it's because he wants in your pants

You and Hanbin on Roommate would be like

• there being a mini competition between you and him when you first meet the family because the two of you are idols and you have a dance competition

• he slips while dancing to Apology and covers it up with “i let you win” and that being he spark to your friendship

• that “friendship” didnt last long because next thing you knew there were a bouquet of roses on your bed with a cd taped to it and it was a song he wrote to confess to you

• you accept him and hes like shitting his pants

• HANBIN MOTHER MODE : ON and he makes you breakfast before your schedule every morning and gukju is just like “where tf is mine”

• sometimes he goes grocery shopping with you for the family even though its not his duty but he just wants to spend time with you

• that big goofy smile of his when you kiss him and the cameras arent looking

• him whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you cook for the family

•two of you having to bail out of an outing because yall had a steamy night and you couldnt even walk because… hanbin. just. hanbin.

• him staying back to chill with you (( or just make sure you couldnt walk at all 😉 ))

• yeah yall just get it on in the toilet bc the
family is out and yall rarely have no schedule on the same day

• you catching him calling bobby for relationship advice

• bobby shouting “OH MY GOD YOU HAD SEX WITH HER” so loud on the phone you could hear it

• he just smiles awkwardly at you trying to cover it up

• the next morning you wake up by a bunch of screaming noises and you open your eyes and just see the whole of ikon jumping around your room shouting “ WAKE UP NOONAAAAA” and you cover your face while glaring at a guilty looking hanbin

• he says he invited them over to meet the family but only they know theyre here just to meet their leaders new girl

• you getting asked “is he good in bed ” all day

you go home with a dude and you like him a lot hes sweet and funny and really hot and so you go home with him right and you start kissing him and shit and you get into it because hes like PERFECT like hes THE GUY absolutely fucking smart and charming and hes everything youve ever wanted and its a nice apartment he obviously makes a lot of money and youre starting to get hot and heavy and hes got his big soft hands on you and youre loving it right because hes funny and he knows whats going on in the world hes just a really great guy and then he stops kissing you to go pull open his closet and hes got this

and he dunks his hand in it and comes back and says “take your pants off” what do you do

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Any Mccree headcannons?

We have a few!

  • He’s the hunting type, if we’re honest
  • Its the thrill of chasing you that really has him pleased
  • He’ll be happy to have you in his arms, but he’s also happy to run after you
  • No one else can have you, that’s for sure, and no one’s allowed to help you escape
  • He makes that clear with a few well aimed bullets and several dead bodies
  • He doesn’t want you to stop running, to stop fighting
  • He loves the look on your face when you’re cornered
  • He’ll let you go once he’s done kissing you or using you, honestly
  • Reminds you that he loves you while buckling his pants back up
  • If he’s in a good mood, he’ll tell you that he’ll give you a day’s headstart 
  • (Its a lie, it’s more of a half hour)
  • Because the running’s never over
  • Not until you’re completely broken and ready to give in
  • He’ll be a touch disappointed that the game’s over, but he’ll be happy all the same to take you home
  • Once you’re home, he’ll pamper you and love the hell out of you
  • But he’s always waiting for you to resume the game and try and run again
Theo Imagine #1

1. “She never misses, she never quits, and she never loses. If you’re alive its because she wants you alive.”

A/N: Should I just do these at the beginning now? Well the anon wasn’t really specific as to who they wanted so I just decided to write it as Theo.

You panted, after completing the obstacle course your dad, Chris Argent, had set up, you were calming yourself down by just shooting some arrows.

Theo saw you from afar and ran up. Peeking at you from behind a tree. He was so intrigued. You looked so serene and calm, downright beautiful.

Ever since the death of your sister Allison, you had trouble calming down and just letting go for a while. Well archery calmed you down now.

You set the bow down and reached down to get your water. Shooting was tiring stuff.

Theo took this as the best moment to walk towards you and strike up conversation. As for you, well being a trained hunter and hearing twigs snap is a warning.

As quickly as you could, you grabbed your bow and aimed at Theo. This felt like it took forever, you were deciding whether or not to kill him. You decided against it and shot the arrow, barely missing his ear by an inch. He was lucky he was cute. Another arrow whizzed past his thigh and another just above his head.

“Don’t ever do that again.” You growled, getting your things and stalking away.

Theo smiled. Well, if you were intriguing before, now he wouldn’t stop thinking about you.

