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In case you’re confused! This comic is implying polyamory between Rick and the Stan twins (Rick Stanwich). Apparently Ford is the more likely one to kiss his neck? Because he immediately blames Ford? idk

I was doodling Stanchez one night with tesazombie. The next day I looked at one of the pictures and there was a smudge that looked like a hickey on Rick’s neck. I drew an entire comic based on an accidental drawing.

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Hi scotch!!! I was wondering if you could tag those undie pics as something about a self harm tw?? I'm sorry to be a bother!! (Also u are cute as hell its just,,, the scars are triggering I'm sorry!!!)

i normally dont post tag requests, but im respondin cuz im actually not gonna do that. maybe this is wrong of me but it kinda hurt my feelins a bit. i mean, i kno i got scars, but theyre all years and years old and most are faded completely (some r inexplicably purple), and the pictures had nothin to do with them or with self harm. theyre just old old old scars on my body that r unfortunately permanent; most of the time i forget theyre even there.

im sorry if seeing scars on my body triggers some sort of thought or behavior cycle for you, but i rly dont want to (nor do i think i should have to) tag pictures of myself as ‘self harm’ for the rest of my life. like, i’d understand if it was the primary focus of the image, or if they were fresh wounds or something, but i think you should be more considerate before bringing up some old scars that are clearly gonna be a sensitive topic to the person. its just askin for a whole lot of self consciousness. i dont like what i did to my body when i was younger goin thru a few powerful bouts of severe depression, and i wish i didnt have permanent marks from it, but i just do.

im sorry if it triggers you but unfortunately youre just gonna have to use ur other healthy coping skills, because i really dont want to dredge up all that garbage any time i post pictures of myself when im feelin good.


u ever get in the mood to drop some selfies but u can’t cause u haven’t taken a good selfie since before the beginning of time so u gotta recycle some old ones????

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It's raining really heavily here in good old England. So I'm thinking a cuddly Bagginshield rainy day picture please? Like they could be inside watching the rain through the window, or if you prefer they could be caught in the rain outside, whichever.

i choose caught in the rain :D

That’ll teach Thorin not to listen to the ‘weather prediction’ of a hobbit who desperately wanted to go mushroom picking .

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hey, my sister died earlier this week and I really love seeing your lesbian goblins curled up soft and warm. Do you think you could post a couple of pictures of them?

I’m so sorry. here’s a vid with goblin love - hope it helps!

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In the world I live in, we’re together living in a studio apartment with huge windows. And on rainy days we sit and make homemade cookies and watch movies, and I always have your arms wrapped around me and your lips on mine….

But in reality, I have our old pictures and text to go back and look at whenever I start to miss you again. And on rainy days I lay in bed between the blankets and the cold sheets hoping to god I don’t break down and call you to tell you I need you….

In reality.. I miss you, I love you, and I need you.

