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anonymous asked:

I was really struck by something I read in one of your earlier replies to an ask, which was "we’ll never know what Rachel would have done after the war ended", and I wondered if perhaps you may actually have some thought about what might have happened if she did? How WOULD Rachel, who thrived in war, adapt to the mundane life after?


After a while Rachel’s aunt and uncle get so used to her stopping by that they just make her a copy of their house key; it’s easier than answering the door all the time or leaving a window open for her, besides which they’re grateful because she’s there almost every day to bully Jake out of bed and into the world to go do something.  Most days it’s just attending Habitat for Humanity builds in the devastated areas downtown or visiting kids from the local hospital who idolize them both.  Rachel doesn’t mind dragging Jake out of his room at all, because while Tobias is good for taking random college classes or exploring new parts of the country with her, there are still plenty of stupid things that she can only talk Jake into doing.  Together they surf during hurricanes, skydive without parachutes, swim to the bottom of the ocean as orcas and throw themselves off cliffs as birds of prey.  

Rachel doesn’t pretend to understand what he’s going through, because she quite simply can’t—if she even tries to think about what it would be like if it was Jordan or Sarah she’d had to kill during that last battle, she tends to lose the ability to breathe.  But while she can’t give him empathy she can give him this: the scream of wind rushing past their bodies as they hurl toward the ground at nearly a hundred miles an hour, the incomparable thrill of the ground approaching them faster than an oncoming train, the moment of simple euphoria during that millisecond decision to once again open one’s wings and tell death not today.  He doesn’t smile much, and never laughs, but that’s always been true to some extent.  She doesn’t concern herself with making him smile, but with forcing him to gasp for air in his refusal to give up on life, to morph when not doing so would mean drowning in the cold Pacific, to swerve a second away from spattering on the ground.  Because she’s the only one who understands the power of those moments to make them forget everything in the world except the heady rush of being so goddamn alive they can barely even stand it.


It’s strange, really, how tough and showy they can be around each other most of the time… and how vulnerable they can become when no one else is around.  Rachel’s pretty sure she’s the only one who ever saw Marco cry after they all watched Eva’s body tumble hundreds of yards to its apparent death, and she knows for certain that she’s the only one to whom he says “it’s like we never really got her back at all,” the day his parents announce their divorce.  In public Rachel and Marco become even more themselves, one-upping each other to see who can come out with the most embarrassing story in round after round of interviews and bantering at lightning speed as live studio audiences laugh and cheer.  Rachel gives a hysterical, exaggerated account of Marco’s failed attempt at gatecrashing William Roger Tennant’s award banquet; Marco comes back with a heroic narrative of how his llama-self saved an entire television studio from the crocodile Rachel conveniently forgot to mention she had puked out backstage.  When talking about the time Helmacrons invaded Marco’s nose, they each manage to make the whole mess entirely into the other one’s fault.  

In private, they sit on the back porch of Marco’s primary house once a week and work their way through a bottle of triple sec they’re definitely too young to own.  It’s during those long evenings as the sun sets over the Newport Beach mansions that they air the things to each other they’ve never told a living soul before.  Marco talks about the hard bright-edged joy of watching 17,000 yeerks sucked into space and only being able to imagine their screams.  Rachel confesses to having cried herself to sleep after she and Ax dropped David on that island.  They air their sickest thoughts, lance their most pus-rotted wounds, spew poison at each other because they know that they are both strong enough (hard enough, cold enough, ruthless enough) to take it and give back in turn.


Rachel’s honestly not sure how far Cassie would have gotten, politically, if not for her help.  Because that girl might have passion and conscience and common sense to spare, but Rachel’s not sure she’s met a more appearance-clueless person in her life.  The world of politics runs on fashion and makeup, though, especially if one happens to be a woman, and any time Cassie’s about to go tell the United Nations why they need to update the Universal Declaration of Human Rights today to include the hork-bajir and taxxons, or to scold Congress into giving the ex-hosts war reparations and not murder charges, Rachel is there in the background helping.  She shows Cassie the power of stalking into a room in a pair of towering heels, the ways to make a string of pearls or a Chanel handbag into a weapon of power.  Cassie laughs incredulously every time Rachel shows up at her house with a literal truckload of perfectly-tailored business suits and evening gowns, but over time she starts to understand just how much her reputation for being as elegant as she is fierce can work in her favor.  