The next few days passed with no more near death experiences, but you were still on Theo’s mind.

“Scott! Hey, I have a question.” Theo smiled while he called out for Scott.

“Hey Theo,” Scott greeted.

“Umm well I have a question about a girl actually. I’m assuming she’s an Argent.” Theo said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, (Y/N), what about her?” Scott asked.

“Well, I saw her in the woods, and she almost killed me. I know it sounds bad but she missed and I can’t stop thinking about her.” Theo smiled.

“(Y/N)? Oh, she never misses, she never quits, and she never loses. If you’re alive its because she wants you alive.” Lydia said matter-of-a-factly.

Theo gulped, you could have most definitely killed him. He continued to walk away from Scott and Lydia who were going on and on about how you picked the bow up again.

He saw you heading towards the parking lot, so he ran to catch up with you.

“Hey! You’re the one who almost killed me!” He tried in a joking manner.

“Hey, you’re the moron who decided to sneak up on the girl who has been training for 10 years of her life in how to kill people!” You sarcastically called back.

Theo flinched, did you always act like this? Whatever, he continued anyway. “Yeah sorry about that, I just saw a pretty girl and thought I should introduce myself.”

“I’ve seen enough shows about murders to know that that’s a perfect description of a murderer.” You answered.

“Can I make it up to you? I feel like all my flirting has been going downhill and it’s usually a given.” Theo chuckled.

“I barely know you.” You sighed.

“So we’ll get to know each other and then I’ll take you out. I’m Theo.” Theo offered.

“Fine, (Y/N), you can leave me alone now.” You said.

“Wait, I’ll text you, give me your phone.” Theo smiled.

You sighed and handed him the phone, which he quickly dealt with.

“See you later (Y/N).” Theo smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek. And although you’d deny it, the tiny kiss made you blush a lot.

The Tyler Seguin Show

Injury update-Getting better every day. Stitches out soon. Still no discussion of when exactly he’ll be back but he can’t imagine he’ll miss game 1

Storms in Dallas right now so his TV isn’t working (Directv I assume) Hail in the area

RE: the Anti gravity treadmill. You are put in some special kind of pants (?) and it reduces your weight by 50% so you can walk normally without a limp and it works the achilles without hurting it
He’s off crutches now

When you’re injured you’re not around the guys so much. At Preskate game tomorrow, he’ll be at the clinic and it’s frustrating and annoying to not be around his teammates

Asked whether he’s bothered by the team playing really well without him — its a little easier to deal with because they’re in the playoffs and he wants them to do well to lead up to a run

RE: Val’s article - hosts asked him about comparing his situation in Boston to Val’s situation in Dallas
18 or 19 kid - the media is on you and you can’t step in and get all the minutes you want
There’s a Transition period. Game in North America much different than in Russia. Ice is smaller, players are bigger
He’s been with Val since day one and he’s come so far

Ask Tyler

How many games should Keith get? Tyler doesn’t classify him as a dirty player but he’s done this stuff before. It was irresponsible what he did. At least four or five games

You going to Justin Bieber’s Dallas concert? Yes. In a Suite.
Fav Bieber song? What do you mean
He can sing most Bieber’s songs
He is a Bel-ieber!
Hosts expressing discomfort about this admission!
Reason Tyler likes him —His songs are catchy- He has tattoos

Will there be beard progression selfies to keep fans updated? No, but it is coming back

Fav Disney movie? Lion King

Weirdest thing teammate every did in a locker room? *laughs* Can’t say.

DJs started playing a Bieber song and Tyler sang along with it. Pretty badly.

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mini fic?? "You never told me you were into that, Y/N..." You blushed, looking away from him. How had you let that slip? You haven't even slept with him yet!

No more please!

Dean x Reader

“What are you talking about?” you regained your voice and attempted to act nonchalant. “I mean, almost everyone is into that.”

“Not everyone, not most people,” he raised a brow and smirked. “Thankfully, though, I am.”

“Reallly? You’re not just saying that because you want to get in my pants, Winchester?” you said, scoffing.

He laughed heartily, snaking an arm around your waist and kissing your cheek. “I know it’ll happen in its due time, honey.”

“You’re sweet,” you shot him a sarcastic smile before Sam was making his way towards you and Dean, announcing that he had all the info he needed to get on with the case. At this, Dean pulled away from you and the three of you made your way out of the building and into the car.

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