—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#63)
Howl's Moving Castle (2004 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I feel terrible, like there's a weight on my chest."
  • "Lets run!"
  • "Don't fight them, _______."
  • "Sorry, I've had enough of running away, _______."
  • "Now I've got something I want to protect. It's you."
  • "A heart's a heavy burden."
  • "I know I can be of help to you, even though I'm not pretty and all I'm good at is cleaning."
  • "Well, the nice thing about being old is you've got nothing much to lose."
  • "You, you sabotaged me!"
  • "What a pretty color."
  • "You completely ruined my magic potions in the bathroom!"
  • "Wow, _______, your hair looks just like starlight."
  • "Yeah, but no-one really believes that."
  • "Come on, it's not that bad."
  • "They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst."
  • "I see not point in living if I can't be beautiful."
  • "I specifically ordered you not to get carried away!"
  • "I'm a scary and powerful fire demon!"
  • "There you are sweetheart, sorry I'm late."
  • "To me, it looked like the two of you were just leaving."
  • "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't torment my friend."
  • "You're being so obedient."
  • "(S)he bullied me!"
  • "I'm your new cleaning lady."
  • "I can't stand the fire and gunpowder."
  • "I saw him/her do this once before when a girl/guy dumped him/her!"
  • "I'm just setting things up so all of you can live a comfortable life, _______."
  • "I have this weird feeling you're going to leave."
  • "I wonder what _______ disguised himself as?"
  • "After the war, they won't recall they ever were human."
  • "Those dopey guys have absolutely no manners."
  • "Here's another curse for you - may all your bacon burn."
  • "Knowing you'd be there gave me the courage to show up."
  • "It looks like your true love is in love with someone else!"
  • "It was a pleasure meeting you, even if you are my least favorite vegetable!"
  • "When I think of castles, it's not what I picture."
  • "When you're old, all you want to do is stare at the scenery."
  • "I've never felt so peaceful before."
  • "Seems everyone in this family's got problems."
  • "It's all so familiar yet I know I've never been here before."
  • "And while you're at it, make hot water for my bath."
  • "The mark maybe gone but the spell is still there."
  • "Don't worry, I'll follow behind you in disguise."
  • "I'm so sorry but that would be confidential information."
  • "Someone just told me you floated down into our balcony!"
  • "You shouldn't keep flying around like that."
  • "No one else does any work around here."
  • "I'm fatter than ever and yet the wind blows right through me!"
  • "Sorry, it looks like you're involved."
  • "_______ only does that to beautiful girls/guys."
  • "You sound ghastly, like some 90-year-old woman."
Old Fanfic Masterlist

I decided that some people might want to read these, so here is a list of all the stuff I posted on AO3 before deleting my account there.

Mostly Samifer, but some Wincest, Sabrifer and Hallusamifer is included too. Please be aware that some of these, like The Devil’s Lil Monster and All In The Family, are unfinished and will most likely not be finished.

Enjoy ♥

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Can you do a love letter from Tig once he goes in to serve time and he actually writes his old lady a letter. The whole time he is writing it I can just picture him all 'cant believe I'm writing this, this is what it's come down to, shit I do for her...hope the dogs okay' lol - @old-lady-material (please tag me in it)

Here ya go @old-lady-material ❤️ sorry for the wait!


Hey doll,
I can’t believe I’m actually writing this shit but here I am, sitting alone in my cell, writing you a letter. God I miss you so much baby, it’s insane. I know you’re hurting and you’re upset because I’m in here and I’m sorry that this is the life we lead. Thank you for being so loyal and so kind even though you’re so much better than this. When I get out, things are going to be different I promise. I want things to be better for you. I love you (Y/N). Give the dog a cuddle from me.

Love, your Tigger

Both my tablet AND photoshop were fighting against me when I made this. But when I need to draw, I NEED TO DRAW. Even if it’s just a quick nighttime island volcano or something.

But yeah my tablet has been having issues lately, sooo… that’s frustrating.

