it's bad for your heart

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.


Avatar Event: Happi Coat

March 13 - 26 / 27

Defeat event Heartless for event coins to use on the event boards.

The boards contain the avatar parts, Huey & Dewey & Louie, Chip, Dale, Moogle, and Magic Mirror medals.

Avatar Perks

Happi Coat: Gloves - Rare Enemy +2

Edit: The rare Adventurer raid boss may appear. It drops a large amount of coins.

Daily Challenge Event

March 13 - 19 / 20

The usual 1400 total jewels, but Japanese-themed.

VIP Quest (Illustrated Belle & Beast)

March 13 - 19 / 20

7 quests. 4 Illustrated Belle & Beast medals. Next week will have 4 more Illustrated Belle & Beast medals.

Illustrated Belle & Beast

  • SA name: Noble Hearts
  • Description: [All] +3 strength for 1 turn. Removes enemy de/buffs (”status effects” usually means things like poison, but…). 5 hits.
  • SG cost: 5
  • SAB tier: 5
The One That Got Away (Cover)
The One That Got Away (Cover)

Okay so this is part of a cover of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. This was a few years ago at a singing show thing and it’s the audio from my dad’s video of it so it’s not the best quality. It cuts off halfway through so this the link for Part Two



Seventeen - Lion Heart, Ice Cream Cake, Rough and Mansae