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“You don’t remember your name?”
“No, but for some reason I remember yours.”

For TsukkiYama week day 3!!! I’ve had this Spirited Away-inspired idea for a while now, so today’s prompt gave me a good excuse to finally draw it! ^o^v 

4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

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Headcanons on how the chocobros would react to a s/o who's extremely shy of singing in front of overs and catching them singing quietly for the first time? (Oh gosh, I love your hc's -- they're an absolute blast to read, you're a such a blessing)

They’re Singing? (Chocobros)

Oh wow, anon, that’s just too sweet. You’re too kind. Thank you so much!

Smiley. He thinks it’s really cute. But he’s also scared that they’ll stop if they notice him. Tries thinking of a way to tell them how much he liked listening to them sing. But without making them feel conscious or awkward. Gets caught because he was lost in thought too long. Both him and his s/o are embarrassed like there’s no tomorrow. Once he’s gotten over it though, he will try to tell them how much he likes their voice.

When he first notices they’re singing, he’s in complete awe. Just frozen in place. He lacks a little impulse control and wants them to know instantly how amazing he thinks they are. The second they feel his hand on their shoulder, they panic a little. Seeing him, makes them panic a lot. He’s speechless and babbling incoherently. They try to leave but he starts whining because he wants to hear them sing more.

He knows they’re singing and doesn’t want to disturb them in the least. This is comfortable for them, so why would he want to ruin that. Plus if he lets on that he can hear them, they may feel self conscious and stop singing altogether. He couldn’t have that at all. It’ll look like he’s busy with work but really he’s just focused on the peace of mind their singing is giving him.

While singing, he doesn’t say a word. He’s too proud of them and enjoying himself too much for that. Probably going to bring it up at some point, but he’d prefer to wait till they’re ready to sing in front of him voluntarily. When the patience pays off and they do, he’ll shower them with compliments and encourage them to sing around him as much as they want.


Aye, does anyone remember that really old show about troll girls with magic that was just another tactic to sell girls toys. Well me and my sister were watching it again for nostalgic reasons and I ended up drawing them… So yeah, the shows way worse than I remember it being but then I realized it was a show for girls written by men… Yup, it all makes sense now


My entry for the Half Bad Competition!
What do I love about these books? Well a lot of things, like how it makes you think about who really are the bad and the good guys? Or the diverse cast of characters. But for me in particular, I enjoy reading about these two.
I like how they act to each other,
I like how Nathan can find comfort with Gabriel,
I like how much Gabriel cares about Nathan,
I like their intimate relationship, 
I like how they don’t need to hide anything from each other,
I like them as two separate characters and I like them as a team. 
And on a side note: I love drawing them.

command-a-pony replied to your photo “ex-aid: when you wanna draw your sonic oc but all you got are…”

Could be a Splatoon OC too

nah if anyone’s gonna be Splatoon it’d be Snipe! he’s already shooter-themed and looks like a terrible fluorescent squid-man, it’s perfect