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Pages 113-115. In which a familiar scream is heard.

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tfw your best friend smiles at the first snowfall of the year in awe and you have to blame your sudden blush on the cold ❄️❄️❄️

Now look at what you’ve done, @tiacchi - Iwa-chan is all flustered (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
(forever projecting my own feelings on him, as usual)

I get very……nervous when people say they’re jealous of me because I’ve had people straight up hate me for it even when I thought we were friends and it breaks my heart cause there’s literally…..nothing anybody should be jealous of cause I’m just…. some anxious idiot who draws lame pictures….Im thankful for what I have but I’m also still so critical and hateful towards my own stuff….and everyone is so talented like…look at yourself and see your worth…you’re all wonderful and so very talented…😰😰

Also…before you get angrily jealous of someone first think…about how hard they must have worked to get where they are now…don’t devalue that……support each other, inspire one another…especially in this industry where we could all use good words and advice. Be proud of your fellow artists, be proud of yourself. 😔❤️❤️

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it was basically like, imagine that it's been a really long day and e is home alone kind of driving himself crazy and so when r comes home e kisses him and climbs into his lap and just starts talking a mile a minute. r is grinning like crazy but he's like "what is this about ange" and e just tilts his head like it's a confusing question and says "i just missed you"

Ohhhh man, I’m so glad it came through this time, I love this!!

It’s been a long week for R.

He can’t quite explain why, aside from the near constant feeling of sullen apathy that’s been saddled on his shoulders; he has no way of reasoning it away, no way to trace it back to where it might have come from. He has plenty of reasons to be happy, after all - he’s got the best friends he could ask for, he’s got a pretty decent life, a nice apartment with a beautiful view of the city, and he’s got an angel who brings the sun in his wake for a boyfriend. There’s no true reason for him to be sad - right?

He sighs as he walks back towards the apartment, shoulders slumped ever so slightly. He supposes there’s no need for a reason or a cause; the result is the same, either way. The past few days, the world has just felt a little different to him, and he isn’t sure what might change his perspective. The colors are a little duller; the sounds a little more distant. The rest of the walk back to the apartment hardly registers to him. One moment, he’s on the streets, lost in his own thoughts as they run about in circles - and the next, he’s at the door, key in hand and making his way inside.

He’s barely made it to the couch to untie his shoes when there’s a flash of red in front of him, and suddenly, there’s another living body on his lap. For a moment, R is stunned - Enjolras hadn’t been anywhere in sight when he had opened the door, but here he is all of a sudden, lips pressed to his and hands on his face, holding him as if he’d been gone for months. It takes the breath from his lungs for a moment. Enjolras is generally a bit less abrupt in his affections; he would usually greet him verbally at the very least before stealing a kiss. He’d ask how his day had gone, where he’d been; if he’d seen anything interesting, or what he’d had for lunch. But today, there’s a strange, frantic energy about his Apollo. It takes his mind away from the rainclouds that have been following him for just a moment.

Then, Enjolras has rested his forehead to R’s - he’s nuzzling their noses together as he speaks so quickly that Grantaire can hardly keep up, his bleached-blond hair brushing against his cheeks; and it all clicks. Enjolras had been cooped up over the past few days as he studied for an upcoming exam. Being inside for so long, without interacting with many people in person or going out to do things, left him with a lot of pent-up energy that he had no way to get rid of. Now, however, it seemed that he was getting it all out by pressing a hundred kisses against his face - over his cheekbones, across his forehead, against the bridge of his nose, the corner of his mouth - and speaking so quickly some of his words seem to tangle with one another.

He presses a kiss to Grantaire’s jaw, his wild hair tickling his nose; he can’t help but to laugh, wrapping his arms securely around his waist. “What’s this about?” R asks, finally managing to return one of the kisses a bit more calmly. Enjolras drapes his arms around his shoulders, and a soft smile curls up the corners of his lips. R wants so badly to kiss his dimples, but he wouldn’t want to interrupt Enjolras. “I missed you,” he replies, so casually that it takes Grantaire an extra moment to process it. “that’s all.”

