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I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Clothing Set

#01 - Yasha Katsuki-Nikiforov

I think sometimes you can learn a lot about a person from their clothing choices, and I’ve always sorta wanted to make some fashion sets ^ ^ So I’m making one for the OC kids, starting with the eldest as usual, Yasha! (He’s probably pre-teen-ish around here, maybe, idk)

Yasha still more or less thinks of himself as a boy (when he can be bothered to think about it at all) but loves flowers, pastels, and anything soft and gentle (in harsh contrast to his blunt as a bludgeon personality). And most importantly, he kinda just really hates wearing pants and underwear, when he can get away with full nudity… He takes the young!Victor flower fairy aesthetic to the next level. He can be very picky about what he wears, and usually prefers expensive but relatively unknown specialty brands. His parents, especially Victor, are more than happy to indulge his tastes.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

This post features the Victor x Yuuri kid, Yasha.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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panicking chocobro noises
Final Fantasy XV
panicking chocobro noises

Meeting the Zu for the first time  or they’re seeing me in the morning.

Prompto: Gwaa… Oh em gee. Neeagh. We’re supposed to get near that thing?! (゚´Д`゚)゚

Gladio: Pipe down before you wake it up.  ( •̀□•́ )

*panicking Prompto noises*

Noctis: Tch.

Prompto: *sighs from relief* *pouts*

Noctis: *screams* Gaahh!!

*more panicking Prompto noises*

Noctis: *sigh* We made it out alive.  (゚∀゚ )

Prompto: BARELY! I seriously thought we at journey’s end.  (´;Д;`)

Gladio: But that feat was fit for a king.  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

Ignis: Indeed. (•̀ㅂ•́ )



pearls like omfg i literally just detangled you yesterday??? HOW DID YOU MANAGE THIS? and jaspers just   ┐( ̄~ ̄ ) ┌


You know the “Person A draws the head, Person B draws the torso etc” game? We did that. Also Tina is a hot dog today? ok
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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The sun rises and everything is burned away. Work undone and pain turned to ash. Do with this what you will.

Taurus: Time heals all, but just because something is healing doesn’t mean its healing correctly. 

Gemini: Cynicism is for cowards who are afraid of the love in their hearts.

Cancer: Don’t rest on your laurels. They are not structurally sound.

Leo: Pain does not make you more interesting. Challenge does.

Virgo: The rocks are red you painted them that way. Go forth and paint more rocks.

Libra: No horoscope today. Too many echoes. The stars are attempting to communicated through the written word.

Scorpio: If someone makes fun of you, don’t worry. Your kung fu is likely stronger than theirs.

Ophiuchus: Some things are not worth hunting down and murdering with a cricket bat.

Sagittarius: The plants have something to say. Listen carefully. Their voices are very very tiny.

Capricorn: Shape up. The Inspector is making its rounds.

Aquarius: Hey you’re doing okay. Time to check in on some old friends.

Pisces: I cant totally make out todays horoscope. It either means “grave robber” or “butt stuff” and I dont want to lock in to either choice.

I tried! 

Worldbuilding: Things That Might Have Been Missed

These are the miscellaneous questions I didn’t put anywhere else.  Things that didn’t get enough questions to have its own post, or things I didn’t think of too much until the end.  In this post, I have written a list questions of … . well, everything else?

Have fun, be detailed and creative, and by all means come up with questions that are not asked.

Because my computer ate everything, these questions are not directly taken from the NaNoWriMo website.  Some are asked from memory, some are questions that sounded like ones I had, and others are ones I came up with.

How is a funeral held?

What happens to the body after someone has died?
Do they bury it?  Place it in a tomb?  Cremate it?  Drop it to the bottom of the sea?  Send it down the river?  Toss it into a dragon’s lair?

How do people mourn?

What is consider an appropriate amount of time for mourning?

What color is used for mourning and funerals?
Black?  White?  Red?  Blue?  No specific color?  What does the color symbolize?

Are there any coming of age rituals?

What happens during a coming of age ritual?

What age is the child normally at when he or she goes the coming of age ritual?

