it's bad enough in the movie

hello and welcome to my headcanon/au where bruce has DID, and batman manifests as a protective alter who also just happens to be the most badass superhero ever

his #1 job is to protect bruce, but over time that extends to protecting others from the same traumatic events they had to go through as a child.  Along with being physically strong enough to defeat the “bad guys” in bruce’s life, batman is also emotionally tough (sometimes to a fault), and insanely cool in a way child bruce could only hope to be.  Even as adults, bruce still continues to think batman is the greatest, and both will boost each other’s egos by bragging about how rad the other is.

this entire headcanon is supported by the fact that bruce and batman switch a bunch of times in this video, and each time their attitudes and tone of voice changes like pls,,,

,,its canon

Twilight conversations - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: none

Request: Anon: 7, 3, 25 with Jughead Jones please

3. “Oh, love,” I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.“

7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,”

Summary: Jughead and the reader have their weekly movie night.

You love Saturday Nights. Its your movie with Jughead. You guys have been having a movie night ever since you were old enough to sit still through a movie. Eventually, due to time, age and circumstance, you guys starting holding them at the Twilight. When you guys started dating, movie night became date night. Although you hardly ever did something other than watch movies, you always loved spending one-on-one time with your raven haired lover. Tonight was your pick for the twilight. You guys take turns on who picks the first movie at the twilight and then you guys both pick the rest of them. Rocking on the balls of your feet, you search the crowd of adolescents for his iconic grey beanie. A grin breaks out on your face you spot him and eagerly await him so you can both make your way to his “residence”. You were the only one aside from his family to know about his living situation and you constantly kept trying to get him to live somewhere else. He ignores you now when you try to bring it up so you leave him be but you never let it go.

“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,” your boyfriend smirks in front of you. Your attention snaps back to him and you smile and kiss him.

“Hello to you too,” you remark grabbing his hand, “can we go yet?”

“Someone’s eager,”

“Yea, well, its my pick tonight,” you grin at him.

“Oh god, with a grin like that, what fresh hell are you going to unleash at the drive in tonight?”

“Its not that bad…” he just quirks an eyebrow in response.

“Its (Y/F/M)!” You giggle looking at him to see his response. His reaction was almost a deadpan.

“Really? (Y/F/M) again?”

“Yes…its been a month since the last time we watched it,”

“(Y/N)… you do realise that we’ve watched that every 2nd time you choose for the last 2 months,”

“So we can’t watch it?” You pout. He just rolls his eyes at your childish behaviour before a smile graces his lips.

“I didn’t say that,” he says turning to you.

“Yay!!” You giggle again, and your boyfriend just watches your childish behaviour in a movement.

“You’re such a child,” his comment is met with you poking your tongue out. You both face where you’re walking and the conversation remains as a comfortable silence until you get to the Twilight.

“Omg Juggy, do you ever clean up?” You remark as you see his shirts strewn across the floor, “like the space isn’t that big!”

“I’ve been busy really lately,”

“Your novel doesn’t count,”

“Who said it was my novel?”

“Well the only thing you do is go to Pop’s, write your novel, shove in a movie every 2 hours three times a night and hang out with me whenever you get writer’s block,”

“I don’t hang out with you just when I’ve got writer’s block,”

“Oh excuse me Casanova, our movie nights are more than enough,” you tease. Again, he just responds with rolling his eyes. You sit down on his “bed” and look around before approaching his desk and picking up the picture of him and Jellybean.

“Hey Juggie,”

“Yes?” He looks up from shoving his clothes into his bag.

“Do you ever miss having a family?” He just sighs before standing up.


“How do you deal with it?”

“Well I found someone who means the world to me and who is both my family and my home,” he answers walking towards you and cradling your face, never losing eye contact. You clear your throat before you make a reply not trusting your words to not betray how much that statement actually meant to you.

“I love you too,” he gains a twinkle in his eye before he briefly kisses you.

“Never said that someone was you,” he sasses with a look you’ve seen many a time.

“Such a romantic! Just take me now,” you sarcastically reply, grabbing his head and passionately kissing him.

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me”

“Oh, love, I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.”

“Sweetheart,” he tutts, “I am the embodiment of sarcasm.” He grins before kissing you again. Hearing commotion outside you see that it was almost time for Jughead to put in the movie.

“So the Godfather?” You push him away as he chuckles, putting your favourite movie on.

Yea, movie night with Jughead are always the best.

A/N: I hope you all like it :)

Y/N = your name

Y/F/M = your favourite movie

NCT DREAM Reacting to their S/O wanting to watch Disney Princess movies

NCT Dream reacts to you making them watch Disney Princess Movies with them c:

A/N: lol I love this request

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“I guess”

Mark wouldn’t really want to watch, but he’d try to hide his disapproval. He would think you would feel bad if he didn’t say yes. He ended up kind of enjoying it though.


