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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

SAME. I keep finding myself going back to stare at it throughout the day and I instantly regret it each time because it makes me suffer. It’s just so cute and sexy and just them.

And of course it’s something they would do. Because they’ve done it before:

Teenage Kook wasn’t much of a muscle pig (yet) and clearly struggled a bit back then. Maybe that’s why he wrote this message to Jimin?



You’re having a hard time lately because of me, right? From now on, I’ll listen to you very well. Thank you.

3 years from now, let’s work out togetherㅋ

Since then Jeon Jungkook has (mostly) kept his words. KM + Jin are now gym buddies.

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And Jimin is..

..well, he’s living the life tbh

Also, a very important reminder: Jimin calls JK ‘baby’ at the gym.

So yeah… what you’re suggesting is probably not too far from the truth..


Rin confesses to Shiemi requested by @hogeky



Back to indoor lighting. idk if this is actually how cafes work, i kinda forget…. I just wanted to feature myself lol.

sorry for all the asks I haven’t answered, I will get to them i promise

and if anyone can get me info on how exactly honey can magically cure hyperacusis/tinnitus/misophonia it’ll be much appreciated :)

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And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Wowww, a pic where I’m actually smiling! What a rare find!!

i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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(48) Gladio’s pick up lines.

Gladio: I don’t know how much of a good idea it is to have Iggy here nearby the sea.
Noctis: Why?
Gladio: I mean, there may be pirates in here. They’ll lay eyes on such a treasure. So it’ll be my job from now on to keep an eye on the booty.
Ignis: I can take care of it perfectly fine on my own, thank you very much. 

Another Mafia AU 2 (I need a title for this)

On mobile so can’t link here. Have a quick look for Another Mafia AU on my blog for part one till I can get on my laptop. Xx

Ok so I am trying to link tell me if u can see part 1 :


II. Percival

The long boardroom was filled with a heavy atmosphere. Percival, at the head of the table was surveying leather bound dossiers in front of him, meticulously flicking through each of his sub companies’ financial data. Finally, he smiled. It was not a happy kind of smile; rather it put one in mind of a particularly hungry shark.

“Excellent work.” He snapped the folders shit and slid them into his own satchel for later full review. “I expect to see the same next time. You are dismissed.” With that, he rose and strode out the door, his secretary Tina falling in step beside him as they strode from the high-rise office building.

“Ah boss. Done with companies for the day?” Tina smirked at him from the opposite seat. “Got something more important in mind?”

Percival relaxed, loosening his tie. “Might do. Don’t get uppity Goldstein. Hate to relegate you to traffic.”

She snorted but stayed quiet. They both knew he needed her as a guard, he couldn’t stand any of the others for long periods, and tended to send them off crying within a day. 4 hours was the official record. Besides, traffic was basically looking over the smuggling goods and inventorying them. Dull. He only sent real morons there.

In the ten years since Graves had become the leader of the Family, Tina was the only one who had lasted more than two months guarding him. Three years in and she was indispensable as a PA and as his bodyguard. She had come to work for him when she was just eighteen and out of high school. With a younger sister to take care of and no parents, Tina had turned to her mother’s line of work before her death and joined the Macusa clan. Working her way up, she had been spotted by Graves as tactically brilliant and ruthless enough to follow through on her plans. They had been fairly inseparable since.

In fact, the only time they argued was when Queenie, Tina’s baby sister, decided to join the family too. Tina had been desperate for her sister to go to college to stay out of the family business to to speak. Queenie had disagreed and really, who was Graves to stop anyone from joining up? It took a period of coldness between them but the problem resolved itself when Graves assigned Queenie to Intel. She was safe out of the ranks, so Tina was happy; and she was terrifyingly good at her job and very quickly rose to take over the department, so Graves was happy. Queenie was just happy to be able to work near her Teenie and be doing an important job.

The car drew up to the huge brownstone residence of the main Graves family. Percival’s parents had both died in a shootout when he was twenty two, so he had take over all the business straight out of an accelerated college degree. Thankfully in addition to business savvy, he had a thick skin, excellent survival instincts and was a decent shot with a gun. After replacing almost the entire upper echelon with his own people, Percival had expanded business operations and now controlled not only almost the entire underworld of New York City, but was also a billionaire outside of his Family work, controlling several huge conglomerates with a finger in almost every pie there was.

