it's an object to me ok

all i do as bastion is hang out in corners shooting at anything that comes my way. 

is…is there anything else to bastion? 

I killed a Reaper trying to sneak up on me twice. 

His fatal flaw was that he kept saying “repositioning” right fucking behind me, in my robot ears. 

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Good luck with the blog, love your work so far! As for a request, I'd like to see a fic in which Reader (any gender is OK) has an ill-advised crush on Reaper, but Reader has had devastating rejections in the past and they're scared of it happening again, especially considering the object of their present affections... Sorry if it's vague or breaks a rule, this is what listening to sad George Micheal songs on repeat (esp. A Different Corner) does to my imagination. Thanks! X


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Author’s Note: Dont be sorry! It doesnt break any rules. ^^ The thing about vague request is that it gives me more room to work with. Hope this to your enjoyment!

Small warning for blood and a bit of violence.

You’re taste in partners has always been… debatable.

Quite frankly, they never panned out the way you had wanted. Rejection often leaving you regretting even coming out about your feelings. However, you weren’t one to fuss about it. Understanding that you could not force someone to accept your feelings. You’d handled it with grace.

“Just wanted to let you know.” You’d laugh, hiding the quiver of your lip and tremble of your voice. “Thought I’d give it a shot.”

It had been a long while now since you’d last developed a liking to anyone. One too many rejections leaving a sour taste in your mouth when even thinking about confessing. In truth, you’d admit it even put you off from developing feeling for anyone. But now, once more, you’d found yourself in a predicament.

You sighed, eyes drifting slowly to the curve of your leg, the bandage at your calf and the extensive tear on the formal wear you wore. It was dirty and blood stained, pieces of glass still tangled within the threads. Then you noticed a nasty scuff on the most uncomfortable but gorgeous pair of dress shoes you owned. 

“Damn, these were new too.” You mutter to yourself rubbing down the scrape in hopes it would smooth the material once more. Unfortunately, it didn’t. “Damn it.”

You had hit a rough spot while on the mission. You needed to think fast and bursting through the window was your only option. Bullets flew past you, arms and legs moving in a motion to counteract the enviable work of gravity.

Yet you landed right in the arms of one of your companions. If you could even call him that. Reaper stared at you through black holes of his mask as he caught you. For a moment, you wonder if this is death’s finally dream. Being caught in the arms of a man you fancy more than you’d liked to tell yourself. The stare down between the two of you seems to last ages. His arms are large and you can feel the muscle of his tone arms keeping you from falling. There’s dust of color on your cheeks and you can’t tell if the adrenaline is what’s making you heart beat fast. However, your thoughts are cut short as he speaks to get your attention.

“You want to get off already?” He asked, you’re a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t just drop you rather than asking but decide not to question it.

“Ah, yes.” You place an arm on his shoulder in order to keep your balance as you find your footing. There’s yelling from above you as your prior engagement has come into relevance once more. “Shit.” You mutter under your breath.

Reaper looks at the hail of bullets beginning to rain above the two of you. It’s almost immediate that your body is enraptured in his arms again. The wraith using his body as he covers you from the heavy fire. He grunts as the bullets pierce his back while as you huddle into the expanse of his chest. Though, as the enemy moves to reload he manages to shadow step into cover.

Reaper places you on the ground with ease, worry quickly overtaking you. “Are you alright?” You ask trying to look over his to his back. You place a hand on his shoulder feeling for blood but find that there is none. Smoke seeps from his wound, angry and hot before the skin begins to close.

He ignores your fretfulness but doesn’t move away from your touch. “Do you have what we came for?” His voice

“Yes, the data has been collected and Sombra should have it by now.” You assure him before peeking out from your cover. You can see the men from before beginning to search the area for you. Their pistols replaced with much more heavy artillery than before. “They haven’t spotted us yet. We can probably make a run for the drop ship.”

You pull yourself up slightly wincing when you notice a cut along the length of your calf. A shard of glass having cut you during your dramatic escape. You frown and Reaper seems to notice the rise in tension following your gaze. He sighs, twisting his neck trying to work out the kinks.

