it's bad for your heart

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.


Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

all of you guys are immediately talking about how bad you think its gonna be but like… have some hope in your heart… have some love…. have the knowledge that no matter if the show is bad or not we’re going to see ronan and adam kiss 

Maybe it’s stupid, but I just wanted to say - I grew up with very supporting parents and took it for granted, and today, at the ripe age of 35, I just discovered my dad actually thinks I’m a loser, and idiot and a selfish bitch who’ll never amount to anything and doesn’t know what love is. And even if technically I don’t need him anymore, because I’m not a child, it’s still unsettling and wrong and it hurts - a lot. So I guess - really, all the kudos and all the hugs to anyone out there who had the shitty luck of hearing those things (and worse) when they were much younger - I’m now having a glimpse of what it means to move into a world where your parents don’t have any consideration for you or any trust in your abilities and opinions, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to push against something like this as a kid - the determination it must take to love yourself and become your own person and follow your dreams despite what your parents think of you. Really, guys - if you grew up with abusive parents, you’re goddamn heroes. So much respect for you.

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.

Epic Medal Carnival: KH 0.2 Aqua

May 26 - June 8 / 9

Guarantees: at least two tier 4+ medals, eight medals will be at 5*+, KH 0.2 Aqua with 3 SA upgrades

Boost: STR/DEF 1000 - KH 0.2 Aqua / STR 1000 - Neku, Shiki, Joshua

Conditional medal: KH 0.2 Terra & Ventus - 2 SA upgrades. Complete requirements for one KH 0.2 T&V - get KH 0.2 Aqua’s SAB, [May 30], [June 2]

do you ever see mutuals’ posts about personal things/etc and you really want to help but you don’t know what to say—

snackaddictmura  asked:

Omg I'm so happy you answered my ask! I'm very happy to be acknowledged by such a nice artist (*´︶`*) I actually had a question if you wouldn't mind! With the correct credit, would you be okay if I used the Tendou sticker as a profile picture? (If not I'm totally okay with that!!) Also I read your About and noticed you liked All for the Game and was wondering what are your fav characters and why and if you wanted to say who your second fav OTP in TFC is? Thank you so much for reading!!

Ahh i’m really happy to be acknowledged by you too!!! You’re too kind!! ^^ ❤️ I’m not quite sure what Tendou sticker you’re referring to, but you can definitely use any of my art as a profile picture with credit!~ thank you for asking first!~
OMG you like AFTG too?! :D I love that series so much!!! My favorite characters are Neil and Matt! Neil because he’s just..I love how insightful, loyal, and clever he is, I’m a sucker for characters who go from having nothing to having everything, and he’s just such an interesting character;; Matt because he’s the ride or die friend, he’s so kind and caring, and he knows how to throw his fists for his teammates;;
Uhh besides Andreil i guess my second OTP would be Dan and Matt since I really like both their characters a lot!! I’m kinda impartial to everyone else’s relationships;;; who are your faves?~

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Id try to draw fan art for you but ohh wait my artwork is generally shit ooo no Why am I so sarcastic about this I don't why


I hate fucking up when I didn’t even mean to and I’m just sad and lonely bc I always push away the people i love and not even realize I’m doing it

feels trip

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I finished my comashipping secret santa in time !!! (hahaa, ok so everyone posted theirs like week ago but no i had to wait till the deadline was breathing right behind me, so lets have new year starry sky stuff rather than christmas picture, ok???)

so yeah anyway, presenting my specialty - OOC comashipping, for Lex !!

Lets all hope year 2014 is great for Coma!!! And that Paul will make a cameo

My 1000th post! Ha! Jung Taekwoon stop touching your crotch!! jfc stahhhppp!! *dies*

cr: 이뿌꾸

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The One That Got Away (Cover)
The One That Got Away (Cover)

Okay so this is part of a cover of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. This was a few years ago at a singing show thing and it’s the audio from my dad’s video of it so it’s not the best quality. It cuts off halfway through so this the link for Part Two


Let go of the past,
Move on,
Because everything happens for a reason.
failure guides you to success,
And sadness brings you happiness.
Let go of bad memories,
Open your heart.. Happiness is on its way!

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