Rachel, in turn, starts to put out patents for the kind of clothes Cassie would love: comfortable and practical items that can be worn for years without needing replacement.  Rachel figures that if she’s an international trendsetter already (and she is: her line of perfume makes millions every year, while black leotards are debuting on Paris runways) then she might as well have her best friend and the world of high fashion meet in the middle.  Of course Rachel doesn’t explicitly mention that her patent-leather pumps with arch support and heel padding are inspired by the experience of trying on Cassie’s Timberlands, or that her choice of size-16 models for all her advertisements comes from making dresses that would fit Cassie and sizing up or down from there.  But what’s most amazing to her is that the other dressmakers and shoe lines start to emulate her choices, emphasizing the comfort and sturdiness of everything they make even as they tout it as “cutting edge.”  If Rachel has dragged Cassie into being a fashion icon, then it turns out Cassie might just have dragged Rachel into being a social justice warrior along the way.


Ax seems somewhat dumbfounded when Rachel explains that there’s an Earth tradition that any ship’s captain can perform a marriage ceremony, and that even if there’s no law on the books about this particular power she wants him to do it anyway.  She’s not sure herself how her and Tobias’s small private ceremony (at least, that was the intention) has grown so much, but even she has to admit that somewhere between the 230-person guest list, the custom chuppah to be hand-embroidered by a team of local artists, the five-tier cake imported from a German bakery, and the dress which is personally designed by Alexander McQueen, things might have gotten slightly out of hand.  Ax takes the duties very seriously, practicing the strange mouth sounds he has to recite more than once in advance and promising solemnly that he will not eat any of the cake until Rachel and Tobias have had the chance to cut it.  

He serves as their best man as well (probably breaking with tradition, not that they care) and the speech he makes afterward is surprisingly heartfelt.  «There has been no greater honor in my life than to fight by your side,» he tells them, «and I owe you both my life many times over.  I owe you more than that, of course, for you have made this strange planet my home when I came to you lost and alone.  I am not sure what humans traditionally wish for each other with a bond such as this, so I will wish you this much: may your lives be long, may your battles be easily won, may you be loved and feared in equal measure, and may your chili always be perfectly seasoned.» 


It’s not like they get jobs, or hold down formal obligations, or do anything more structured than attend occasional classes at UCSB or consult with the fashion agency that sends Rachel freelance checks.  So there’s really no reason they can’t continue their odd lifestyle, only in the same form at the same time for two hours at most.  At least, that’s how it is for the first several years… and then one day Rachel comes out of the bathroom, a tiny white stick in her hand, and they both realize their lives are never going to be the same again.  Tobias is terrified, of course: he’s been abandoned (voluntarily or not) by two parents, four guardians, and countless authority figures, and he’s got no reason to believe he’ll be any different.  But he knows what the first step will be in committing to raising this baby for real.  And so he morphs human for the very last time.  

In the years that follow, after their daughter eventually gets a little brother as well, Rachel and Tobias become more boring than they ever could have hoped for.  Rachel starts working full-time as a fashion designer, while Tobias finishes an advanced degree in graphic design and gets a job with the marketing branch of the same company.  They go to PTA meetings and teach their daughter softball, buy a sedan with good gas mileage and a two-story house in Mendocino County where the reporters can’t find them.  They still get restless sometimes, leaving the kids with Loren or Sarah for a week or two at a time to go white-water rafting on the Colorado River or to climb mountains in Tanzania, but they always miss the kids enough to come home before long.  They donate thousands of dollars to end world hunger every year, and they fundraise millions more.  Someday they’ll retire.  Someday after that they’ll die.  For now, however, they’re alive, and that’s enough.  

