it's bad enough sometimes when it works so

why I like your sign (use rising too)
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You are fun to be around. Though, sometimes you get mad at me and say rude things and I don't like that. Though, you are one of the most fun/adventurous kind of people i know (besides sag) I would want to be best friends with you. (p.s. you're hot af)<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You are one of the funniest people I know. You aren't afraid to be made fun of or make fun of other people. You are a refreshing person to be around, and you don't pressure me to be someone else. I love you guys.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You guys talk a lot, but it's always so fun to listen to. Whether you're ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation, you never cease to entertain me. You always say something hilarious and make me laugh constantly. You have the best people skills out of all the signs and I love you to death. You're so precious and make a wonderful friend.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are literally too sweet. People say you guys cry all the time, but you are just a little sensitive, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a tendency to bounce back--which is great. You are never hung up on anything for too long (contrary to popular belief a.k.a. from my experience with you.) In certain cancers, I've noticed you don't get hurt super easily, but when something hits you, it hits you hard.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You guys are jokers and I love to be around you. You don't take things too seriously. I can make fun of you, and you won't care; you'll just make fun of me back. You're a quality friend and great company.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You are so great to talk to. The way you see the world is perfect. You are a mix of philosophy, logic, and fun. You are trustworthy and (in my opinion) never judegmental (at least not out loud.) Sometimes you get a little bored of everything, but you just make a really bad joke to liven it up a little.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You all are kind of quiet. You want to fit in, but remember it's okay to be a little awkward and weird. Some other Libras are just loud and don't care who they are--which is one of many great traits of your sign. You get along with almost everyone. (except for those who like to tip the scale with drama.) You have such a beautiful view of life and you can see the good in everyone.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I like that you can get a little crazy. You are an attractive person inside and out. You have this thing about you that no matter how hard they try, no one can hate you. They can say they hate you, but they don't truly hate you. At first, you act all sweet and nice, but then when someone gets to know you, there's a whole other side to you (which is super fun to get to know.)<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You make the best puns. People are always saying you don't care, and it's definitely true! You are opinionated and blunt. You share your opinions in a matter that everyone can accept. Though, sometimes you are too blunt for your own good. You like to cover your bluntness with a joke, and sometimes it doesn't work. You don't take shit from anyone and that's great. You are one of the funniest signs and I love to be around you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You are so smart, but so down-to-earth. You teach me new things without making me feel stupid. You are always there for me when I need you, and you're sometimes the most awkward person ever, but it's hilarious. You don't get enough credit as a person.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You have good intentions, but they don't always pull through. Not a lot hurts you, which can be good and bad. Well, it seems like not a lot hurts you. It's fun to mess around with you, because you take it so well. You like to fight fire with fire and if someone does get to you, you won't take it. You'll fight back and protect yourself. The way you present yourself is attractive and your personality is magnetic. I like you a lot. (you're hot af too)<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You're so kind. You seem to always have your head in the clouds and you seem to always be looking at tomorrow. Though it is fun to dream with you, try to live in the present a little. You are so in touch with your emotions and other people's emotions as well. You seem to be able to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can comfort anyone and do it well. You are a great friend, especially in a personal crisis.<p/></p>