That’s all? he wonders to himself, staring at his Apollo like a man seeing the sky full of stars at night for the first time. Warmth creeps up in his heart, and a grin comes across Grantaire’s face. For once, he doesn’t question him any farther. He doesn’t press for answers, or ask him why he missed him so much when he was only gone for a few hours. For once, R does not think to convince himself that he is unworthy of the affection, or that Enjolras deserves someone who can match him step for step.

For once, he’s able to accept it with a smile and a kiss, and he realizes with a sense of strange peace about him that things are okay. The bad days will never go away - no, there will always be storms, in the sky and in his mind alike. There will be days he is sad for no reason, and days that Enjolras will wind himself up far too much.

Even if Enjolras cannot chase those clouds away for Grantaire, he can still break them apart, even if only a bit - and R knows that, somehow, he will find a way to do the same for his Apollo. Maybe they don’t need clear skies; they only need to brave the storms together.


Once I was playing Caitlyn and my support (Karma) started saying: “Why you don’t poke? You’re so bad! I can’t stay in this lane with this ADC!” So she moved to mid lane and we lost the game. I hate when my supports do that instead of teaching me how to play better!

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Sometimes I stumble onto a blog which hates robron and I read their points and I feel really guilty about shipping robron 🙈 even though I love them it just feels like I am awful because they say it's abusive and Robert isn't worse than Gordon and it makes me sad :(

hey anon!

i mean, the solution to that is that you could stop reading their blogs lmao.

but the words “abusive relationship” have meaning and i think they get thrown around a lot more freely than they should and not to take away from how people feel, but i really don’t see, even being as brutally and openly honest as i can be, how you can apply that to robert and aaron’s relationship

the term “codependency” on the other hand. can be. pretty relevant. not to aaron and robert as individuals so much, but definitely to their relationship. like - they don’t have a healthy relationship, anyone that argues that they do is living in a denial bubble and honestly, given their history, i think it would be difficult for them to ever have a really, truly healthy relationship. a lot of their present problems are actually, shockingly, treatable and in some ways reversable, though. but they exist and they broke up because of them.

there’s a big difference between that and abuse, however.

little note - my biggest experience with abuse is with my younger cousin (who is p much like a sister to me, i think i’ve spoken before about how i grew up with my paternal cousins - we all basically lived together for the first part of our lives) who is currently in an emotionally abusive relationship and has been for a few years now. it’s the worst and it’s not my relationship so i won’t go into any level of detail but honestly. honestly. jesus fucking christ i really don’t take it lightly because i’ve seen someone i love lose herself entirely and been absolutely unable to help and i can’t express how fucking horrific and painful it is just to watch. i don’t know if it’s helpful for me to clarify this, but it’s colouring my response, so. 

and look kate wrote a massive and incredible post about this so tbh just read that because it’s perfect and it’s coming from an informed place and it’s more comprehensive an answer than i could ever give you

and we’ve yelled about this to each other a lot because… because the thing is, the requirements for abuse just aren’t there with Aaron and Robert - the main one being the power dynamic - no one has control over the other in this relationship, which kate goes into in her post

just… the idea that they’re in an abusive relationship makes no sense. the signs aren’t there. like. ok (and most of this is yanked from the convo i’ve just had with kate, so some of these words are hers and i’m just plagiarising, like the good friend i am):

  • rob doesn’t threaten or belittle or hypercritise aaron
  • rob doesn’t blame his mistakes on aaron - he has literally said “i won’t let you blame yourself” during the reveal, he refuses to let anyone else take the blame outside of himself, even rebecca
  • rob doesn’t make it so that aaron can’t leave - he literally says to vic that he can’t call aaron just in case it makes things worse
  • rob doesn’t control him financially - robert literally BURNED 100K BECAUSE AARON TOLD HIM TO THAT WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF ROBERT WERE ABUSING AARON. robert invested in aaron’s business so they could genuinely use that if they wanted to, but they don’t
  • aaron isn’t afraid to call robert out or express an opinion 
  • there’s no withholding of affection, or “i love you but…” 
  • no monitoring of location/how money is being spent/what aaron’s up to at all times 
  • robert doesn’t tell aaron to change who he is

