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Why Keith and Lance belong in Gryffindor

a.k.a. “watch Kayser spend three hours on an AU theory post that will never be relevant to canon and then resume to regret their life.”

So, let’s do this.

While there’s been a fair amount of discussion regarding the House placement of all of the Paladins, Keith and Lance have certainly been the most debated. They are both very complex characters and I figured that without a huge fucking theory post, no one could ever come to a conclusion on this. And that’s why I’m here, because if there’s anything I do best it’s spending hours compiling evidence for something that won’t matter in the long run.

Without further ado, let’s start with the Sorting Hat and its process of determining the house that students belong to.

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Art Stream is OVER for today!

Thanks to everyone who joined me, some regulars, some friends irl, and everyone in between! 

We had fun. 

Like, shenanigans. 

Say hello to Nyaaster Zenyatta and his puppy Genji. 

in other news the outfit swap is well on its way

So I bought sims a few weeks ago and thought I’d you know, just have a baby and a wife and be cute and happy.. wrong.
I’m now a witch, and I have a cute gay wizard roommate and his husband is a ghost and he makes wicked potions so we can go around making everyone into old people or statues and burning everyone else. The cemetery is almost at capacity, and the town is trying its best to survive.

I have it set on the mode where the npcs get to have their own lives/stories and progression and there are a few houses that are owned only by children 😅
I’ve also had like three affairs with a vampire, werewolf, and fairy because I want it to be like a teen drama.

Don’t give me power like this in real life please.


Spin The Bottle (Josh Dun Smut) (Requested)


Word Count: 1859


A/N:If you guys haven’t seen the movie The First Time you should totally watch it because it’s so fucking good and its one of my favorite movies ever.



