it's based off of fanfiction really

Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader find a heartbroken Bucky on their doorstep.
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. I’m really proud of this chapter and it’s a bit of a monster. I had the pleasure of writing this chapter and really hope you guys enjoy it! Come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.
Word count : 2,639

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Chapter 3

There were many things you expected on the stoop of Brooklyn Blooms; Flower deliveries, bills, packages. The last thing you ever expected to see was James Barnes. 

The shop had been closed today, the rain allowing both of you and Steve to take a well deserved break knowing the shop would be quiet. After a sleep in you stay in the apartment most of the day, playing lazy games of scrabble with hot teas by your side. It’s only when Steve’s stomach growls that you suggest dinner at an Italian place nearby. The night sky is dark by the time you come home, the rain still coming down heavily across the city. The street lights glisten on the slick sidewalk as you approach Brooklyn Blooms. At first you assume it’s more packages, stacked up high and you silently pray it isn’t too soaked but as both of you walk closer huddled under an umbrella you can make out the shape of a man. Your breath hitches as you realise who is there. 

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Ppllleeeaaasseee link me some good zutara fics (none of the popular ones)

^ those are by the same author the second one is it’s sequel - this one  is based off the movie Anastasia. It’s not really a retelling, since it mimics most of the movie and uses a lot of its lines but its still pretty good. If you liked the movie Anastasia you’ll probably like this one. - so while this story is one i haven’t read in a while, i remember it being one i couldn’t put down. I would read it throughout school and immediately when i got home until i finished it. I also had saved it to my bookmark inn AO3 and i don’t do that unless it’s really well written. - i will admit this is one of my own work, but i really liked the way it turned out. Read it, don’t read, but i just thought i’d throw it out there as an option. However unlike the others it’s only a one shot. - a collection of many amazing zutara stories. Some are popular, some aren’t. A lot of them i personally hadn’t heard of prior to. Most of my recommendations would have come from here, but i think it’s better for you to try them all, see which ones you like and don’t like. One is will point out is this: - this is probably one of my favorite zutara fanfictions. This may be a small spoiler so i’ll put it under a break/read more thingy.

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@taerichster asked: could you maybe do a newsies era jack x reader kinda based off of the song Maria from west side story? I just listened to jeremy jordan sing it and wow I’m in love lol thank you!!

summary: jack has found his new favourite sound

**here is jeremy jordan singing ‘maria’ it’s beautiful and you should really listen to it :’)

***also this is my first songfic!! also this is really cliche sorry 

I’ve just met a girl named Maria

And suddenly that name will never be the same to me

It was a Friday evening. Papers hadn’t sold easily thanks to the lousy headline and miserable weather. Not even Jack Kelly, the leading newsboy in all of Manhattan, could shift all of his stock. It was his worst selling day by far.

But it was a day he’d always be eternally grateful for.

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alovelylight  asked:

I'm not the anon who asked to write fic based off your art, but I wrote a short fic based on that two-part comic about Harry coming home late from a dangerous mission. My AO3 is ariadnah and it's called 'we are more strong than time,' if you're interested. It's really cool that your art inspires others in the fandom to create more art haha

Awesome!! I will share this ask in case more people feel interested in reading the one-shot! :D 


This is based off a scene in @randomishnickname ‘s beautiful fanfiction of The Twenty-ninth Shot and boy oh boy do I love it. I rarely read fanfictions anymore but this one really captured my attention staying up until 1:00 AM to get to chapter 11

My favorite chapter has to be chapter seven~. But seriously, go and read their fanfiction, they’re an amazing writer <3 <3

Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader finally learn the fate of their biker from a redheaded stranger. 
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. I wrote this chapter and I really hope you guys like it as much as we do! Come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.
Word count : 1,951

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Chapter 5

The loud slamming of a drawer pulls you from your day dream. Business had been slow that day and you found yourself glancing at the clock often. So, when you hear Steve grumbling behind you you’re glad for the distraction.