  • “those firsts that you talked about? i want to have them all with you. i never want to stop having firsts with you.”
    • okay yes also the i love yous, but damn that was a good line.
    • i don’t even have the words, i’m a pile of mush.
    • as creepy as it was that that guy was watching them, and manipulating the fuck out of maggie, he really did nail that maggie’s heart eyes can be seen from space.
    • alex wants to name a dog gertrude. okay girl, you almost died so you get a free pass.
    • floriana was clearly sick the weeks they filmed this, and her sick little voice just made everything hurt.
  • “i’m listening for her. i can’t hear anything. i can do all these incredible things but i can’t punch my way out of this or fly fast enough and turn back time. and i’m afraid that i’m going to lose the person that’s most important to me.”
    • this was, man. dreamy sigh. almost* perfect. when this show is good it’s just so very good, and this line reads cheesy on the page, but melissa nailed it to the wall like the 2x4 that it is. kara is at her best when she’s an observer of humanity. that’s always been true.*
    • “to us, kara.”
      • this, all on its own, was enough to draw out how single minded to the point of selfishness kara sometimes is, but how easily she can be pulled back from that. this entire scene was masterful and reminded me how much i love and miss kara and j’onn together.
  • “what?! no, get in here.”
    • one day kara and maggie will realise that they’re so incredibly alike, and alex is going to be in big trouble.
      • kara punches first, and if that doesn’t work she uses her words. (she should probably at some point for real learn not to do that.) maggie uses her words, and if they don’t work then she busts people out of prison or sends her gf off to her possible death. (this is not actually a good thing either!) honestly.
  • “and just in time for dinner.”
    • kara danvers endorses pineapple on pizza because she understands what is good about this planet.
      • kara’s dinnertime cardigan: CONTENDER #1 FOR OUTFIT OF THE EPISODE.
    • that guy was clearly into teenage alex and probably still was, and yet they 100% resisted the temptation to make him a homophobe and honestly THANK YOU.
    • will gregg henry ever be anyone but russell fabray to me? i guess we’ll have to check in again in another five years.
    • who knows that kara danvers is supergirl? “the DEO.” oh, kara, honey.
      • (oh for there to have been a, “and maybe cat, but…?”)
        • (i’m never letting this thing go. i demand explanations. i must be furnished with enough informations to be able to make an actual call on where lena luthor stands on what constitutes the fundamental rights of an individual.)
      • that was a date lena and rhea went on. they can talk about mothers and children all they want, that was a date. a very gay date.
      • lena knew rhea was an alien after a single slip that would not be out of place amongst lesbians over the age of 40. either lena is a terrible baby gay or she knows kara is supergirl. there are no other options here, THEY MUST CHOOSE ONE.
      • i’m 500% spoiled for where this plot is going, and after this episode I REMAIN EXCITED.
      • kara and lena call each other on the telephone to talk to each other with words from their mouths. according to the laws of communication between peers under the age of 30, they’re married now. marrieds who go on brunch dates that sometimes involve kale and sometimes do not.
  • *with a few season-long tweaks this episode could have been perfect.
    • because up to the water’s edge (PUN INTENDED) it was. at the very least it was the best episode this season, and it was the rest of the season that let it down.
    • it could have (should have) been the culmination of kara losing her job, losing her sister, losing herself in being the public perception of supergirl. their misstep was not laying the groundwork and expecting two key pieces of backstory to simply be accepted.
      • the supergirl defence? okay???
      • maggie not being 100% team supergirl? okay????????
    • if only they had used kara’s period of funemployment to actually have kara leaning into a life of only being supergirl, instead of setting that up and then never following through. if only they’d actually ever shown her alienating herself from the people she protects, because tbh this whole supergirl defence thing sounds like it should have been a multi-episode arc all on its own, and one that i really would enjoy the heck out of. if only for one second before this episode they had shown maggie to have any kind of disagreement with kara’s superheroing. (context didn’t make this disagreement any more tolerable to me. in fact the concocted backstory made it worse because they had the chance to show it and then never did. so instead, much like it did to kara, maggie blurting this shit out seemed to come out of nowhere, and just made it seem like she was pissed off that she didn’t get to save the day. maggie sawyer’s one true characteristic is being a communicator. that is literally her whole thing this episode again. that shit is her jam. but it’s also kara’s. supergirl talks people down in the end far more than she punches their lights out. kara is a reporter. kara is a person who uses her words, just like maggie. not laying the groundwork here did both maggie and kara a huge disservice.) if only kara hadn’t been absent from so much of the plot all season that these threads were there to pull together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • (this could honestly have been a season finale. but that would have made me actually worry for alex’s safety and tbh i’m very glad not to have had to live through that. #LESBIANLIVES.)
  • i could have gone my whole life without watching alex slice her own arm open to pull that tracker out. alas, i will not get to live that life anymore.

