it's based off of fanfiction really

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for the dialogue prompt ask!! bellarke and "I just really need to have you here right now"

listen, this is not what i intended to write and for that i am sorry. this is also pure speculation based off of the spoilers from leaked scripts WAY back when, so beware of possible spoilers. but also this has no scientific backing and probably doesn’t make sense, sorry. i’m emotional right now.

also this is my first time writing non-modern verse blarke so, be aware of that. have fun.

When Bellamy was seven years old, his mother’s muffled screams filled the small, metal compartment that he called home, and then it was the soft cries of a newborn girl he named after an old emperor’s sister, a woman who stood tall and strong against all odds. He hoped that his Octavia could do the same, even if she had to live her entire life in fear of being discovered, of being criminalized for her birth.

After they fall to earth, after they lose and find each other over and over again, Bellamy thinks that she’s going to be the hardest thing he’s ever going to have to lose. And oh god, he can’t believe he’s wrong.

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Isn’t This Enough (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

A/N: This has been in the works for awhile now, it’s based off “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton. I’m not sure what got me into this angsty of a mood, but I kind of like it. So yeah this is a lot of angst with just a touch of fluff. 

Warnings: cheating. I think that’s it. (I don’t think I swore which is incredible)

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it was staring me in the face but how could I believe it? I shouldn’t be surprised, right? Big Hollywood actor. It doesn’t make sense that someone like me would actually be able to make him happy forever. I had hoped though, I had hoped during our first date, during our first kiss, the first time we had sex, when we met each other’s families, even once he proposed. I wanted to believe him, but in the back out my mind I was still just hoping it would stay this way. I should’ve suspected when he was away so much. We had been together for 2 years before getting married and he was never away more than a couple months at a time. Even when he was away we talked everyday, sometimes I was able to take time off to stay with him while filming. I should’ve known when he stopped asking me to come.

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All-Around Lovable | Part 1

(The one before this was the prologue for context. Universe belongs to @reverseblackholeofwords)

The sky grew dark and she hadn’t left that spot in hours. She was tired, hungry, and cold, but she needed to know how that man was. If he was alright. She refused to leave without getting her answer.

She leaned forward and rested her elbows and head on her cross-legged knees, staring forward at all the people that passed by. She’d given up on trying to get people's’ attention, because whenever she did they would just ignore her. It was like she didn’t even exist. Not a single person even turned in her direction. They just went on with their days, carrying briefcases and grocery bags, a few teenagers talking with friends, probably on their way to the mall.

She looked up at the sky again and spotted a few stars beginning to appear in the sky, then she looked at the moon that was only a sliver in the sky. She never payed attention in astronomy class, despite how much she loved space and the stars, so she didn’t know if the cycle was starting or ending.

She heard a creak beside her and turned, looking up at a man who looked like the injured man and the guy she helped bring groceries in with. The thing was, this one was in a suit and he seemed shy and nervous as he peeked around the corner. When he noticed she was looking at him, he shied away.

It was no big deal really. She could see where he was coming from.

“Are you… uh, alright?” he asked, finally stepping out of the building and standing in front of her. The few people that passed by didn’t seem to notice him either, so that was a huge relief, for her at least.

She slowly nodded, folding her mid-back-long light brown hair behind her ear. It was bleached at the ends and held a bronze glow that made her slight heterochromic hazel and brown eyes stand out. She was wearing a normal pair of jeans, purple Nike shoes, a teal shirt with pink lettering that spelled out “Tacos on my Mind” and she was pretty pale with surprisingly clear skin.

Her stomach growled and she wrapped her arms around her gut, folding herself into a small ball on the ground and staring at the man’s surprisingly interesting shoes.

He held a hand out to her. “Hey, come on in. You’re hungry and you’ve been out here for hours. Don’t think we didn’t notice.” he insisted. Whether she grabbed his hand or not, he was going to bring her inside and feed her, take care of her, make sure she was alright and wouldn’t get sick after being outside with the changing weather; if it took him carrying her in bridal style, then that’s what it would take.

