it's because he's in a really unfortunate shot

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Does anyone have any sources about the officer that shot Philandro Castile? (Like a name, for example) I've seen people saying he was Asian and before I jump on this I'd like some more info. Unfortunately, every single article I've found solely refers to the cop as "the officer" without so much as a gender pronoun. If the cop is Asian, it's really important that we know and to acknowledge it because antiblackness is not just a white people problem.

it won’t be publicized by the department because of union protection. when we find out it’ll be from civilians.


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Could you do a percabeth one shot where annabeth has to go to a family reunion from her stepmom's side and everybody is really snobby and they all rag on her, but later percy shows up and it's revealed that they are dating and all her cousins are jealous because he is really famous for saving a lot of kids during a shooting. THANKS!!

I’m sorry this took so long, anon. I hope you like it.

Burst Like A Bubble

To the average person, it was just a regular Saturday morningin an average San Francisco Fall. Unfortunately, Annabeth Chase was notaverage, and it was not a regular Saturday. Her father and stepmother weremaking her go to her stepmother’s family reunion. This blackened, withered branch of her mortal family tree had always treated her terribly. Like the rest of her family behaved before she ran away, her stepmother’s side of the family never really included her in the family. They found her to be the puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit, the constant reminder of their imperfect family.

Annabeth thought she would have been just fine staying home by herself, but her parents were having none of that. The only bright side was that Percy was going to come with her. Or so she thought. As he didn’t fly, he should have shadow traveled over with Mrs. O’Leary an hour ago. Well, Annabeth knew she shouldn’t have been surprised – Percy was always late, it was just who he was.

“Annabeth, dear, it’s time to go!” Annabeth’s stepmother reminded her stepdaughter, with just a touch of impatience. Even though the two had made their peace years ago, the endearment left Annabeth feeling slightly surprised. Looking around for Percy one more time, and giving a sigh of disappointment when she didn’t see him, Annabeth smoothed out her sundress, stepped off their front porch, and got into the car.

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