it's because you're planning on taking it

i have never felt distance like this between us before.

you know, i had plans before you.

there were things i wanted to do.
for myself.
i wanted to build.

now, it is hard to make plans without trying to fit you in.
or take you out.
everything else is just background noise.

there are things i can’t do because they remind me too much of you.
or not enough.
i am what i am now because of you.

after you, there were regrets.
missed opportunities.

i wanted to build,
and you burned me to the ground.

—  letters from drake’s ex; if i was you, i wouldn’t like me either

I feel like this update has been taking me agessss to complete, mainly because I keep having to reformat the pages. Paneling is hard :( I think it’s going to be a 6-page update though (at the very least it’ll be 5 pages), so I hope you guys think it’s worth the wait :) Here’s a little WIP of one of the almost-done panels to hold ya’ll over for a bit.