Luckily, she grabbed his hand and he helped her stand up. Her right arm hung to the side and she used her other hand to grip her elbow, tugging at the skin. She knew that she wanted to see how the man was doing, but all these new people she felt like she was going to meet… If there were at least ten people in one room, she would totally feel enochlophobic and have to leave the room. Go to a quiet space to relax and collect herself.

She followed him into the building. “I’m Bim by the way. Bim Trimmer.” he exclaimed, a little more confident than before, turning around and holding out his hand for her to shake it. She took it and shook it softly, crossing her arms behind her back and investigating the walls she passed in following him to an elevator.

“This building is probably going to surprise you. We’ve got a clinic, library, studio, a floor filled with bedrooms, and not to mention the people here, including me, are pretty strange.” he said, calling the elevator and waiting a whopping three seconds for the door to open. The two entered, the girl stepped inside with him and the door closed. They were going to the second floor.

“What’s your name by the way?” he asked.

She jumped and looked at him. “Oh, I’m um, my name’s Jordan.”

He bowed his head to her. “Nice to meet you.”

The door opened to reveal the clinic. It wasn’t busy, but there was small chatter echoing throughout the floor. “Doctor!” Bim called, stepping out of the elevator with Jordan not far behind. “Is she here? Bring her over!” called another voice, who sounded just like Bim’s. She found out why when she followed him into the farthest corner from the elevator and the doctor Bim had called to looked exactly like him. The only thing was he was wearing one of those vests that doctors wear, a stethoscope around his neck, and the satellite-like headband around his head.

“Ah, yes. Here she is. How are you?” asked the Doctor.

Jordan’s grip on her arms, which were still clasped together behind her back, grew tighter and she felt her own nails beginning to dig into her skin. But she stopped herself, leaving only small marks that would disappear later rather than drawing blood and having it scab over.

Bim whispered in the Doctor’s ear and gave a small wave to Jordan, entering a different elevator nearby and going up.

The Doctor gestured for her to sit down on the examination table. She did so, and he didn’t even ask her to put on one of the hospital gowns, he just started doing what every other doctor would do. Check her heartbeat, her reflexes, and he had her lift up her shirt slightly and lay down so he could make sure everything in her gut was alright. He checked her eyes and ears and asked a few questions, but not personal ones. “Are you hungry?” and “Are you tired,” things like that. Basically just her general health.

“Alright, you’re perfectly healthy as far as I can tell right now. Go ahead and go into that elevator and press the button for the fifth floor. That’s where the kitchen and bedrooms and whatnot are. I’ll meet you up there in a bit, and Bim should be sitting in the dining room waiting for you.” he explained, getting up and shaking her hand. “Dr. Iplier by the way. It’s been a pleasure to meet you, miss Jordan.”

Jordan took his hand and watched him walk away before she got up herself and made her way to the elevator. After it opened, she went inside and pressed the button for the fifth floor like she was told to do.

She still wanted to know how that man was doing, but she guessed she would find that out eventually. Best to get through the confusion to get to the truth.

But she couldn’t shake away that feeling of wanting to leave this place and avoid the people there, purely out of fear of embarrassing herself. She couldn’t shake away the feeling of wanting the elevator cords to snap and let her fall crashing down the lift.

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(It's Juliet again JEEZ sorry im here so much) I know "The String" is an animatic based off of a story you wrote but...I was wondering if I could possibly write a small book or fanfiction or something along those lines, about it? I'd of course credit you for the original story and characters, but I really love this concept and I'd really like to go in depth with it, see what you think as well. ^^ Any more info about Blanka and Jamie would be greatly helped for it! If not I understand.

ofc u could! id love to read it

Straightjacket Feeling - Pearlet Chp.1 (By Scarlet)

Hi guys! This is something I wrote a REALLY long time ago but never got around to posting and I just rediscovered it! Starts off set in college but I promise its not a college AU! Based (kinda) on the song ‘Do I wanna Know’ by the Artic Monkeys (lyrics in bold throughout fic). Also apologies for the TERRIBLE header, I lost the will to live with it xD

Straightjacket Feeling - Chapter 1

Do I wanna know, if this feeling flows both ways? Sad to see you go, was sort of hoping that you’d stay. Baby we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day. Crawling back to you. 

