it's bad enough in the movie

oncest only existed because y’all weren’t brave enough to ship the onceler with the lorax

hello and welcome to my headcanon/au where bruce has DID, and batman manifests as a protective alter who also just happens to be the most badass superhero ever

his #1 job is to protect bruce, but over time that extends to protecting others from the same traumatic events they had to go through as a child.  Along with being physically strong enough to defeat the “bad guys” in bruce’s life, batman is also emotionally tough (sometimes to a fault), and insanely cool in a way child bruce could only hope to be.  Even as adults, bruce still continues to think batman is the greatest, and both will boost each other’s egos by bragging about how rad the other is.

this entire headcanon is supported by the fact that bruce and batman switch a bunch of times in this video, and each time their attitudes and tone of voice changes like pls,,,

,,its canon

Twilight conversations - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: none

Request: Anon: 7, 3, 25 with Jughead Jones please

3. “Oh, love,” I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.“

7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,”

Summary: Jughead and the reader have their weekly movie night.

You love Saturday Nights. Its your movie with Jughead. You guys have been having a movie night ever since you were old enough to sit still through a movie. Eventually, due to time, age and circumstance, you guys starting holding them at the Twilight. When you guys started dating, movie night became date night. Although you hardly ever did something other than watch movies, you always loved spending one-on-one time with your raven haired lover. Tonight was your pick for the twilight. You guys take turns on who picks the first movie at the twilight and then you guys both pick the rest of them. Rocking on the balls of your feet, you search the crowd of adolescents for his iconic grey beanie. A grin breaks out on your face you spot him and eagerly await him so you can both make your way to his “residence”. You were the only one aside from his family to know about his living situation and you constantly kept trying to get him to live somewhere else. He ignores you now when you try to bring it up so you leave him be but you never let it go.

“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,” your boyfriend smirks in front of you. Your attention snaps back to him and you smile and kiss him.

“Hello to you too,” you remark grabbing his hand, “can we go yet?”

“Someone’s eager,”

“Yea, well, its my pick tonight,” you grin at him.

“Oh god, with a grin like that, what fresh hell are you going to unleash at the drive in tonight?”

“Its not that bad…” he just quirks an eyebrow in response.

“Its (Y/F/M)!” You giggle looking at him to see his response. His reaction was almost a deadpan.

“Really? (Y/F/M) again?”

“Yes…its been a month since the last time we watched it,”

“(Y/N)… you do realise that we’ve watched that every 2nd time you choose for the last 2 months,”

“So we can’t watch it?” You pout. He just rolls his eyes at your childish behaviour before a smile graces his lips.

“I didn’t say that,” he says turning to you.

“Yay!!” You giggle again, and your boyfriend just watches your childish behaviour in a movement.

“You’re such a child,” his comment is met with you poking your tongue out. You both face where you’re walking and the conversation remains as a comfortable silence until you get to the Twilight.

“Omg Juggy, do you ever clean up?” You remark as you see his shirts strewn across the floor, “like the space isn’t that big!”

“I’ve been busy really lately,”

“Your novel doesn’t count,”

“Who said it was my novel?”

“Well the only thing you do is go to Pop’s, write your novel, shove in a movie every 2 hours three times a night and hang out with me whenever you get writer’s block,”

“I don’t hang out with you just when I’ve got writer’s block,”

“Oh excuse me Casanova, our movie nights are more than enough,” you tease. Again, he just responds with rolling his eyes. You sit down on his “bed” and look around before approaching his desk and picking up the picture of him and Jellybean.

“Hey Juggie,”

“Yes?” He looks up from shoving his clothes into his bag.

“Do you ever miss having a family?” He just sighs before standing up.


“How do you deal with it?”

“Well I found someone who means the world to me and who is both my family and my home,” he answers walking towards you and cradling your face, never losing eye contact. You clear your throat before you make a reply not trusting your words to not betray how much that statement actually meant to you.

“I love you too,” he gains a twinkle in his eye before he briefly kisses you.

“Never said that someone was you,” he sasses with a look you’ve seen many a time.

“Such a romantic! Just take me now,” you sarcastically reply, grabbing his head and passionately kissing him.

