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“I don’t know what to do, Tae,” Jimin fisted a hand through his thick brown hair and sighed. “The model didn’t show up but the photographer says we have to pay him anyway, for wasting his time or something, and if we pay him now then we’re not gonna be able to afford to pay him when we do get a model to come. I told you we should have let Joonie and Jin help but, no, you just had to prove that we could do things on our own. And now look at us, no model, no photos and your useless ass isn’t even answering the phone.” Jimin paused to glance through the dusky window of the tattoo parlor that his best friend insisted they buy. The photographer waiting inside noticed his gaze and dropped a pointed look to the watch on his wrist. Jimin frowned and turned away, “I know you’re gonna tell me not to worry and that things will work out and all that, but I’m not like you, Tae. I am worried and…” Jimin trailed off, his eyes locked on the slouched figure emerging from the coffee shop across the street. “Actually never mind. I’m still kicking your ass whenever you decide to show up, but I think I found the answer to our problems.”

Jimin ended the long winded voicemail to his best friend and shoved his phone in his pocket, darting across the street without bothering to check for traffic.

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repressed crushes 

Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

Jason stared incredulously at Nico. “What?”

Nico stood triumphant and confident. His face unwavering. “I want to go flying.”

“You… want to fly?”

“If you want to, of course. I’m not going to force you t–”

“I’d love to!” Jason had to bite back his impatient urge after that. To play it cool, he added, “I mean – if that’s cool with you.”

“That’s why I asked, Sparky.”

When Piper or Leo called him ‘Sparky’, it was normal and affectionate. But Nico saying it was something so much more powerful. His voice held dominion over Jason and hearing Nico call him 'Sparky’ was giving Jason a hard time controlling his feelings. “But I can’t just – make you fly.”

“I know.”

“I have to… you know…”

“I know.”

“Are… are you okay with that?”

Nico’s face looked as if it had a faint red shade. “Of course. I thought this through already.”

“… Okay uhm… when?”

“When do you have time?”

“After dinner?”

“Yeah, I have to eat with Will tonight, I promised him. But after that, I’ll be free.” Jason’s heart always shivered when Nico talked about Will. They were broken up now, but Jason still felt a tinge of jealousy. Will was a good guy, just not good for Nico. Jason wasn’t the right guy for Nico either, but he couldn’t help his feelings.

”… Okay. Sounds good.“ Nico was about to turn around when Jason stopped him. "Wait, Nico?”


“Can I ask… why you want to go flying?”

“I… I had a dream. I just want to try it.” He was avoiding the reasoning.

“Do you need to talk about your dreams? We have bad dreams if you need someone to talk to –”

“I’m good, Jason. Thanks. I’ll see you after dinner?”

“Of course, see you Nico.”

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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i have no idea who i am and every time i think i do, someone turns up and makes me question myself


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
sooo have part one of my mcl GoT project thingy. There might be a part 2, but I’m so done rn and I’m not sure when I’ll start this up again. aaanyway, welcome to Westeros. 

Daniil Kvyat: I have no time for girlfriends.

- Do you have a girlfriend?

- With my rhythm of life I don’t have time for a permanent girlfriend but I don’t see a problem with it.

- So you have girl-“friends” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (or playmates idk)?

- You need to work in the Intelligence Service with such questions! (all laugh) If I have real feelings for someone, I’ll immediately understand it.

- What kind of car do you drive now?

- I don’t have a car now, I walk.

- Do you have a pet in Russia?

- Yes, a Labrador. He’s like a family member. I like dogs, cats are cool.

- You have a very nice grandfather! Does he give you advice?

- Yeah, he gives me some advice sometimes, but he is very diplomatic person. He’s lived a long life and has great experience. We text each other during the GP weekend, I always keep in touch with my family.

- Are you planning to move from Monaco to Italy to be closer to the team?

- We’ll see. There are people in the team who spend their time on the factories in Faenza and Bicester. Also I’m often in England, where I meet with my engineers, but periodically will come in Faenza as well, because it is important to spend time with the team.

- But you hear the Russian language more often in Monaco than in Faenza?

- Yeah, Monaco is like a little Russia. (laughs) There are a lot of Russian people there.

In a Cage // Open Para

It was freezing cold, despite the thick layers Sasha had put on to stand out in the rain. Still, the icy liquid had managed to seep through her knitwear until it was brushing her skin and forcing her into a fit of shivers. Maybe the cold felt stronger to her because she hadn’t been outside for so long, at least since the new rules had been put into place. But, the rain had always been something she’d liked when sitting inside with a book propped up on her knee and a blanket wrapped around her shoulders - yet, now that she was restricted on when she could go outdoors, she appreciated the rain a little more.

The large and uninviting gate which circled around St Mary’s looked as brooding as usual. Sasha longed to be on the other side - not to rebel or get into trouble - but just to feel her freedom again. The rain only managed to make her feel a little slither of the outside world she wasn’t allowed to escape into. As always, Sasha wondered about her dad: what he was doing without her, how he was coping with her mum on his own, whether he missed her. She missed him more than anything, especially now she couldn’t call him.. other than the time she broke into the teacher’s office.

She was still nervous about that. But, she was more nervous by the fact she and Sam hadn’t been punished. It seemed a little off for Orion to have let such a thing slip. Maybe he was doing it on purpose so they felt ill at ease, or maybe they just weren’t worth his time. She suspected the latter.

As on their first night of the new rules, Sasha placed her palm against the gates, and pressed her forehead onto them, staring outside as rain water dripped into her hair. “How much longer are we going to be stuck in here?” For someone who was usually happy and bubbly, even she had to admit that the new rules were wearing her down, and she longed to just leave the damn building for ten seconds at least.

has anything actually happened on pll this half season, I’d like to know