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As a shelter employee, I couldn't agree more that people need to adopt shelter dogs/breeds that fit them. So many dogs end up being bounced in and out of homes and shelters because so many people just think if they really like a dog its the dog for them, then give up when it's more work than expected. It's exasperating. They assure us a million times "no I understand its a lot of work" and then return this lab because it was too hyper when they didn't bother training or exercising it at all. -_-

I’m a dog trainer, so I’ve certainly seen enough of that. A lot of people see a dog in a kennel or they see a picture online and decide that’s the dog they want. Sometimes this works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. You also have some of the opposite problem- sometimes shelter employees are so desperate to adopt out a dog that they give the dog to the first person with cash, when frequently that is a bad fit.

When I was being Petco Mentored, his store worked closely in tandum with a local rescue and one of my assignments was to train at least 5 rescue dogs to the point where they were comfortable adopting this dog out. That was a really fun task and I’m proud to say that I had a dog trained and adopted per week for the 6 weeks I was there. However, one of the dogs I specifically did not work (because according to state law, this dog should be euthanized, and I didn’t want my name on a dog like this knowing this was going on) was adopted, returned for mauling a kid in her new home, adopted to a different family, returned again for mauling 2 kids in that home, and the last time I saw her in the hands of that rescue they were trying to get another family with small children to adopt her without mentioning that she has put 3 different children in the hospital.

My store works with cat rescue and we have had kittens returned because “they’re too energetic and don’t ever settle down”. They’re kittens! Of course they’re energetic! That’s what kittens do!

It would be nice if people actually determined what they wanted in their pet and then sourced appropriately for that, instead of just grabbing the first cute animal they see and deciding that they’ll force the animal to work out in their lifestyle. I’d certainly have a lot fewer frustrated clients if that was the case.

being in need of constant attention sucks 100 times more when you’re an artist.

Every fucking day there isn’t a time of the day itself where im not like “shit man, i put so much work into my art, my animations and my music and guess what nobody gives a sHIT about it because its trash just stop looolll” 

and i kinda

wanna die

i know its bad for me to think about that, bc sometimes there are people who remind me they like my art, but ya know.. bpd is so much fun making you think “its not enough” every 3 seconds lol

Morning & Breakfast: Overwatch Headcanons 3/?

Genji: rarely sleeps anymore. spends his mornings meditating, watching the sunrise, followed by some training. enjoys early mornings before anyone is up because everything is quiet and at peace.

McCree: has no regular sleep schedule whatsoever. either he’s up all through the night, going to sleep some time in the morning, or he gets up at 5, sits in a comfy chair, and smokes his first cigar of the day, waiting for the others to get up so he can eat breakfast with someone else.

Soldier 76: is sleepy in the morning, sometimes a little grumpy, but tries to keep a fixed schedule - which is sometimes hard when his insomnia or nightmares strike. gets up at 5:30, runs a few miles, showers, then makes coffee. takes his coffee black without sugar or milk and gets really moody when the coffee is of low quality or empty.

Tracer: wakes up some time around 8-9, happily chats with everyone. loves sausages, fried eggs and big chunks of butter for breakfast. has a dedicated morning beauty ritual but doesn’t mind to go last into the bath, as long as she’s not being hurried by others.

Bastion: his protocols turn on as soon as the little bird nesting on him starts chirping. beeps in response for a little while until Bastion’s needed elsewhere.

Junkrat: gets up in the afternoon unless needed before then. takes his first coffee with a nice shot of rum and two raw eggs on the side. once spent a whole week getting up early to watch chickens wake up on a farm.

Pharah: is a very disciplined morning person, although she’s rather quiet until she finishes her breakfast. sometimes she gets up with McCree or Morrison, works out, then sits down to silently read the news.

Hanzo: when he wakes up he’s often a little confused, not knowing where he’s at or what day it is. sometimes stumbles into the others on his way to the kitchen. only drinks tea for breakfast.