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Klaus and Asexuality (so Will They or Won’t They?)

“Hey, so is Klaus gay or is he ace?” 

Thus goes the question from time immemorial, basically. For the majority of From Eroica With Love, Klaus is snappish, uptight, and extremely uncomfortable with nudity and touch from any gender. Give him a hug, and he will probably threaten to shoot you. And since his co-lead is Dorian Red Gloria, who’s had his eye on winning Klaus’s affections for 40 years now, that tension comes up a lot. 

Going just from that knowledge, it’s easy to see how the question I posed came about. Asexual folks are just as hungry as LGBTQ ones for representation, and I don’t want to begrudge them that. But given the fact that when you click over to the Tvtropes page, the theory is more used to the effect of KLAUS DOESN’T EVEN LIKE SEX SO STOP SAYING THERE’S ANYTHING GAY GOING ON, I find myself wanting to dig a little deeper. What can I say, I don’t like the idea of representation being used to silence other representation. And I’d say it’s pretty damn possible to read Klaus as ace AND suppressing romantic feelings for Dorian. 

Let’s start by taking a step back and looking at the pair’s overall dynamic: Dorian pursues Klaus or they wind up going after the same goal, have to work together, and in the process usually Klaus will have to save Dorian’s life but also admit he’s impressed with the thief’s skills. Every time they’re thrown together, their usual bickering and Klaus’s heated animosity toward the “degenerate” who keeps interfering with his life will inevitably give way to a mutual respect. Maybe even, gasp, the implication that Klaus doesn’t hate Dorian as much as he says he does. 

The phrase “protesting too much” comes to mind.

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Pending Requests (in no specific order)

Those in bold are currently being worked on.

1.  can you do a reid x reader based off the song Scared to Be Lonely by Martin Garrix? thanks! - anonymous

2.  Can I request a fic in which Spencer comes home after a really long case and the reader and him just chill out, drinking coffee. She reads to him sitting in his lap and he starts to softly touch her lovingly but its all just fluffy and maybe some neck kisses added in. Xx - Reid18766

3. You should totally write an oneshot or whole fanfiction that takes place in the medieval era or the victorian era where you’re a princess and spencer is your servant and he’s like a cute puppy in love with you but is scared of doing something bc you’re a princess and he’s only your private servant and then in the end you seduce him and lots of animal sex happen - anonymous

cherrymoon58  asked:

Hello I have two questions I love the idea of the blue diamond mom swap first, is faded blue apart of this, and second will the events of the wanted impact this fanfiction.

Faded Blue is not officially part of this AU’s story, at least we don’t think so. Are they blueswap? Yes. But they aren’t part of the AU’s story. Crystal Clarity is.

Basically, our two stories are like Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. One is based off of the “manga” and the other is something that is its own thing and really good!

As with all new episodes, they always influence our planning! We certainly have a new power at the least.

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Um hello I really like the hanhaki (I think I spelt it wrong) concept and I write on wattpad or I'm trying to and I wanted to a something based off that. I'm not going to copy anything I swear I just wanted to base It on that idea, is that okay?

I don’t own the hanahaki disease concept, so no need to ask me :) it’s free for all ff writers to use!


Kagome suddenly turned from the road ahead and smiled at him from over her shoulder. Not at Sango or Miroku or Shippo. A smile just for him. 

It was innocent and inviting, calling him forward with just the curve of her lips.
Inuyasha always felt debilitated, seeing her smile at him like that. As if his presence somehow made everything right in the world. 

‘I love you as a half-demon Inuyasha!’
Yeah, she’d said that. But Kagome’d told Sango and Shippo that she loved them too. So what was the difference? She’d kissed him on the mouth once… But that had been to snap him out of his full demon form in a moment of panic. It had felt romantic to him at the time but she’d been so scared…

In the moment Inuyasha had luckily chosen to ignore his higher reasoning and let Kagome’s kiss lure him back to his half-demon state. But when he thought of it now he was filled with doubt.
He didn’t doubt Kagome felt something for him. But there was always that thought in the back of his mind that whispered it was just because she didn’t know any better.
She was young and innocent, unknowledgeable in the ways of demons. Of course, she wouldn’t understand what she’d offered him. If she had… Maybe she wouldn’t have tried to kiss him in the first place. Or maybe she would have waited until the fight was over and tried to put some distance between them.  