“Wait for me here.” He warns, not giving you much of an option. “And do not move.” His tone having made your knees weak, as all you can do is nod with your mouth agape.You hang back, leaning on the wall while ripping the sleeve of your formal wear off. There’s the sound of men shouting before you hear the bang of gunshots not long after. Assuming Reaper is doing quick work of the men, you move to tie the ripped sleeve around the wound on your leg.  Its uncomfortable and does little to aid the possibility of infection but you need the bleeding to stop.

“Alright, let’s go.” Reaper announces swaying towards you while discarding a pair of shotguns on the ground. You nod, using the wall to help balance yourself while your leg aches in pain. The first step isn’t so bad until you move your weight to your injured leg. The pain is intense and you hiss at the feeling stumbling a bit in your steps. 

Reaper looks over his shoulder, watching as you limp sluggishly behind him. The blood beginning to seep through the makeshift bandage at your calf. He continues to walk on until you manage to fall too far behind for his liking. With a growl, he turns around and walks over to you.You stop, looking at him questioningly as his arms reach out to you. One hooks at your back and the other behind your knees lifting you up effortlessly. Heat rushes to your face and you move to protest but he speaks before you.

“You’re slowing us down.” He says matter-of-factly. “We’ll get there faster this way.” 

You can’t argue with his reasoning. You were slowing him down and him carrying you adds less stress to your leg. A tight pull of your lips leaves you silent. Though, the closeness this particular situation has you in leaves your heart to beat loudly in your ears. You begin to feel the effects of the blood loss when you start swaying in his hold. He notices too, pulling you to lean on his chest as your eyelids begin to feel heavy. You curse yourself for wanting to stay awake to revel in the arms of your crush but the null of sleep pulls at your stronger than your resolve. It’s not long after that he feels you go limp in his arms, your head on his chest and your breathing slow but steady.

He carries you until you both make it back into the hanger, settling you into one of the seats before leaving you there for the duration of the flight. You only wake once checking over yourself when the pilot announces your arrival at base. 

The walk back to your dorm was quiet.

You mind mulled over the course of tonight’s events. After Reaper had cleared the area of guards, he’d practically carried you back into the drop ship. Though, your walk back into the base was of your own accord since he had misted away as soon as you’d landed. One long trip to the medical bay had you dismissed hours later with a “You’re fine, don’t be a baby”. Although a bit rude, you were thankful you had escaped with the least damage possible for your situation.

Silently, you kicked yourself for not giving him a proper thank you. Although, you knew better than to push your good luck so far with Reaper, it still left you feeling awkward not thanking him. You pondered your thoughts for a moment if you should approach him or leave the matter be.

This man killed for a living. He was known as a living nightmare. Yet, here you were. Wondering why you wanted to thank the same man who saved your behind three times in one mission.

You smiled dumbly to yourself. He saved me three times.

The pads of your feet flinching every time you made contact with the cold tile. You held your uncomfortable dress shoes in your hand swinging them as you walked along with a slight limp. The corridors were silent, save for the buzz of the lights and electricity, and no one else seemed to be awake at this hour. That is until you rounded the corner to your hall, finding your ‘hero’ walking through.

“Reaper!” You called out before you could stop yourself.  The man halted before turning as you caught up with him.

“What.” His tone was none too pleased. You stopped before him with a hint of nervousness rather than fear.

“I, um,” You took a steady breath, fiddling with your shoes on one hand. “I wanted to thank you.” You began, “For helping me earlier. I was a bit surprised when you caught me, I’m sure you were too.” You laughed. He simply stares at you motionless. “But, uh, yea. Sorry to bother you.” You gave him curt bow before moving to walk past him.

He blocks your way by extending a leg out. His mask moves slightly towards your, as if he’s watching you through the corners of his eyes. “Your leg.” He states, you’re a bit confused on what he means till the holes of his mask gaze down your calf.

