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i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018


Able to make him do his killer smile

what the heck

Somehow I’ve managed to hit 330 followers without even noticing? Why?? Thank you for following my inactive trash self??? Idk if you even want it but thanks for following me here’s my face (not rn I took this a little bit ago rn I’m grinning like an idiot so no pics of that lmao)


first  ,  i  want  to  give  a  shoutout  to  solstice’s  mother.  for  ,  if  it  wasn’t  for  her  ,  we  would  have  never  met  and  i  dont  think  my  life  (  and  other  lives  )  would  have  as  much  fun  as  they  do  now  without  you.  bby  ,  you’re  truly  the  best  presence  i  could  have  on  my  dash  and  i  really  can’t  explain  to  anyone  how  much  you  mean  to  me.  it  isn’t  just  your  writing  that  captivates  you  but  it’s  your  personality.  you’re  hilarious  ,  easy  to  speak  to  and  i  just  love  that  that  if  i  have  anything  wrong  ?  i  can  come  to  you  with  no  judgement  and  only  understanding.  i  also  love  that  we’re  so  in  sync  sometimes  that  we  both  get  irritated  with  the  same  crap  at  the  same  time.  or  we’ll  see  something  that  reminds  one  another  of  something.  it’s  truly  a  blessing  to  have  clicked  so  easily.  this  is  the  type  of  relationship  you  thrive  for  in  this  community  and  i  can  honestly  say  that  you’ve  become  my  best  friend.  i  went  from  this  timid  lil  shit  ,  too  scared  to  talk  to  you  to  .  .  .  well  ,  talking  all  the  time  !  today  was  a  true  gift.  you’re  basically  wrapped  up  in  the  best  paper  with  the  prettiest  bow.  beautiful  ,  talented  ,  and  unbelievably  amazing.  everyone  needs  to  know  these  things  because  they’re  100%  true.  i  love  you  soooo  much  ,  bby  and  i  cannot  wait  to  keep  building  and  creating  worlds  with  one  of  the  best  friends  /  roleplayer  i  could  ask  for. i  hope  that  your  birthday  was  perfect  because  you  deserve  nothing  but  the  absolute  best! @shadcwpreacher & @moonjeweled

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Ive started writing a fic with your au because its such a beautiful au im in the process of doing it now and i have only ever wrote 1 fic and that was 5 years ago and i have reqlly bad grammar due to personal reasons and stuff and ive never been in an airport so im trying to power through because i really wanna do something with it and i of course will send you a link when its done and mention you in it however this will be a train wreck XD

Oh my god this is the most beautiful thing ever, you’re writing after 5 years for me?? I’m achieving one of my art goals now thank you<3 aaaaahghhsdkl

I hope you end your fic soon because I can’t wait to read it<3

Day 5 ––– Winter / New Year’s / Reunion

cold lil ghoul clings to his human for warmth~ i just really wanted to draw neki in fluffy ear muffssss 

someone please kick me into finishing the last 2 prompts  (◡△◡✿)

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there’s gotta be a nicer way to say obsessed
and a calmer way to say devoted
more casual than enamored, sweeter than consumed
but still, a way to communicate the thought that:
you lie under my neural networks like a heartbeat
& your fingerprints are on all my favorite songs
& every word is an echo of a time i was with you
(time always felt so much better when it was with you)
& when my mind wanders all roads lead back to you
the heaviness & the warmth like liquid gold, seeping into
a world above these crumpled sheets
& now i wake up alone & both forget and not-forget those nights
because remembering makes them feel both closer and further away
like movies we’d watch as children, it’s hard to see
them as happening to me, you know? how much of us
was a story i told myself?
you’re so far away and i think
that’s the scariest part of letting you go
because with you gone i’m afraid
none of it ever existed at all

i cant believe this, the first real drawing i upload to my art blog and it’s fucking sin

is there a ship name i need to know


Otherworldly | Lee Seokmin icons

read terms before using

im happy as hell doode

GUYS MICHAEL FINALLY LIKE CAME OUT PUBLICLY ABT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH CRYSTAL AND IM CRYING BECAUSE ITS SO BEAUTIFUL, and i know we all have different opinions on this relationship but we all need to be supportive of him and his decisions aND PLUS THIS ADORABLE LIL KITTEN LOOKS HAPPY AS HECK


things that should be appreciated more:

Ianto’s eyelashes.

you know…for like… a psychotherapist.. my mother sure gets surprised when i display symptoms of my recurrent depression… that she still believes is a lie………


Well, my full name’s Begoña,  which means “place over the dominant/tallest hill” (there’s a lot of mountains in Euskadi, aka the Basque country). And it IS kind of pronounced like “bego-nya” (not EXACTLY like that, because actually there’s also the name “Begonia”, which IS pronounced like that). The “ñ” sound is just like the french “gn” (for example, the words for mountain in french and spanish are “montagne” and “montaña”, and they are esentially pronounced the same way except the last letter).

There’s also a popular old sanctuary to the virgin of Begoña in a hill (obviously the reason for my name’s meaning). My family and I visited it once, but I don’t remember much about the trip. Apparently sailors have a special reverence towards her. I’m not a christian, so I don’t really care about that.

