it's an ocd thing for me

How about a positivity post for people with OCD?

This is for you. Having intrusive thoughts does not make you a bad person. Having to do compulsions or avoid things does not make you a bad person. 
Your illness does not make you a bad person or a burden. 
You are strong. You keep going every day even when it’s so hard. You are strong, and brave, and good and you can do this. You deserve better than this suffering. I am here for you.

  • Brain: Make sure you touch that light switch 5 times with each hand
  • Me: Why?
  • Brain: Because you don't want your grandma to get sick
  • Me: WTF???? Those aren't even related??
  • Brain: Probably
  • Brain: But consider this
  • Brain: What IF they were?
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: What kind of shit person are you, risking your grandma's health just so you don't have to do that simple thing?
  • Me: Good point

listen,,, so i havent done much digital art recently, but i doodled up these soul eater homestuck castings while rewatching the anime??? i think they’re #alright 

all of my casting choices for it are under the cut, if u request that i draw more i just might doodle it? im on a kick rn

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"Red and orange. Everything I own is one of those colors." Explain the blue glasses then.. 🤔

Lmao I have like 12 pairs of glasses that I use to match to different outfits, they’re not part of the trend. But like…for example: my suitcases are red, my backpack is red, my clothes are overwhelmingly red, my laptop has an orange slip/orange shell case/red keyboard cover, my wireless mouse is red, my wallet is red, my water bottle is orange, most of my plates are red, my dresser is red, my blanket is red, my sheets are orange, my pillows are red and organge, my towels are orange, my phone case is red, my script/production binders are red and orange, my clipboard is orange, my laundry hamper is orange, etc etc etc. Literally if it exists in red and orange and I need to purchase it you know I’m buying it in those colors lol. There’s even a huge red wall in my living room and one in the kitchen.

its really hilarious bc i have mild adhd and b/gf has severe ocd and alot of the things I do are messy or non uniform and they sorta just scream. And their neatness freaks me out in the way that they organize (like markers flowing from green to red and not Blue to purple.) but we still love each other and its great

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It really makes me feel uneasy when you guys or anons dismiss C's anxiety/ocd. Saying how could she have anxiety but then hang out with this person or pursue a solo career etc. I have those things and some days you are ok and other days you grin and bare it, other days it feels like the world is ending. Don't dismiss her issues because she acts a certain way, she said it got bad enough that she sought professional help. That's enough to know its real, so please stop.

At the end of the day people don’t have to believe Camila’s anxiety/ocd (she has ocd now???). Its her being, if she knows she has it then so be it. That’s her business. Also, you can’t blame people for not being easily fooled by this mental illness stuff. Its so stigmatized, some people fake it, and use it for the attention they gain from it. There are genuine examples of those types of people. Their speculation, again, has no effect on Camila.

i KNOW i have this problem, i know i have a problem where i like, overthink things and like immediately jump to the worst possible connections and conclusions and then the Bad™ like contaminates everything? even though its usually like not ! that bad! or at least not bad on purpose! or AS bad as the stuff my brain is linking it to? but then im also like? isnt there some kernal of truth in here? am i doing myself a disservice by ignoring this? am i part of a problem? shouldnt i acknowledge this and try to make less bad stuff in the world? but IS IT really bad like that? or is it me making things up because my perception is warped? or is it another one of those insidious things that lurk under everything? so i should say something? but then thats causing unnecessary turmoil when its probably nothing serious to begin with????? anyway this is my life with OCD

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hi its the ocd mac anon again! ok im not very far into the show but from what ive seen he has some compulsions similar to mine? for example in mac & dennis break up he freaked out about apple skin, which seems like a misinformed quirk by itself, but my own ocd makes me very overcautious about food. seeing meta and analysis about his behavior later in the show, like about the connection w/ religion, it makes sense to me yknow? i could just be projecting but my gay ocd ass needs representation lol

oh okay! that makes sense. he is pretty particular about things being clean– in mac and dennis break up, when he’s living with frank and charlie he like, VERY thoroughly cleans their apartment as well (i don’t mean to generalize that all tidy people/thorough cleaning is indicative of OCD but if he’s that particular about food i could see it extending to his living conditions too)

i don’t think it’s too much of a reach at all!! all of the characters are canonically mentally ill/disabled so i don’t see any problem with headcanoning mac with ocd, especially since he does exhibit a lot of behaviors that point towards it.

If the Big Hero 6 Characters were in the Mean Girls “Burn Book”

“I heard that the reason Hiro is so smart is because the car crash he survived when he was three did something to his brain. Not only did that make him smarter, but he won’t get taller than 5 feet due to a slight concussion he got.”

“I heard that the reason Honey Lemon is nicknamed Honey Lemon because one time she put honey on a lemon to see if the combination of sweet and sour would taste good together. She threw up directly after eating it and got honey and lemon juice in her hair.”