“Where are they?” he mumbles to himself, rifling through the nicknack drawer in the workbench.

“Where’s what?” you ask spraying a fresh bunch of wild flowers with water. Steve doesn’t acknowledge you but simply moves to the next drawer. He slams the drawer so hard it rattles the workbench and that’s when you put your sprayer down and walk over to him.

“Steven Grant Rogers, if you don’t quit that I’m going to put you in a time out” you grumble and Steve turns looking bashful.

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BFU||Scent of Night

Based off this art by @alcxandermadej

Enjoy :)

Just as a breeze came through the woods, Ryan and Shane were standing next to the cabin they’d be staying in, the host graciously giving them information about his visits here. They were in the middle of filming footage for a new Unsolved murder case and Ryan hadn’t wanted to stay in one of the “murder houses” and booked a place nearby, instead.

“Yeah,” the host continued, chuckling a little. “We still get some vermin and intruders every so often…usually, they ain’t doin’ much harm to ya, but we left you some stuff in your place to protect yourself. Oh, and there’s a gun upstairs in the main room if it really gets to it. Good luck out here!” He waved goodbye and left just before the sun dipped past the horizon.

Shane laughed and went inside the cabin, waving his free hand. “Oooh, look at us, inside a murder cabin.”

“This is not a murder cabin,” Ryan shot back, rolling his eyes. “It’s just a nearby, friendly cabin that people stay at. Nothing happens here.”

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Klaus and Asexuality (so Will They or Won’t They?)

“Hey, so is Klaus gay or is he ace?” 

Thus goes the question from time immemorial, basically. For the majority of From Eroica With Love, Klaus is snappish, uptight, and extremely uncomfortable with nudity and touch from any gender. Give him a hug, and he will probably threaten to shoot you. And since his co-lead is Dorian Red Gloria, who’s had his eye on winning Klaus’s affections for 40 years now, that tension comes up a lot. 

Going just from that knowledge, it’s easy to see how the question I posed came about. Asexual folks are just as hungry as LGBTQ ones for representation, and I don’t want to begrudge them that. But given the fact that when you click over to the Tvtropes page, the theory is more used to the effect of KLAUS DOESN’T EVEN LIKE SEX SO STOP SAYING THERE’S ANYTHING GAY GOING ON, I find myself wanting to dig a little deeper. What can I say, I don’t like the idea of representation being used to silence other representation. And I’d say it’s pretty damn possible to read Klaus as ace AND suppressing romantic feelings for Dorian. 

Let’s start by taking a step back and looking at the pair’s overall dynamic: Dorian pursues Klaus or they wind up going after the same goal, have to work together, and in the process usually Klaus will have to save Dorian’s life but also admit he’s impressed with the thief’s skills. Every time they’re thrown together, their usual bickering and Klaus’s heated animosity toward the “degenerate” who keeps interfering with his life will inevitably give way to a mutual respect. Maybe even, gasp, the implication that Klaus doesn’t hate Dorian as much as he says he does. 

The phrase “protesting too much” comes to mind.

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Omfg enough of this gerita. I respect it but it's everywhere!!! No kidding!! Litreally people are shoving it up to our throats. I just can't see a hetalia thing without gerita. It's like, the whole anime is based off an german and an italian falling in love. I try to ignore it but it's impossible! I am sorry for my rant but this whole fandom is really tearing me out of itsself.

//Honestly, I agree with you. That’s why I want a ship neutral blog. I got sick of GerIta after the first 15 fanfictions I read. I’m more of a rare pair girl myself. The only problem is most fanfictions about Hetalia are GerIta and USUK, though i’m more bored of GerIta. I’ll only read a GerIta fanfiction if the plot isn’t based around their relationship 24/7. I’m sorry for ranting, but anon I couldn’t agree with you more. 