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me”

“Oh, love, I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.”

“Sweetheart,” he tutts, “I am the embodiment of sarcasm.” He grins before kissing you again. Hearing commotion outside you see that it was almost time for Jughead to put in the movie.

“So the Godfather?” You push him away as he chuckles, putting your favourite movie on.

Yea, movie night with Jughead are always the best.

A/N: I hope you all like it :)

Y/N = your name

Y/F/M = your favourite movie
Wynonna Earp Is TV’s Most Ridiculous Show—and It Knows That
Why you should give Syfy’s endearingly silly horror-comedy a shot.
By Jennifer Still

Good TV has never been easier to find, but it’s still sometimes nice to enjoy a series you know you really shouldn’t. Syfy’s new supernatural series Wynonna Earp isn’t just a guilty pleasure—it goes above and beyond into “so intentionally bad it’s good” territory, like no other series on television right now.

The drama, based on the comic-book series of the same name by Beau Smith, is ridiculous even in premise. A young woman—Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) herself—is tasked with sending Revenants, or resurrected and currently Earth-bound demons, back to hell by shooting them in the head. Of course, not just any gun will do: Wynonna must use the Peacemaker, a comically old-fashioned, long-barreled pistol that once belonged to her great-great-grandfather Wyatt Earp. If that weren’t enough, Wynonna also becomes romantically entangled with Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), himself immortal since the witch Constance Clootie healed his tuberculosis and damned him some 130 years ago. Having fun yet?

What Wynonna Earp lacks in gravitas, it makes up in camp. There’s no semblance of seriousness within its scripts, storylines, or acting, which makes the show shockingly entertaining and undeniably funny, generally on purpose. The dialogue is punchy and quick; the special effects are endearingly bad, like something out of a B-movie. So far, Wynonna’s second season has featured giant animatronic spiders, a floating smoke ghost known as the “Woman in Black,” and our heroine covered in a considerable amount of sticky, unidentifiable goo. Oh, and did I mention the genie-like monster who launches an attack at a high-school homecoming celebration?

It’s classic horror and kitsch combined, which makes for an intensely watchable show. What’s more, Wynonna Earp’s ability to laugh at itself and the preposterous situations it creates makes viewers willing to go along with it that much more. There’s a staggering lack of pretense but a healthy dose of self-awareness, a combination that clears the path for some really great—albeit slightly silly—storytelling.

While levity reigns on Wynonna Earp, hollow jokes can only take a series so far, and the writers have injected a lot of heart into its characters’ private and interpersonal lives. This season, Wynonna is seen struggling with her decision to kill her older sister, Willa, who would’ve died anyway via giant evil snake squeeze had Wynonna not put her out of her misery. She’s also struggled to come to terms with her feelings for both Doc and her former police partner Xavier Dolls, who is also a genetically modified human and part lizard. (It’s a whole thing.) Meanwhile, Wynonna’s younger sister, Waverly, continues to pursue her budding relationship with Officer Nicole Haught. Their relationship—both women struggle with trusting one another, but are certain about the strength of their feelings—is perhaps the most honest, realistic element of the series, and certainly the most popular; one need only to check out the #WayHaught hashtag on Twitter to see that.

Beyond those small moments of quiet, the characters are frequently snarky toward both one another and the ridiculous situations they find themselves in. In this season’s second episode, for example, after cracking a giant egg that she believed contained some ancient evil—and getting covered in its yolk—Wynonna is asked whether this “made her wet.” It’s a totally valid question; the spider that laid the egg was of the “Krakonos” variety, likely related to the classic Kraken, and it’s typically found submerged in water. (Just go with it.) Of course, Wynonna isn’t aware of this biological wonder and instead cracks, “Well, I love my job, but it hasn’t taken me out for dinner in a while, so …” It’s perhaps an easy joke, but this sort of repartee still elevates Wynonna Earp above its drearier Syfy siblings.

Wynonna is far from the first show to merge horror and humor. Buffy the Vampire Slayer set the standard for quirky fantasy two decades ago, while series like Firefly, Charmed, and Roswell offered additional options to viewers who were hungry for genre entertainment that didn’t take itself so damn seriously.

