I sympathize with your current situation; you’re definitely not alone. Money stresses are unfortunately not uncommon, and heavily impacts both our mental and physical health. It’s important to concentrate on self care and positivity through this time.

  • Avoid negative thinking. I know I always say this but it’s crucial. When times are tough, it’s easy to get carried away with the negative voice inside our head. Instead of focusing on the bad or putting ourselves down, try to concentrate on the positive. For example; be extra proud of all the hard work you put into your job.
  • Set a budget, or go over it if you already have one. Having an organized spending plan will give you much more control. The three biggest money stressors are: spending more than you make, living paycheck to paycheck, and / or owing money. Face the issue head on and start building your plan.
  • Reach out to a trusted family member or close friend that you can vent to and share your honest feelings. Being able to talk openly about your troubles will help reduce stress, and they may be able to give you some helpful tips.
  • Know that seeking medical help is another good option. Having that support from a professional can help tremendously. I don’t mean to cause stress, but I think it’s important to be aware of the possibilities and the reality of being affected by stress. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common mental illnesses caused by financial troubles. Insomnia, eating disorders, and many more serious physical illnesses are also common. It’s important to reach out when things become overwhelming.
  • Start an emergency fund. Keep a jar or an envelope in a safe place and start putting away small amounts when you can. Every penny counts, and having that extra bit saved allows you to be proud of yourself, have an extra option when money gets tight, or even when you want to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

Heres a few tips to save money where you are now:

  • Shop smart. Use any coupons you can for groceries and sign up for email newsletters because they usually contain sales and secret deals. Free reward programs are another amazing way to earn and save grocery money!
  • Save on your energy bill. Get used to turning off lights, unplugging appliances, turning off the tv when you’re not using it, etc. Being more conscious of your water usage is another good one.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time and try to cook at home when you can. Don’t be afraid to do some research for inexpensive but tasty meals.

There are also quite a few ways to make some extra crash but they will cost you time. These are just some ideas that might be useful.

  • Walk your friend’s or neighbour’s dog(s). This is a really fun, quick and underrated way to make money and spend time with a good buddy.
  • Use advertisements on your website with Google Adsense.
  • Consider opening up a free store online or selling to friends and the community. If you have any good quality outgrown, gently used or unused clothing that you rarely wear or don’t want; consider selling them. Old jewelry, furniture, books, and other things just taking up space are good to sell, too.
  • Use your artistic hobbies or take up a new hobby that can pay such as: photography, knitting, baking, cooking, drawing, painting, sewing, woodcraft, writing, digital artistry, calligraphy, jewelry making, papercraft, etc. Freelancing in makeup artistry, hairstyling, nail artistry are other great ways to make money. Even though they are highly competitive jobs, there is a large and constant demand.

Recommended Websites:

Etsy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.
Storenvy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.

TeePublic - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing.
RedBubble - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.
Society6 - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.

PoshMark - Sell your clothes.
ThredUP - Sell your clothes.

SkyWord - Get paid to write.
SliceThePie - Get paid to review music.

ShutterStock - Sell your photography and stock photos.
iStockPhoto - Sell your photography and stock photos.

Amazon Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
BestBuy Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
Gazelle Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
ItsWorthMore - Sell your old or unused electronics.

StudyPool - Get paid to tutor online.
Chegg - Get paid to tutor online.

InstaGC - Get paid to answer surveys.
Ipsos ISay - Get paid to answer surveys.
OpinionOutpost - Get paid to answer surveys.
Toluna - Get paid to answer surveys.

Recommended Apps:

iPoll (IOS)
Qriket (IOS) enter 57F794 for 25 extra spins
AppNana (Android)
OpinionRewards (Android)
GrabPoints (Android)
PerkTV (Android)
SlideJoy (Android)
S’more (Android)
Swagbucks (Android)
QuickThoughts (Android)

I really hope at least one of these tips can help you out. Remember that your present situation is not your final destination. This will pass. You will get through this. Good luck and stay strong angel. 🌻💕

“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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Ian and Mickey waking up next to each other

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If the shadowman said "please you must help me only together can we prevent the destruction of your world" to the 1.0 characters how would they react

Dempsey [1.0]: “What the fuck? Sounds like some serious bullshit to me.”

Richtofen [1.0]: “But… I’m zhe vone going zo be responsible for ze destruction of zhis vorld.” 

Takeo [1.0]: *vomits*

Nikolai [1.0]: “Bring me vodka and then.. no that’s it, bring Nikolai vodka.” 

