it's baby food

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

  • Sting: Why are you cuddling up to me all of a sudden?
  • Rogue: Can't I just cuddle with my boyfriend? It's not like I have an ulterior motive.
  • Sting: ...You just want my food, don't you?
  • Rogue: ...Duh, you're eating cookies...

i was analyzing a gif earlier n like… lance and hunk are looking forward… shiro looks like hes kinda looking behind/past hunk specifically… when keith smiles (LOOK AT HIS SMILE???) he specifically turns away from pidge to look over his shoulder… listen… when theyre all happy shiro and keith automatically look toward each other… #he is looking at keith #he is looking at shiro

The signs as Code MENT quotes

Aries: You think that’s bad. Mine died by eating its own babies. That’s not FOOD, Tamagotchi! That’s just not FOOD!


Gemini: Not this time, Anime Batman! This time, I shall defeat you!

Cancer: That was not eating. I’ve seen eating; what you did in there was pure chaos!


Virgo: I can live entirely on a diet of crayons and lighter fluid!

Libra: Eh, she stopped with the whole white clothes thing. Now she looks like a cross between a French Maid and a Vietnamese hooker.

Scorpio: You’re so Caucasian your hair is white!

Sagittarius: Your fucking moral compass is a roulette wheel!

Capricorn: I LIKE SALAD FORKS!!!

Aquarius: Now I don’t know who’s bringing lunch tomorrow, so everyone cover yourself in oil, I’m gonna light this match, and whoever’s the last person to burn wins.

Pisces: Have you ever seen a British person? I haven’t, so therefore, they don’t exist.

some good in the day

I ordered some baby food from Amazon because he’s getting closer and closer to eating what we eat and I’m kind of done making and freezing batches. And now there’s the Beechnut Organics which has no preservatives or anything, the ingredients list is literally just the fruits/veggies that are in it. Dill will eat it (mostly) and it’s not outrageously expensive. The downside to this is there’s no meat in them for protein, but he has eggs and yogurt and will eat some of the meat we have for dinner so I’m not too worried. 

aaaanyway. It was a 10pk variety from a 3rd party seller on amazon and it came with a couple of the jars broken. Bummer, but shipping is rough and they’re glass jars so it happens. The good part was that the seller was super quick at responding and they’re refunding the whole order. We don’t even have to return the jars that were unaffected! I went on and gave them 5 stars of feedback and added to the comments that I appreciated their service. They could’ve easily be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tough shit. I was just hoping to be like hey 3 jars are unusable so I can I get a partial refund for that loss. 

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there's this guy who played Enjolras last year at this cheap production and he constantly posts pictures of his dog (a shitzu) and makes them his profile picture and I think that's the most Enjolras thing I've seen

That is so so adorable! I’ve never seen Enjolras as a huge pet lover but I'm sure that if he found a rescue dog he’d spoil that dog like nothing else. Courfeyrac has said a thousand times that if it came down to Enjolras saving him or the dog he wants carnations at his funeral. Enjolras has yet to confirm or deny

but a samstevebucky au where steve and bucky are raising a cute little blonde kid named ben but aren’t romantically together

steve meets sam at a gluten free bakery, his toddler craving muffins – muffins are steve and bucky’s worst nightmare because ben doesn’t understand he’s gluten intolerant when he sees any type of muffin; muffins are his kryptonite. so steve carries ben in, and sam’s the guy behind the counter. sam talks ben through the muffins he has, patient as ben talks and questions loudly over steve; steve thanks god he doesn’t have to deal with frustrating the cashier because ben’s indecisive and thanks sam for dealing with them. sam laughs and waves it off. 

ben demands as fiercely as a three year old can that he wants more muffins the next day. and the next day. bucky laughs as steve tries to give him the store bought ones; ben takes a bite and then spits it out. he wants “the bakery one.” so a trip to sam’s bakery becomes part of the weekly routine, ben getting a muffin every five days or so; bucky cuts back on his starbucks. ben gets super excited to eat the muffins and babble at sam. steve jokes that he should leave ben with sam as they leave one day, and ben just says “yes.” 

bucky meets sam when steve’s down in bed, his chest pains and stomach too much that day. ben pets bucky’s hair, trying to braid it as he tells bucky all about sam’s. bucky nods along and stops dead when he actually walks into the bakery. steve is fucking dead when he gets better because he didn’t tell bucky what a knock out the guy their kid’s drooling over is. as it is, he just plasters on a flirty smile as he brings ben over to the counter, the line short. sam takes a look at ben’s smiling face and bucky before lifting an eyebrow. “steve didn’t tell me he had a partner” is what he says, and bucky decides steve is going to be even deader. he didn’t tell bucky on purpose. 

after setting sam straight, and flirting with him as ben sloppily gobbles up his muffin – bucky doesn’t think about how it’s his eating habits ben picked up, he’ll deny it forever, steve is the rotten influence – bucky takes ben to the park to play and then heads home to see if steve’s feeling better. he isn’t, so he and ben cuddle up next to him and watch movies on the laptop. 

after that, steve and bucky – they don’t fight, per-say, but they try to be the one to take ben to get his muffin. each time, they can tell sam’s more and more amused. ben, bless him, just eats his muffins and asks sam about his day and cooking and continues to ignore the flirting. eventually, steve and bucky go in together, and sam picks up ben, turning him to face his dads. “do you think it’s time i gave them my number, huh, bud?” ben shakes his head; he thinks that’d mean no more muffin trips, and the adults laugh at the horror that crossed ben’s face at the admission.