With very few exceptions, these series—Wynonna Earp included—are a far cry from prestige TV. So credit to Wynonna creator and show-runner Emily Andras, whose show not only embraces its niche (irreverent yet heartfelt fantasy) but celebrates it, diving head-first into the gooey stuff—sometimes literally. You might not remember this show a decade from now, but you’ll sure as hell enjoy it while it lasts.

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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NCT As Things I've heard/Seen in school pt.2

Taeil: “How ironic. We just get here and the first thing we cover is the great depression.”

Hansol: “Land of the free they say but here I am forced to come back to this sh*tty school.”

Johnny: “These poor freshmen don’t even realize that the end of their happiness is behind these doors.”

Taeyong: *teaching their younger sibling the do’s and don'ts of the school* “And don’t talk to the shady guy who pops up in the boys bathroom at third period. I don’t want to have to explain to mom why your eyes are red.”

Yuta: “Boi I’m bout to roast your ass coming into school looking like a faded highlighter! I see you got the new pair of ‘what the f**ks’ from the rip off yeezy line called 'cheezyz’! Where did you get your clothes from the the lost and unwanted box!”

Doyoung: “I can’t believe I still have first period with all of you idiots from last year.”

Kun: “Honestly working at taco bell doesn’t seem that bad anymore.”

Ten: *dancing to the sound of the fire alarm because they just don’t care anymore.*

Jaehyun: “Guess who brought y'all muffins and coffee?! That’s right me! Your lord and savior!”

Winwin: *has been frozen in the hallway with their head in their locker for two periods and now proclaimed locker head by all the older students and is a school icon*

Jungwoo: “Do you think if I cry enough I can dehydrate and get taken home?”

Yukhei: “If they really want to make a horror movie they should just show this school and its everyday activities.”

Mark: *pretends they got lost during last period when really they just passed out in the cafeteria.*

Renjun: *reading a poem they wrote* “Walking to the door with tears in their eyes, they turn around and say goodbye one last time, because video games, sleeping and happiness must die, because now school had the audacity to arrive.”

Jeno: *half asleep and has no idea where, who, and what they are*

Donghyuck: “Do you really think I’m upset that you’ll call my mom?! Call her! In fact you can use my phone!”

Jaemin: *straight up sleeping in the back of the class with a pillow and blanket on top of the desks because they don’t give af*

Chenle: “I mean yeah school sucks but look on the bright at least we’re not freshmen!”

Jisung: *was shocked so badly by starting high school they have a permit look of fear stuck on their face.*

A tale of reboots and gender inequality

If someone tells me gender inequality is not a thing anymore, I’m gonna send them so deep in hell not even Satan is gonna find them.

Take a look at some recent movie reboots.


Last year, a reboot of Ghostbusters was made. It received some heavy criticism because it was supposedly “ruining childhoods”. The ALL WOMEN main cast was victim of an outrageous amount of sexist and racist comments. 

The Mummy

This year, The Mummy also had a reboot. This movie, whose main cast was TOM CRUISE and two women so he could be a brave hero, didn’t have sexist comments but it had more than enough sexism on its own. 

Let’s compare the two movies.

The amount of backlash Ghostbusters received was heinous. And most of it because the main cast were women and one of them was a woman of color. The only response The Mummy got was “it looks bad”.

And it was really bad. 

Where was all the out of proportion criticism Ghostbusters got when The Mummy was released?

So don’t tell me people hated Ghostbusters because it was a reboot and it ruined childhoods. It’s because we live in a hypocritical unequal society. 

forget romantic nuances lets talk abt how megamind is a trans man

• shunned by society and forced to be someome he isnt
• fighting against a big manly man (metroman) for no reason beyond “im supposed to do that because people tell me im Not Like Him” could b interpreted as dysphoria or the denial phase a lot of trans ppl go through
• he was always a hero but was told he was a villain and so for some of his life he tried to be that but it just. doesnt. work for him. when he finally gets to be recognized as the hero he always was he’s so much happier. if thats not a metaphor for being trans idk what is
• his entire life and evil-ness at the beginning is a big show, he even has to ask his best friend if he looks “bad” enough and when minion replies “disgustingly horrifying” he gets so happy - im not sure if this would be equal to someone being closeted and being told their disguise as their assigned gender is working or if its more like someone being told the way theyre presenting is passing well but either way its definitely a trans thing
• his eyes and lips are drawn p much the same as roxanne richie’s. coincidence?? i think NOT (srsly tho his eyes are so much bigger than any of the other male characters + he has big Poofy Lips)
• he literally spends half the movie disguising himself as another man so that he won’t be judged for who he is
• im trans and i like him
• thank you for attending my ted talk