A Winner is Announced!

Feducci claims victory with nearly half the vote!t He steps forward, offering the crowd a regal wave. Thundering roars of approval hail his victory. “Victory, then?” He nods down to the roaring crowd, “It was never in question, only the margin. London is in for a most exciting year.”

There will be a brief period of transition as Sinning Jenny gracefully departs her office, but very soon London will experience life under its new Mayor.

Once fully situated, a mayoral Feducci card will become available in your opportunity deck. As the official mayor of Fallen London, you may hear news of his work crop up from time to time during his year in power.

Look for the 1895: The Victor is Announced! throughout London and speak to your candidate to wrap up any loose ends. You will have till 17th July to use up any leftover election resources, and the limited edition Election 1895 campaign posters will remain available on Gametee until 31st of July!

Of course, you will have the opportunity to influence who runs for Mayor of Fallen London next year - keep an eye out for the official Proposed Candidates for 1896 forum thread. Statistics on the Election will be released within the next few weeks.

We’ll also be looking into the feedback about the social actions within this year’s Election to inform next year’s festival. Thank you for helping us experiment and try new things within Fallen London!

Ugh I wish the discourse could be solved by like. People bein ok with like. Yeah LGBT people can talk about asexuality in our spaces sometimes but. Thats not the primary focus nor does it inherently make u LGBT. Its not that hard.

Like if someone irl at an LGBT thing starts talking about asexuality im not gonna be like “ew 😂😂😂 aces aren’t LGBT shut up” because talks about asexuality are important too, especially since its part how of a lot of LGBT people identify too. I will just put in my opinion if things go astray into the fear mongering shit y'all do on here, the false/revised/co-opted history and debunked studies, or anything about how aces have it “worse” or “need to be protected from rampent aphobia.”

And im not gonna interrogate someone who says they’re ace to see if they’re a Real LGBT but if they openly say I’m aroace and cis or im cis heteromantic ace or cis heterosexual aro im gonna be like??? Alright whatever but don’t ever speak for us on the other issues in this community. Ever. Just shhhhhhhHHHhhhh. And don’t try to make this a constant shit show all about You and your poor aphobia and “what about the aces you forgot them” when our siblings are literally dying out here and we have more important things to talk about, teach each other and support each other over. Thats really the problem here that you inclusionists aren’t seeing. Its not even really that cishet aces just Existing and Showing Up to our spaces is inherently a problem, its that it always ends up becoming a toxic situation of taking up too much of the floor that isn’t even theirs to speak on, talking over us on LGBT issues, spreading misinformation, and having a huge victim complex over next to nothing.

Like y'all are really something when you talk about ostracizing and kicking out fellow LGBT people for holding ace exclusionist views. Thats fucking terrifying and horrible of y'all to put cishets above LGBT people and if any of y'all are actually in GSAs that do that that sounds like a fucking neo-liberal trainwreck of a GSA. Plus it shows a huge level of immaturity. Just sayin I won’t judge either side too harshly if you get heated here on The Internet but if y'all are seriously irl callin ace exclusionist people “REGs” and shit and excluding them hoooo boy y'all are fucked up

Imagines past sapphires power has the potential to develop into perfect hindsight

Not only the actual past, but also the ideal past

She can fail at something but then see exactly what /shouldve/ been done

promptly becomes a surprisingly terrifying force in any situation where its possible to try more than once

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lmlgel anon: There was this other kind of AU idea I thought would be cool. What if instead of a queen Merla was a member of a group of space pirates or thieves and she and Lotor meet because she pickpockets him.

but have you considered… royal queen merla who joins space pirates and pickpockets lotor at some point

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Hi, I loved that mccree x trans reader very much, could you please do mccree,genji and fareeha finding out their trans s/o is pregnant cause my biological clock might be the B/ig Be/n right now and I need to channel it into some of my faves

((A/N - I really hope I did this justice, and that you managed to survive bc omg people do not understand))


• Is absolutely over the moon when you tell him

• Never thought he would be able to have children

• Purely because he never thought he’d find someone as special as you to bear them

• Becomes x10 more protective over you than what he already was

• Is always one step behind you, in case you ever needed anything

• You can’t compare the joy on his face to anything else when you actually start showing

• However, that’s when the problems start

• Jesse of course supports you with your transitioning

• People in public just don’t seem to understand, or want to understand

• This is why you are thankful he’s protective over you

• At first you tried to wear baggy clothes out in public

• Nobody seemed to be none the wiser

• Until one day Jesse notices and begins to buy you proper maternity clothes to wear out

• Strangers would just stare at you not understanding

• Your boyfriend had caught you on more than one occassion crying in the bathroom

• You could hear whispers behind your back and feel the stares of everyone

• If Jesse ever caught someone that had acted out of line then oof

• They would be in for an earful and a threat

• His hand always comforted the small of your back, supporting you

• Jesse is very good at sweet talk, but also managing to reassure you

You. Are. Normal.