Mei: is a sweet and kind morning person. loves cooking breakfast for everyone else and makes fantastic scrambled eggs. even when on a trip she manages to create fulfilling meals out of random things they have in the plane’s fridge. doesn’t mind bad coffee as long as its strong and hot.

Torbjörn: usually works until the early morning hours, then falls asleep at his desk or next to his machines. the others let him sleep because they found out that he gets really mean when he doesn’t get enough sleep.

Widowmaker: wakes up at 4 and starts scouting, cleaning and preparing her weapon, then researches her next targets over a nice café au lait.

D.VA: often chats with her followers until the late night hours, taking the time that she isn’t fighting to socialize. has sometimes problems keeping a regular schedule so she asked Zarya to wake her up at 9 at the latest, which she does. yawns loudly a lot.

Reinhardt: usually gets up at 7 but every now and then his old body wakes him up much earlier, forcing him to get out of bed. often joins Mei in preparing the breakfast. reminds everyone that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Roadhog: could sleep at all times. has to be waken up by Junkrat, who usually shouts obscenities into his ear until he gets up. starts the day with a large plate of chicken.

Winston: gets up at 6, reads the news, watches tv channels for updates and then starts working. doesn’t need anything except for his peanut butter. 

Zarya: very disciplined early morning person. starts at 5 with jogging, then lifts some weights. afterwards she showers and wakes the others for breakfast. whenever she has a quiet moment she paints her nails or dyes her hair, taking good and precious care of herself.

Lucio: sleeps until 10, then catches up on hockey games. usually turns on music first thing as soon as he gets up and has a new alarm tone on his phone every other day. sings in the shower.

Mercy: a little sleepy in the morning but grateful she doesn’t need to work night shifts anymore. sometimes smokes a quick cigarette in secret before she leaves to meet the others. 

Symmetra: gets up at 7.15 sharp. showers, gets dressed, immediately starts working, steaming coffee in hand. usually leaves for work early, grabbing something small to eat on the way. 

Zenyatta: spends the morning meditating. sometimes he joins Genji, quietly observing the city’s lifelines. the peace in the early hours reminds him of the peace and state of mind that could be, reminds him of the hope he has for a better world.

Reaper: sleeps until noon, then gets up unwillingly. his hatred is slightly more intense in the morning, but it fades when his operatives give him status updates of successful missions. favorite breakfast meal is cereal.

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naruhina of course:)

ahhhh but of course C:

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains?

naruto. he thinks it’s his gentlemanly duty or something lame like that. hinata just laughs and lets him.

  • who is the grumpiest in the morning?

naruto is the biggest ball of grump upon his first hour of consciousness each day. usually as he starts to wake up his normal sunshine-y demeanor breaks through, and hinata will usually help speed along the process by giving more smooches than usual!!

  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt

naruto is the definition of a worry-wart. and it only gets worse during her pregnancies. he turns into an overly-doting, paranoid bag of questions whenever she’s sick. “are you sure you’re okay?” “is that food good for when you’re sick?” “arent u supposed to be drinking lots of water?” “where is your medicine HOLD ON ill get u your medicine” and she’s always like ‘naruto it is literally a cold please dont stress’

  • who plays pranks on the other

naruto plays cute little tricks on her just because her reactions are the absolute cutest things in the world to him. but the day she pranks him back he is so stunned all he can think is ‘holy shit this is the woman of my dreams’

  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

naruto loves to cuddle. he loves it so much. morning cuddles, bedtime cuddles, post-sex cuddles, post stressful day at work cuddles. naruto is convinced that hinata’s cuddles are some sort of magic cure-all. sick? hungover? in a bad mood? snuggle time.

  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other

naruto calls her cute little pet names every now and then. the one he uses most often is ‘baka-hime’, when she does something silly or if something slips her mind.

  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep

naruto doesn’t drool often but when he does sometimes its enough to literally make hinata wake up in a puddle. the first time he does it he’s so embarrassed that hinata is laughing too much to even be bothered by it.