Does it vary by gender?

What kind of jobs exist?

Which jobs are held in high esteem?

Which jobs are despised?

How do people get jobs?
Do they become an apprentice?  Do they need work experience?  A college degree?  How are they offered jobs?  Do they apply?  Talk with the owner?  Get recommended?

What jobs are influenced by magic?

What is the most common way someone meets his or her future spouse?
By growing with them?  Through connections?  School?  In the market?  At a dance?  Arranged marriage?

How technologically advanced is the world?

What is the latest piece of technology?

How does magic affect technology?

How is new technology viewed?
Is it embraced?  Are people apprehensive?  Do they outright spurn new technology?  Do people care?

What does the average bed look like?
Straw mattress?  Water bed?  A pile of blankets?  A wooden platform?  A chair?  A couch?

What are some rules regarding sleep?
Are mixed genders allowed or is that frowned upon unless they’re married?  Do people have their own beds or share with siblings?  Do the rules vary depending on where they’re sleeping?  Is everyone smooshed in together at an inn?  Can money get better bedding?

What are the basic pieces of furniture found in an average house?
Chairs?  Couches? Tables?  Beds?  Bookshelves?  How many are acceptable?  How many pieces of furniture would indicate lavishness?

What are some toys for children?

What do people use as a light source when the sun is not available?

What kinds of dishes are used?
Plates?  Bowls?  Cups or glasses?

What kind of eating utensils do people use?
Chopsticks?  Forks and spoons?  Their hands?

What materials are dishes and eating utensils made of?

What kind of items are used for cooking?
Pots and pans?  Clay pots?  Crock pots?  Skillets?  Wok?  A wooden plate?


I haven’t done time-lapse work since last year and I’ve forgotten how much fun they are, after the hours of sitting of course. This location is known as Spitting Caves on Oahu, Hawaii. Its a pretty intense place to sit at night because as the waves come in they crash against the rocks creaking this chest pounding thunder.. It can be a bit terrifying even though the water is a good distance from you in the dark it just sounds so close. Unfortunately it was a little cloudy this particular night but I think that tends to add to the video. Anyways, hope you all enjoy and keep chasing the stars -

Probably My Favorite Thought About Undertale

In an official sense, there are two ways to see your passive run character.  Either, scrappy and determined, taking hits and dying, restarting, etc.  -OR- Alternatively, Frisk is just a really, really agile human.

Like, on a good enough pacifist run, Frisk would be effectively walking through the underground, and monsters would show up to attack and proceed to have their lives quickly and efficiently made better by this human who, despite their best attacks, is just completely untouchable.  Like, when you have to clean Royal Guard 02’s armor, the screen for that is literally you dodging their attacks to wipe dirt off, as in, Frisk jumping and weaving around with a rag, polishing dirt off of this guy’s armor.

Or, playing with the greater dog while simultaneously dodging its attacks.  You are playing with a dog who would literally kill you if you let it, which implies a certain level of multitasking.

Point is, extremely agile PC sounds like a lot of fun.

  • [Percy while stuck on an island writing in his diary]
  • Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab.
  • Day 2: I have married the crab.
  • Day 3: I have eaten my wife.
  • [Meanwhile the gang driving home from the beach]
  • Piper: Annabeth could we stop by a gasoline station, It's been 3 hours and I really need to pee!
  • Annabeth: Sure, just wake up the rest to ask if they need to use the bathroom too.
  • Piper: Wait, where's Percy?
  • [Annabeth forcefully stepping on brakes]

they’re really out there having inside jokes and publicly making fun of people who find comfort in something that’s considered progressive and healthy (unlike other ships) and just because it’s wlw it’s unrealistic and we’re the crackheads in their eyes, at the end of the day even the mere concept of it is not hurting anyone, on the contrary it actually helps the show so all they could have done was at least not to take that from people… but no! let’s have a good laugh at everything that isn’t heterosexual in front of everyone sounds like fun! anywho… let’s see how brave they’re gonna be when they lose all the viewers that actually cared about the show and its message, goodbye!