She didn’t know what mating was. It wouldn’t have even surprised him if she didn’t know what sex was. And the prejudice against half-demons that she had seen on their journeys together barely scratched the surface of his own experience.
Kagome was trusting and kind. Where others saw a stray half-breed she’d seen a man, an equal, worthy of her respect and friendship the same as anyone else.
It shamed him to know that he didn’t deserve it.
Not when he wanted to take that innocence in her eyes and shatter it to pieces with his own body, marking her forever as his and thus unleashing the world’s hatred on her.

Kagome turned back ahead and continued walking with the group. Her laughter echoed in his ears at a comment Sango made.
A hollow feeling ached in Inuyasha’s chest at the sound.
As much as he hated the feelings of lust and possessiveness he harbored toward his best friend, the idea of her leaving him behind someday was so much worse.
The mere thought filled him with a raw emotion. With every step she took, it tore at his heart with claws of its own, pulling him toward her almost magnetically.  
Inuyasha knew it was too late to think of whether his feelings were wrong or right. They would still be there driving him on no matter how horrible his desires made him.
But if there was even the smallest chance that he really was the one to make her smile like that, then maybe he wasn’t ALL bad.


I wrote this based off a picture in the span of about an hour and a half. :P  

Fanfic reader problem #2

Ok is it just me or does everyone else feel like they can give really good relationship advice even thought they’re single and its because of all the fanfiction you’ve read. Like I’ve been single my whole life and all of my friends have boyfriends, but I keep giving them advice even though I have no experience. But I give them advice based off the stuff I’ve read in fanfics. And I understand their relationships better because of fanfics… Fanfics are really valuable and wow this is actually weird now that I write this down.

mcu616  asked:

I was wondering with your permission if I could make a fanfiction based off the Reverse falls and Steven Diamond Au. Seeing them as villains has always intrigued me, and I really like the Mabel/Steven ship, even though its one sided in this universe.


the-98thdreamer  asked:

hi! i wanted to say i adore your Day/Night victuri AU. i was wondering, would you mind someone writing fanfiction based off of it (crediting you, of course)? i don't have anything concrete planned, but it's inspired me a bit and i wanted to know how you felt about that?

oh of course i don’t mind at all!! in fact i would really really love it!!! this makes me so happy oh my gosh and thank you so much for asking me💛

and if you do write it would it be okay to link me your finished work?? i would love to read it :))

Mad Spaced - Chapter 11 - “Can of Worms”

Oh, hello! I’m not surprised if anyone had given up on me; I had just about given up on myself. This chapter pretty much accomplishes what I intended, and it feels fairly finished, so I’m just going to post it! (There will be more to the story, though, in case that was unclear.) The style is a little odd, there are flashback bits that I’m not sure are 100% clear and effective, but blahblahblah. I know. Too much preamble.

Here are the previous installments, should anyone want to catch up or refresh your memory:

Last bit of business: I merged a couple of tag lists, because a couple of people hadn’t made it onto the last fic I posted. If you don’t want to be informed in future, feel free to opt out (I won’t be sad, I swear!) And if you’re not listed and want to be tagged when I write something (hopefully more frequently than once a month in future), let me know. 