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“Why that movie?”

Haechan would really question the chosen film, especially at your age. He would pretend to not like your choice just to get you annoyed, but as you explained how it was your favorite childhood movie, he would think its really cute.


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“Whatever you’ll watch, I’ll watch.”

Jeno wouldn’t mind at all, just seeing you happy throughout the movie was enough (bless his soul)


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“Of course!”

Chenle would be 100 percent down. Throughout the movie he’s gonna be a legit critique, telling who he ships a character with and saying if a scene was good or not.


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“Sure thing.”

He’d agree, but while watching the movie get bored and start to cutely annoy you. (His reaction to the kissing part is the gif) 


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“Sounds cool!”

Renjun would probably be kind of interested in the movie once you gave a small summary of the movie. I think nce it ends, he would want to watch another one


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“Interesting choice.”

Jisung would expect a different movie from you based on your personality. Either way, he enjoys the look of happiness from your face when he said yes.

I watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy again through the lens of Vol 2 (aka, I actually noticed Kraglin this time around) and I have fun thoughts.

1) I forgot that Peter literally tried to jump ship from the Ravagers by stealing the Infinity Stone. That was his betrayal moment. I don’t know why I got it into my head he’d already had left the group for a while when that happened.

2) Yondu being Peter’s surrogate Dad is like 100% more obvious in hindsight. Like, it was there before, but it was like 10x more obvious after the second film.

But more importantly, no matter how much I love Dad!Yondu and adore that he came to genuinely care about Peter as his kid (I will never stop loving that), I still can’t stop thinking about how messed up the whole situation is at its core.

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A toddler wandered in all alone and I was on door, so I looked away from my customer to ask the child if she was okay, and the customer grabbed my hand and snapped "Pay attention to ME, sweetie!" Jesus, woman, could you be more self-centered? It's a movie theater in a bad area of town; we HAVE had cops come in & tell us to be on the look out because a child was abducted in the area and the kidnapper might buy tickets to try and hide out. Twice in the last six months on just my shifts, actually.

I would have slapped her hand away so fast and had her removed. I can not say it enough. DON’T FUCKING TOUCH RETAIL WORKERS!!!


PS I hope the kid was ok. :)


This is another one of those scenes that I never really comprehend is real. I keep thinking that’s just how I remembered it in my shipper brain, but it actually happens. I’ve rewatched many times to make sure that, yes indeed, it does occur.

I’m talking about the one from Extinction, when the Convoy walks into an ambush in Vegas and “Project Alice” gets shut down. Isaacs says the word and offline she goes. She instantly becomes motionless and as a nice sign of ownership Umbrella’s logo flash across her iris. No more herself but now an inert automaton. And for the time being that’s where and what she stays as.

Meanwhile shit hits the fan and the rest of the survivors are pretty much screwed and dead in the water. Big time. Claire gets to be hot as fuck though while taking down a hoard of the undead that are going after Mikey. Unfortunately her badness is not enough to save the boy’s life (to be fair he never stood a chance, this is not the series that will keep its male characters alive, unless they’re evil), so she kills them all dead, but not before Mikey bit the dust. The action awesome of Claire gets to flow into a moment of heartbreak and anger, and then she screams her despair straight out into the Nevada desert. It’s a pretty great cry of despair. The kind that’s primal and from the toes.

And after the movie having spent minutes on the action this scream is on which we now cut back to Alice who takes that moment to start fighting the conditioning. So the events are; Alice gets shut down - a lot of bad stuff happens to all of the Convoy - a lot of screaming and dying - for many minutes - Claire shoots zombies in the head - Claire screams in anguish - Alice starts fighting back.

That’s some nice stuff right there, some A+ editing. Reads as emotional cause and effect. Suggesting that Claire in distress triggers some kind of human response and a will to resist in Alice - that’s just - that’s nice. That’s also pretty old school trope; the hero fighting off the evil influence when they’re reminded of/confronted by their loved ones. The fact that it’s Claire that gets to play that role is - interesting. 

I mean it’s not as if there aren’t other options that might have been more obvious within the actual narrative of the movie (at least on a shallow note). For one you’ve got K-Mart who’s established as the child that needs to be taken care of, and Alice did have an instant connection with her and was shown to be gentle and considerate around her. Putting the child of the pack in danger is a pretty accepted way of getting an emotional response. Also could have been parallels back to the second movie and Alice saving Angie. Would have made sense and no one would have thought twice about it. 