Actually, I am not basque myself. My father’s side of the family is from Cantabria (province next to Euskadi), and I know that although my grandmother was born in Cantabria as well, her mother (my great-grandmother) WAS basque. And my father is fascinated with euskera (I don’t know if it’s because of that reason or it’s just that he likes the sound of it). So he obviously chose a basque name for me.

Fun fact: Euskera/Basque is the only language from the spanish territory that does NOT come from latin. We literally don’t KNOW where it came from. It was here BEFORE the romans came (actually, there were quite a few different dialects), and it’s the only language that comes directly from the languages spoken by the native peoples living here before the invasions (Simplifying it a lot, celtics in the north, iberians in the south).

  • hongbin: leo, do you do anything around the house besides just standing around or drinking coffee?
  • leo: yes. sometimes, i drink coffee and stand around at the same time. it's called multitasking. you should try it.

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Ooooh can you do # 65 and 74 for that godamn angst but then like real fluffy at the end, Archie x reader

Okay so I got a little excited and decided this would just be an imagine because its so fucking beautiful and im extremely sensitive rn.


This is called 

“Rough Times” ~ Archie Andrews x Reader

Warnings: alcohol, swear words, sexual assault and angst

It was certainly love. Fuck, I didn’t even know what love was until that walk back to school. That fifteen minute walk I just wished lasted forever. Every single cell in my body revolved around that moment, at the end of the walk, that cliched fucking moment. The moment where everything stopped, where everything felt in place, where everything felt right. That moment I had to stand on the tips of my feet to reach him. That moment where I could feel the softness of his perfect ginger hair, poking though the spaces between my fingers. The moment when we pulled apart and stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like years. That moment where I was happy, he was happy. That fucking moment and the year that followed, every single moment that followed.
And today I was reviving that moment I already got to understand would forever be trapped in the back of my head, picking through my thoughts every time it could. But today was different. Today it wasn’t love. Today he didn’t get to grab me as closely as could so that we felt one with the other. And that was due to the fact that today it wasn’t my wavy chocolate hair he loved so much between his hands, but a mane conformed by thousands of little curls stuck in between his fingers.

My heart skipped a beat, as I stared at them petrified trying to comprehend his behavior. Because relationships sometimes don’t work. Because love fades away. But his expression after he saw me revealed something else; it revealed complete and utter guilt.
He pulled her away as I managed to run in the opposite direction, but I wasn’t as fast as him and I ended up in the worst place I ever imagined.
Because I bit my tongue and tightened my fists but the tears demanded exposure. As my heart collapsed and my brain became dull, still shocked and in despair, he managed to expel a whispered sentence:
“(Y/N) I swear I’m sorry I’m an idiot, i don’t know why I just did that. It was stupid and disrespectful but I swear Val means nothing to me. I promise I’ll make it up to you, just forgive me”

And that was the perfect way to cut the wrong cable.

“Oh you’ll make it up to me? Seriously Archie? You’ll make it up to me because you actually feel bad or you are just sorry you got caught? Are you even aware that you managed to throw away a year long relationship and I’m supposed to be fine with it because you will make it up to me?! It’s not like I’m some broken vase that you can just glue back together and then expect that everything will be okay again! It doesn’t work like that! I swear to god don’t even dare to call me again. Ever!” The dried up tears on my cheek were stiffening up my face as anger took over my body while I walked to the other side of the house between sweaty bodies and intoxicated teenagers.

I spent about an hour hidden in a bathroom with a bottle of tequila and my self destructing thoughts. I chugged as I deepened myself into that barely conscious state where I was laying in the bathroom floor my head against the sink and my closed eyes picturing the moment my relationship fell apart over and over again. As the door unlocked a deep voice emerged from within a dark figure that placed its hands down by hips leaving the door completely open.

“Hi (Y/N), I did not know you where here. Wanna have some fun?” He whispered as I felt his chilling breath on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

I couldn’t manage to formulate complete sentences limiting myself to a series of groans and whines that clearly expressed discomfort. Something he clearly did not get.
I tried to fight and let myself out of his grip but my drunken state wasn’t helping me.

I felt the chills as my underwear slides down my thighs against my will and a zipper noise made me freeze.
It all suddenly stopped as I heard the desperate screaming.

“Chuck, stop! Hand over the girl or I swear I’m going to kill you.” He screamed as his voice left his body.

That’s not gonna happen in your lifetime.” He was so determined, it stopped my breathing.
The door was attempted to be closed but the ginger’s fist stopped it and proceeded to knock down my assaulter freeing me from his grip.

I laid on Archie’s arms as he carried me out of the house and to my house which was only a couple blocks away. I stood there’s in complete silence. Completely shocked and unable to control my thoughts.

I blacked out to wake up laying in my bed, with Archie by my side just staring at my sleeping body.

“Hello” he smiled as convincingly as possible but I could see the concern in his eyes. “I’m sorry”

“We’ll talk about that another time” I said as I sat on the bed. “Archie, I’m mad about Valerie but I could never be more grateful for what you did and I certainly can’t stop loving you even if I tried.”

He grabbed my hands “You are everything I have and the only one I have ever loved” he grabbed my face as he cupped my cheek with his soft and warm hands. “And I mean it”

Our foreheads against each other staring deep into his eyes and us holding each other closer than ever made me realize something; even though rough times were inevitable, true love is stronger than those situations, and that way we could always come back, to that walk home after school.