“Oh!” You pipe, moving your hands nervously. “Doc said it was fine. Just a minor graze and no real damage. Might leave a scar though.” A bit of nervous laughter is added at the end as his gaze went back up to level with yours. It’s quiet for a moment before he moves his leg out of the way and brings his arms to cross of his chest.

“Do you always make it a habit of falling into people’s arms?” He asked, his tone was suddenly different. Almost as if it was flirtatious. You raise a brow before tossing him a wink.

“Only the good-looking ones.” You wink, clicking your tongue at him before stepping around him. “Have a nice night, Reaper.” You add, turning the corner towards your dorm room.  You almost feel a weight leave your shoulders as the door shuts behind you. A rush of realization hitting you with fever.

Did I really just do that?

You place a hand over your beating chest before closing your eyes. The way he asked you was more than just a question. The way he blocked you, his tone, and even his body language. You’d seen him work with Sombra and Widowmaker before and he always held a different aura. Though, he seemed a bit more relaxed, maybe even playful? A wave of laughter rushed through you as you felt giddy.

Alright, alright, take it slow. You assure yourself. Take it slow this time. Maybe it’ll work out, you never know!  You shut your eyes, thinking at the possibility a bit to eagerly. Maybe.

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for the five things ask: five nurseydex headcanons (or if you don't ship nurseydex, five zimbits headcanons)

First, thank u so much for asking!!! Second, I’m not as involved with Nurseydex as I am with Zimbits? I really love the head canon that dex boxes though!!!!

I’ll give it a go tho, sorry if these are any repeats from popular head canons

1- They get together when Nursey writes Dex a story. He doesn’t say it’s for him, but it’s about a hero in a video game  that has to fix multiple problems in order to return his unwanted companion to their home (yeah ik), but Nursey leaves it unfinished. When Dex reads it (it took several days to convince him to) he lifts his head (face bright pink) and asks, “where’s the end?” and Nursey, fumbling with his hands and his words, goes, “I was thinking you could, um, help me figure that out.” and Dex barely allows himself to roll his eyes before throwing the papers down and kissing Nursey. Dex’s no writer but he’s also no idiot: he knows a metaphor when he sees one.

2- They learn to cook together (after Bitty leaves they kind of have to). Dex knows more than Nursey does in some departments, but he also had limited supplies when back at home, so a lot of his meals were simple out of the box, or scraps from other things that he had to figure out what to do with. Meanwhile Nursey is the opposite, where he had all the materials he could ask for at home, but was too lazy to do anything with them and or had people do it for him. So he knows from observing how to work with full meals but the actual act of doing it is lost on him. It’s tough to learn and they bicker and disagree on flavor combinations but as they continue the meals become more and more edible. Nursey only gets a little smug when Dex makes a big meal by himself, “I taught him how to to do that part” “shut up no you didn't”

3. Every time Dex gets even a /little/ sunburnt Nursey takes a picture of it. Of course Dex is very generous with sunscreen already, but with the ever-adventurous-hipster that Nurse is, they take a lot of impromptu trips on foot to  hiking trails ( “don’t tell me, you feel one with nature or something when you do this”  “aw you know me so well!” “I wish I didn’t know you at all”) or in the car with the broken sunroof, ( “I thought you could fix anything,” “I can’t fix the fact that we have no money to replace the glass”) so Dex gets some mild sunburns from time to time. To get back at him, Dex takes a photo whenever Nursey falls up the stairs or swings his arm into some poor passerby. His camera roll gets full very fast.

4. When they say their vows at their wedding, Dex revises Shakespeare sonnet #130 to fit them. Everyone who knows BillyShakes (yes thats his nickname FIGHT ME) knows that it’s the poem in which he ROASTS his mistress. Dex fits in all the things that annoy him about Nursey, which wow burn but also its so fitting, and they’re both smiling (and yes ok crying) while he recites it. Objectively its a pretty bad poem, but hey, he still got the reaction he wanted.