• Becoming pregnant was the best thing that had ever happened to you two

• You soon learnt from Jesse to ignore everyone and focus on those who loved you for who you really are

• Your baby was going to have the best parents in the world

• The best daddies in the world


• Is initially shocked when you handed him the pregnancy stick

• Went to Angela just to confirm you really were pregnant

• Not that he doubted you or the test

• Just because of the way that he was, he wasn’t entirely sure how the mechanics worked

• A happy little accident

• After calming down from shock, Genji went into full-on Father mode

• Not just for the baby, but for you too

• Genji did try to control you, but you knew he was doing his best

• Your nights out with the guys became less and less frequent

• You weren’t allowed out in public without him because God forbid anything happened and he wasn’t there

• He immediately took your binders away from you, so they wouldn’t restrict anything at all

• He understood you felt more comfortable with them

• But you also understood that you didn’t want to do anything to hinder the baby

• He would stroke you before bed, massaging anywhere that hurt or ached

• Constantly complimented you on how beautiful you looked

• Even if this wasn’t your ideal situation

• Becoming pregnant while transitioning had its up and downs

• Sure you got the few odd looks out and about

• You had learnt from the best to shrug it off

Your boyfriend was half cyborg for goodness sake

• Which meant you looked a right pair in public, but you both passed it off and pretended to be famous

• With Genji around, you felt unstoppable

• When the baby came he was so excited

• Holding them so carefully and gently

He also reluctantly gave you back your binders but told you not to wear them until the swelling had gone down


• It was a joint decision to have children

• You had volunteered, with Fareeha being more active in Overwatch you didn’t want any harm to come to her or the baby

• So much planning had to be done, in which your girlfriend’s military organisation had come in handy

• Cycles and times and dates had to be recorded

• You had been asked several times if you were sure you wanted to go through with being inseminated

• Just because you were transgender

• There was no doubt your baby was going to have amazing parents

• Did it honestly matter if you were the one that gave birth?

Absolutely not

• Fareeha always provided for you

• Whether it was a backrub, an uplifting saying or something you couldn’t reach on the top shelf

• She only wanted you to be careful, to increase the chances of the procedure being a success

• Your next doctor’s visit concluded it had been a success

• She couldn’t wait to tell everyone

• She seemed more excited than you at the prospect of having children

• When you began to swell she would do whatever she could to help

• Even if it meant turning into your bodyguard

• She could be a little scary

• Fareeha wanted to make you as comfortable as possible during the pregnancy

• You weren’t really up for going outside anymore, scared of what people would think

• Your girlfriend understood and never tried to push you

• By the time the baby came your room was filled with succulents and flowers

• This was her way of trying to bring the outdoors to you

• You loved her so much

• And she loved you and your baby in return


“Everything that’s realistic has some sort of ugliness in it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks its prey, the ocean when it becomes violent. I’m very sensitive to ugly situations. I’m quick to read people, and I pick up if someone’s reacting to me as just a sexy blonde. At times like that, I freeze. I can be very alone at a party, on the set, or in general, if I’m not in harmony with things around me.”
–Sharon Tate

GOT7 reaction to you getting close with a friend from back home.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

you’re their girlfriend and you have to go back to your home country for a little while, though while you’re there, they find out you’re getting close to a guy back home (maybe you talk fondly about him over Skype or he sees a picture of you two together online or something), you think it’s completely innocent, i hope this makes sense, thank you Omma ^-^

thanks for the request sweetie ^_^ 
i hope you like it :)
sorry for the sudden absence, but i should be back fully now, i might even have a surprise one member reaction open soon.
~ahgase Omma 

he’s beyond mad, and whats worse is that he thinks that your just lying to him about it or pretending that youre not doing anything wrong. he trees to talk to you about it, but he gets mad just thinking about the betrayal 

he’s annoyed and angry, mostly over the fact that your distance from him has made you close with some other guy. he tries to be reasonable, friends are friends, but still his hates this new development 

if he’s not your only one, then he doesn’t know what to do with his life! he has strong opinions on loyalty and you knew this when you started dating he’s said it over and over and now youve just turned your back on him.