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(It's Juliet again JEEZ sorry im here so much) I know "The String" is an animatic based off of a story you wrote but...I was wondering if I could possibly write a small book or fanfiction or something along those lines, about it? I'd of course credit you for the original story and characters, but I really love this concept and I'd really like to go in depth with it, see what you think as well. ^^ Any more info about Blanka and Jamie would be greatly helped for it! If not I understand.

ofc u could! id love to read it

compromised »  (kŏm′prə-mīz′d) - to expose or make liable, often to danger, suspicion, or disrepute. (listen)

01. Assassin - John Mayer | 02. Broken Arrow - The Script | 03. No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine | 04. Things We Lost to the Fire - Bastille | 05. Trust Me - The Fray | 06. Run - Daughter | 07. Buzzcut Season - Lorde | 08. I’m Yours - The Script | 09. Gravity - Sara Bareilles | 10. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz | 11. Edge of Desire - John Mayer | 12. Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia | 13. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie 

a clintasha fanmix. 


Kagome suddenly turned from the road ahead and smiled at him from over her shoulder. Not at Sango or Miroku or Shippo. A smile just for him. 

It was innocent and inviting, calling him forward with just the curve of her lips.
Inuyasha always felt debilitated, seeing her smile at him like that. As if his presence somehow made everything right in the world. 

‘I love you as a half-demon Inuyasha!’
Yeah, she’d said that. But Kagome’d told Sango and Shippo that she loved them too. So what was the difference? She’d kissed him on the mouth once… But that had been to snap him out of his full demon form in a moment of panic. It had felt romantic to him at the time but she’d been so scared…

In the moment Inuyasha had luckily chosen to ignore his higher reasoning and let Kagome’s kiss lure him back to his half-demon state. But when he thought of it now he was filled with doubt.
He didn’t doubt Kagome felt something for him. But there was always that thought in the back of his mind that whispered it was just because she didn’t know any better.
She was young and innocent, unknowledgeable in the ways of demons. Of course, she wouldn’t understand what she’d offered him. If she had… Maybe she wouldn’t have tried to kiss him in the first place. Or maybe she would have waited until the fight was over and tried to put some distance between them.  

She didn’t know what mating was. It wouldn’t have even surprised him if she didn’t know what sex was. And the prejudice against half-demons that she had seen on their journeys together barely scratched the surface of his own experience.
Kagome was trusting and kind. Where others saw a stray half-breed she’d seen a man, an equal, worthy of her respect and friendship the same as anyone else.
It shamed him to know that he didn’t deserve it.
Not when he wanted to take that innocence in her eyes and shatter it to pieces with his own body, marking her forever as his and thus unleashing the world’s hatred on her.

Kagome turned back ahead and continued walking with the group. Her laughter echoed in his ears at a comment Sango made.
A hollow feeling ached in Inuyasha’s chest at the sound.
As much as he hated the feelings of lust and possessiveness he harbored toward his best friend, the idea of her leaving him behind someday was so much worse.
The mere thought filled him with a raw emotion. With every step she took, it tore at his heart with claws of its own, pulling him toward her almost magnetically.  
Inuyasha knew it was too late to think of whether his feelings were wrong or right. They would still be there driving him on no matter how horrible his desires made him.
But if there was even the smallest chance that he really was the one to make her smile like that, then maybe he wasn’t ALL bad.


I wrote this based off a picture in the span of about an hour and a half. :P  

Fanfic reader problem #2

Ok is it just me or does everyone else feel like they can give really good relationship advice even thought they’re single and its because of all the fanfiction you’ve read. Like I’ve been single my whole life and all of my friends have boyfriends, but I keep giving them advice even though I have no experience. But I give them advice based off the stuff I’ve read in fanfics. And I understand their relationships better because of fanfics… Fanfics are really valuable and wow this is actually weird now that I write this down.

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FENHAWKE please.... pls... 11. “I almost lost you” kiss and 7.

  • 11. “I almost lost you” kiss
  • Hawke/Fenris - Dragon Age 2

“You frightened me.”


“Before we found you, there was a moment where I… Don’t do that again.”