- I was sitting in my room on a normal Saturday night, eating hot pockets and watching Netflix, when suddenly my best friend Josh burst into my room.If it were anyone else I would be super angry and I’d probably yell vulgar things at them but me and Josh have been best friends since we were 6. He lets himself into my house and I let myself into his closet and I steal all of his clothes. Josh climbed up onto my bed and stood over me with his hands on his hips “Okay seriously? This is the 4th Saturday that I’ve come into your room and walked in on you watching Netflix and eating something with cheese in it.” I groaned loudly “Here’s a solution, stop letting yourself into my house.” Josh ignored my comment and plopped down next to me. “You’re not even watching anything new! You’ve watched all of  Bob’s Burger’s like 3 times!” I rolled my eyes “So?” He closed my laptop and took my plate of food. “Josh what the heck!” He didn’t respond he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head down by the back of his knees. “Jooosh put me down.” I whined, hitting his butt in the process. “Nope not until you agree to come over to my house tonight, I’m having a party and you have to come. No exceptions.” I stayed silent for a second and Josh pretended to drop me. I involuntarily yelped before yelling “Okay, okay fine! I’ll come to your stupid party, just put me down before you drop me on my head, you maniac.” I heard him chuckle before he dropped me gently on my bed. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” I stuck my tongue out at him and he pretended to bite at it, looking at me with wide eyes. “Get out so I can get dressed for your dumb party.” He stood up and walked out while yelling “Party’s at 8 be there or be…” I closed my door cutting him off. I changed into a black dress with a flannel and slipped on my black combat boots. I grabbed my phone and my headphones and started walking to Josh’s house. Even though we live in the same neighborhood we still are about 5 minutes walking distance from each other. I finally arrived at his house and checked the time 8:15. I mean I guess I’m fashionably late. I let myself in and went into his kitchen grabbing a bottle of water before making my way down into his basement where everyone was. As I walked down his stairs I heard laughter and multiple conversations. Everyone came into view and I knew most of them from Josh, as there were only about 20 people. Josh saw me walk in and he came over to me “Hey! You actually came.” He grabbed my hand and led me over where everyone was conversing. I noticed Josh’s friend Tyler was here and I said hi to him, quickly starting up a conversation. Somehow the topic of spin the bottle was brought up and Tyler shouted over everyone “Hey why don’t we play spin the bottle!” Everyone agreed and sat down in a large circle. Tyler went first and spun the bottle landing on a blonde girl who I didn’t know,Josh nudged me and told me her name was Jenna and that Tyler had a huge crush on her. Jenna spun and the bottle landed on me. I gulped and spun hoping that I would get someone good. It landed on a kid named Brendon. He was attractive but is known for being a bit of a man whore. I kissed him and it was nice, nothing special, and it only lasted for a few seconds. Brendon spun and it landed on a random girl. While the game continued on I glanced over at Josh and noticed he looked upset. I nudged him and whispered in his ear “are you okay?” He just responded with “Yup” and stayed looking forward. I didn’t want to push his buttons so I turned my attention back to the game just in time to see the bottle land on Josh. He spun and I almost passed out when it landed on me. “…Uh you can just respin.” I didn’t want Josh to feel like he had to kiss me because of some stupid game. But of course Tyler had to yell out “No way! Rules are rules! You gotta kiss her bro even if she’s your best friend.” I blushed and looked over at Josh. He muttered “rules are rules” before leaning in. His lips met mine and after a second I started to kiss back. The kiss was rough and needy but soft and passionate. After a few seconds people starting making wolf whistles and clapping so we hesitantly pulled away, both blushing like crazy. We played for a few more rounds and I ended up getting Tyler which was super awkward at first but it turns out that he’s a really good kisser, and I also got Josh again. This time it didn’t last for just a few seconds. It wasn’t until Tyler made a joke about Josh swallowing me whole, that we pulled away. We hung out with everyone for a little while longer but it was quite obvious that there was something bothering Josh. He just had this look on his face and I had never really seen it before. Josh made the excuse that he was getting tired and everyone started to leave. Once everyone was gone I stood up from his couch to leave but he grabbed my hand. “I don’t think we finished what we started earlier.” I turned to look at him and that look was back on his face, this time with darkened eyes and closer to my face. He stood up and slipped his hands around my waist, leaning in. Without hesitation I reattached my lips to his, this time not holding back. I ran my hands through his hair and tugged on the ends gently. He deepened the kiss, running his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I granted it to him and I began to walk backwards until I hit what used to be Josh’s school desk. He pushed off all of the old papers and pens and lifted me up, standing between my legs. He started to make his way down my neck sucking and biting harshly, leaving purple and red marks behind. I gasped as he pulled away blowing lightly on them. Josh’s raspy voice cut off my heavy breathing and hushed whimpers “I hate to break it to you kitten, but I don’t like seeing you kiss other guys, and I also don’t share very well.” He moved his mouth closer to my ear with each word and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. “I’m yours Josh, please just do something.” I felt like a child begging for a lollipop in a candy store. I heard him grunt as he pressed his growing bulge against my thigh “say it again kitten.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him, bringing my mouth up to his ear. I whispered “I’m yours Josh” before nibbling gently on his ear. I saw his eyes flutter shut for a second before they shot open when I slipped my hand under his waistband. He grabbed my wrist and glared at me “You aren’t in control here kitten. I am. Now stand up.” I slid off the desk and looked up at him. “Why don’t you take my shirt off for me kitten.” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, discarding of it once I got it off. I dropped down to my knees and began to undo his jeans. There was no way he was going to keep up this angry act, he might have been jealous before but he was slowly realizing that he had nothing to worry about. I tugged his black jeans off and pulled down his tight briefs. He sprang free and he watched me intently as I wrapped my hand around him. I placed a soft kiss on his tip before licking a long stripe up his length. He threw his head back and groaned. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking him in my mouth, using my hand to get the places I couldn’t reach. I pushed him deeper down my throat and he hissed “Woah kitten, slow down, or this is going to end way faster than either of us want it to.” He lifted me up and carried me back over to the couch where he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. “Let’s get this off of you babygirl.” He tugged off my flannel tossing it in the direction of his clothes, doing the same with my dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was left in just my soaking wet panties. He kissed down my collarbones and then quickly attached his mouth to my nipple, sucking and biting gently on the hardened nub. He switched to the other one after a few seconds but quickly stopped when I bucked my hips and whimpered loudly. My thighs were now shaking and my panties were drenched. I moaned loudly before whimpering “Josh please fuck me, I need you so bad.” He smirked and tightened his grip on me “You don’t have to tell me twice kitten.” He flipped us over so he was hovering over me before he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed in. He groaned “holy fuck you’re so tight.” He just kept hissing and muttering profanities under his breath while slowly pushing in and out of me. Finally we both adjusted and he started building up a rhythm. His hands were wrapped around my thighs and he leaned down, pressing soft kisses to my forehead every so often. I felt a warmth in my lower stomach and I felt myself tighten around Josh. He adjusted his position slightly and started thrusting harder suddenly hitting a spot that left me clawing at his back for more. I gasped loudly and gripped onto his shoulders as I felt a knot build in my stomach. “I’m so close kitten.” I only moaned in response, my brain too worked up to come up with a real answer. “H-harder.” I managed to stutter out. Josh’s thrusts became sloppier but he still obliged to my request, pounding into me with every thrust. Josh leaned down and purred in my ear “come for me kitten.” and I lost it. I tightened around him and my hips bucked as I screamed his name, he thrusted a few more times before he reached his peak too once again hissing profanities and moaning my name under his breath. He rolled off of me to catch his breath before getting up and grabbing me his T-shirt and throwing on his underwear. I slipped his T-shirt on and he slid on the couch next to me. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I cuddled into his side and let sleep take over.