Lin-Manuel Miranda caps a huge ‘Hamilton’ year with 'Moana’ (L.A. Times):

[…] When did “Moana” come to you?

I can trace the journey of “Moana” in the journey of my son’s life. I found out I got the job on “Moana” the same day I found out I was going to be a father. My wife was going on a business trip and she was leaving first thing in the morning. She turned to me and said, “You’re gonna be a father. I gotta go catch a plane.”

And I went, “What? That’s great.” And fell back asleep. I had to call her back for confirmation. Then I got the call later that afternoon that I got the job. They called me again and said, “We’re all going to New Zealand this weekend; you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” It was pre-“Hamilton.” So I’ve been working on this for two years and seven months. My son [just] turned 2.

It was really kind of an incredible journey. And the “Hamilton” phenomenon happened while I was writing it.

How did you split the time?

I had to really protect my writing time. In one sense it was really great, because, you know, when something is as successful as “Hamilton” everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants 10 minutes to talk about their pitch, or press, or what have you. The things that come with the success of a thing.

I got the luxury of having to say no to a ton because I was like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays are full-time ‘Moana’ writing days.” I would meet via Skype with the creative writing team at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, then I would go to the chiropractor, then I would get into costume for a 7 p.m. show. It was built into my performance schedule.

I also had the luxury of amazing singers in the building — so a lot of my early demos for “Moana” is [the “Hamilton” cast]. Pippa [Phillipa] Soo, who played my wife, singing Moana’s tunes, and Chris Jackson, who played George Washington, singing Maui’s tunes. He’s actually in the movie: He’s the singing voice of Moana’s dad.


What was the key that unlocked the character of Moana for you?

The thing that resonated for me with Moana is she is not someone who hates where she is. Moana loves her family, she loves her island. She knows she’s got responsibilities and she’s ready to embrace them. And yet there is this voice inside her that says you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

I can relate to that. I was a kid who was always making stuff. I didn’t know whether I wanted to make action movies or animated cartoons or musicals, but I was always just making stuff. My parents were like, “This is not practical. You’ll be a great lawyer.” And it was never gonna happen. I loved my parents and I loved where I lived, but I also had this voice that was, what’s the distance between me and what I want. That’s what I tried to imbue her with without villainizing the things around her. It’s not “there must be more than this provincial life,” it’s “I love it here and yet; and yet every time I absentmindedly walk I find myself at the water again.”

Given the love for “Hamilton” in the world, given that its journey is not over by a long shot, there is going to be some high school in Kansas that wants to mount a production of “Hamilton” and all of the roles are gonna be played by white kids. Is that missing the point? Or is that the point?

When it comes to kids, I relax all of my rules. When I think from my perspective I got to be a son in “Fiddler,” I got to be Conrad Birdie, I got to play roles that I’ll never get to play as an adult. Once you’re an adult, the world puts you in a box and you’re cast by type and ethnicity. I directed “West Side Story” my senior year in high school. I was one of the only Latino kinds in my school, so my Sharks were white and Asian. At the same time, I was able to flip that into a teaching moment. I brought my dad in to do dialect coaching so it wasn’t [bad] Hollywood accents, it was authentic Puerto Rico accents that these kids were attempting.

I hope there’s enough in “Hamilton” that if you go to a school where there are literally no kids of color — and that is increasingly rare in our country, which is a good thing — your job is to honor the story. For me “In the Heights” has been this. I get joy from both sides of it. I get joy that kids who go to schools that are largely white suddenly are waving Dominican flags around and having to learn Spanish to understand what they’re singing. So they’re getting a dose of cultural education by virtue of doing this show they like. Whether or not they have quote unquote permission to do it. They’re getting it. The medicine is going in. You now have empathy for a group of people that have never been in your school.