When the commotion starts, Fenris is still in the courtyard. He’s aware of something being wrong before Varric is, the instincts of a runaway slave kicking in when the security loosens around the area. It shouldn’t mean anything, but he knows it does, because security would not grow weaker at a party unless guards were needed elsewhere. And with Hawke nowhere to be seen, Fenris knows full well what the guards must have left for.

He finds Varric near the drink table, a glass of champagne in his hand as he regales a group of women around him with tales of his and Hawke’s adventures. One look at Fenris, though, and he excuses himself. It doesn’t take them any time to get into the mansion; a door was left unlocked, and from the sight of the unconscious guard lying on the concrete inside, Fenris knows Hawke must have come this way. He picks up his pace almost subconsciously as more bodies appear, most merely unconscious, but then there’s one…

Blood. The first sight of it Fenris has had since entering the mansion.

It gives him pause, his breath catching in his throat at the sight of dark splotches on the wall leading to a body that lies just out of sight. It is not Hawke, he assures himself, but the dread lingers in his veins until he’s able to see with his own two eyes that it isn’t Hawke lying there in a pool of his own blood. And even then, Fenris is tempted to use abilities that he ought to save for battle, to slip through the walls in an attempt to get out of this labyrinth of a mansion, to get to Hawke.

He doesn’t, but Varric is still barely able to keep up with him.

It would be a lie to say they reach Hawke and Tallis “just in time.” On the contrary, Fenris all but collides with the other elf as he rounds a corner. He isn’t gentle when he pushes her to the side, because Hawke is there, he’s fine. His fancy clothes are stained with tiny drops of blood, but the fabric is untorn, and his expression is one of mere confusion when Fenris grabs ahold of the collar of his shirt and pulls the bear of a man into a kiss. Hawke stiffens at the suddenness, but he melts into it like always does. He eases into the contact like he belongs that way, pressed against Fenris like a perfect puzzle piece.

Fenris isn’t aware he’s shaking until Hawke’s hands are at his waist, kneading against the small of his back in an obvious attempt to calm him. When he leans back slightly, all that he’s aware of is the warmth of Hawke’s skin and the bright of his eyes, the gentle curves of his cheeks and the inquisitive tilt of his head. He doesn’t speak; thank the Maker he doesn’t speak. Knowing Hawke, it would be some smart remark about Fenris missing him.

Tallis, unfortunately, does. “You’re a lucky man,” she sighs, and Hawke laughs at that, his mouth falling into an easy grin. He sets a hand on Fenris’s head and ruffles up his hair affectionately before glancing over at the woman.

“I am indeed,” he agrees, and although Fenris says nothing, he thinks the comment was made for him.

Mad Spaced - Chapter 11 - “Can of Worms”

Oh, hello! I’m not surprised if anyone had given up on me; I had just about given up on myself. This chapter pretty much accomplishes what I intended, and it feels fairly finished, so I’m just going to post it! (There will be more to the story, though, in case that was unclear.) The style is a little odd, there are flashback bits that I’m not sure are 100% clear and effective, but blahblahblah. I know. Too much preamble.

Here are the previous installments, should anyone want to catch up or refresh your memory:

Last bit of business: I merged a couple of tag lists, because a couple of people hadn’t made it onto the last fic I posted. If you don’t want to be informed in future, feel free to opt out (I won’t be sad, I swear!) And if you’re not listed and want to be tagged when I write something (hopefully more frequently than once a month in future), let me know. 