it’s here, finally! House inspired by Argents’ house from Teen Wolf. it was much fun to make, I had to improvise the back since we don’t really know how it looks like (and god I tried to find pics of the real house but couldn’t find any lol) so it’s my interpretation of the house! the dining room, the kitchen & the living room are kinda the same from the show - and so is Allison’s bedroom you can see better. for the basement, because there’s obviously no gun stuff in the Sims, I decided to make a training room because, you know, Argents must keep their bodies at its best to run after werewolves haha Have fuuun!!

name of the house: Argent House
username: Cristalline93

(if you have any suggestion of house(s) for me to make, my box is open!)

okay, so, I’ve got a little story for ya’ll about this place and the reason why I am a terrible fucking human being

but i’m also the best human being

that place. That’s the fucking haunted mansion at Disneyland Anaheim California. Probably my favorite ride at Disneyworl. But that’s a story for another time. 

Okay so in 2013 me and my mom went to Disneyland because my dad had to go to a business convention in Anaheim and my mom and I were like, fuck it, we get a free room, let’s go. It was pretty sweet. Granted it was june so it was super fucking crowded but movin’ on, I got more important deets to give you

okay so the Haunted Mansion basically takes the premise of being a super old house that’s filled with ghosts and you ride a doombuggy through a graveyard and shit and its’ great, okay, but the best part about the entire fucking ride is the fucking room that stretches


THEY SHOVE ABOUT 30 PEOPLE INTO A GIANT FUCKING ELEVATOR OKAY. EXCEPT IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN ELEVATOR. IT LOOKS LIKE THE FUCKING ROOM IS STRETCHING. And there’s a narrator that explains the premise of a house in a creepy Alan-Rickman-high-on-Felix-Felisis-potion esque-voice and it’s creepy as shit okay

it’s scary

and basically the ghost-of-alan-rickman tells you that your challenge in this house of death of murder is to find a way out. 

And then lightning strikes and the room goes dark, and the ceiling WHICH IS SUDDENLY MUCH HIGHER THAN IT WAS ABOUT 20 SECONDS AGO lights up and then he goes



And then somebody screams in the distance and the lights go back on. Now those of you who know me, and know me well, know that I am not a person that should be doubted. That thing, that you are questioning whether or not I am actually crazy enough to do? I am crazy enough to do it. But you also know that I don’t like bullies and we are coming to the climax of this story and I want you to hold onto all dem horses cause it’s only gonna get better from here trust me

so my mother and I are of a similar temperament. disneywhorl is srs bzness and our job is to help other families have the best time of their lives, because disneywhorl was a very happy place for our family. We’re super helpful to anybody who has questions, we give tips (don’t do this ride at A time of day, do it later the line is shorter, etc, etc).