I’m grateful for that. Then when a school in the South Bronx does it and it’s all black and Latino kids and the sense of ownership and pride they feel — like this is ours, this is about our families — there’s no quantifying the joy I get from seeing a production like that.

I think keeping kids from art is not something that’s interesting to me. Now, regional productions are a whole different thing. When you’re in a professional production it’s like, cast [it] right. Save yourself the headache of everything that comes with a very important conversation about cultural appropriation.

Is there somebody who has the ‘How to be a Celebrity’ playbook that you’re cribbing from? You’ve navigated the pre-“Hamilton” to post-“Hamilton” transition better than most.

You learn very quickly that the trappings of it is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.”

You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you. […]

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something so magic about you (1/1)

Summary: CS Modern AU. Emma Swan just found the perfect gift for Mary Margaret’s birthday. The only problem? A blue-eyed stranger with a ridiculously attractive face and accent just stole it from right under her nose.

Rating: T

Warning: some swearing here and there

Word Count: ~6300

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Captain Swan fic so be gentle with me - or not - anyway, please let me know how I did it with this one-shot! :)

also on and ao3

She dashes hastily through the busy street, pushing her legs to their maximum capacity without flat out running. She needs to find a nice shop before closing time and buy a gift for Mary Margaret that would settle somewhere in the “decent” category. She knows the rush is completely her own damn fault, as she’s been procrastinating to the point of ridiculousness. Really, she should just pull herself together to complete all the things that she needs to get done and get them done in time at that.

Except, she’s not exactly the paragon of a good friend, or soon to be sister in law at the moment. She’s forever putting things off to the point that ultimately, they have to be done in a rush because it’s at the very last minute, as is happing now. It’s not like she had a year or anything to figure out what to get to Mary Margaret for her birthday.

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The Delightful Date

What will two couples make of their day together, a once in a lifetime chance as they finally manage to bring Angela away from her endless pile of work?


Summer was a time of the year that was always full of festivities and fun. There wasn’t any major festivals or romantic events during this time of the year as with the other seasons. However, it was definitely one with festivities and fun. The nights were always filled with chatter and people, whether they were simply walking by the stylish stores that lined the streets or the stalls that were set up at the city’s center where festivals were often held.

Though the level of excitement and celebration of the nightlife in the city center could hardly compare to that during the lunar new year and the mid-autumn festival, they were quite lively nevertheless. Such was the way of life in the now peaceful Japan.

It was on one of such rather ordinary summer day that Genji had chosen to bring Angela on a date. Well, ‘bring’ was probably not the proper way to describe it. Perhaps coerced would be better. He had to practically pull her from her works, carrying her in his arms while she pouted and protested just so he could sit her down on the bed and talk about the plans.

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Peonies mean L-ACHOO! (a jeffmads fic)

James snipped the thorns off of a lovely white rose carefully. He didn’t want to damage the flower or it would wilt quicker. Today had been god awfully slow and he even had time to play a cruddy game on his phone for at least an hour. He was eager to go home, eat and read a book or watch a cooking show. Most of all he wanted to go to bed. His allergies were making him feel tired and sick but that’s what you get when you work in a flower shop. James thought about if he had any medication at home as he tied the bouquet with a soft pink ribbon.


“Hey hot stuff. Guess who’s back! How has work been?”

James smiled and shook his head as he turned around to face the customer. It was of course Thomas since he came by almost every day.

“It’s been slow and my allergies are wor-Achi!”

James sniffled and recovered from the tiny sneeze quickly. When he looked up Thomas had a big smirk on his face.


“That was adorable James. You’re like a tiny kitten!”

“Am no-Achi!

Thomas just laughed and went to browsing the flowers. However the two kept up conversation.

“So you’re allergies are acting up again huh?” Thomas asked while silently debating with himself.

“Yeah. I’m allergic to some flowers I guess.” James replied while making it look like he was busy.

Thomas then turned in James’s direction.

“Why the hell do you own a flower shop if you’re allergic to flowers?”