This is another one of those scenes that I never really comprehend is real. I keep thinking that’s just how I remembered it in my shipper brain, but it actually happens. I’ve rewatched many times to make sure that, yes indeed, it does occur.

I’m talking about the one from Extinction, when the Convoy walks into an ambush in Vegas and “Project Alice” gets shut down. Isaacs says the word and offline she goes. She instantly becomes motionless and as a nice sign of ownership Umbrella’s logo flash across her iris. No more herself but now an inert automaton. And for the time being that’s where and what she stays as.

Meanwhile shit hits the fan and the rest of the survivors are pretty much screwed and dead in the water. Big time. Claire gets to be hot as fuck though while taking down a hoard of the undead that are going after Mikey. Unfortunately her badness is not enough to save the boy’s life (to be fair he never stood a chance, this is not the series that will keep its male characters alive, unless they’re evil), so she kills them all dead, but not before Mikey bit the dust. The action awesome of Claire gets to flow into a moment of heartbreak and anger, and then she screams her despair straight out into the Nevada desert. It’s a pretty great cry of despair. The kind that’s primal and from the toes.

And after the movie having spent minutes on the action this scream is on which we now cut back to Alice who takes that moment to start fighting the conditioning. So the events are; Alice gets shut down - a lot of bad stuff happens to all of the Convoy - a lot of screaming and dying - for many minutes - Claire shoots zombies in the head - Claire screams in anguish - Alice starts fighting back.

That’s some nice stuff right there, some A+ editing. Reads as emotional cause and effect. Suggesting that Claire in distress triggers some kind of human response and a will to resist in Alice - that’s just - that’s nice. That’s also pretty old school trope; the hero fighting off the evil influence when they’re reminded of/confronted by their loved ones. The fact that it’s Claire that gets to play that role is - interesting. 

I mean it’s not as if there aren’t other options that might have been more obvious within the actual narrative of the movie (at least on a shallow note). For one you’ve got K-Mart who’s established as the child that needs to be taken care of, and Alice did have an instant connection with her and was shown to be gentle and considerate around her. Putting the child of the pack in danger is a pretty accepted way of getting an emotional response. Also could have been parallels back to the second movie and Alice saving Angie. Would have made sense and no one would have thought twice about it. 

Same with Carlos, with whom Alice actually has a previous connection and history with. Not to mention that on the surface they sort of play the flirtatious angle between them (even though mostly feels like casual flirting and soldier buddies). At that point though Carlos would definitely be the closest Alice has to a loved one, if they’d accepted heterosexual surface and shallow storytelling. Luckily the movie doesn’t. Which means instead it is Claire that gets to play the agent behind snapping Alice out of her stupor and into fighting mode. Claire, the woman she met a few days ago, the woman she instantly supported. The woman Alice keeps looking at like - yeah- that’s another post.

At the end of the day though remember that the editing of this film makes it appear as if Claire is what brings Alice back, it’s Claire that triggers her resistance, it’s Claire that returns her mind to herself. That’s not even subtext, that’s text. As for the reason behind this though - feel free to sub that into pure sapphism, I know I do.

NCT DREAM Reacting to their S/O wanting to watch Disney Princess movies

NCT Dream reacts to you making them watch Disney Princess Movies with them c:

A/N: lol I love this request

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“I guess”

Mark wouldn’t really want to watch, but he’d try to hide his disapproval. He would think you would feel bad if he didn’t say yes. He ended up kind of enjoying it though.


Originally posted by haecha

“Why that movie?”

Haechan would really question the chosen film, especially at your age. He would pretend to not like your choice just to get you annoyed, but as you explained how it was your favorite childhood movie, he would think its really cute.