  • who says ‘I love you’ first

well we all know hinata was. but i think that when they first starting dating seriously, they probably went a few months without saying anything of the sort; yknow? cause the whole real relationship aspect of everything was so NEW and nervewracking for them!! and then one day after a really long, tough day he goes over to hinata’s and just holds her and tells her that he loves her over and over again and the night basically ends with teary cuddles and whispering cute, sweet nothings into each other’s ears. ahhhhhhh 

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Chrianna Short: Fuck You, I Love You !

“Fuck you!”


“Shieeeet, it’s always fuck me, naw this time its on you.”

“Yea nigga it’s always fuck YOU cus YOU always doing some FUCK shit.” Robyn fumed as she stared Chris down with nothing but hatred in her eyes. They had been going at it for an hour now since he arrived at her secret hide away condo in the Hollywood Hills. Both of them were completely caught up in anger. They were so upset that they didn’t even know what they were arguing over in anymore. Robyn was only in California on business due to an upcoming concert event she had recently agreed to. Chris had come over to see her because they hadn’t heard much from each other over the last month and he thought it was the least he could do since she seemed to not be bothered by his recent brush with death. Robyn picked up on his attitude as soon as she opened the door and she wasn’t here for it. In her mind it was no one’s fault but Christopher’s why he kept finding himself in these kind of predicaments. She was tired of pacifying him and baby stepping around the real problem which was him.

“Ya know it’s funny that I even thought coming here was a good idea. Yo I’m out.” Chris grabbed his keys off the kitchen counter and began to head to the door only to be stopped by a flash of Robyn running around him to barricade herself between him and the exit.

“Oh fuck no nigga, you just don’t get to leave cus you don’t like what I have to say. You’re gonna turn ya yellow ass around and sit the fuck down and listen. I’m tired of playing these games with you.”

“Ain’t nobody playing no games here Robs, but you, so what is it that you want from me?”

“I don’t want nor need shit from you, I want you to want better for yo damn self.”

“What’s better Robyn, you? Cus the way you act, you don’t even want me so once again WHAT.DO.YOU.WANT.FROM. ME?” Chris stood in front of her not backing down. He knew what she was saying was completely justified but his pride had gotten a hold of him somewhere between entering the home and the abundance of fuck yous that left her mouth. It wasn’t the fact that he felt like she didn’t care that he had almost been shot a few nights prior because he knew she did but it was the fact that she was angry with him over something he had no control over. Well maybe he did have a little control seeing as though he agreed to host a party at a ratchet ass hole in the wall club with in adequate security but still. He didn’t really come over here to be lectured but instead he expecting some type of loving and remorse for the unfortunate event.  Robyn was on the verge of angry tears falling from her eyes due to his ability to turn a situation he was totally to blame for on her. She took a deep breath before running her hands through her hair in attempt to calm herself before she made her next statement.

“If after all the bullshit you’ve put me and YOURSELF through you’re still asking that question then we having nothing left to talk about. I can’t do this anymore Chris, I really can’t.” She dropped her head in defeat. Chris’s eyes bulged out of their sockets at the realization that she was trying to end things between them. He had lost her so many times that if she was truly done he might just lose it for real. He let out a deep breath before walking towards an obviously distraught Robyn. He attempted to wrap his arms around her only to be pushed backwards causing him to stumble almost losing his balance.

“No, no, no don’t touch me. Don’t you dare try to comfort me. You do this to me. You’re the only person that can break me like this and you know it. I…I just…I need you to leave. I can’t think straight with you being this close to me.” Chris was a taken back by her words and cold tone. His feelings were hurt and once again his pride started to rear it’s ugly head.

Fuck it, I’m gone but know this if I leave I’m not fucking coming back. You hear me Robyn? If I walk out that door I’m done.” Seeing no movement on Robyn’s end Chris knew things had taken a turn for the worst and he couldn’t stomach to be in her presence any longer. Recollected himself trying not to let his hurt come through his physical he walked to the door cautiously praying that she’d come to her senses and stop him before he reached to turn the nob but she still didn’t budge. Chris felt his chest get tight and suddenly lost the capability to breathe as he attempted to take in large gasps of air. Robyn was out of it. She was waging a war with her heart and her brain. Her brain was telling her to let him leave and rid herself of the drama of Christopher Maurice Brown for good while her heart was pleading with her to run and stop him from walking out of her life. Could she really imagine a life where he wasn’t a part of hers? Hearing the front door open, her head popped up as her feet sprang into action.