“Because I’m good at keeping them alive. Its a gift as well as a burden.”

Thomas just sighed and turned back to the many bouquets and potted plants that were arranged by color.

“Hey have these always been arranged by color?”

“No I’ve arranged them during the two days you were gone Thomas. It was my way of coping with your absence,” James said sarcastically “really they were bugging me so I decided to fix it.”

“You ass.”

James began busying himself with his book of placed orders. It’s a shame he got all of them done too quickly. It was good that the people who were ordering the flowers were coming to pick them up though.

“Alright I think I’m ready.” Thomas said as he placed a bouquet of soft pink peonies.

James picked up the flowers and rang them up. While Thomas was getting out the cash for them James decided to ask him something.

“Do you know what peonies mean Thomas?”

“Not really. They just look soft and cute. A lot like you.” Thomas answered while giving him the cash.

James thought this would be a great way to embarrass his boyfriend. When Thomas handed the flowers over to James with a smile James studied the bouquet closely with care and up most delicacy.

“They mean good fortune, wealth and honor. They’re also seen as an omen to a happy and loving marriage.”

James waited a minute before he decided to look at Thomas. He wanted the realization to sink into him. When he looked up ready to make a snide or snarky comment he was the one who was breathless. Thomas was on one knee with a small open box in his hand. He was smiling probably one of the most loving and genuine smiles a man could ever make.

“I lied. I knew what they meant. Anyways James, you are my closest friend and my most beloved. I know I can be an ass sometimes bu-”


“Okay. Wow. Rude. Here I am proposing and you agree I’m an ass. Real matu-”

“I mean yes as in yes I will marry you Thomas.” James managed to say while fighting back tears.

Thomas grinned and took James’s hand tenderly and slipped on the silver band. He took a second to look at how it was on James’s finger before kissing his hand.

“I knew that too love.”

James came around the counter and hugged Thomas tightly. He could feel his tears of joy slip down his cheeks and onto his boyfr-no, his fiancee’s shirt.

“I love you.” Thomas said.

“I love you t-achi!”

James had sneezed once again.

“I also love how cute your kitten sneezes are.”




I did as you asked. 

Here’s a Jeffmads fic bros. Enjoy.
Everything you need to know about 'Outlander' Season 3
Settle in with a scotch and distract yourself from the droughtlander.
By Laura Prudom

Starz recently announced that the hotly-anticipated Season 3 premiere of Outlander will hit our screens in September — an agonizingly long wait, considering that we got our last glimpse of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) way back in July 2016.

But anything worth having is worth waiting for, and that’s especially true of Outlander Season 3, which will explore that very theme, as Claire and Jamie must defy the odds and find a way to reunite after decades apart.  

Here’s everything we know about Outlander Season 3 so far:


Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s beloved series of novels know that Season 3 is based on the third book in her Outlander saga, Voyager — a rip-roaring adventure that spans multiple years and countries.

Here’s how Starz describes the new season: The story picks up right after Claire travels through the stones to return to her life in 1948. Now pregnant with Jamie’s child, she struggles with the fallout of her sudden reappearance and its effect on her marriage to her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies).

Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his doomed last stand at the historic battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire. As the years pass, Jamie and Claire attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love. The budding possibility that Claire can return to Jamie in the past breathes new hope into Claire’s heart… as well as new doubt.

Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie must find their way back to each other. As always, adversity, mystery, and adventure await them on the path to reunion. And the question remains: When they find each other, will they be the same people who parted at the standing stones, all those years ago?

That means we’ll jump back to the Battle of Culloden and its aftermath to see what became of Jamie (since Claire spent decades assuming that he had died in that infamous clash), his men, and Black Jack Randall (Menzies). We’ll also spend some time with Claire, Frank and Bree (Sophie Skelton) throughout Bree’s childhood.

The show has a lot of ground to cover before we catch up to Claire and her headstrong daughter in 1968, where the Season 2 finale ended with Claire contemplating the possibility of traveling back through time to find Jamie after 20 years apart.