Originally posted by neotechs

“Whatever you’ll watch, I’ll watch.”

Jeno wouldn’t mind at all, just seeing you happy throughout the movie was enough (bless his soul)


Originally posted by eunhasmom

“Of course!”

Chenle would be 100 percent down. Throughout the movie he’s gonna be a legit critique, telling who he ships a character with and saying if a scene was good or not.


Originally posted by nwfrtiba

“Sure thing.”

He’d agree, but while watching the movie get bored and start to cutely annoy you. (His reaction to the kissing part is the gif) 


Originally posted by bb-marklee

“Sounds cool!”

Renjun would probably be kind of interested in the movie once you gave a small summary of the movie. I think nce it ends, he would want to watch another one


Originally posted by nakamotens

“Interesting choice.”

Jisung would expect a different movie from you based on your personality. Either way, he enjoys the look of happiness from your face when he said yes.

headcanons for my bi boys (richjake)


this is just a long list of hcs for these two dorks (under the cut)

if you only wanna see the sfw i put a break in the text before the nsfw stuff to let you know when those start

also - @blrdteeth added a lot of hcs so theirs/ones they contributed to are in bold and any other from the bmc discord/other places are in italics while mine are in normal text 

(*cough* i might add more hcs as i come up with more *cough*)

lastly, i feel the need to tag @richardgoranski in this because he’s the king of richjake so,,, anyways lets go

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It has been officially confirmed that ‘Justice League’ has had its first test screening. Those lucky enough to have seen it signed extremely elaborate contracts to prevent leaks, so anybody claiming to have seen it on social media or anyone posting reactions, good or bad, should automatically not be believed. However, the fact that the test screening occurred means at least one cut of the movie is finished. Exciting! Only two months to go until release!

I watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy again through the lens of Vol 2 (aka, I actually noticed Kraglin this time around) and I have fun thoughts.

1) I forgot that Peter literally tried to jump ship from the Ravagers by stealing the Infinity Stone. That was his betrayal moment. I don’t know why I got it into my head he’d already had left the group for a while when that happened.

2) Yondu being Peter’s surrogate Dad is like 100% more obvious in hindsight. Like, it was there before, but it was like 10x more obvious after the second film.

But more importantly, no matter how much I love Dad!Yondu and adore that he came to genuinely care about Peter as his kid (I will never stop loving that), I still can’t stop thinking about how messed up the whole situation is at its core.

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softe pinkberry headcanons bc there aren’t enough tbh

~their favorite dates are, of course, going out for frozen yogurt, but honestly they could both go for staying inside in their pajama pants with messy hair eating ice cream out of a tub while watching some old quentin tarantino film on tv (probs not even a good one,,,,,like one of his bad movies)
~chloe loves to randomly hug brooke from behind and pull her close and its Hella Cute
~chloe is ticklish, brooke uses it to her advantaage
~they’ve both made arrangements to go to the same college, and have requested that they share a dorm, most people think they’re Best Friends until they kiss in front of them or smth
~brooke loves to refer to chloe as “my girlfriend” or “my girlfriend chloe” just to clarify to whoever she’s talking to that She Has A Girlfriend
~for chloe’s birthday brooke surprises her with two tickets to see some obscure band that chloe loves. brooke almost cries at how chloe’s face lights up when she sees them
~they love cuddling probs more than sex. like,,,,ye,,,cuddling is so?? good??? and chloe is almost always the big spoon. they both hate the cold, so they keep each other warm.
~when they go to prom they get matching baby blue dresses, chloe is the one to pick brooke up (and they exchange those wrist flower things.) 
~also they’re uhhh massive nerds. like you can’t convince me that they’re both super intelligent and Pretty Good At School usually. brooke loves classic literature
~chloe gets her a signed copy of like,,,,an agatha christie book or smth (super rare, worth a heckload of money) and brooke cries 
~they’r hella cute bye

anonymous asked:

So I want to write a story about someone who becomes an alcoholic. Simple enough, except I've never tasted alcohol (I'm old enough, but due to medications, I will never be able to have it and it smells bad anyway) and I'm not familiar with it. I don't hang around people drinking and have never really been to a bar outside of restaurants. Do you know any good sources like movies or something and any advice for writing this? Something beyond the medical book stuff.