So there are these four teenage boys, okay. Stereotypical boys, I can’t remember anything special about them. It was kinda dark but we are going to assume that they were probably about seventeen or so. And they are standing in the middle of the room-elevator being general dickbags and laughing at how shitty the Haunted Mansion is. In front of them are two terrified eight year old girls in princess dresses. I’m going to assume that their parental units were there somewhere. But then these little fuckers start screaming right into the girls’ ears

naturally my mother and I notice immediately and we don’t like it. 

But do you see the beauty of this plan? My mother and I have been on this ride so often over the past twenty-two years that we have the entire thing memorized. We know what’s coming as the paintings on the walls begin to stretch, revealing that their peaceful-looking occupants are actually all about to get brutally murdered. We know what the narrator is about to say, we know when the lights are going to go off, and we know when the BODY HANGING FROM THE FUCKING CEILING is about to show up. We know this shit word-for-word and by fucking heart.

So my mother, being my mother, gives me the go-ahead. 

And me, being me, I gently make my way over so that i’m standing directly behind the dickbags from planet mars and I wait

“Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this haunted room actually stretching?” asks the ghost-host of a narrator. 

The boys scream at the little girls again. I’m fuckin’ ready for this shit.

The room and the paintings on the walls grow longer. An adult might be able to sense the slight change in the force of gravity as the elevator continues to move, but a child probably won’t recognize it. 

“Or is it your imagination, hmm? And consider this dismaying observation: This chamber has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!”

The elevator stops. The paintings are completed. I know what’s coming. My mother knows what’s coming. These idiotic little boys do not. 

“Of course, there’s always my way.” 

The thunder crashes. The lights go out. The lightning flashes. The ghost-host laughs like a furbie on fuckin’ steroids. His body is revealed up above, the crowd screams, the little girls scream most of all. 

And I scream bloody fuckin murder

right in sync with the scream in the distance

now most of you might not know, but yes, hi, hello, i’m val. On the best days I forget to use my indoor voice and have lungs that could deafen a t-rex’s roar. I got my momma’s lungs in me and boy do I use them most of the time. This is something I want you to understand when I describe the way that I tore these fuckers a new eardrum

and they cried like babies.

“You sure that you talked towards your father about staying in our vacation house for awhile while the school year haven’t started and we would go back together in Hogwarts right after this whole vacation right? Because you know that I don’t want him to panic… though its just the two of us in here, and there isn’t that much to worry about. So if there’s any problem right now just tell me okay, and I’ll try to give my best shot in helping you out in here, although I haven’t been her for way too long.” ( @paddyhara )

Imagine being pregnant with Dean's child and being the rational one.

“What are you talking about! This is great, baby!” Dean held you tight with his head on your shoulder,smiling through your hair. “Isn’t this what every girl wants!” He gently pushed you off and held onto your shoulders. You could see the gleam in his eyes. “A husband, a kid, a house.”

You scoffed, “Okay we only have one of those things taken cared of, Dean! Anyways, its so soon. T-Think about it, how are we gonna put this baby in the same situation you and Sam were as a kid.“ (y/n) gazed sympathetically at Dean and with a softer voice continued. "Either one of us could end up dead and then this baby will end up with so much hate in it’s heart because of it.”

Dean stared down at her belly and gently placed a hand on her side.

“Dean, I think it’s best we a-”

“Don’t you finish that sentence, (y/n).” His glossy eyes met her own. “Give me a week to prove to you that we’re ready for this. This can’t be decided over night and you know that.” He desperately looked at you waiting for an answer.

“Okay…fine.” You gave up pulling Dean into a tight hug. “One week.”

“I love you, (y/n). We’re gonna do great, I know it!”

the sound of saturn is the berating critical parent in our heads. you really feel like you want to do your best around capricorns and first/tenth house saturn people, like you want to please them… as if they are watching over you like a concerned parent.. and its only because saturn knows our greatest power and the potential and success that is waiting for us and thinks we deserve nothing less than magnificence 

anonymous asked:

who do you think killed rebecca?

