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Chauncey Appreciation Post

For the last 2 years, my (now) 5 year old niece has been begging for a dog, and informed everyone that when she gets one, its name will be Chauncey. So, of course, I had to show her this little guy when I downloaded TBE and she’s now convinced I made a little video game bear named Chauncey just for her.

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only he understands
the strenght of our pinky swear
and how our love flourished from then

                                           ❛      i   FUCKING   hate my   job.      ❜

beaufort swan is the youngest at   dunder mifflin,   a mere 20 years old, hired initially as an intern, but learned   &   adapted quickly, thus landing himself a solid job in sales. beau is..   awkward.   usually on his phone, or playing a game on his computer, he isn’t one for   socializing.   but when you get to know him, he’s very sweet.   &   funny.   &   painfully sarcastic. but he’s   loyal.   he’ll always stand up for you. he’s also jim halpert-y ; he’ll always be the first one to look at the   camera   when someone does or says something   stupid.

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hello i just read your queue tag and idc if its a fandom reference that i dont get but i want to inform you that there is nothing superior to cocker spaniels. especially not far superior. okay thank you for your time if youre in doubt please google cocker spaniel puppies.

hehe it’s a reference to a line in one of my favorite old movies, White Christmas. See the couple in this gif?

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They’re talking about pretending to be engaged to trick her sister and his best friend into admitting that they’re falling in love (boy, that sounds fanfictiony when I describe it like that). She’s trying to convince him of this scheme, and at one point he brings up his dog - a cocker spaniel. Eventually, once she’s convinced him, he tells her “In some ways, you’re far superior to my cocker spaniel.” 

so there you have it. :-)

I’m always a slut for inukag

#u mean when it went down the toilet#I hate the new style so much#give me back my big buff amdrag#rip#american dragon jake long#text

OH MY GOD @tachipaws

I thought  was the only one who felt that way! I loved the old style of American Dragon, it was much more charming!

Request~ @elroymarvelous said: Yes! MY HUSBAND! I have a request, could you do a fluffy one (idc if its an imagine, or one-shot) where it’s you, Sam, and Dean interacting with your two year old?

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“So, Allie, where did all the cookies go?” Sam asked as both him and Dean took a seat at the couch.
Yours and Sam’s two-year-old daughter, Allie, was kneeling beside the coffee table as she colored, before looking up at the two grown men.
*first gif* “I don’t know, daddy. They just disappeared!”
*second gif* “Right, okay, baby.”
*third gif* “Wow, she’s already turning out like her uncle Dean.”
“But you’re old, De!” Allie whined, before pouting.