As it was, only Percival lived there now. Tina and Queenie as well as his other section heads as well as a few other guards had rooms as well but they were only there when necessary.
As he got into his rooms, Tina doing a quick check before hand, he immediately set a bath running, shucking off his suit. God he was exhausted. It was almost eight in the evening by this point, and he had been at work since seven thirty. He still had pages and pages of paperwork to go through. Sliding into the steaming water, he finally relaxed fully.

The bath was going cold and Percival was just beginning to consider more hot water when there was a bang on the door. Rising quickly, Percival threw on a towel and grabbed his pistol, always close by, to open the door. Tina was standing there, looking a little wild.

“Sir, sir I am sorry to interrupt but this is something - something you need to hear about. It’s the Alpha squad, something went wrong in the general patrol. Queenie has all the details but she said it was urgent and-”

“Tina, breathe. I’m going to get changed and I will be at HQ in fifteen minutes on the outside.”

He shooed her from his room and sharply closed the door. Fuck. Alpha was one of his best squads, his most reliable lieutenant commanded it, his top men were in it. If something has gone wrong with them on a general patrol of his territory then that was very very bad.

In well under the promised quarter of an hour he was striding into Intel for his promised report. Everyone looked to be silently panicking, except for Queenie, who was sending out all the orders with a face of granite. A relived cry of “Boss!” Rang out across the room as she turned to usher him into her closed off office.

“What is going on Queenie.” His voice left no room for dithering or small talk.

“Alpha team were on a patrol down by the Hudson. The Carlacci ambushed them with at least four squads. The group managed to pop them all but three men were shot, several more had knife wounds and even Lieutenant Kim was wounded. Just on the arm sir, don’t worry.”

Percival broke in here. “The other men are being treated by now I hope? And cleanup has sorted out the Carlacci scum?”

Queenie hesitated. “Well. Cleanup has been by and I took the liberty of reassigning the Eta and Phi squads to cover the rest of the Alpha patrol. With Commander Fleamont’s permission of course. However-”

“However what, why haven’t my men been treated?”

“It seems that the new tenant down there is a doctor. They ended up in Jacob’s bakery, seeing as it was the closest safe house. Turns out that his neighbour set up a free clinic next door and heard the commotion. Apparently he helped out immediately, removed the bullets and sutured the bullet and knife wounds without asking any questions. We got them checked out when here but the doctors just called me to report that the work was expertly done. The only things he couldn’t treat were some concussions, which can’t be treated anyway.”

“I see.” He mulled this over. Everyone was going to be well, which was good. He hated losing good soldiers. But this newcomer, who was he?

“I was just getting a file on him.” Ah, apparently he had said that last bit out loud. “From what we know so far, his name is Newt Scamander. He is originally British but has been travelling the last four years, all under different names, and he came in from Equatorial Guinea apparently plying his skills for food and board. Nothing early than that yet, sorry. We’re still getting info coming in.”

More and more interesting. The name indicated a relation to a pre-eminent British crime family but he was in the US, whose underground remained very cold to the British one. He didn’t even seem to be doing Mafia work. He would just have to meet the man himself and see why he was here.

“Keep looking. I will visit him tomorrow morning and give him my personal thanks for helping some friends.”

Standing, he commended her for her work. Queenie, he mused, really would be wasted in another field. Seeing as the situation was under control for now, he would return to sleep and reassess once he awoke.

He did just that.

Bright and early the next morning Percival reviewed the complete file on the incident. All men were fine. Lieutenant Kim was to report in that afternoon. And he, well he had a certain doctor to visit.

Tina, who thankfully slept when he did, was ready to go in the car already.

“Queenie is in bed, she’s been up all night. Got this Scamander’s address though.” Tina said as a greeting.

He sighed. “Good good. She works hard.” The car pulled away. Peri cal spent the ride reading the file on Scamander. It seemed that he had got his degree at Cambridge, had left the country almost immediately after graduating and from there had hopped across Europe and Asia, saving hundreds of lives. From there he had flown to America a couple of months ago and set up his little clinic. Shy, quiet, he had nevertheless become friends with Jacob quickly and was by all accounts, the opposite of a troublemaker. So what was the second son of the Scamander family doing here? Oh, that heir Theseus had tried to cover his trails and the false identities he had used around the world were very good but Queenie and her agents were better.