all the judgement but he tries to see reason, but he hates that he’s being so lenient, he needs to know whats going on, but keep his short temper calm too

utterly heart broken!! he’s more sad about the whole situation than angry, if youve become closer its not because you actively tried to, it just happened, so he can’t be mad about that. even after reconciling he still sees the memory as a very depressing one.

for once speechless, he’s not angry he’s not overly depressed about it, he’s more surprised that this has happened, never mind how it happened but the fact that it did is more than he can handle

he feels helpless, theres nothing he can do, he can’t get angry at you for being close to friends, but he’s more than just sad about it. he wants to do something about it, but this whole thing has planted a seed of doubt 

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How to properly move in to a new house:
  • Harley: "Wow! Ya know, this place is really nice! Look at the closet! I'll have so much room for more outfits and makeup and je-"
  • *loud banging*
  • Harley: "What are ya doin'?!?"
  • *watches a headboard get thrown out the window*
  • Joker: "We won't be needing that."
  • *looks out the window*
  • Harley: "Well, I bet our neighbors will be thankful..."

The Despair Uranus
When this card is Tribute Summoned while you control no Spell/Trap Cards: You can activate this effect; your opponent declares either Continuous Spell or Continuous Trap, then you Set 1 card of that type directly from your Deck. This card gains 300 ATK for each face-up Spell/Trap Card you control. Face-up cards in your Spell & Trap Zone cannot be destroyed by card effects.
Can Be Found In: Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (DRL3-EN009)

Continuous Spells and Traps often relies on combos and setups to become as efficient as possible. Often with permanent effects affecting the Duel, they’ll provide favorable abilities for our performance specially if our build completely works arround them. However, they’re wide open for all sorts of removal effects to completely ruin our backrow, becoming a clear weakpoint for our strategy. But besides such obvious risk, some builds will go from relying on a few of them to creating entire strategies exclusively arround them.

“The Despair Uranus” is a very particular Legendary Planet as tries to take advantage of our backrow to gain a powerful pressence on the field. If “Uranus” is Tribute Summoned while there’s no Spell or Trap Cards on our field we can make the opponent between Continuous Spell or Continuous Trap, which will make us Set a card from our Deck to the field of the choosen type. “Uranus” becomes stronger as more face-up Spells and Traps are in our field by gaining 300 ATK for each, and to make things even more favorable said cards will be completely protected against any destructive effects. “Uranus” pretty much requires a Deck of its own, as not only is able to gather Spells and Traps with its effect but the more of them are gathered together the more powerful “Uranus” as well our entire field will become.

“The Despair Uranus” doesn’t have many searching options to become available as soon as possible, specially trying to time its Tribute Summon with the situation on our field. Not only that, but since our Deck will be full of Continuous Spells and Traps to work along with bringing “Uranus” by Tribute Summon might become optional due how situational its searching effect might become. Yet, there are many options to gather material for an immediate arrival, with monsters such as Frogs or “Edea the Heavenly Squire” gathering in pairs or Pendulum Monsters which will gain the benefits of “Uranus” afterwards. To make things even easier, “The Monarchs Stormforth” will let us tribute an opponent’s monster to bring out “Uranus”. Otherwise, “Tribute Burial” will banish monsters inside both Graveyards to be used as materials for the Tribute Summon. A wonderful ally to work in late game is “Call of the Haunted”, allowing us to revive “Uranus” and become invulnerable thanks to this monster’s effect keeping it out of various dangers.

The more Spells and Traps we can activate together, the more powerful “Uranus” will become as well our whole field overall. With our backrow as well a Field Spell “Uranus” can reach up to 4700 ATK, more than enough to take down almost every monster in the whole game (That’s not including stat boosts from Spell and Traps working together with “Uranus”). Then add the assistance of the Spells and Traps active on the field like “Dimension Guardian” or “Heart of Clear Water”, overall making it near impossible to take down “Uranus” and the backrow arround it. If we heavily focus on Tribute Summoning “Uranus” we can achieve a lock down working along “March of the Monarchs” and “Domain of the True Monarchs”, completely shutting down almost all options for the opponent. Finally there’s those Spells and Traps granting victory conditions but requires some time to do so, like “Wave-Motion Cannon” piling effect damage as more turns passes active on our field or “Destiny Board” safely bringing Spirit Messages until we win by its effect.