“Chris, please, Chris!” She yelled as she watched him take a step outside of her residence. Quickly turning in her direction with a face full of tears he opened his arms right as she jumped into his embrace. She clung to him like her life depended on it sobbing into the crook of his neck as he whispered his apologies over and over into her hair. She moved her face from his neck to desperately attach her mouth to his in a pleading kiss. He kissed her back instantly squeezing her body closer to him as he began to walk back into her condo closing the door behind him with his foot. Cradling her with one arm under her bottom and sliding his opposite up her body until his hand was pressed firmly against the back of her neck pushing their faces closer together. He kissed her with an urgency he had never had before and Robyn felt it all the way down in her toes. She began to tremble under his touch as she parted her lips to allow his tongue access to the inside of her mouth. He outlined her lips before pushing his soft thick tongue into her mouth as far as it would go. The hunger he felt from his core caused for him to kiss her with a force that was soul shattering. He pressed her body into the nearest hard surface which happened to be the wall opposite of her living room area. Not one to wait, Robyn scratched at his abdomen until she found the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it swiftly up his body causing them to break their kiss only for a moment until the item was over his head and thrown to the floor. The wall was no longer suiting its purpose as Chris took hold of her bottom lip between his teeth walking blindly over to her couch located in the middle of the room.

Never breaking the kiss he laid her body roughly into the white cotton cushions of the furniture gripping at her thighs so he could lay himself in between. Robyn moaned loudly when she felt him thrust forward feeling the bold print of his erection against her jean covered mound.

“Take this shit off.” Chris growled before biting on her earlobe pulling at her t-shirt. Moving to slow for him, he gripped the shirt at the bottom and easily ripped it in half exposing her bare skin and braless chest. Her breast moved up and down as her chest heaved trying to regain some type of normal breathing pattern. The heat that surrounded the two caused everything to feel ten times better as Chris attacked her jewelry decorated nipple. Robyn gripped his head and let his name roll loudly off her tongue as he went to work with his hands and mouth. While his mouth and left hand were savagely catering to her overly sensitive breast, his right hand had found its way to the top or her jeans where he violently pulled until he had gotten them off her hips enough to expose the black lace thong she was wearing. Never in his life had he wanted something so bad than in this moment. It showed in his every action. He was frantic and rough which was exactly what Robyn wanted. She loved when he made love to her slow and passionate but sometime in moments like this one her body craved to be man handled and fucked like he hated her. Chris’s mouth was still going to work on her upper body leaving hickies and a trail of saliva from where his tongue soothed the sting of his teeth biting into her hot flesh. Motivated by her whimpers and kitten moans he kissed a trail from her belly button to the top of her pelvis clutching her thong in between his teeth and slowing pulling them down her legs until they met her jeans. He brought his body up from hers viciously grabbing her jeans and forcing them down until they joined the remains of her t-shirt in a pile on the hardwood floor next to the couch. He stood over her taken in the sight of an over stimulated Robyn causing a sinister smile to spread across his face. With low eyes he placed both hands on her knees pulling them apart and wasting no time diving his face into her dripping cove. Robyn’s body immediately sprung forward as she arched into his hold. Chris was relentless, flicking the tip of his tongue rapidly against her engorged clit while deeply penetrating her center with his index and middle finger. He gripped her closer to him as she tried to run from the pleasure she was experiencing. He wrapped his unoccupied arm around both of her thighs closing them and pushing them toward her chest leaving her center wide open to his mouth.