Oooooh. Good one. Short answer: Connor.

Long answer because Rebecca’s death left me an emotional mess and I might have overthought this a bit. First, this is a classic murder mystery. There’s a house, in that house are a bunch of people, and one of those people is a murderer, so let’s get on analyzing who had the best motive and opportunity. On the other hand, this is also a TV show, which means that the killer’s identity will also have to make for a good storytelling opportunity.

Keeping that in mind, there were seven people in the house at the time of Rebecca’s death: Annalise, Frank, Bonnie, Wes, Laurel, Connor and Michaela.

Out of all of them, Bonnie is the one more removed from the whole thing. She’s only in by coincidence, completely feed up with the whole thing, and the one with less at stake. Plus, her personality really doesn’t go with cold-blooded murder.

Frank and Annalise tell each other they didn’t have anything to do with it, and I fully believe it, because they clearly have so much dirt on each other, there’d be no point in lying. Frank especially wouldn’t even bother keeping it a secret - I’m 100% sure that if Annalise.came back from denial-land and asked him if he killed Lila, he’d acually come clear. That’s how chill Frank is.
(Seriously, did we ever see him get worked up about anything? Besides getting in Laurel’s pants?)

As for Annalise, she could have easily convinced the others that Rebecca had killed Lila, got Frank to get rid of her with the full blessing of everyone (except maybe Wes) – instead, she was the one who most of all wanted to keep believing in Rebecca’s innocence. Considering the way she’s always treated Rebecca, the way she identifies with her to a certain level, and how she actually seemed sure she could get Rebecca to keep her mouth shout, it would be extremely out of character for her to be the murderer.

Logically, it can only be one of the students. Plot-wise, it was never going to be anyone else. We already knew Annalise and Frank were shady; we never expected this kind of character arc from the wide-eyed law students we saw in the pilot. It all goes back to the first scene, four college kids and a body, one of them a murder. We’ve come full circle, except that this time there are even less excuses.

I’d rule out Michaela first.

As Connor said, she’s Team Rebecca now — or, as Michaela put it, she’s Team Whatever Really Freaking Happened. She called it off with her fiance, her sure ticket to a perfect life, she’s done making excuses for herself and hiding bodies her head under the sand pretending everything is fine. The new Michaela is all about facing problems heads on, and that doesn’t go with killing a girl to shut her up.

Wes is next.

Besides the fact that I really doubt he would actually under any circumstances kill Rebecca, when he came back up after talking to her he was trying to convince the others of Rebecca’s innocence. He couldn’t even have been lying to cover his ass, because he couldn’t have known Annalise wouldn’t go down to the basement to check on Rebecca after he came up.

Laurel is tougher. I think she could have done it, definitely. She just didn’t.

Laurel does make an awful lot of ‘let’s get rid of Rebecca’ remarks during the episode, yes, but they’re always to Frank, assuming he’ll be the one actually commiting the deed. While it’s interesting to see what her idealistic personality reduced to, Laurel’s still a long way from literally getting her hands dirty.

Storytelling-wise, it was the scene with the ring that sold me. While it showed really well that Laurel is going down a less than pristine path, it filled our sleazy-Laurel quota for the episode. She’s getting gray-er, sure — but guess who already was gray enough to begin with?

Connor is the fandom darling, that’s for sure, but he’s also an extremely self-centered, manipulative person. Viewers forget that because he’s likeable, and pretty and gets cute with Oliver — but he’s still only mostly concerned with saving his own ass.

Through the episode, Connor is very vocal about Rebecca’s guilt, and when that fails, the fact that they can’t trust her not to tell on them all. The last time he thought someone might link him to a death he complteley panicked, and now he’s in over his head again. 

In the last scene with the others at the house, before  Annalise goes into the basement to find Rebecca missing, Laurel and Michaela are the ones doing all the work and presenting the last resort plan – Connor is quiet, and it’s not a stretch to picture him slipping away earlier and killing Rebecca. He’s deadly calm and adamant that he doesn’t trust her to keep quiet

and still he’s the only student, besides Wes, not freaking out about Annalise going to ‘convince’ Rebecca. He saw no other solution, and no other way to get out of it. That’s my two cents.

