it's basically the whole video

@acebuckie i kind of… turned the song around… so we went from ‘Sleep on the Floor’ to Sleep on the Clouds… uh.. yap


so it’s the end of march now and jack and casie is slowly chugging along. still working on the overworld areas (something called ‘decks’ are involved) (and they suck) and working on fixing up some underlying systems that just didn’t fuckin work but i expect a new demo out in the first two weeks of april if not sooner

in order to expedite the whole ‘make the video game’ thing i’ve been considering picking up volunteer artists and trading, like, art or lessons or something for grunt work and the like but i’m still sort of skeptical about putting any part of my project in the hands of other people but, on the off chance i do bite the bullet, i ended up drawing a new big dumb model sheet for jack and casie (to replace the older one) (admittedly, it’s because someone asked me for a reference for fan art.) (i’m not going to lie to you. it didn’t take much.)

the kickstarter goal date is still ‘before e3′, so the latest i’m willing to run it is april or may. i’m quite confident itll go through, especially considering i’ve gotten a couple of offers from distributors and publishers

i’ve actually been practicing my blurbs but my favorite is still just

“A parody pocket RPG about a mysterious robot from a long lost civilization, and Casie.”


G-Eazy: The Pri$e of Fame


I’m watching this fanvideo and I am very upset right now. I’m upset because these two people, these two characters, had such a beautiful story. Their love was beautiful and epic and tragic and pure and selfless and strong - and it makes me sad that The Vampire Diaries has gone to complete shit, because the when the show went down, it took Stefan and Elena’s relationship down with it. And I miss them.

This video takes you through Stefan and Elena’s journey from seasons 1-3, and although I am very grateful for how brilliant these seasons were, I still want to say a big fuck you to anyone who contributed to the downfall of this show :) :)