In addition to Balfe, Heughan, Menzies and Skelton, we’ll see a number of other familiar faces returning for the new season, including Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield, Laura Donnelly as Jenny Fraser Murray, Steven Cree as Ian Murray and Romann Berrux as Fergus, to name a few (but definitely not all).

The show has also been busy casting some new additions for the upcoming year, including an older version of Fergus, played by Cesar Domboy.

He’s not the only character getting a makeover: Australian actor David Berry has been cast in the pivotal role of Lord John Grey, a character we encountered in Season 2 as a naive (but honorable) young British solider who attempted to defend Claire’s honor from the Scottish barbarians John assumed were holding her captive before the Battle of Prestonpans.

When we encounter him again, Lord John will be all grown up, and he’ll be sticking around for a while. Here’s how Starz describes him: “He’s a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing — the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.”

Following his introduction in Voyager, Lord John has earned his own loyal fanbase over the years, and Gabaldon has written a series of novels and novellas centered around the dreamy and upstanding soldier. So if Starz and Sony are ever in the market for an Outlander spinoff at some point, Berry might have plenty of career security ahead.

Among the other newcomers for Season 3 are John Bell as Young Ian Murray, Jamie’s adventurous nephew; Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy, Claire’s closest friend and coworker, whom she meets during medical school; Gary Young as Mr. Willoughby, a Chinese man with a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine who befriends Jamie; Lauren Lyle as Marsali, the 18-year-old, high-spirited daughter of Laoghaire (Nell Hudson); Hannah James and Tanya Reynolds as Geneva and Isobel Dunsany, two privileged young noblewomen who cross paths with Jamie; and Charlie Hiett as Thomas Leonard, the inexperienced, by-the-book de facto captain of the British Naval ship Artemis.


Hiett is playing the captain of a ship, so it’s not a spoiler to note that some of Season 3 will take place on the high seas, which probably won’t sit well with Jamie, since we all know how he feels about boats…

Showrunner Ronald D. Moore was already expressing his enthusiasm for the show’s nautical turn back when he was promoting Season 2: “I can’t wait to get out to sea … The technology now, between real ships like what they have in Black Sails and CG, it’s now developed to a place where you can believe it,” he told CinemaBlend. “Now you can really realize on a television budget what Pirates of the Caribbean was doing 8-10 years ago. Now, we can actually do better CG than that on the television front.”

Undoubtedly the biggest change for Outlander Season 3 is that in its final five episodes, the series will shift its production from Scotland, which has been the show’s home for its first two seasons, to Cape Town, South Africa. There, it will utilize the sets and ships previously used on Starz’s Black Sails to adapt Gabaldon’s elaborate sea voyage scenes, with the balmy new location standing in for the Caribbean.


Season 3 of Outlander will be 13 episodes in length, and will air on Starz in September, with a specific airdate yet to be announced.

Four new writers have also been drafted to join Moore, Matt Roberts, Toni Graphia and Anne Kenney for Season 3: Joy Blake, Karen Campbell, Shannon Goss and Luke Schelhaas.

Because the season will be jumping around in time to cover various periods in Claire and Jamie’s years apart, we’ll see the duo transform from their twenties to their forties over the course of the season — subtle but noticeable shifts which will no doubt showcase the incredible work of the hair, makeup and costume departments, as well as the consistently compelling performances of Balfe and Heughan (who are long overdue for some awards recognition).

Production on the season began in September 2016 and will conclude in June 2017, Starz confirms, and the show will make a triumphant appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this July to give fans a preview of what they can expect when Outlander returns to our screens this fall. So close and yet so far!


The “droughtlander” may seem endless now, but the gargantuan effort involved in shifting an entire production to a new continent can’t be overstated, especially when Voyager is such an ambitious and sprawling novel, which takes its characters through an evolution that few shows would dare to tackle. You can’t rush perfection, after all.