They had arrived. For this, Percival had chosen buttery leather boots, dark jeans and a white button down with a navy jumper over the top. Attractive but practical. He smirked. Just like him.

He entered the tiny clinic entrance, the door tinkling pleasantly behind him. Tina slid in behind him unobtrusively. A quiet voice called out to “wait just a moment, please, feel free to take a seat.”. Percival elected to stand and wait near the counter. There was no one else there, after all. Less than a moment later, footsteps came closer and a man entered from a screened door behind the counter.

And dear god, was this man beautiful.

——– Part 3! :

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4&12 ❤️🙂

4. If you met your bias, what would you want to tell him the most?

If I met Namjoon, I’d probably just tell him shit he’s already heard a million times: You’ve worked so hard and come so far for someone so young. I’m proud of you. I know work is what you love, but also remember to take time to care for yourself, and that’s more than just physical. You also need to care for yourself emotionally, spiritually. If the words aren’t coming, don’t feel guilty, just take a break because your brain is telling you it needs one. I hope things continue to go well for you. 

12. If you had a band, what would you prefer your position to be? Leader, Maknae, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Main Vocal or Visual?

No bragsies, but I think I’d start out Main Vocal since I sing pretty well. When I’m in practice, I’m great. Think Ann Wilson meets Fiona Apple with a bit of Joan Jett thrown in there. However, I am a total control freak, and when I think leadership is shoddy, which it often is, I have a tendency to take over, so I think I’d wind up being the Leader too, lol. 

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hi mai, i might be wrong, but ur planning on being a nurse, right? You're obviously really smort n hardworking, so was there ever a time where u considered becoming a doctor instead? And if so, what deterred you? sry if this is a weird ask, but im currently trying to choose one and i jus wanted to know if u have any thoughts on this kinda stuff since I think that you and i have some similarities regarding academia, and in general as well (feel free to ignore this!!)

i actually have always wanted to be a doctor my whole life! it was only later in life where i got rlly scared n chickened out to become a nurse instead. so many people have asked me why i wanted to be a nurse instead of being a doc bc of my work performance n academia n etc, like u said, n there has been many times when i wanted to change. when i actually started thinking bout what i rlly wanted to do in life i knew that it would be in the medical field for sure but i didn’t kno where. in senior year, i just decided to be a nurse since it was a shorter time span than a doctor n i was scared to take on such a big responsibility. i was afraid being up top big boss n have so much responsibility over someone’s life so i decided to be something lower, to work for a doctor instead of going the whole mile to be one while still being in the med field. now that i’m in college, i see my potential n im like…. i should’ve done it. i should’ve went the whole way. i’m only 2 years into university but i feel like if i switch now i’ll have to restart all over again n i don’t kno if i want that…. my friends r confused when i tell them i wanna be a nurse. they’re like, why aren’t u a doctor instead? u have the potential ?? ur so smart??? n im like uh idk lol. but taking all these classes made me realize that that’s what i rlly want too. i rlly wanna be a doctor. the only reason why i didn’t take that path is bc the fear of going so high… if that makes sense. if ur like me then truly think about it. what r ur passions? do u rlly like the medical field n how r ur grades n work performance? if ur thinking about being a doctor, then i think u should go for it. like rlly go for it. n later if u wanna switch to nursing it’ll be easier for u to do that since u’ve taken more advanced bio/chem classes then the other way around (like me)
obviously, there r advantages to being a nurse bc of the shorter time span n i’ll be able to get work like asap n like, anywhere. when i decided that i didn’t think about anything else but the money tbh. now that i’m like. learning about shit (especially human anatomy n biology) it made me realize how much i love it?? it’s a fucking pain in the ass but shit…. its incredible what our body does even when we’re not consciously aware of it. i kno this became like…. ridiculously long LOL but if ur like me, which i think u r bc even our thoughts r on the same track n ur concerns seem similar to mine, then i think that u should push urself to do what u really want. don’t let anything deter u from being a doctor, if that’s what u want. don’t settle for anything lower bc ur scared of the what may happen in the future.


Another drawing of Deeba from Un Lun Dun! Solidifying my new design for her lol (when i have more time I’ll draw some of the other characters too)


I know… He did the same thing.

I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish with the colors here. Either way, swimming lesbians threesome, yay (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

 Rin’s being her usual crybaby-self. She’s probably just happy because she has best girlfriends in the world ever.