it's bad for your heart

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.


Guys, Google Translate (or Drunk Google to us more educated folks) is a wild ride.

(EDIT: more Drunk Google fun?)

Maybe it’s stupid, but I just wanted to say - I grew up with very supporting parents and took it for granted, and today, at the ripe age of 35, I just discovered my dad actually thinks I’m a loser, and idiot and a selfish bitch who’ll never amount to anything and doesn’t know what love is. And even if technically I don’t need him anymore, because I’m not a child, it’s still unsettling and wrong and it hurts - a lot. So I guess - really, all the kudos and all the hugs to anyone out there who had the shitty luck of hearing those things (and worse) when they were much younger - I’m now having a glimpse of what it means to move into a world where your parents don’t have any consideration for you or any trust in your abilities and opinions, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to push against something like this as a kid - the determination it must take to love yourself and become your own person and follow your dreams despite what your parents think of you. Really, guys - if you grew up with abusive parents, you’re goddamn heroes. So much respect for you.

all of you guys are immediately talking about how bad you think its gonna be but like… have some hope in your heart… have some love…. have the knowledge that no matter if the show is bad or not we’re going to see ronan and adam kiss 


I wanna see it painted, painted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black“

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Torch of Bellona (Part 3)

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: being aroused by things you should most certainly not be, mainly pointed objects, blood, and a bad attitude

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

The night before Ragnar and Ivar are prepared to leave, you finally convince Ecbert to at least let you see the son. While Ivar had been so hospitable before, it made you naive to the darker side of him, and you fall like a rabbit into a wolves den.

“Please! It could be my only chance to be in civil company with a Northman!” Begging was never the most dignified way of persuasion, but at this point it was all you had left.

“He can’t even speak to you-” Ecbert didn’t look up from his dinner, looking like he might fall asleep in his plate rather than finish it.

“You let Alfred see him!” He didn’t answer, acting like he didn’t hear. “Judith!”

Judith only smirked, looking up behind her lashes in a mischievous way. “I don’t think ‘being civil’ is all you want to do with him.”

You begin a heated bout of stuttering in a bad attempt to deny it, only making you frustrated with yourself. Giving a panicked yell to gather your wits and continue calmly, you gave what would have been a believable explanation had your sister not thrown you for a hell of a loop. But Ecbert had stilled, his fingers rubbing together in thought.

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NSFW for fucking Casper



Finding Aimee Vance A Love

I’ve chosen @sugarplumsim ‘s sim Lola Yuen!

All I did to her was give her different brows and some tattoos. I also really love the idea of Lola being a v tall girl and she’s taller than Aimee. Idk I think its super cute.

“Lola is your typical ‘bad bitch’ with a heart of gold. She’s super intimidating but once you get to know her shes the sweetest girl ever. She grew up in a very strict household where her family wouldn’t even let her cut her hair and now that she’s an adult she expresses her self through her clothing.”

I fell in love with Lola and I thought she was perfect for Aimee. I fell in love with all your sims and all the hard work you guys put into your backgrounds. However, everyone who submitted I talked to personally and you all seem like very kind people but If I get hate messages, or sugarplumsims gets any hate, for not choosing a specific sim from any one, not just the submitters, you will be blocked. 

Im so ready to get playing with these girls story, I have a whole little plot that includes all the submissions and Lola. My vance legacy is queued up till the 11th so that is when all your gorgeous sims and Lola will make an appearance. Thank you guys sm! I didn’t even think I was gonna get any submissions.


I finished my comashipping secret santa in time !!! (hahaa, ok so everyone posted theirs like week ago but no i had to wait till the deadline was breathing right behind me, so lets have new year starry sky stuff rather than christmas picture, ok???)

so yeah anyway, presenting my specialty - OOC comashipping, for Lex !!

Lets all hope year 2014 is great for Coma!!! And that Paul will make a cameo