it's au dammit

when u end babysitting your friends sibling and your lil brother and his rival and his best friend.

I accidentally made an everyone’s happy and good au and no one can stop me

+ 5 cats

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

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clintasha + debate club rivals au for @take-me-to-ny

Baseball AU Idea- SidGeno

Ever since I saw the footage of the Pens visiting the Pirates and Sid throwing the 1st pitch just gave me some idea for a Baseball AU where Sid is a hotshot baseball player while Geno is the captain of the Penguins.

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I am such trash for this AU and i never knew it.

i am also a sucker for tummy kisses. helllloooo~

I was rewatching the most recent Nano’s Village with Hat Films and then i thought abut their GTA V stuff and then this post………

Stuff happened. UmU

Crack! GF AU where Bill is like Varrick and Dipper is like Zhu Li (from the Legend of Korra).

Now I can see this happening in two ways…

1. Dipper makes a deal with Bill and his payment was to become his permanent assistant.

2. Dipper is fascinated with Bill because of his clashing characteristics of ridiculous behaviour but genius mind, so he snags a job as his personal assistant. Of course, he learns the hard way that Mr. Cipher’s antics can’t be decoded into comprehensible things and that he’s actually quite the pain in the ass to deal with.

y’know, whichever floats your boat the most, lol.


BILLDIP IS CANON *dives in trash bin dramatically*


“That’s too bad. Because Scott totally has a crush you.”

Sceo AU: When Theo notices his long time crush, Scott working at the restaurant he passes by on his way home, it becomes his favorite place to hang out. When Scott notices his long time crush frequenting his workplace, he decides to test the old saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Both are oblivious to each other’s intentions.

Remember when I said I was going to focus on writing stuff other than the domestic assassin au?  Turns out I’m a liar.

There were a lot of things that started making sense once Anna was in on the secret.  In hindsight it seemed terribly obvious, like when you finally see the other image in one of those two-pictures-in-one illusions.  Once she knew what to look for all kinds of things started to line up.  Elsa’s weird schedule.  Her tendency to come home looking like she’d just been through a wind tunnel.  Her reluctance to sit with her back to a window.

But not everything  clicked into place right away, and one thing that still seemed completely inexplicable was Elsa’s favorite necklace.

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