I’ll also add that, while it’s only slightly more likely for Connor to be the murdered than Laurel from a logical standpoint, it’s almost certain when we consider the contest – an ABC television drama. Network TV and ABC audience means that it’s going to be hard for the viewers to still like the killer, unless it’s an universally liked character. (I’m not talking about fandom here, I’m talking about the American GA that watches the show live). Primetime drama means that everything that happens it’s finalized to get to a new plot, the more interesting the better. That’s why no one seriously thought Griffin would be Lila’s killer – he wasn’t a main character. That’s why Connor being the murderer would make more sense than Laurel – the payoff would be bigger.

Killing someone is shady. Killing a sleazy, maybe-murderous adulterer in self-defense? Acceptable. Killing a young girl unjustly accused, tied down in a basement, in cold blood? Not gonna win any sympathy points for that one. The show’s breakout character, the one guy everyone loves, being the killer? That’s plot gold. He’s the character with the most interactions with the rest of the cast, the one with the most charisma, the only character the audience is definitely going to forgive. That’s enough story fodder to last for years.

So yeah, my money’s on Connor.

“Is that my shirt?” BestFriend!Calum asked, looking at you as you entered his room. “Yeah. It’s really comfortable and you left it at my house a few weeks ago when we were watching movies, so I took it.” You shrugged going to sit with him on the bed. He had his guitar resting against him with a few notebooks open laying on the bed. “Yeah thats why its my favorite.” he grumbled under his breath. You knew he was kidding, he would let you smash his bass if you really wanted too because you’d probably have a reason for it. I mean if you didn’t, what kind of best friend would you be? “Do you want it back?” you asked with a pout on your face. “No, don’t make that face, that’s not fair. You can’t use that face. Fine! You can keep it. Jeeze.” He finally surrendered as you smiled in content. “Thanks Cally.” you said. “Now, I’m going to fix your nails because I know that one was’t dry when you touched something and messed it up.” You brought out a bottle of remover as he put his guitar down. “Thanks, I was really hungry and I forgot that they were still wet and I think I might’ve eaten some varnish.” he laughed taking one of the cotton balls and wiping his fingers. 

The Loss of a Parent (a poem)

The Loss of a Parent

I didn’t know
how silent a house could be
until after your body
was taken away
that shell that gave no sound
when I laid it against my ear and cried
I kept the TV on all night
for presence and its violent light
splashing across the walls in motion
as though you were still there
a bird trapped inside the house
fluttering and scared
because you had someplace to be
and were already late
I don’t remember
but I must have finally relented
and in the middle of the night
opened a window
because in the morning
silence was there again
sitting beside me in bed
swearing over time
we’d become the best of friends.

Even if you are not from here originally, you are sitting in Appalachia today. And that makes you a part of this country we call Appalachia. In some way I believe that we are all Appalachians, no matter where we come from, because this has always been a place made up of people who don’t quite fit, who have been downtrodden but refuse to be defeated. We are perpetual immigrants, an ethnic group that everyone is still allowed to make fun of, freely and with encouragement. Appalachia is the best and the worst of this country, and its joys and sorrows allow all of us to display and use our best and worst qualities.
—  Silas House

Sophie, this has been the best day of your life, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Taylor Swift invited you to her house…. what even?? This has been our dream forever. We talk late at night about this kind of stuff and its so so crazy that you got to meet her, let alone spend 3 HOURS with her? We’ve had late night 3am talks/freak outs about taylor and how we were so scared we’d never meet her, and then this happens and it honestly means the world to me because it shows that taylor cares so much. I love you so much you gorgeous girl, and I don’t know a single person who deserves it better. I’m so glad to call you my best friend, and I’m so glad that taylor brought us together.