Same with Carlos, with whom Alice actually has a previous connection and history with. Not to mention that on the surface they sort of play the flirtatious angle between them (even though mostly feels like casual flirting and soldier buddies). At that point though Carlos would definitely be the closest Alice has to a loved one, if they’d accepted heterosexual surface and shallow storytelling. Luckily the movie doesn’t. Which means instead it is Claire that gets to play the agent behind snapping Alice out of her stupor and into fighting mode. Claire, the woman she met a few days ago, the woman she instantly supported. The woman Alice keeps looking at like - yeah- that’s another post.

At the end of the day though remember that the editing of this film makes it appear as if Claire is what brings Alice back, it’s Claire that triggers her resistance, it’s Claire that returns her mind to herself. That’s not even subtext, that’s text. As for the reason behind this though - feel free to sub that into pure sapphism, I know I do.

softe pinkberry headcanons bc there aren’t enough tbh

~their favorite dates are, of course, going out for frozen yogurt, but honestly they could both go for staying inside in their pajama pants with messy hair eating ice cream out of a tub while watching some old quentin tarantino film on tv (probs not even a good one,,,,,like one of his bad movies)
~chloe loves to randomly hug brooke from behind and pull her close and its Hella Cute
~chloe is ticklish, brooke uses it to her advantaage
~they’ve both made arrangements to go to the same college, and have requested that they share a dorm, most people think they’re Best Friends until they kiss in front of them or smth
~brooke loves to refer to chloe as “my girlfriend” or “my girlfriend chloe” just to clarify to whoever she’s talking to that She Has A Girlfriend
~for chloe’s birthday brooke surprises her with two tickets to see some obscure band that chloe loves. brooke almost cries at how chloe’s face lights up when she sees them
~they love cuddling probs more than sex. like,,,,ye,,,cuddling is so?? good??? and chloe is almost always the big spoon. they both hate the cold, so they keep each other warm.
~when they go to prom they get matching baby blue dresses, chloe is the one to pick brooke up (and they exchange those wrist flower things.) 
~also they’re uhhh massive nerds. like you can’t convince me that they’re both super intelligent and Pretty Good At School usually. brooke loves classic literature
~chloe gets her a signed copy of like,,,,an agatha christie book or smth (super rare, worth a heckload of money) and brooke cries 
~they’r hella cute bye

how fucked up is it that:
“Split is bad because it demonizes a mental illness and is totally and completely ableist in every way possible”
does not make people want to boycott it but
“Split was made by the same guy who made a bad adaption of a cartoon”
is usually enough to get people to drop the movie and understand its not worth your money?
People are willing to watch an ableist movie, but a bad adaptation is where they draw the line.

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So I want to write a story about someone who becomes an alcoholic. Simple enough, except I've never tasted alcohol (I'm old enough, but due to medications, I will never be able to have it and it smells bad anyway) and I'm not familiar with it. I don't hang around people drinking and have never really been to a bar outside of restaurants. Do you know any good sources like movies or something and any advice for writing this? Something beyond the medical book stuff.

Thanks so much for your question, nonny!  Alcoholism – from its lightest to its heaviest points, with phases of recovery and relapse – is a pretty complex topic, so I’ll give you a few different kinds of articles to get you started…

Writing Alcoholism – Resources

That’s just what I could find in a pinch, but if you need anything else specifically, be sure to send another ask!  I didn’t know exactly what you wanted to know, so I tried to cover the general questions/information.  I hope this helps!

Thanks again for asking, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

this critic pans the spin-off and praises Spader

I have no interest in the spin-off but do enjoy reading how the critics think it’s dead in the water. I especially like it when the critic praises Spader in the same review.

Excerpt from review at

“With all of this confusing cognitive dissonance, it sort of seems like “The Blacklist: Redemption” is about to fall apart any second — and though it doesn’t make for particularly coherent storytelling…

But the real question for “The Blacklist: Redemption’s” future success is whether or not Janssen and Eggold will be able to carry a title that has been, until now, entirely dependent on Spader’s magnetism. Based on the premiere, it seems unlikely — Tom is not even the second-most interesting character from “The Blacklist,” and Scottie’s mystique makes it hard to feel intimately connected to her character. But the premiere reveals Terry O’Quinn as Howard — Scottie’s presumed-dead husband, and therefore, Tom’s father. This is a less thrilling reveal than one would hope, but “The Blacklist: Redemption” is doubling down on its soap-opera-meets-spy-movie theatrics, where everything is about parentage and terrible buried secrets. Between them, the three actors might have enough brute-force charisma to match just one James Spader. I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

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What was wrong with into darkness? It wasn't great but it was fun

convoluted boring forgettable plot (try to describe its 3 acts without going on wikipedia, i can’t), character regression along with no character development whatsoever, adds nothing to the universe, deathly serious, ugly depressing blue/black grimdark color palette, takes place mostly on earth for some reason, bandicoot cucumber as a whitewashed khan, battle scenes that go on for ages with no emotional resonance and if that wasn’t all bad enough, it doesn’t make sense as a Star Trek™ movie. the only place it boldly goes is to the dumpster

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Um... Hi! Wow, I can't believe I'm actually asking you something. *laughs nervously* So how much do you exercise? It's a really bad question, I'm sorry

Hello!  No such thing as a bad question.  I’d say it really depends on what I need to run away from on any particular day.  Or what creature I’m feeding and caring for.  The work around my case keeps me quite active, and that seems to be enough for me.  

tale as old as next time: the blanket fort’s beauty & the beast review

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Basically, this is me and probably the rest of the of Beauty & the Beast fandom right now. 