5. While Nursey is v turned on to see Dex slide out from under a car, white tank all see through from sweat, oil dripping down his neck, Dex gets sUPER flustered when Nursey takes him shopping. How does he look good in /eVERYTHING/???????? (Think: how Bruno Mars looks good in any hat. It could have a dead vulture on it and he’d still slay.) It doesn’t help that Nursey does full turn-arounds when showing him outfits.

Also, Dex really loves Nursey’s Defense skills on the ice. Seeing Nursey check someone gets him going, oh boy.

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THeres a huge difference between two adults w an age gap meeting for the first time and dating than an adult dating someone they had authority over as a child. It's fucking creepy that said adult would look at that person as dating material. I bet you think those adults who go "gotta wait until they're 18" aren't absolutely predatory for seeing a minor as a dating/sexual object that they would date if it weren't against the law. Y'all are nasty pedophile apologists

Ohhh man you really showed me huh?? Wowwww I see the light, kakasaku is gone forever and it was you, noble hero, who killed it. … ok but seriously, ya see these are the types of assumptions that show just how quick you guys are to jump to conclusions rather than taking a few seconds to think things through.

When you guys see Kakasaku you see Sakura as a little girl, but she’s not. Kakashi knew her as a girl, but she’s not a girl now. When she WAS there was no “oh boy I can’t wait for this one to grow up” like you assume not only because it’s pretty easy to tell in part 1 that she tended to rub him the wrong way (not so much after land of waves arc) but also, and this may come as a shock to you, none of us want to see adults pursuing children either. I know it sounds crazy, just take a moment to soak it all in.

It’s not about lust or waiting, it’s about two people, adults mind you, who don’t truly understand each other or spend a lot of time together at first until they start to see the complexities and how there’s a lot more to the other than they thought.

If you want an existing example of how the entire age/feelings development between the two works in Kakasaku, check out Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or it’s manga, and see how Ed and Al’s mom and dad met. Or don’t because the crazy age gap and the fact that they knew each other when she was a girl might make you piss yourself or something.


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Hazel Eyes

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Characters: AJ Styles X Reader

A/S/F: Nostalgia. Self-reflection. Flashback.

Notes: This is the first installment of the Maroon 5 song lyrics series. This one is dedicated to @unabashedwwesmut because I know how much she loves AJ, but she also knows the why this installment hits home. Your support and love is SO appreciated! ENJOY ALL!!

Request: It Was Always You - Maroon 5 song fic series 1/11

Warnings: If this doesn’t pull at your heart string or make you want to cry, I failed. This is full of emotion and dealing with losing someone you realized you truly loved too late.

Word Count: 1.6k

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever | @valeonmars | @thebadchic | @nickysmum1909 | @vsturgeon5489 | @jade4062022, @ortonaholic | @seths-skinny-jeans | @lakama15 | @southernbelle24 | @wwefangirlllll | @spiderman2289 | @nickie-amore | @blondekel77 | @princess3733 | @toosweetme | @unabashedwwesmut | @iwannadiehere | @mandazord | @reigns420 | @sfreeborn | @shieldlovereve | @isawthesights | @cam0flug3

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Chapter 1

“The Light shines in on a object and it comes into existence.”, A dark, mysterious figure said walking around in a dimly lit room, “Everything’s like that, especially us.”, it said to no one in particular.

This room was like any living room in a normal house: a couch, a tall lamp standing next to it, a window and a door that led to the outside world. The only thing that was out of place in the room was a table in the middle that had a girl laying there on top of it unconscious. The girl was not exactly a human being since it had snow white skin, gray angel wings, a pair of outward horns on her head, and a tail that had a bow and a few feathers at the end.She was wearing a white dress with black gloves, stockings, sleeves, and a bowtie around her neck and skirt. Her long black hair, forearms and legs were dangling from the table. You could call her a fallen or archangel, a half demon, half angel creature, hybrid or whatever, it doesn’t matter right now.

