it's an insecurity thing

wildest sea (the strangelings cover)
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yesterday my dad told me i needed to start thinking about losing weight

so i drank his glass of wine and hid the rest of the bottle

today i’m making cookies

My fav thing to say to people who feel the need to say insulting or unnecessary things to me is “you’re insecure” and just walk away, that’s it. lol its the best shutdown and you wouldn’t believe their faces because of the accuracy 😂😂😂

transfairycosmo  asked:

I need more Leela/Amy headcanons, you have dragged me deeper into this ship (also Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko totally fits them, and so does Jenny by Studio Killers)

  • they talk like all the time and its not even like superficial things its always things that make them vulnerable and insecure but its safe when they do it with each other
  • in contrast one day every few weeks they just sit in comfortable silence and drink
  • amy pretends to always criticize leela for her looks but shes just gay and doesn’t know how to tell a girl she’s got and reacts coldly
  • in contrast leela pretends to be jealous of amy when guys like her but shes actually just jealous that she’s not one of the guys amy is hugging the arm of
  • amy does leela’s make up every once in a while for an excuse to take long and loving looks at her face
  • leela loves it when amy starts rambling about some thing science related, leela doesn’t understand it completely but she loves to admire how smart amy is
  • amy and leela are both eternally grateful to have each other as sparring partners that push each other 
  • amy has been hinting loudly that she wants to desperately redecorate leela’s apartment 
  • when amy gets insecure about her weight leela is like immediately there to praise her and relax her and remind her that her shes beautiful
  • they’re gay



Anime aesthetics: Waver Velvet (Fate/Zero)
No matter what you want me to believe, you are acutely aware of how small you are - and yet in spite of that you still struggle to reach heights greater than you could ever begin to imagine.

That’s not a compliment, you’re making fun of me.

It breaks my heart to realise that the way a lot of the fandom see Ron is exactly the way he feared people seeing him

Perfect boyfriend

Title: Perfect boyfriend

Request: can you write a one shot where its like the classic “insecure reader” thing (you know what i mean right) but the roles are switched and dean is the insecure one and y/n is the hella confident one? xx

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1028

Warnings: insecure Dean, suicide attempt, depression, anxiety, cursing, self hate, etc.

A/N: so i wrote the one shot and loved it, then my laptop shut off and i lost everything i wrote so i wrote it again and it’s not as good as the first but i still hope you guys like this, i’m sorry it turned out so angsty but it really hit close to home and i pored my heart out on this. you are all beautiful. please remember that. i love you all so much. xx

requests and/or feedback here.

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tbh kyungsoo seems pretty confident that jongin is his. i mean, if you were jongin, would you leave someone with an ass like that

i know, i wouldn’t too.

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why are u so concerned about 'flopping', it's just a selfie? srry i just don't understand :(

hfjdkeke omg,, okay I know it’s dumb™ but the validation keeps me going lmao.. like I only ever post selfies when I feel *reallly* good about myself so when it doesn’t get as many notes I’m like *spongebob caveman meme* AND THINK LIKE OMG WHAT IF ITS ALL IN MY HEAD.. tbh it’s just an insecurity thing lmao.. don’t mind me

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Can you see a scenario later on when Fushimi and Yata are dating where Yata gets upset because Fushimi isn't exactly the nicest or most romantic person alive? Like sure they throw their stupid insults at each other still, but why can't Fushimi be mushy or say he loves Yata sometimes too? Do you think Yata would become insecure in the relationship because of this?

I could definitely see this happening, Fushimi’s not really used to things like outward displays of affection and even though Yata knows that I think he’d probably feel really frustrated sometimes, like would it kill you to say ‘I love you’ every once and a while. I could actually see there being insecurities on both sides, like on Yata’s end he feels sometimes like he’s doing all the work in this relationship, he’s the one who’s usually initiating things and being the mushy romantic, planning dates and buying the occasional gifts and saying all the ‘I love yous.’ And it makes him worried because, yeah, he knows Fushimi’s not the best with romance or feelings and Yata’s trying to give him space but at the same time Yata sometimes wonders what Saruhiko really feels about him. I can see him just turning it over in his mind, like he wants to believe in Fushimi’s feelings because he loves Fushimi so much and they’ve been through all this shit and they’re still together but it eats at him because he really has no idea what Fushimi’s thinking half the time. Then one day I could see him just snapping, like they’re having what would normally be a round of good-natured bickering but then Fushimi blows off something Yata meant sincerely and all Yata’s anger and insecurity boils over and he straight out says aloud that he wonders sometimes if Fushimi wants to be with him at all and do you even love me since you never actually say it.

Of course then this makes all Fushimi’s insecurities flare up because he’s suddenly hyper aware of how much of the emotional heavy lifting Yata’s been doing in this relationship and doesn’t Yata deserve better than him. I imagine it’s not that Fushimi’s totally unromantic, it’s just a mix of him sincerely not knowing how he’s supposed to act in a relationship and just his own issues, like he rarely manages to say 'I love you’ but he thinks it all the time. Or sometimes when he wakes up before Yata he’ll just stare at Yata’s sleeping face and maybe stroke his hair and think about how good-looking his boyfriend is but then when Yata wakes up and asks what he’s staring at Fushimi instinctively retreats behind his walls and clicks his tongue, saying that he was just wondering if Yata was ever going to get up and make breakfast. Maybe in the aftermath of the fight Fushimi ends up sulking off on his own and  I think finally someone would probably have to intervene, like Munakata sits him down to talk about what’s bothering him and Anna shows up at Scepter 4 because she wants to talk with Fushimi and basically everyone gets to drill it into Fushimi’s head that if he loves Yata he can’t just keep it all in his mind, he needs to show Yata or Yata won’t understand. So then maybe Fushimi goes back to the apartment and Yata isn’t there so he tries to make like a romantic dinner but he’s not very good at it and he almost sets the place on fire. Yata comes back in time to put out the fire and he’s like what the fuck were you doing Saruhiko, seriously this is why I don’t let you cook and that’s when Fushimi manages to blurt out this quiet little 'I love you.’ Yata stops flat, eyes wide and Fushimi repeats it again. He sort of stumbles out that he’s not…good at any of this and Yata’s probably better than Fushimi deserves but he does love Misaki and he’ll try to say it out loud as often as he says it in his head. Yata can’t really stay mad at that so he hugs his stupid boyfriend like see, idiot, was that so hard and Fushimi almost clicks his tongue and looks away but he stops himself and hesitantly hugs Yata back instead.

like i can understand confidence being attractive and all but can y'all please stop saying “its unattractive when guys are insecure” when guys talk about things like body issues. it kinda sounds like you’re putting their self esteem issues on a dating scale and judge based off of that. and you wonder why guys don’t talk about their feelings. 

Its crazy the ideal man for most women is muscular toned broad shoulders light eyes perfect teeth etc

I don’t really have a lot of those things
And its created some fucked up insecurities

Men have insecurities too
Crippling insecurities
But we are taught to man up and never speak of them because its not masculine or attractive for a man to talk about his insecurities