“The Despair Uranus” is clearly a monster to work on its own build, not only obtaining its full potential but also creating powerful and unavoidable setups with the Spell and Trap Cards we can gather together. With a searching effect allowing us to look for key cards like “March of the Monarchs” or “Dimension Guardian” that will gain the protection from “Uranus”, and this monster getting stronger the heavier our backrow becomes, is overall a whole Deck that goes from indestructible fields to cheap winning conditions. Is a setup heavy strategy specially since “Uranus” searching effect might miss the opportunity to be used depending of the situation on our field, but if we can pull out “Uranus” along a few of many Spells and Traps it will become an assured victory due the various benefits we will pile together on our field.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Searches for a Continuous Spell or Trap if Tribute Summoned on a field without Spells or Traps
+ Gains ATK for each face-up Spell or Trap on our field
+ Protects our face-up Spells and Traps  from removal effects
+ Powerful setups making our entire field indestructible and/or locking down the opponent’s options

- Setup heavy
- Searching effect might become situational depending of the situation on our field

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so, i feel like its a strange situation but since ive become a bit more self aware of the fact that i may have bpd, it feels like im sort of faking it?? like my brain is intentionally going out of its way to make sure i check all the boxes and it seems irrational but its making me so paranoid that im actually faking

I understand the feel, Nonnie. In times like these I find it helps to keep a symptom diary so you can analyse your behaviours after they’ve happeened so you van be more objective. Discussing it with others also helps!


It has been over thirteen years since we’ve had a decent Spider-Man film. With that being said, this film is a spectacular Spider-man movie (Yeah, I see what I did there). So great that it has officially changed my ranking of the Spider-Man films. “Spider-Man 2″ is still on top for me, but “Spider-Man: HC” is an extremely close second, and I’ll tell you why. 

 STORY: The story, as many turns and as few twists it takes, is not that hard to follow. The Vulture, Michael Keaton, simply wants to be able to provide for his family in world where his company is being made obsolete due to government and corporation intervention. However, its not long until the situation becomes more sinister, with the advanced tech now being made and sold as hi-tech weaponry. Vulture, however, just sees it as him simply providing for his family.

 Peter Parker, only a couple months after the events of Civil War, is eager to prove his worth to Tony and become a full-fledged avenger. Yet, it becomes clear right away Peter is still very inexperienced to being a Superhero and doesn’t take into account right away how his actions can put others into major unintentional danger. It is only until Peter is brought back down to Earth that he realizes the responsibility and weight being a true hero carries, even if it is just a hero to the little guy. An interesting side-story that takes place in Peter Parker’s world is his life as a high-school student. His crush Liz Allen, his academic career, and his intuitive genius mind are all to be expected from High School Peter Parker, and it is enjoyably interesting to watch. Peter’s growth as not just a hero, but also a person is what makes this Spider-Man story work so well. 

PRESENTATION: First and foremost, the Spider-Man suit works perfectly and is an instant classic. Not only does it embody the classic Steve Ditko design, but if paid close enough attention to, the suit also pays tribute to other designs simply through the work of the lenses. Such as when the suit activated INSTA-KILL mode, the lenses took on the shape similar to that of The Assassin Spider-Man Suit. Vulture also looked incredibly menacing and tough. It was hard to imagine how Vulture was going to be a worthy adversary of Spider-Man, and they proved in flying colors (no pun intended) that this villain deserves his place as a classic Spider-Man villain. The fights were interesting to watch and definitely pure eye-candy. But compared to that major train fight in Spider-Man 2, they still have much room for improvement. Yet it makes sense for this is as it is an inexperienced Spider-Man, so some slack will be cut. 

 RESULTS: This Spider-Man film has brought back the wall-crawler to his glory and made him interesting and lovable to watch once more. I can hardly contain my excitement for the next film as I have no doubt it will exceed all expectations. Spider-Man: Homecoming is another masterful addition to the MCU, and boy, did they prove the character belongs at home with Marvel Studios. 



The “Final Chapter’’ Scene within the film was fantastic. It set the foundation of who Spider-Man is as a character and who he has the potential of becoming.

That last suit looked Tony had for Spider-Man definitely looked like the Ben Riley suit and Iron Spider suit meshed together if I’m not mistaken.

Totally happy with the decision that Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man. I feel it makes for better storytelling.

Loved the fact that Spider-Man saved the Vulture from death. Stays true to the character of Spider-Man and breaks the endless cycle of villains having to die at the end of the film.

Also glad Peter didn’t get the girl at the end of the film. Shows there are consequences to his double life.

Wished Peter didn’t piggy back so much on Tony’s tech. That he relied more on his own.