The good news is, Outlander has already been renewed for Season 4 in addition to Season 3, meaning that we’re guaranteed another dose of Starz and Sony’s time-traveling epic in the next year or two. Season 4, based on Drums of Autumn, will bring the show to the halfway point of Gabaldon’s currently published Outlander novels, but the prolific author is already at work on a ninth installment and sees no end in sight yet.

The takeaway? We can look forward to plenty more adventures from Claire and Jamie on the page and the screen for years to come — and doesn’t that make the dry spell a little more tolerable?


Imagine – Winning the first ever women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and dedicating your win to Chris Jericho

Word Count – 2,118

Warnings – None

A/N – I’m going to try to write tons of imagines again. J But I’ll probably have more WWE ones than Supernatural ones sadly. I’m not sure yet but I might change my account into a multi fandom imagine page instead of just SPN and WWE. Anyways enjoy!


About two months ago Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came up to you and the rest of the women’s locker room announcing that the first ever women’s Money In The Bank ladder match would be taking place June 19th. Everyone screamed with joy.

“The women in the match will be Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Emma, Nia Jax, Nikki Bella, and last but not least Y/N.” Triple H smiled. You all had a group hug then went on with your day, talking nonstop about how exciting this is for women’s wresting.

A few weeks ago Vince McMahon called you to his office. You’ve been in the company for five years now but you still get nervous around your boss.

“Oh Y/N! It’s so nice to see you. Please, come sit.”

“I’m not in trouble am I?” you asked nervously, knee bouncing up and down

“Why does everyone always think that they’re in trouble when I call them in? Am I really that scary?” He chuckled. You shook your head and smirked a little, still nervous.

“I called you in here to let you know that… You will be winning the MITB match. And you’re going to cash in on the same night.” Your jaw dropped.

“I am! Are you sure?”

“Well Y/N I kind of run stuff around here. Of course I’m sure.”

“Right, sorry my mind just isn’t in the right place. I’m honored, and I’m so thankful but I have to ask, why me?”

“You have been very loyal to this business. You’re a great worker, you’ve barley been injured and you have been here for five years without one title run. I think your time is now, miss Y/L/N.”

You walked over and gave him a huge hug as he gave you one back.

“Thank you so much Vince. This means the world to me.”

“You deserve it.”

-The Night-

Tonight is the night. Everyone was so excited, you especially but also very nervous. All these thoughts kept coming through “What if I mess up?” “What if I get injured?” A calm voice caught your attention. It was one of the ladies who create wrestling gears.

“Here’s your Chris Jericho gear you wanted” She smiled, handing the pants over to you along with his boots and a black tank top.

“Thank you so much, I love it! It looks just like his! I can’t wait to put these on.”

“No problem, good luck sweetie. You got this!”

You ran into your dressing room and quickly changed into your gear. You left, showing off your pants to everyone when you realized you still had to do a quick interview with Renee Young.

“Y/N, Are you ready to make history tonight?”

“You betcha Renee! But the question is are YOU ready to watch me win? Is the WWE Universe ready to watch me win? If not, they better get ready. Because I promise by the end of tonight that briefcase will be in my hand, and before Charlotte knows it that title will be in my hands.”

“I can’t help but notice, your gear is inspired by Chris Jericho. What’s the story on that?”

“Chris has always been my favorite since I was 12. Even though he was a bad guy, there was always something about him that just really interested me. It’s around 15 years later now and even though we work in the same company and are really good friends I’m still a huge mark over him.” You smiled while she smiled too.

“Since he created this match, I thought I’d dedicate my win to him. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am right now. He’s my mentor, he’s my friend, he’s been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. He’s the one who trained me to wrestle and I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me and this company. Chris always says how he is the best in the world at what he does, its almost two decades later and he still proves that every single night.”

She thanked you and wished you good luck and went on her way. You looked at the clock and realized it was almost time to go out. You sat around in the lunch room sitting and talking with the members of the new day along with Bayley and Nikki.