The Light seemed to move toward the angel and stopped there. Despite this, the unknown figure was still hidden in the shadows where the Light could not reach. The figure then started saying weird things about the archangel as if she was awake and listening, “From up close observation, your face starts to look strange as your facial features slowly step into the Light.They’re like buildings and docks near the bay at the break of dawn. We are all like sand dunes that have been carved out by the wind of time, and when we move, the landscape shifts.”

The figure kept moving around in the darkness, waiting until the process was complete.


The figure suddenly stopped and looked at the angel intensely and carefully. “It seems that you will soon awake from your long slumber,” it finally said, “then you will be with me forever. Now I know that I’ll need to protect her,” it instructed itself, “keep her safe since she can’t be on her own. I need to take great care of her so she doesn’t ever vanish. It’s just-”

In that moment, the girl sat up quickly, fully awake. Despite the sudden interruption, the figure continued, “It’s nothing…it’s just when I see your eyes open, it relieves me.”

“What is this relief? Isn’t that a bit weird?”, the angel first spoke, “What is it that bothers you so much?”

The figure took a moment and then answered, “Now that you ask I can’t really say…so nevermind. Anyway, let me introduce myself.” The figure then slowly stepped out of the dark and into the lit room.

The figure was a young human girl that had fox mask over her face and was wearing only a red and white night robe. “Even though I have no proper name, people here call me ‘Foxkin’. Your name’s Angella correct?”

“Yes, how did you know?”, responded Angella.

“I just know”, Foxkin replied.

“So..what is this place?”, asked Angella.

“The only things you need to know about this place you’ll live here in this house and cannot leave here without saying otherwise.” Foxkin pointed to the town that was shown through the window. The town itself seemed really inviting, colorful and bright compared to the empty, dull dark room they were in.

“Why not?”, Angella questioned, disappointed.

“Because, that’s the rules. Plus, the people here don’t really look like you and might take you as a threat as soon you step out of the house.”

“What’s so bad about being different? Why and how am I even different from others if there’s no description of what’s normal and different?”, retorted the angel.

“Look…,” sighed the agitated fox, “Just do as I say and you’ll be fine. Now, my job is to tell you everything that’s happening in town every so often since you can’t go outdoors. I’m also your caretaker and will teach you the ways of this world. Let me start by telling you today’s events. Some ships came here today, dropping off goods for the town. Their horns were heard everywhere is was hard to hear anything!”


“Yes, on top of that, someone was making a speech near the docks but it was hard to make out what he said because of the horns and the fact that his voice was hoarse from talking too much.”

“Is today some special day?” asked Angella.

“Eh, not really, just another ordinary day. People going to school as always, to work or part-time jobs as always, and spending their days off as always.”

“Wait!” said the angel unexpectedly.

“Huh, what?!”, startled the fox.

“Just now, I realized that I can speak without breathing and was just doing as a part of my speech.”

Foxkin wasn’t paying attention to her since something caught her eye. “Who’s that walking towards us?”

Angella followed the gaze of the fox which fell upon a tall, thin woman that kind of looked like her. “She’s buying something from the vending machine”, Foxkin said as the woman did just that.

“I find this perfectly normal, so why are so fixated on that woman?” Angella questioned.

“It’s her looks that bother me”, the young girl responded, “Same hair color, length and the dress she’s wearing is the same as yours. She’s trying to look like you! Though the dress she’s wearing has some weird black, inky stains on it and you two don’t look EXACTLY the same.”

With each step the woman got closer to them, the more worried the pair became. “Oh no, I didn’t think she was trying to come inside here!” the fox yipped. Giving instructions, Foxkin said, “Okay, don’t ever open the door for anyone. I’ll be back in a while.”

“You’re leaving me here alone with some stranger trying to get in?!” Angella panicked.

“Don’t worry, the place is locked up and secured so nobody can get in or out without me knowing.” the fox said reassuringly. She grinned innocently and placed something into Angella’s hands. With that Foxkin left.

Angella stood there alone and afraid in the abandoned, mostly blackened room. Her anxiety grew as the weird woman drew closer to the door. The angel prepared for the worst to come, not knowing what will happen to her.