like - that control isn’t there. that power imbalance isn’t there. they are on even footing with one another. aaron demanding rob be honest with him, winding him up, and in fact, before the break up, spending that time isolating himself from robert and being moody with robert because he was struggling - that wouldn’t happen if robert had the level of power over aaron he would need for abuse to manifest - and rob certainly wouldn’t react the way he did if he did


but look - just watch robert even over these last few weeks and how he treats aaron. robert fucking up does not mean he’s abusive, that’s not how it works. he literally has shouldered all the blame and guilt himself, even the blame that does not belong to him. he cares so fucking much about aaron’s well-being. he accepts everything aaron does wrong (to a really really unhealthy level - something which aaron recognises that robert does not, which is part of the reason why aaron broke up with him) 

we know from the preview that yes he moved back into the mill and even that in and of itself, robert moving back in, isn’t abusive in the context of everything else in their relationship (because again, there’s no power imbalance and aaron isn’t going to feel scared about robert being there, just annoyed lmao), it was just stupid, drunk desperation.

i just?????? this is really extra for a monday morning tbqh but honestly???????? honestly???????????????????

A Cry Without Tears

„Ey, Deg, remember that old song?” he ranted between bouts of quiet, nervous chuckling, old forgotten tune resurfacing somewhere in his broken mind, like an old psionic veteran returning home from the neurological warfare. Degtyarev looked with care at his friend; his tired, confused, insanely drunk friend, squatting on top of a washing machine crammed in the corner of Strelok’s little apartment, holding his old hunting knife, his hand shaking a little. Strelok made his final stand in the bathroom, his safe zone, atop that household appliance, too tired and intoxicated with a mixture of drugs and vodka to fight any more. It all happened so suddenly; Degtyarev was away on vacations in Odessa; he was supposed to be there for two weeks, orders from his superiors, but now, after a long drive from his short-lived break, he could barely feel rested. Corporal Boyko and 2nd Lieutenant Nadiozhny were already present at the apartment block, trying to calm down Strelok’s neighbour, Oksana Romanova, who was already painting all the possible dark scenarios in front of them. Degtyarev rushed out of his car, Oksana Romanova noticing him first.  They spent the entire next ten precious minutes trying to calm the widow down even though none of them were in the mood, ushering her back to her own apartment, with Colonel reassuring her Strelok probably just forgot to turn off the stove again or something as trivial; and that he was probably all right… They stormed inside the small apartment; it was an utter, incoherent mess. Degtyarev visited this place right after he received Strelok’s latest medical report, the worst to date…

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Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)

Elegy of the Edelwood
Pat McHale and the Blasting Company
Elegy of the Edelwood

The Unknown, Over the Garden Wall

Run, tiny seed

You are called to the tree.

Rise, till your leaves fill the sky

Until your sighs fill the air in the night

Lift your mighty limbs

And give way to the fire.

The complete composer’s cut of Over the Garden Wall can be found on the DVD. Go buy it!

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I'm so glad you see how shite jk Rowling is everyone around me thinks she's the best person in the world and she's really not... And her writing isn't even that good in fact its awful 😡

Think I’ve been saying it since 2014. I just think she’s milked the books to death and I absolutely despise how she uses Harry Potter characters to explain politic events. Like she tweets about what Dumbledore would think of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. 

She called all independence supporters ‘death-eaters.’ The weird cult around her completely astounds me.

Wherein Toriel tells a joke that if you don’t recognize treasure your ignorance.  Just felt like drawing a crappy little comic.

(may have to click through to see without blur (ugh tumblr))

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Kk, I know you said 'what movie', but I have a legit question I promise- I've only *seen* the movie, it was horrible. What's the difference between that and the book (if it's possible to describe)? If the book isn't awful, I might read it, but it'd have to be really different...

I swear to you the book is worth a shot.