ch1darkcy hohumi sassy-curmudgeon slothpaws adaftmyriad greenangelheart old-lady-at-heart teastaindiary lametwentysomething fantasticab allimidori robichaux-prefect llexis thisissomefreshbullshit boysweatandckone someday-youwillfindme kneekeyta justagirlnamedkayla 14000romances darlingdiver mirandasmadeofstone how-ardently icshly gushington-central i-love-mmfd carpe-libris raernundo broughttoyoubythelettera chicadificil i-dream-of-emus mallyallyandra anglophileyoungblood fuckintentshop aggressively-lamps chrryblsms nipasir areyousad8118 ducky17 milymargot sharoonroney sarahlouise88ni celestev31 scumothaearff bitcheslovebeck magicalgrandma kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting ililypop gemmarstyles ilovefinnnelson sammylbc anca82 idontcareifyoudontbelieveme murderyoursoul losingpudge heartnotbrain jackiewalsh2013 dairingoriginal sunflowerdope omgbananasnailus perfecters abullofshit @shadan-stone-roses katywright340 bitchy-broken pigeonfarmrace rinncincin mellamoaiko @jessicacandesign finnleysraemundo kristicallahan musicfreak1 alyssaloca girlwithafoxhat karinskyme irish-girl-84 tinakegg luvs-jade 2muchtosee2littletime voodoomarie @myfinnnelsonpls annemarieted happyfrasers wandering-soul-7 arashian-emu nemo-miracle-grow @courtkismet sicklittlejag @fangirlwithoutshame

Without further bloody ado, here’s Chapter 11!

* * * * *

Finn caught his reflection in the supermarket’s sliding glass doors, and started at the blonde shock on his head. He still wasn’t used to being re-bleached. He hurried inside to do a quick shop before heading home. On his way, he reflected that things had quickly gone back to their version of normal after the momentary tension that seemed to surround the hair dyeing evening a couple days ago. Of course, normal also included Rae feeling like crap every day she worked at Flaps.

He pushed the door to the flat open with the hand that had turned the key in the lock, his other hand gripped onto three carrier bags full of shopping. The droning voice of John McCrea filled the flat. Rae was in a duvet cocoon on the sofa, simultaneously singing along to Cake and watching French & Saunders DVDs, telly volume on low. She’d watched them so often, she had most of the sketches memorized. There was a pile of soggy teabags on the plate next to Rae’s favorite mug.

“Oh, dear,” Finn said aloud. “Rough day?” He recognized the signs of over-coping.

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okamihamihanzo  asked:

hi! i wanted to say i adore your Day/Night victuri AU. i was wondering, would you mind someone writing fanfiction based off of it (crediting you, of course)? i don't have anything concrete planned, but it's inspired me a bit and i wanted to know how you felt about that?

oh of course i don’t mind at all!! in fact i would really really love it!!! this makes me so happy oh my gosh and thank you so much for asking me💛

and if you do write it would it be okay to link me your finished work?? i would love to read it :))

signs as types of fanfiction

aries//one sentence per chapter

taurus//lowercase intended

gemini//joke fics

cancer//trigger warning fics

leo//feminine!*insert name here* punk! *insert other name here


libra//poetic asf 


sagittarius//the cliche, basic af ones, that we read even if they’re boring bc fluff

capricorn//the ones that are so good they get converted to a real book and published

aquarius//the ones where its a really nice, original plotline

pisces// the one where they both die at the end

*all of these are based off gay fanfiction js*

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Hi Sunny! So um yeah I know I've already asked this before but it's been a few days without a response so I just thought I'd ask again really quick if it's okay for people to write fanfiction based off your art? Specifically if it involves certain headcanons you might have mentioned - I know this might seem like a silly question but I really want to write a fic based off and inspired by your Merstuck AU art and I just feel like I should ask your permission first. Thank you, you're awesome!!!!

Anon:Okay, so I love your Rose<3Kanaya art because that’s my OTP. (The one in which Rose saw Kanaya after death and attacked her in a hug actually made me cry with feels.) I was wondering if you might maybe make a Merstuck segment with that ship somewhere down the road? I love Merstuck and that would really make my day. Also may I please write a Merstuck fanfic? I’ll send you a link and give you credit. Sorry for the length of this ask…

thanks a lot! and sure it’s ok!

I don’t have anything too specific planned for them yet but yeah I’ll try to draw something related anyway B)

about the credit, I feel like that’s necessary just if one specifically bases it off one picture or some headcanon/backstory of mine in particular? otherwise if it’s not strictly related I think it could also go without credit since there are many mermaid aus in general, but well I leave that up to you guys 8’)