“I heard that Wasabi spilled wasabi on his shirt more than one time. He just says it was that one time to make himself feel better because he’s so OCD that him doing something out of that zone makes him embarrassed.”

“I heard that Gogo has a whole closet filled with nothing, but her chewed up pieces of bubble gum and she only goes in there to either add another one to her collection or whenever she’s stuck on something.”

“I heard that Fred lives under a bridge, but not always the same bridge. He usually picks a new bridge to live under every week, but he ends up going to the same bridges as before when he can.”

“I heard that Baymax is in fact a walking marshmallow and that small children have bitten him before. They were not satisfied with their care afterwards.”

“I heard that Aunt Cass stress eats because it’s the only thing she can do to avoid accidentally strangling Mochi.”

“…wait, why is Tadashi in the burn bo-OH THAT’S RIGHT.”

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hey I'm the therapy anon (I've sent like 2 already sorry lol) but I was diagnosed with psychosis and ptsd on top of my OCD, so I'm headed to a mental hospital to stay for a few days now! idk why I'm telling u but ur very helpful and nice and I just felt the need to :) anyway I'm hoping I feel better soon!

there’s no limit on the number of things u can send me, anon, its okay!

I hope things go well for you! I wish you the very best and I hope you get some rest and healing while your there! Please take care!

I’ve been blocking people rapidly to stabilize my follower count bc I have follower OCD and I’m like well if it’s not at the next 100 let me just make it a number I like and everyone is like… that is the most irrational thing ever. But in its essence it’s the most rational thing I’ve ever done

Impulse controls my life,
Every step I take,
And Every strike,
It makes me seem fake and contrite

I could go on forever,
I could write a thousand words that say a thousand things,
But it wouldn’t make me feel better,
And still my head rings

There’s a tugging that never leaves,
It pulls and it pulls and it pulls at me,
And yet I’ve had to make peace,
But still I wonder how happy I could still yet be

There’s something sweet about OCD,
It twists and it breaks my very soul,
And how at my very being it controls me,
Oh how I wish it would release its hold

These impulses control my life,
At my every step it’s waiting for me,
And the problems I have do not compare to being laid bare,
Without its choking hold weighing me down I could be free

—  A poem about OCD
Meet Bitty

My name is Bitty, I am an 19 year old pansexual, polysexual, little that is gender fluid (they/them/he/she). I have Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and OCD, I use my little space to cope with this. Ive been a little for almost over 2 years. I’m always learning new things and I am doing all I can to understand this community in its entirety. My little age falls between 2-7, I am a paci prince(ss) and I love to dress up. I never go out of my way to upset anyone but if by chance I do, please just talk to me, correcting someone (as long as it is respectfully) is never wrong. I will respect you as long as you respect me. My little space is not a kink, I dont think that little space is a kink at all. I identify in the cgl community because that is the community I started out in and plan to stay in. This is not a kink blog at all. I will never post anything sexual here ever. If you are mean to littles or are just an anti in general just leave I do not want your toxic presence here. This is a safe space for myself and others! Also other littles who are mean to people in the cgl community please leave as well. I do not appreciate it. All other people big and small are welcome!

NPD: You are perfect and everything you do is perfect.

OCD: Not quite.

-After twenty minutes of trying to perfect a little tiny thing that shouldn’t really matter-




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im finally going back to a therapist but the last time I went I was a kid and things were so much simpler back then and now there's so much stuff bothering me idk where to even start when I see the new therapist like there was my moms emotionally abusive bf of 6 years my OCDs gotten much worse most o the time my body doesn't feel like it's mine not to mention self harm which I rlly need to friggin stop anyway tips for bringing shit up in therapy

im tellin yall u gotta make a list and just start with whats bothering the most at the moment

like u never just go once, you dont gotta cover it all day one. just let the info flow and be open with the threapist. they wanna help you and they work with whatever info you give them. theres no wrong way to do this!

idk if what im dealing with is ocd atm but im having a pretty shit time that is often associated with my ocd nontheless like. it feels like ocd in the sense its causing me great anxiety & guilt like ocd does but its maybe not ocd bc its dealin with irl things so idk shrug emoji

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A bit of an unusual question but what are you scared of, like, dark, bugs, Being Hated, drowning, something, i d k i just feel weak

dont feel weak dude everyones scared of something dw

for me its just radiation and industrial waste the very idea used two give me nightmares as a kid. a while ago i think i was 6-8?? nick made this environmental game and there were these industrial waste enemies and i straight up had nightmares about them. mario galaxy? poison swamp freaked me the hell out. etc etc.

still scares me two a lesser extent and i do a lot of research on that stuff two kind of desensitize myself two it. i dont fear death but i sure as hell fear all my skin sloughing off and my lungs burning.