Thanks so much for your question, nonny!  Alcoholism – from its lightest to its heaviest points, with phases of recovery and relapse – is a pretty complex topic, so I’ll give you a few different kinds of articles to get you started…

Writing Alcoholism – Resources

That’s just what I could find in a pinch, but if you need anything else specifically, be sure to send another ask!  I didn’t know exactly what you wanted to know, so I tried to cover the general questions/information.  I hope this helps!

Thanks again for asking, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

how fucked up is it that:
“Split is bad because it demonizes a mental illness and is totally and completely ableist in every way possible”
does not make people want to boycott it but
“Split was made by the same guy who made a bad adaption of a cartoon”
is usually enough to get people to drop the movie and understand its not worth your money?
People are willing to watch an ableist movie, but a bad adaptation is where they draw the line.

Happy Birthday Eds

It wasn’t everyday that you turned sixteen, and Eddie Kaspbrak had been looking forward to this for months.

Richie was always teasing Eddie about how he was younger, and although he would always complain, he didn’t really mind it. But even so, Eddie was pleased that he was finally sixteen, and he was looking forward to seeing his friends and being able to share his excitement with them as well.

For each of the losers’ birthdays, the rest of the group would plan something - usually just a small party at someone’s house, or a picnic down by the quarry if the weather was nice - but no one had told Eddie how they would be celebrating his birthday yet, which made him even more eager to get to school and see his friends.


Richie Tozier could regularly be found hanging around Eddie Kaspbrak’s locker.

“Like a bad smell.” His friend Stan would say, but Richie would just flip him off. He didn’t care what the other losers’ said, not when Bev teased that he was “whipped” or when Bill told him not to worry, that he thought it was “c-cute that he always waited for Eddie”. So what if he liked walking his best friend to class? So what if those extra few minutes that they got alone would put him in a good mood for the rest of the day. Eddie was his best friend and he would damn well walk him to class if he wanted to.

And thats where Richie Tozier was this morning, leaning against a locker that was not his, when Eddie walked down the hallway.

“Hey Eds!” Richie greeted the smaller boy, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Hi,” Eddie said, and then paused “don’t call me that” he added.

“Of course, my good sir. Is there anything else I can do for you on this fine day?” Richie asked, his voice slipping into his (very bad) english butler impression.

“Yeah, you can move so I can get to my locker,” Eddie retorted, opening his locker as Richie did as he requested.

As Eddie got the books he needed out of his locker, he listened to Richie ramble on about something he had seen on tv last night, and then as they walked to class Richie switched to rambling about something ‘funny’ that he had said in his biology lesson that almost earned him a detention; Eddie didn’t listen to anything Richie said though.

Had Richie forgotten his birthday? It was like Richie to forget things, he was always forgetting to do his homework, or forgetting that they had plans that weekend and needing to be reminded several times. But when it came to Eddie’s birthday, Richie had never forgotten - well until now it seemed.

When they reached Eddie’s history class Richie turned to him, ruffled his hair and cheerily said goodbye, parting with a “later Edster!”

Maybe his birthday wasn’t gonna be so great after all.


When Eddie sees Ben in English, Ben asks him if he’s done his book report. He doesn’t wish Eddie a happy birthday, or even acknowledge that today is any different from any other day.

Similarly when he see’s Stan and Bev at lunchtime they just chat to him about what’s on at the cinema that week, and gossip about the people in their class; they don’t mention his birthday.

Even Bill, when he sits down next to him in chemistry, doesn’t say happy birthday, and Bill is always the one to remember everything about his friends, no matter how trivial.

Is it possible that all of his friends have forgotten his birthday? The thought makes Eddie slump in his chair. This sucks, he thought today was going to be great but its just going to be a regular shitty day because his friends don’t care enough to remember his birthday.


Eddie’s bad mood is still present when he and Bill meet up with the rest of their friends outside of school.

“So what’s everyone doing tonight? Wanna hang out?” Richie asks, looking around at all of his friends.

“Can’t, s-sorry. I told Georgie I w-would watch a movie with him,” Bill replies.