  • what he says: I'm fine.
  • what he means: We begin on Christmas Eve with me, Mark, and my roommate, Roger. We live in an industrial loft on the corner of 11th street and Avenue B, the top floor of what was once a music publishing factory. Old rock 'n' roll posters hang on the walls. They have Roger's picture advertising gigs at CBGB's and the Pyramid Club. We have an illegal wood burning stove; its exhaust pipe crawls up to a skylight. All of our electrical appliances are plugged into one thick extension cord which snakes its way out a window.Outside, a small tent city has sprung up in the lot next to our building.Inside, we are freezing because we have no heat.
The Secret Saturdays Sentence Meme Episodes 1-6
  • “Everybody has secrets.”
  • “It's saliva is highly toxic.”
  • “Cool! A break-in!”
  • “Why would you throw a TV?”
  • “I'm sorry, I just... get in the zone.”
  • “We didn't know they exploded.”
  • “Well maybe research is my favorite.”
  • “We live in the world of impossible.”
  • “Okay, whatever's going on, I'm sounding really important in it.”
  • “Sorry, ___. It was for science.”
  • “How do we know it's not gonna work?”
  • “I can't believe you'd try a stunt that stupid!”
  • “I can't believe you messed up my stupid stunt!”
  • “That thing tried to eat your father's head.”
  • “It's a very old rock?”
  • “Who are showers for?”
  • “What? It's just a picture.”
  • “Okay, that is really throwing off my aim.”
  • “You're the one that taught me that move!”
  • “Did... the giant gorilla-thingy just use the word 'pursue'?”
  • “You want some pointers on how NOT to get busted for stuff you're not supposed to be doing?”
  • “Just, uh... saving a baby.”
  • “C'mon! Let's blow something else up!”
  • “It's a word. In British.”
  • “We should probably be worried about that.”
  • “You're leaving me with the pteranodon?”
  • “Who else makes a mess this big?”
  • “But the good news: this is gonna be really, really fun!”
  • “I know, I know. I hate bedtime, too.”
  • “Feels like I just drank six cans of soda at once.”
  • “I'd consider it a personal favor if you'd at least try.”
  • “Man. I thought sports dads were pushy.”
  • “So photosynthesis is now caused by wizards and pixies?”
  • “Yes and leprechauns make the stars twinkle at night.”
  • “Just no babysitter. I mean, think about it. It actually has the word 'baby' in it.”
  • “You lack discipline. I can smell it on your spiky haircut.”
  • “You missed your last 'don't ask stupid questions' lesson.”
  • “So are you going to ground me or raise my allowance?”
  • “Next anniversary, back to the squid intestines.”
  • “He should be well into the second REM cycle.”
  • “I think I heard it on... TV?”
  • “How can you be so logical right now?”
  • “So much for stealth.”
  • “I don't know how we're gonna argue with a necklace.”
  • “Remember that glitter pen I had that made me the emperor of Venus?”
  • “Um, ___ says I am not to let you touch the buttons.”
  • “I let him touch the buttons.”
  • “Don't try arguing. He's got jewelry.”

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My little sister asked how old Steve was, and I said like 90-something (I'm not 100% sure). Anyway, she was like, "No, I mean how old was he when he was frosted?" and honestly I can't stop laughing because I'm just picturing Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie with the whipped cream over his junk. I don't even know why it's just so funny to me. 😂😂

Originally posted by teendotcom

I’m sorry @curiositykilledthecompanion, I couldn’t help it.

If Seventeen had tumblr:
  • S.Coups: a pastel blog dedicated to Jeonghan
  • Jeonghan: Lana Del Rey tumblr edits w/ flower crowns
  • Joshua: posts pictures of cute puppies and links to live kidz bop performances
  • Wonwoo: Welcome to my Dark Mind & a secret blog dedicated to Mingyu
  • Hoshi: Dance tutorials and random vines of himself
  • Woozi: posts twice a year only to share links to his soundcloud
  • Mingyu: posts only photos of himself
  • Jun: shitposts & lots of rare Pepes
  • The8: he posts derp and embarrassing photos of the other members
  • Seungkwan: personal filled with pictures of Beyoncé and his feed is a mess
  • Vernon: posts mix tapes and reblogs a lot of old memes
  • Dino: it's all about Michael Jackson, duh
  • DK: reblogs everything that the other members post and lots of inspirational quotes

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I've never seen before a blog for little mac,and I'm sooo exciting for this. It's amazing,your drawings are so beautiful,especially the way you draw Ganondorf...if you can,please draw more about them together ;_; I will be so so happy ;_; Chuu~

hoooo boy have i got some goodies for you
(in chronological order, most of these are several months old)

^this is the first doodle of little mac i did in the style that you guys are familiar with

and yeah i didnt use a reference when drawing ganny as you can see

sorry not sorry
(oh hey its from that one picture)

that is indeed lipstick

this doodle is alright i guess

and lastly 123, and 4 this have already been posted

Q: why little mac and ganondorf??

actually i would have never thought of this (not surprisingly) until my boyfriend made up this silly story one time about these two (because i main mac and he mains ganondorf), and suggested that i draw stuff related to it.. then i ended up actually thinking theyre an adorable ass couplehahahahahahaha ok enoughand thank you for the nice compliments!