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u buds r so s we et…..!! i’m taking care of myself so i can keep drawing for u guys..!! and danganronpa is such a big part of my life–has been since i was much younger, so i want to share these years worth of love and thoughts i have for this game with a bunch of people..!!

is that being selfish and pushy? hmhm, well, i hope u enjoy ur time here at the blog either way..!! don’t mind me–let’s keep having fun!!


every dan and phil collab ever: 1/

↳ “phil is not on fire

Dean matched his movements to Cas’, synchronising them. Without his remembering the choice to do so, his hands moved up to hold Cas’ sides more firmly, fingers splayed, while Cas’ fingers slipped into his belt loops, and pulled him in a little closer. The music was still pounding, but all Dean could focus on was the movement of Cas’ hips, the little ways that their bodies brushed and coalesced before falling apart again, on a rhythm; he looked down, watching Cas and himself as they moved against each other. They looked good, they looked right ; they looked like two bodies that belonged, fluid and unafraid and bold. He met Cas’ eyes. Cas looked almost frighteningly alive, intense as white fire. Dean smiled at him, and Cas tilted his head - for a wild second, Dean thought he was about to be kissed -

out of hand on AO3

written by @whelvenwings
illustration by me



“We need to clear up a rumour spread by certain Mr. Noel Gallagher who claims that your first lightsaber fight as Obi Wan Kenobi was actually with him. Can you confirm or deny this rumour?”

like,, PLEASE dont ask people you just met if theyre trans!!! even if youre trans too or want to show your support, they cld be with people who dont know theyre trans + being clocked is Really dysphoria inducing and ppl asking if youre trans puts you in a position between 1) saying yes and outing yourself or 2) lying and a) having ppl misgender you or b) going through the whole “oh sorry i didnt mean to imply you look trans haha!!! youre just short and kind of femimine looking yknow?” and either way its uncomfortable and awful

gold-needle  asked:

Dude like, ace erasure SUCKS. it's awful and deff not ok. But ace people who don't also identify as LGBT, yes, ARE cishet. You aren't oppressed based on your partner or gender identity if you //don't// have a partner or are cis. Like, ace people deff ARE oppressed, but no, they are not queer or LGBT. they are cishet if they're... well cis and het. And if they're not het then there is a lack of attraction, but still doesn't equate to being gay

please google “heteronormativity” and consider why you’ve decided that people who aren’t sexual are, by default, heterosexual

and then shut your fucking pie hole

the gotg v2 title sequence
  • Bucky: Okay, top of the order is Groot
  • Sam: I finish plugging in the stereo
  • Bucky: okay--
  • Sam: I rolled a four
  • Bucky: Groot is having some trouble lining up the ports. Better luck next time, buddy
  • five minutes later
  • Bucky: back to baby Groot
  • Sam: still workin on the ports. I gotta...sixteen!
  • Bucky: It starts playing some upbeat jams
  • Tony: as its Quill's music, I'm gonna say its Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.
  • Sam: is it too late to use my movement?
  • Bucky: depends
  • Sam: I want baby groot to start getting down
  • Bucky: Baby groot starts feeling out that beat
  • Sam: sweet
  • five minutes later
  • Thor: I am by baby groot, yes?
  • Bucky: ten feet at least
  • Thor: I take a free action and warn him of the imminent danger
  • Sam: Can I go ahead and respond?
  • Bucky: go for it
  • Sam: I wave hi to Gamora
  • Thor: adorable; I say 'hi' back. Then, for my action--
  • five minutes later
  • Sam: is there anything Groot sized around?
  • Bucky: there's the little rodent-lizards--
  • Sam: I attack it
  • Bucky: okay
  • Sam: I use my vine arms to wrangle the lil' fucker
  • Bucky: do a strength check
  • Sam: Uh--shit. Ten.
  • Bucky: it pulls you off your feet and starts galloping toward the side of the roof top
  • ten minutes later
  • Sam: anything else his size?
  • Bucky: there is a small bug--
  • Sam: I catch it
  • Bucky: roll a--
  • Sam: three
  • Bucky: Baby groot jumps into the air, closes his little hands and then stops dead to stare at them. They are empty
  • Sam: gonna get that fucker next turn
  • his next turn
  • Sam: shit! four.
  • Bucky: hands are still empty
  • Sam: fuck
  • next turn
  • Sam: fifteen!
  • Bucky: you catch the bug
  • Sam: I eat it
  • Bucky: it is 100 percent in your mouth. Steve?
  • Steve: I stop shooting, fly over to Groot and knock the bug out of his mouth
  • Sam: aw cmon
  • Bucky: ok, strength check
  • Steve: its...seventeen
  • Bucky: you smack him on the back of the head and he spits the alien bug out onto the floor
  • Sam: why'd you do that, he was having a little snack
  • Steve: Nope. Its disgusting