Robyn felt her orgasm building at a dangerously fast speed making her bite down hard into her bottom lip. She was sure she would draw blood if he continued to dig deeper into her canal with his fingers. Chris popped his head up from her slit so he could watch his hand go to work. He twisted his wrist in a counterclockwise motion and curled the tips of his fingers inside of her almost as if he was telling her to come. Amazed at the site of her nectar spilling out creating a puddle of heated liquid underneath her body on the fabric of the couch, he sped his actions up and slurped at her juices. Robyn’s hands clawed at anything she could get them on. Finding a final resting place on his shoulders, she begged him to ease up but he kept going with no remorse. Finding her strength, Robyn leaned up and pushed at his head roughly disrupting his concentration. This was crazy the way he had her body feeling right now and she needed a chance to gain some type of control. With Chris currently stunned she figured this was her chance as she rolled her body off the couch and tried to crawl to safety. Chris smirked thinking to himself that she was going to pay for that before he caught her foot and flipped her body roughly, lucky for her, on the carpeted part of her living room floor.

“Uh huh, where the fuck you think you goin!” He said huskily as he crawled up her body and placed himself back between her legs.

“Chris…baby. . please. . I’m sor…FUCK—“ Robyn yelled as he slammed into her. She had been so caught up in trying to escape him that she hadn’t noticed him stripping himself of the rest of his clothing. Not one for games, Chris grabbed Robyn’s wrists slamming them over her head and pinning her in place. He used his other hand to slap at her clit before pulling back, swiveling his hips and plunging back into her. Robyn’s neck extended as her head fell back and she screamed his name. Like an animal in heat Chris pounded into her body not giving her anytime to adjust to his movements. One after another, his strokes penetrated her stomach and she swore she could feel him in her brain. He was so deep, that heated tears of passion started to pour down her face. Letting her wrist go only to pin her legs to floor by her thighs so he could stroke her harder and deeper, Chris felt like a maniac. It was crazy the way he craved her, the way he needed her.

“Robyn, Look. . ugh fuck. . look at me baby girl.” He demanded of her. Robyn slowly brought her head forward until their eyes met each other. She read the desire in his gaze but under that she saw fear. She saw the fear of what this would mean when it was over. She saw the uncertainness in his stare. She saw the pain of losing her, losing them in each blink of his eyes. Needing for him to know that she wasn’t going anywhere she reached up until her hands palmed his face and brought it down to hers. She kissed him long and hard. He tried to pull back only to have her wrap her arms around his head and pull him deeper into the kiss. Chris knew what she was trying to say without words and he smiled against her lips knowing that she wanted this just as badly as he did. Feeling the clenching of her walls he knew she was close but he wasn’t ready for the moment to be over just yet. He abruptly pulled back from her scooping her up off the ground and sitting on the couch with her straddling his waist. If they were going to cum he wanted it to be together and he wanted to look into her eyes while they did.

Robyn placed her hands on his shoulders and rode him slow and steady changing the pace of their previous sexual bout. He kissed her gently against her neck and collarbone. Every once and a while he would suck gently on the sensitive spots of her neck causing her body to shake and whimper like sobs to leave her throat. He steadied his hand against the small of her back guiding her up and down on his dick. He felt himself begin to swell at the same time she clenched around him. Right as they both reached they’re climax they both let out breathy “I love you’s” before collapsing back into her sofa. Robyn’s head rested in the crook of Chris’s neck while he kissed the top of her head stroking her back. Feeling the need to make sure he understood where they stand Robyn sat up and spoke from the heart. She grabbed his face and said what needed to be said.

“Christopher, I love you so much that it hurts but you have to know that you can’t keep doing this shit to us, to yourself. I only want what’s best but I won’t hesitate to walk away if you don’t get your shit together.” Chris eyes strayed from her gaze for a moment before returning eye contact and leaning further into her hands.

“I know baby, I know. I swear I’m sorry for all the bullshit and I’m going to get this shit together. As long as I got you there Robyn I know I can do it, just promise me you’re going to be there when all is said and done.”

“Chris you know you don’t even have to ask.” She kissed him deeply, moaning into his mouth when she felt him push up into her ready to start round two.