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I’ll follow anyone who can name the top three Tumblr users I have had serious beef with in the past.

150+ Milestone Bias List!

Didn’t know I would reach another milestone again! Not just fellow roleplayers following this blog, but people who know and love Aion coming to follow this blog is just extremely flattering for me.

Though I am already very busy with my life without college and all doing odd jobs and doing around the house and eventually find a part time and get some brand new friends here in Japan, I am overall happy with the current life I am having even though I miss Canada so much. I appreciate every one of my follower’s presence and seeing that I have reached 150 followers is a pleasing thing to see!

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anonymous asked:

i need some advice please (and also your blog is great). i am very aggressively pansexual and i tend to usually be more attracted to girls but... everyone is great. anyway. i have a really great boyfriend (who is bi) and i care about him a lot. weve been friends for like 6 years but have only been dating a couple of months and its been great but in the last couple of days ive really started to doubt that this is going to last because i really really really like girls what do i do please help

A great friend of mine once taught me that a relationships purpose is not to last a long time, but rather for all people involved to love each other and enjoy themselves. So there’s no reason to worry that it won’t last, just be with him and support each other.

That said, if you are unhappy in the relationship because of this, it might be best to break it off. A relationship where someones unhappy is not good for anyone involved.

Above all though: talk to him. Communication is the MOST important part of any relationship. Tell him what you’re worried about, explain everything you’re feeling, ask him how he’s feeling. Talk it out, and see what happens next.

blackwaterbubbles  asked:

How can you tell Tali is intelligent? I feel like my sandboa is sorta aloof and my children's python is more mentally engaged when she's out. But i think it's just because of activity levels and how each of them "look" around differently. How can I tell for sure?

Its very very subtle things,  tiny eye movements, following your hands with their face (in a way that isn’t ‘i am going to bite you’ but more ‘i am curious’). While my ball pythons will sniff around and explore a bit, Tali practically studies me and my movements. She will watch my hands with her eyes and just seem more in-tune to movements around the house :) It is incredibly interesting, I will have to see if I can get a high quality video of her eyes watching me.

Bitty’s YouTube Career

I’ve been binge watching Fine Bros Reaction videos and it just got me thinking.

This isn’t going to be coherent enough to be like a paragraph so it’s gonna be a list instead

-Bitty’s a YouTuber

-He posts regular updates to his vlog, and interacts with fans on his channel and through other forms of social media

-Now N never really tells us how YouTube famous he is, but I’m actually willing to bet that a vlog like that would have at least 1 million subs. But honestly I’m imagining more like 3-4 million, and these especially picked up during Bitty’s time at Samwell (like he had a smaller following before this, and the spike definitely happens like sophomore year and just grows into Junior/Senior year)

-(Bitty wasn’t hella aware of how much he was pining after Jack and people were there for the drama)

-SO YouTubers aren’t solitary creatures, they tend to interact with, and follow each other on YouTube and on other social media platforms

-And once Tubers become bigger, other bigger names notice them. They’re verified on Twitter, so any @’s they do are noticed by any bigger people

-(which means Beyonce definitely tweeted Bitty into his Junior/Senior year and says she loves his vlog)

-(this being in response to a tweet he sent out for his most recent video where he gushes on a Beyonce event)

-(Beyonce says she’s binge watched a lot of his stuff and now follows him on Twitter and YouTube)

-(Bitty is shook)


-So I imagine Bitty does lots of collabs! He’s totally done several with NerdyNummies, since they both bake

-and honestly? He’s paying for his college with this dough. Like he’s not making a small sum, and he donates a fuck ton of it to LGBTQ organizations, cause he likes money, but not that much. 

-Like I can see him as someone who doesnt want to spend his money on himself

-Going on, he’s friends with a lot of YouTubers. He doesn’t talk about his channel much to his friends and teammates



-And Bitty kind of shrugs and is like “I mean, I told you guys I had a thing in NYC”

-Holsom is fuckin speechless and like dies and ends up subscribing to Bitty and watching a lot of his collabs and asking him questions and stuff

-Bitty gets into YouTube rewind for 2016

-When he gets asked, he DIES. He immediately tells his team, because this just isnt something he can keep in

-Also imagine Bitty with his silver and gold play buttons <3

-Tons of YouTubers have books, so after much prompting from his fans, he makes a cook book for them

-It sells millions of copies

-He’s on YouTubers React AGAIN but to react to Rewind

-Also, Bitty going to like Vid Con and being invited to Creator Summits

-Bitty having Vine and phases

-Doing more collabs just with his team and like they love it and you can tell he’s just really relaxing into YouTube and like friendships and his like genuine openness about having a BF and being out to his channel and like having such a support group

-His parents totally know and love him so much. Suzanne is soooo proud of him and buys the cookbook and like all of her friends do too its SUCH a big deal

-Just <3 I need more of Bitty on YouTube and how this affects him because with his sunshine personality and everything, like he’d get a following. He really would.

The interaction between Weiss and Ruby in the volume 3 finale is some of the best stuff in the entire series in my opinion. They have such a trust and quiet understanding with one another. The way they reach out for each other. 

The way Weiss stands in front of Yang, trying to shield Ruby from seeing her sister in such a way for as long as she possibly can

To Weiss’ immediate insistence on following Ruby into an unknown fight because she refuses to let Ruby go into it alone. 