PS: To anyone who hates on Sophie, BACK OFF. She’s so deserving of everything that happened today. I’ve never ever been happier. You’ll have me to deal with :)

ok so ive been avoiding making this post for a while because i feel absolutely awful asking people for money and giving nothing in return but its at the point where i dont know what else to do

im a mentally ill autistic 18 y/o and my siblings mother and i are struggling financially right now, and we are trying to escape an abusive home but its extremely difficult because of our lack of funds. we are doing our best to make it work but were currently unable to even buy food for us or our animals. i had to unenroll from college because i couldnt afford it, and im currently searching for a second, full time job. we plan to leave this house by the end of the month, but at that point we will have nowhere to go.

this is extremely stressful for me to deal with and i am trying my very best to keep calm but im really scared. i havent been sleeping or eating right at all and i feel so awful asking for help but i dont think i have another choice at the moment.

i cant particiularly draw or write, but i do sew, so if you dont wish to just donate i am open for commissions for cosplays, cosplay parts, or even some cosplay props. i have a ton of experience making scarves and hoodcapes for homestuck cosplay, among other things. i can do a whole lot of stuff! i will make a commission post as soon as i can with details and examples of my work, but please for now if you are interested feel free to message me and i will be willing to discuss it.

anyway i dont want to write too much bc i know these can be annoying but i truly do need the help. even a couple of dollars could make a big difference for me now

if you want to donate you can click the button on my sidebar or directly send a donation to

thank you so much for reading, i hope you have a wonderful day

the sound of saturn is the berating critical parent in our heads. you really feel like you want to do your best around capricorns and first/tenth house saturn people, like you want to please them… as if they are watching over you like a concerned parent.. and its only because saturn knows our greatest power and the potential and success that is waiting for us and thinks we deserve nothing less than magnificence 

Jake and I went for a hunt around one of my favourite antique stores yesterday (and they STILL have the human skull and I want it.-_-) and they just got in a tonne of taxidermy and persian rugs and stuff, and there’s also this beautiful sofa (I’m not good with time periods at all, but its the kinda sofa someone who is shit with time periods would look at and say looks Victorian, or maybe Edwardian) and the leather on one of the cushions has a huge crack so its cheap as hell (well, for something like that anyway) and I want it so bad.>:|

I’ve been wanting something like that since I was a kid. There’s so many things I want in there for the new house (if we ever frickin’ get somewhere, fml).

Also stalking through Red Bubble right now because I want tonnes of pretty art when we move.

Best case scenario: We get the house I really want and my trial shift at Lush goes well and I get the job and things on YouTube go well and then I can fill the pretty house with pretty things.>_>

I do not want to acknowledge the worst case scenario.-___-

At the end of my block, I can see my house shimmering in the heat, and I think of my best friends inside it. When I get home, I’ll assign rooms to each of us, and I’ll make us lunch, because the world is still turning hotly on its axis and the grocery stores are still open and there’s nothing for us to do now, really, but live. It’s like Wambaugh said: we’re good people too. It was the main thing my parents failed entirely to convince me of as they worked to convert me – that I was not good, that I needed to change to be good. Because good is all I’ve ever been.
—  Vivian Apple at the End of the World by katiecoyle (Chapter Three)
Pet Peeve of Mine

I hate the “underdog” label. It drives me insane, especially when its self-given. You do not go into a partnership with the horse and start declaring that you are the underdog, because at that point you are already putting yourself down. Regardless of how wealthy you are or what you have we are all very fortunate to be a part of this sport no matter what level we do it at. The underdog label also suggests that when you do well or succeed its more of a “you did well given the circumstances…” Which is no way how I will ever define my success, regardless of what I have compared to anyone else I want to beat the best rider on their best day because I was better. End of story. Underdog is also what people use to justify buying horses that are unfit for the job you want to give them. Could you find your next grand Prix jumper for 200 bucks in the back of someone’s house? Possibly, but chances are probably not, if you want a performance horse spend the time and effort and frankly… The budget to get a horse that will allow you to be successful, not the one that will give you the Hollywood story. Our sport is about work, time, and dedication. No one is entitled to anything so take what you have and make the best of it.