ch1darkcy hohumi sassy-curmudgeon slothpaws adaftmyriad greenangelheart old-lady-at-heart teastaindiary lametwentysomething fantasticab allimidori robichaux-prefect llexis thisissomefreshbullshit boysweatandckone someday-youwillfindme kneekeyta justagirlnamedkayla 14000romances darlingdiver mirandasmadeofstone how-ardently icshly gushington-central i-love-mmfd carpe-libris raernundo broughttoyoubythelettera chicadificil i-dream-of-emus mallyallyandra anglophileyoungblood fuckintentshop aggressively-lamps chrryblsms nipasir areyousad8118 ducky17 milymargot sharoonroney sarahlouise88ni celestev31 scumothaearff bitcheslovebeck magicalgrandma kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting ililypop gemmarstyles ilovefinnnelson sammylbc anca82 idontcareifyoudontbelieveme murderyoursoul losingpudge heartnotbrain jackiewalsh2013 dairingoriginal sunflowerdope omgbananasnailus perfecters abullofshit @shadan-stone-roses katywright340 bitchy-broken pigeonfarmrace rinncincin mellamoaiko @jessicacandesign finnleysraemundo kristicallahan musicfreak1 alyssaloca girlwithafoxhat karinskyme irish-girl-84 tinakegg luvs-jade 2muchtosee2littletime voodoomarie @myfinnnelsonpls annemarieted happyfrasers wandering-soul-7 arashian-emu nemo-miracle-grow @courtkismet sicklittlejag @fangirlwithoutshame

Without further bloody ado, here’s Chapter 11!

* * * * *

Finn caught his reflection in the supermarket’s sliding glass doors, and started at the blonde shock on his head. He still wasn’t used to being re-bleached. He hurried inside to do a quick shop before heading home. On his way, he reflected that things had quickly gone back to their version of normal after the momentary tension that seemed to surround the hair dyeing evening a couple days ago. Of course, normal also included Rae feeling like crap every day she worked at Flaps.

He pushed the door to the flat open with the hand that had turned the key in the lock, his other hand gripped onto three carrier bags full of shopping. The droning voice of John McCrea filled the flat. Rae was in a duvet cocoon on the sofa, simultaneously singing along to Cake and watching French & Saunders DVDs, telly volume on low. She’d watched them so often, she had most of the sketches memorized. There was a pile of soggy teabags on the plate next to Rae’s favorite mug.

“Oh, dear,” Finn said aloud. “Rough day?” He recognized the signs of over-coping.

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signs as types of fanfiction

aries//one sentence per chapter

taurus//lowercase intended

gemini//joke fics

cancer//trigger warning fics

leo//feminine!*insert name here* punk! *insert other name here


libra//poetic asf 


sagittarius//the cliche, basic af ones, that we read even if they’re boring bc fluff

capricorn//the ones that are so good they get converted to a real book and published

aquarius//the ones where its a really nice, original plotline

pisces// the one where they both die at the end

*all of these are based off gay fanfiction js*

compromised »  (kŏm′prə-mīz′d) - to expose or make liable, often to danger, suspicion, or disrepute. (listen)

01. Assassin - John Mayer | 02. Broken Arrow - The Script | 03. No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine | 04. Things We Lost to the Fire - Bastille | 05. Trust Me - The Fray | 06. Run - Daughter | 07. Buzzcut Season - Lorde | 08. I’m Yours - The Script | 09. Gravity - Sara Bareilles | 10. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz | 11. Edge of Desire - John Mayer | 12. Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia | 13. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie 

a clintasha fanmix. 

(*small voice* as you wish)

“Cecil, what’s that?”

Cecil freezes, staring down with widening eyes at his hands poised over the laptop keyboard. Behind him he hears Carlos step into the living room, bringing with him the faint scent of lavender soap. Out of protective instinct Cecil quickly slams the laptop shut.

“Nothing, dear Carlos,” he answers sweetly, turning to face Carlos as he moves around the couch into view. The scientist is dressed in baggy pajamas patterned with tiny green test tubes. His dark curls are damp from the shower and he stands a few feet in front of the couch where the radio host sits, gazing at him in mild confusion.

“Well clearly it’s something you don’t want me to see,” Carlos says unaccusingly, flopping down onto the couch. He rests his chin on Cecil’s shoulder and peers over at the laptop. “Is is a new surprise editorial for your show?”

“Yes,” Cecil announces with a huff. “I’ve… compiled an interesting list on invisible corn variations with the help of John Peters, you know, the farmer.”

“You know your mouth twitches when you’re lying, right?”

The radio host winces. His fingers drum across the laptop nervously and he looks pointedly at anywhere else in the room but the man next to him.

“It’s… my blog?”

Carlos smiles. “Try again.”