“Yeah sorry Rich, I can’t either. Got loads of homework to do,” Bev says, and her and Bill wave at their friends and turn around to walk home; Bill always walks the long way home so he can walk Bev home first.

Stan looks at Richie, and then at Eddie. “Me and Ben have a project to do for geography, so we can’t hang out. Right Ben?”

“Uh, yeah. Right.” Ben agrees with Stan.

“Well what about Mike?” Eddie asks.

“I spoke to him last night, he said he was busy all week” Stan replies quickly.

There’s a pause, then Richie throws his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “Looks like it’s just you and me then, don’t it Eds?”


Eddie supposed that there were worse ways to spend your birthday than to hang around by the quarry with your best friend, even if said friend had completely forgotten what day it was.

“Hey Eddie. Eddie!” Richie’s loud calling interrupted Eddie mid-thought.

Eddie looked over at the older boy as if to say ‘what?’ but Richie clearly didn’t get that, and continued to say his name.

“Eddie. Eddie Spaghetti,” he crooned in a sing song voice.

“What?” Eddie snapped irritably.

“Geez, sorry. I was just gonna say, its nearly six o'clock. Do you wanna head back to mine? We could watch a movie or something. My parent’s won’t be in,” Richie asked him, and Eddie shrugged.

“Sure, I guess”

“Come on then, I’ll even let you pick the movie,” Richie smiled at him, and the two boys walked over to where their bikes were abandoned on the grass.

Richie was uncharacteristically quiet as they cycled the short distance to his home, and Eddie noted that he was frequently checking his wristwatch for the time.

“You got somewhere to be?” Eddie teased, nodding in the direction of the watch when Richie turned to look at him questioningly.

“Oh, no. Just checking the time. Don’t you worry you pretty little head about it Eds” came Richie’s reply. Eddie didn’t dignify Richie with a response, he just sped up his cycling and raced ahead of Richie.

Richie took this as a challenge however, and the two boys raced towards Richie’s house, leaving them out of breath and panting when they arrived outside.

Eddie slowly climbed off his bike, and carefully lay it down on the grass outside of Richie’s house, whereas the other boy clumsily hopped off of his bike and let it fall to the ground. They found themselves standing next to the two bikes, still red in the face and laughing from shouting to one another as they rode there. Eddie’s laughter eventually stopped, as a shy smile spread across his face. As he looked up at Richie he found a similar expression spread across his best friend’s features.

They held eye contact for what felt like minutes, but was probably only seconds, before Richie broke it to look over at his house.

“You ready to go in?” he asked, his voice quiet, quieter than he had been all night.

Eddie nodded. He would follow Richie anywhere.

Richie turned and headed for the house, Eddie walking behind him. Richie turned to look at Eddie once more, a huge grin now plastered on his face, before pushing open the door.

“Surprise!” a chorus of joyful voices rung out. Eddie’s hand flew up to his mouth in shock. There, in Richie’s living room stood Bill, Bev, Mike, Stan, Ben and even Bill’s little brother Georgie. Above their head’s there was an obviously homemade banner which “Happy Birthday Edsdie!!!” with pictures and doodles drawn all around the words.

“I…I thought that you all forgot?” Eddie asked uncertainly.

“Well we wanted you to think that so that you would be even more surprised,” Bev explained, walking over to him and giving him a hug.

“I love surprises,” Eddie said, his voice still quiet as he tried to get over the shock.

“W-we know. Thats why Richie p-planned all of this” Bill told him.

Eddie spun to face Richie. “You planned all of this?” He asked Richie, his voice filled with disbelief.

Richie’s face had turned pink and he nodded shyly, self consciously running a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I wanted to do something special,” he admitted, not meeting Eddie’s eye.

Eddie was so filled with love for the boy in that moment that he launched himself at Richie, throwing his arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” Eddie whispered into his best friend’s ear.

“Happy Birthday Eds,” Richie replied softly, wrapping his arms around Eddie’s lower back and pulling him in closer.


Later, as Eddie and Richie stood alone, watching their friends laugh and joke fondly with each other, Eddie reached for Richie’s hand and held it in his own, their fingers tightly woven together, and Eddie knew that this was all that he would ever need.