…I thought I had gotten rid of her…
At last, the story has begun. Sorry for the wait, it’s hard to do stuff like this while also dealing with life and school but I managed to do it! ;3
I want to thank these people who are amazing in there own way and has helped me to create this, wether you realize it or not.

All the ask BATIM blogs out there!

Chapter 2 coming soon to a tumblr near you!

twins? no tripplets ? no uh oh god


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The Difference Between Si and Ni

SUBMITTED by marvoliarty

I know that typically when people contrast two functions, they will be in the same category but a different orientation (ne and ni) but in typical Ni fashion, this hit me out of nowhere.  

I had been doing a lot of reading these past two days about Ne vs. Ni, and I kept coming up even more confused, but then I had this moment when I went, ‘oh yes, I finally understand!’

A little bit of prehistory so this makes more sense, I’ve been in a not so great place emotionally recently, and tonight my lower (not certain yet) Se thought ‘hey, why not have a drink of some sort.  Lots of people do it and it’ll make it better, just try it’

So I was about to, and then out of the blue, (I’ll abstract a bit into my experience and then clarify actual logical sense) I felt as if the outside world paused for a moment, and in that second, I had taken a look into the literal future.  I separated myself from what I was feeling, and it was like I was watching a movie or looking back at a snapshot of the past.  In my mind, I thought “This one moment and decision could be the one that completely changes your future and destiny, and takes you down a path that is entirely different”.

Ok, that sounds weird, and I get it, but let me clarify.

Si (for the most part I think) seems easy enough to understand.  It’s a collection of personal experiences and information that you use to help deal with the present.  You trust what you know because it makes sense to you.  It’s comfort in continuing what you know or changing when there are inconsistencies.  

Ni usually gets some vague thing like #goal/future oriented, magic arrow of love BS that the more you try to understand, the more your head starts to spin.

Here is the difference in a nutshell:  You know that feeling you get when you remember something you did in the past and you go UGH or awwww or whatever?  Like you look back on you’re life and you’re able to pinpoint the defining moment where if that hadn’t happened, everything would have gone differently?  Like a famous pianist always having a personal mysticism about that moment when he was 6 when he told his mother he didn’t want soccer and instead pushed for a music lesson?  

Ni does the same thing but backwards.  Through the use of Se, Ni is in the moment.  Se tells me 'just drink, it’s what you want’, but Ni does what Si does while the event is happening.  It acts like Si before the data becomes past.  Ni says “If I make this decision, this moment will be one I look back on as a defining moment because…..”

Its future orientation is taking an objective look from a future where that did happen.  That’s why I (even as someone with low Se) doesn’t tend to seek physical thrills.  I see what will happen (imagine that you took a time machine to the future and used Si to say wow ok) and feel just as fulfilled.  

Si: I have leg pain every day and cannot dance because when I was in 6th grade, I jumped off of a swing and broke my leg.  

Se: I am going to jump off the swing because I haven’t thought of the consequences.

Ne:  What are the different ways this situation could play out?  I could be fine, or break my arm, or my leg and never dance, or….

Ni:  I am currently on this swing and about to jump but I realize that I will be injured and it can be a defining moment in my life because if I don’t heal I an never dance.  It will change the entire course of my life, future, and therefore the universe takes a different course.  

If you can comprehend Si (looking back on a past moment and seeing how it changed your life path) but add it to the future (Living in the present moment and knowing how it will change your life path), then you understand Ni. 

Ni usually comes with a judging “I do” or “I don’t” want this to happen.  Me being ready to take the drink shot me years forward from now, and only now reflecting on it am I able to flesh it out. It’s more of just a feeling otherwise, but I can explain the extent.  In a moment’s time, I get the image of the present (me taking a drink), then moving on to know that since that has become a coping option, I will drink more and continue more self destructive behaviors.  Eventually I give up all drive and reasoning to do anything with my life because I cannot get out of what I have created, this symbolic turning point in the story of my life.  I never accomplish what I want and I end up bitter and alone.  Not only is my path changed, but the world that would have been is changed because I wasn’t there to take what was meant to be my part in it.  