“A written plea to Station Management to reduce the daily keening outside their offices to a three hour minimum?”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” he says kindly. “Just say so.”

“No no that’s not it at all dear Carlos!” Cecil explains hurriedly. “I just… Oh, fine.”

Tentatively, Cecil lifts up the laptop lid. The screen blinks back into existence to show a word processor, bespeckled with tiny red error lines beneath words here and there; clearly something in its first draft.

“It’s a… fanfiction,” Cecil mumbles. “You know, those stories online authors write based on other peoples books and movies and television shows?”


“I-It’s one of those. Based off the movie Jaws? It’s one of my favorite movies. And I really enjoy the characters,” he continues, slowly beginning to light up with enthusiasm. “And the plot! It’s, uhm, a slash fiction actually. Its set on the boat and I think I’ve described the emotions of everyone during the most pivotal scenes of the movie quite well, actually.”

He rolls his eyes. “I mean, I’ve only seen the movie a billion times. It’s gotten good reviews, too! One or two other authors have drawn contributed art for me which was so nice. And I… uhm.”

Cecil glances over at Carlos. The scientist is no longer nestled against his shoulder but sitting a few feet away. He looks highly uncomfortable with the entire theme of the conversation.

Cecil feels a flush burning his cheeks. “But, but I mean I only wrote it because I was inspired by another author! There’s so many great ones on the site I post to and they all write so well, and I came across another Jaws fanfiction that was beautifully done, and I wanted to try my own.”

Carlos shrinks back into himself as if attempting to hide behind the cushions.

“It had a lot of good reviews too, had been published for some time actually, oh if only I could remember the name! What was it, Thrilling Existence? Yes I think-”

Carlos flinches right as the name rolls from Cecil’s mouth and tries to look, if possible, even smaller.

The radio host stops. He stares across the couch in confusion, and it clicks.


The tiniest of nods answers him.

“That’s your username?”

Another tiny nod, and a sheepish half smile.


“Yes but Cecil listen, I-”

“IT WAS YOUUU,” Cecil shouts again, and promptly tackles him.

OhmygodCarlosIneverknewyouwereawriterohmyGOD!” he exclaims into the scientist’s ear as he wraps his arms around the other. “Why didn’t you tell me! You were the one who inspired me? Your favorite movie must be jaws then, too! How can you possibly be good at science and writing, you really are perfect, oh Carlos!”

Any words Carlos tries to speak are drowned beneath the sudden onslaught of kisses, and the additional onslaught of one rambling radio host innocent and ignorant of his accidental attempt to crush the person beneath him. Instead of trying to speak, he starts to laugh, loud and hard.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Cecil repeats. “Wait, why are you laughing?”

“I’m not-” Carlos wipes an eye, trying hard to speak through another bout of giggles. “I’m not laughing at you, don’t worry! This is simply the complete opposite of what I expected. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of what you’d think.”

“I was afraid of what you’d think, too!”

“Then we both got a little self conscious for no reason, huh?” Carlos says, beaming.

Cecil chuckles, bringing his voice down to a normal indoor level. “I guess so. Can I… maybe have a look at other things you’ve written?” he asks shyly.”

“As long as I can see other things you’ve written, too?” comes the reply, just as bashful.

“Deal! Oh! You know what this means now?”


“We can have fanfiction writing parties!”

“I’m not sure that’s a thin-”

“Yes! We can sit with our laptops and get bad takeout food and write here on the couch, and exchange interesting vocabulary words and plot ideas and I’m so excited! Can we write a fic together? Oh can we?”

He finishes the sentence once more shouting, looking down at Carlos with a child like excitement. Carlos starts to laugh again, thinking of how weird his life has become and how lucky he is to have it.

 A dream. An absolute dream. Thank you so much!

I feel like all people do nowadays is search really fucking hard to find shit they’re unhappy about in shows. Like people complain about how this last eppy of Sherlock (aka: fanfiction) was so far from canon even though it was promised to be based off of The Empty House. And I’m here like “wow, anderson’s beard is so weird, its like really thin in some parts and in other parts its… not. i like that.”

i liked it. 10 points to gatissdore.