“Eragon” the movie had so many issues, I really don’t know where to even begin to start. It’s like someone read the back of the book and then wrote a movie- they didn’t even read the book at all. I know a lot of people get all dramatic about the book not being transcribed to movie word-for-word, but this is one of the WORST cases of “movie/tv adaptation” I’ve ever seen in my life.

… “Legend of the Seeker” might be worse… Well- no. I’m going to say it *isn’t* worse only because the acting was better in LotS than “eragon”. The acting was ABYSMAL. Just- disturbingly bad. 

All except Durza. Robert Carlyle always gets a pass because of “The Full Monty”.

Anyways- the movie butchered the source material in the same vein as “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (which, I admit I’ve never seen the anime).

Characters who are CRITICAL moving forward in the series were never named (that guy who just kind of shadows Djimon Hounsou? Yeah, apparently that’s HROTHGAR), some characters were cut from the movie who again- pretty damn critical moving forward in the series, and the entire movie was written like some weird, angsty tween star-wars-meets-lord-of-the-rings wanna be thing.

Honestly, even if the plug wasn’t violently yanked from the franchise following the failure of the movie, I don’t see how they would have moved forward. Not with all the stuff they cut from the movie. There were like 3-4 pretty critical characters they didn’t bother with naming or even including in some cases.

It’d be like making an ACOTAR movie without ever naming Lucien, or probably just as accurately- if they forgot to include RHYSAND entirely.

The TL;DR of it all comes down to this: in Uni, I majored in movie and tv production. My SPECIALTY was feature length motion picture script writing. I know firsthand that when you adapt a book to a script, you’ve got to sacrifice a lot to fit the pacing and plot structures expected. I get it. “Eragon” the movie was never going to be “Eragon” the book.

But what they did? What they released as a movie? That wasn’t “Eragon”. That was… roadkill.

The book is worth it. I swear to you, the book is worth it.

What movie?

Sam thinks it’s a little weird the first time he sees Cas wear anything without long sleeves.

At first, it’s just a few shirts from Dean’s wardrobe on random days of the week. Sam tries to keep track in case there’s a pattern to it, but after three weeks he comes up with nothing.

By the start of the next month Cas starts buying shirts of his own so he can wear a new one every day. He spends a lot of time with Dean, usually in his room, but there can be days where they just as easily leave a note and disappear from the bunker entirely for a good three to four hours.

Then, Cas starts asking Sam questions.

“Do you believe it’s possible to not want to talk anymore?”


“More like a few days,” Cas corrects.

Huh. Sam blinks. So that’s new.

“I guess it makes sense yeah, why not?”

“And it’s okay?”


“To not want to talk, I mean.” 

“Oh,” Sam’s not really sure why this conversation is happening, but he does know, however, that would say anything to get the worried wrinkles off Cas’ face, so of course he says, “Sure, Cas.”

He’s in the middle of dinner with Cas and Dean when Cas suddenly gets up and grabs another roll from the kitchen that he quietly puts on Dean’s plate.

“Cas?” Sam waits for him to finish a bite of his own soup before asking, “Did Dean ask for another one?”


Sam waits for a further explanation, but he’s not surprised when nothing more is said. As far as he knows he could have dazed out completely and missed an entire five minute conversation.

It shouldn’t be a big deal.

It’s not a big deal.

Cas giggles a lot during the movie they’re watching together.

Sam wonders if there’s jokes in it he doesn’t get- maybe they’re funnier in Enochian or something. He asks Dean for the third time if it’s an inside joke, but all he gets is more giggles from Cas.

“Sorry,” Cas sucks in a breath. “It tickles.”

“What tickles?”

Dean gets up to leave for bed.

It isn’t until Sam drives the impala home from a hunt that he sees it.

Glancing in the rear-view mirror he can see Dean gently running his index finger in calculated little movements along Cas’ forearm.

Cas breathes out slowly when Dean stops, as though if he made any type of sound beforehand Dean wouldn’t have finished. He rubs his thumb over a hole in Dean’s jeans and then quietly kisses his temple the second he feels Dean pull his finger away.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Three days later Sam finds an article on how to communicate with people that have selective mutism on a table in their library.

And it’s not a big deal.

And it’s okay.