The good news:  the live action movie is nice and entertaining enough, with its own kind of charm.  The bad news:  the original animated film is still complete and utter perfection.  The live action movie can’t even hold a candle to it. 

And no, I don’t think it’s unfair to compare the two.  If you create what is really an unnecessary remake of the legendary Disney animated film that forced the Academy to create a category for Best Animated Picture, because it could and should’ve won the actual Best Picture Award, then you’ve got some seriously big shoes to fill.  Good remakes and re-imaginings have been done before (the Charlton Heston Ben-Hur, anyone?).  This movie needed to be balls-to-the-wall amazingly good. 

The problem is that it’s just in that category of “okay,” “nice” and “it’s entertaining.”  

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(Spoiler time - you have been warned)

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everyone else seems to want the ninjago movie to be like the show but like. 

list of shit tht id like:

DONT have cole being ‘obsessed’ w cake its unnecessary, DO have him be the Bad Boy™ w the soft side (u kno the ones) and v dedicated to his aesthetic, theres more than enough humor that can come out of tht alone. 

DONT have any romantic plots between any of the leads. we Do Not need it. HOWEVER i would not be opposed to one of them offhandedly mentioning tht they have a date or smthn of the sort

DO show us the ninjas home lives. DONT have them be. orphans. theyre. teenagers going to school. maybe someones parents other than lloyd arent around a lot, maybe theyre around too much, idk ju s t PARENTS would be gr e a t. 

show us single mom misako ??? like ??? pl ea se and thanks ??? additionally misako leaving rlly nice notes in lloyd’s lunch tht make him feel better when he’s being super Angsty would be nice also. 

after seeing the lego batman movie i have No Doubt tht the ninjago movie is gonna be great and i dont think it needs to rely on elements from the show. bcuz the shows writing is kinda god awful alot of the time !!!! 

The 14 Elements of Story

“What are the essential elements of a good book?” .

Two years ago, if I’d been asked that, I would have babbled the following example of rapier wit: “Uh, conflict? Characters? Oh, plot too! And a strong theme.” (I would’ve tacked on theme to sound extra knowledgeable and impressive.)

“And why are they essential? What do those terms mean? How do you create them? What makes them essential?”

I would’ve responded by ripping up my notebook, throwing it into the air, then vanishing in a cloud of crappy writing.

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  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!

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Fic prompt: Nebula keeps swooping in to rescue Gamora (and the team, but mostly Gamora), but IT'S NOT A THING, GEEZ, GAMORA, DON'T MAKE IT A THING.

This prompt is great, and the fic got long enough that I posted it to AO3.

Bad Habits (3109 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gamora & Nebula
Characters: Gamora (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel), Guardians of the Galaxy Team
Additional Tags: Sisters, Sister-Sister Relationship, Developing Friendships, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: It looks like Nebula might be developing a bad habit of helping Gamora out of trouble. Set post-GotG 2.
All in the Editing
By Organization for Transformative Works

Nick and Judy watch a horror movie.

Judy Hopps was ten years old when she first watched Perceptus, and she lost any taste for horror films in short order.

Watching had been a dare on a sleepover, mild enough on the surface compared to some of the outlandish havoc a burrow full of adolescent rabbits got up to. And Judy devoured mysteries, and ghost stories. How bad could a scary movie be?

Her siblings and friends squeaked and hid under their sleeping bags at the worst parts, when the invisible monster stalked its way through a laboratory full of hapless scientists. They’d flinched away as it picked the staff off one by one until it was just the jaguar heroine, facing off in the specimen freezer against the huge set of disembodied, bloodstained claws.

Not Judy. She watched the whole thing, with her knees to her chest on the ratty couch in the dorm, and cheered under her breath when Felicia had emerged unscathed.

She’d felt so superior afterward, while the rest of them ate their cookies and brushed their ears and traded frightened recollections. She’d watched the whole thing, she told them again and again.

And when they had all finally settled down to sleep, Judy had stared at the jagged, claw-like shadows of the tree branches waving through the window, so scared she could barely move to turn on the nearest lamp.

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