No, it is not low Ne freaking out, because it can also do this for positive moments, just as Si can look back on defining happy memories. 

FAIRFAX, VA: Moments (24/5/12)

So…Fairfax, VA was the second show on the US leg of the Up All Night tour. Eleanor wasn’t surprise dive-bombing into the place just yet, and Harry and Louis were so open and happy on stage. 

Their performance of “Moments” at this show had some especially cute stuff I noticed in a video. Me being me, I went in search of 8 other angles so we could get the whole picture. 

There are 4 key moments-HA (and a myriad of small, super cute things), but for the sake of this post, I’m going to talk about the 4 big ones. Yay!

Hint: Harry is so fond throughout. 

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Running, an open field, with nothing but a black sky out in front of you, big enough to swallow you, big enough to make you feel as if your significance might not mean something

I wish the Big Dipper would come down and scoop me up, I want to float, be cradled by the universe

Because I know you can’t always have a person hold your hand, even if you are scared, because there are some things you just have to do and nobody can hold your hand

And there’s something in the back of my head telling me everything is going to be just fine, when looking at the stars, they practically spell out “ITS OK”

From the tips of your fingernails, to the heels of your feet, you are made of star stuff, cosmic lattes, you matter

I used to have a nightmare as a kid, I was surrounded by darkness and then all of a sudden every object, person, feeling, everything that ever existed in my life, collided in on itself. A giant mass of a mess, floating right in front of me

My stomach hurts, bring me a butterfly net, please catch whatever is inside of me, put it in a jar, label it “ITS OK”

Its ok

—  we are up early again honey bug - fox academy

i dont know how people do this. whenever im like ok, time to chill, get ready for some shuteye, time to lower my music volume to 50%. make it a background noise. make it nice and quiet. i try. its supposed to be calming right?

me, literally 10 seconds later: 100% volume my brain yelling the lyrics my arms non rythmically smashing all objects around me to the tune of the song,,,,, “not loud enough” headphones almost dead spotify wasted

  • Apollo: It pains me to ask, but I need your help on how to woo a hot young human.
  • Dionysus: You've come to the right god of ritual ecstasy, friend! OK, so what you do is you sidle up to them, and you lean on some conveniently placed object, all casual like, and you get in really close to their ear, so that they can feel your divine breath against their mortal skin, and you whisper sensually "I got wood for you."
  • Apollo:
  • Dionysus:
  • Apollo:
  • Dionysus: It's funny because Daphne and Cyparissus are both trees.

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Hello unnie! I have a small question about reading Korean. When reading a long Korean sentence, it's difficult to find out which one is subject or verb or object. And i don't know to read from where:(( Please answer my question, thank u so much!!

It would be better if you gave me an example… Anyways I will give some short examples~ Ok, so there are basic structures for Korean sentences:

Subject + Noun: 저는 방탄의 팬이에요. I’m a fan of BTS.

Subject + Adjective: 윤기는 멋있어요. Yoongi is handsome.

Subject + Verb: 호석은 소리를 질러요. Hoseok screams. 

Subject + Object + Verb: 저는 방탄의 비디오를 봤어요. I watched BTS’ video. 

Verb usually comes at the end of the sentence. 
~는 or ~은 are used to indicate the subject or the main topic in a sentence.
~를 or ~을 are used to indicate the object in a sentence.
~가 or ~이 only identifies the subject in a sentence. 

its so ridic that people are going on about “oh adult privilege isnt a thing” like ok not like children are treated as objects to be owned, and even as we grow into adults parents try to continue to /literally fucking own us/ legit quote from my mother: “you can never leave. i made you and i own you” saying shes gonna use my situation so i wont be able to make money, manipulate me to stay. yeah ok. sure. adults dont hold power over younger people -eyeroll-
—  ask sender who requested to remain anonymous