To their final moment where Weiss, a girl who once told Ruby she didn’t belong anywhere near Beacon, told that same girl “you can do this” with such confidence and support. 

It’s only my opinion, but I think they have the best partnership in the show. They’ve come so far and reached a point where they bring out the absolute best in one another and if THIS is what they will be like when they reunite and as they go forward - I can’t wait to watch. 

very sorry about the nerd spam lately (video games + D&D etc) but when I’m stressed and have almost no free time, I go straight to geeky shit whenever I have a break during the day because it helps a lot, so it’s all that’s on my mind (and blog) lately (apart from what’s stressing me out).

I know it’s not content you’re used to (at least not that much haha) and it can be off-putting or annoying so you can always blacklist “overwatch”, “video games”, “D&D”, or “critical role” if you are tired of nerdy posts; and “personal” if you want to avoid my personal rants about personal shit (they have been numerous lately) :)


My dash is running dry of witchy things because a lot of the blogs that I follow have become inactive. Its part of why I haven’t been posting much.
So. If you post:
Witchcraft in general
Witchy tips
Herbal info
Stones and crystals
Pictures of witchy things
Anything inbetween I may have missed
Please REBLOG so I can follow you.
I need you to reblog it so your own followers can see it too cause I want to follow lots of people.
Please note: if you self promote on every picture you post I will not follow you.

I finally reached my first THOUSAND followers and I’m honestly amazed. You’re all AMAZING, but here is everyone that I’m mutuals with! I’ll put it below the cut, because I don’t want everyone to have to look at a long ass list. The people I talk to all the time are bolded.

I literally went through everyone one by one, so if I missed you, please let me know. 💕💕💕💕

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I’m curious how many people take the time to read the messages that accompany my posts and how many people just reblog what they see and move on. The messages are there for a reason. They are often carefully thought out and intended to inspire, encourage, inform motivate and help. They are not just “hey look at me” or “don’t I look good in this outfit today.” I have many followers that I know take the time to read each and every post and for that I am grateful because they are here for the right reasons and I hope they find the messages useful. But there are many more that obviously don’t pay any attention or worse yet completely delete the text and take away from its true intent.
So this is a test to see who’s truly following my journey and who’s just spectating. If you’ve read this far I truly thank you!! Please leave something in the comments so I know you’ve actually read this. It can simply be a number, letter, emoticon, symbol, an actual comment or whatever you want. Anything to indicate you’ve actually read this. I thank you for your continued support and I hope my journey and message helps to invigorate your own. I wish you all a wonderful day!!

Hnnnggghh here, have this.

I was stuck inside a chalet for a day with no internet and nothing to do so I drew this dude here.

How did I draw him so accurately with no photos for reference due to a lack of internet access, you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple:  I had various photos of him stockpiled on my phone that I could use for reference. I have a very good memory.

First off Happy Valentine’s 😍 I hope yours was wayy better than mine 😂

But this is a little update thing mostly because I haven’t updated in awhile.

So, I know I know Ashley what the actual fuck! I want my damn Dolan Imagines! And im sorry I’m sorry… Please dont hurt me. I’m having a rough day. And I am sorry I wanna update some more and I know I take months off and get into it but hey.

I have figured out a schedule for both of my accounts. Why you always lyingggggg okay yes its true I still haven’t and I’ve just been updating on my other because there’s way more people I have to write for.

But hey hey hey I’ll update soon! Maybe…. I’ll try tonight okay I’ll try and I can’t promise but thank you for still following me. 1.1k that’s a lot gosh.

Happy Dolan Twin Tuseday!

And damn look at my daddy. Hod those pants. God that shirt. There so tight. Mmmmmmm 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


The new New Phyrexia.

After the recent lap of honor through Innistrad, many people have been speculating about a return to other previously visited planes and since we just got a vibrant, colorful one full of shiny artifacts, the talk of its inevitable doom at the hands (or whatever the appropriate extremity might be in this case) of Phyrexia and its general goings-on consequently follows close behind. Even more so because of the involvement of another character in the current storyline, Tezzeret, who himself has had strong ties to Phyrexia in the past.

I’m anything but savvy when it comes to the plans and workings of WotC and my knowledge of professional gameplay and the things it entails is limited at best, but I suppose it will probably take some time until we go back to Phyrexia, as I think it rather unlikely that they will release another artifact-heavy set so soon after the one we have right now (unless they compleately — Ha. See what I did there? — reinvent Phyrexian infrastructure and distance themselves from artifacts in that particular set). But it still leaves you wondering just what exactly is going on there in the meantime.

Or maybe I’m just being dramatic and everyone is fine and dandy, beachin’ down on the Phyrexian version of St. Tropez. They’ve got five suns, after all.


So I’m pregnant. It’s my ex-boyfriends, and as those of you who have been following for a while know, he was extremely abusive. Because of the court case and the protection order shit, I cant even tell him.

And I lost my job the day after I found out because “its just one life crisis after another with me.” Which is totally true, but each ‘life crisis’ has been because of my ex.

And now I have no idea how I’m going to pay for a baby. So. A ton more stress. on top of all the other stress I already had.

And since I’m pregnant, I can’t drink (im an alcoholic), smoke, take pills (addict), I have to eat (anorexic). Like literally, fuck my life.

So that is my update. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

—  (via story-of-a-sad-teen)