“I can’t believe we’re here.” Nikki smiled

“In the lunch room?” Kofi joked, nudging her shoulder

“No! We are about to go out there and make history. That’s so cool.”

“Right? I never thought we’d do it.” You said, trying to hold back the tears.

20 minutes go by and one of the workers tell you its time. Your heart starts pounding what seems like a thousand times a minute. This is it. You waited for everyone to head out and make their entrances when finally your theme song hit, you ran out and smiled as you went down the ramp hearing the crowd sing along with your theme.

The match went on for about 30 minutes. So many crazy stuff has happened, and you’re pretty sure you broke your finger. At some point you climbed up the ladder and dropped kicked Emma off the ladder, knocking you down along with her and landing on your back pretty hard.  Nia crushed Nikki like ten times. You did a lionsault onto Bayley. Everything was going great but the best was yet to come.

10 more minutes pass and everyone was down except for you. This was it. This was your moment. You looked around the ring at all the girls and shrugged your shoulders, smiling at the camera while the crowd chanted your name. You climb up the ladder, every step you were getting closer until you finally were on the last step. You grabbed the buckle, unlocked it and tore the briefcase down. You held it in your hands and looked down at it, a big smile coming across your face as your theme blared through the arena along with screams of joy.

“And here is the winner of the MITB ladder match, (your ring name)!”

You went backstage and took a few photos for social media. You did a few interviews and before you knew it it was already time for Charlotte vs Sasha for the women’s title. You watched backstage as they fought, feeling someone sit next to you so you look over and it’s Chris.

“Nice pants, they look awesome on you. I have great style, don’t I?” He smirked

“Yeah you do, I never want to take these off.” You both laughed, watching the match together

“I’m glad you won. It’s been what 5 years and you’ve never had one title run yet? That’s ridiculous. I’m glad Vince finally woke up and realized how awesome you are.”

“Thank you Chris. That means a lot.”

Before he could reply the same man who called you out earlier came back to give you your que to run out there. You gave Chris a quick hug as he yelled “Good luck, champ!” as you were walking away.

Charlotte’s theme played through the arena until yours hit, the crowd going wild knowing what’s about to come. She stood in the middle of the ring clenching her belt to her chest while yelling “This is mine!” but what she didn’t realize was you were right behind her, attacking her with your brief case. You slid out of the ring, handed your case over to the ref and demanded him to make the match.

“(Your ring name) Is cashing in her Money In The Bank contract!”

JBL kept yelling “It isn’t time to cash in yet! It’s not right! Charlotte just had a match there’s no way she can defend herself!”

You speared Charlotte and got up yelling “Come on baybay!” obviously like Chris does sometimes. You got up and went into a corner, yelling and telling her to get up again. She got up and speared her again. You got back up and got ready to put her in a liontamer. You struggled but finally locked it in. 65 seconds pass and Charlotte taps. You jumped off while tears already flowed down your cheeks as the ref handed you the beautiful white and red belt.

“And your new WWE Raw Womens Champion, (your ring name)!” the ref held your hand up high as the confetti fell through the ceiling. This was all the blood sweat and tears paying off. All the homesickness, all the bruises, all the traveling. This was a big screw you to the people who said you couldn’t wrestle because you are a girl.

You got on your knees in the middle of the ring and looked at your title thinking about everything. You got up and turned around and saw Chris, standing there with tears in his glassy blue eyes while smiling and clapping. You gave him a huge hug while thanking him. He let go, wiped away the tears off your face and held your hand high, pointing over at you with pride.

“Lets clank our belts! It’s what all the cool kids do!” He said picking up his United States championship. (I know he wasn’t U.S champ at the time let me live)

He got out and held your hand as you got out too. You ran over to your friends and family who were sitting in front row seats, hugging them tightly. You walked back up the ramp then stopped before you went in. You held up your title and heard as the fireworks went off.

You and Chris went backstage and watched as everyone joined and clapped for you. Some were crying tears of joy even. You covered your face, trying to hide the fact you were crying when you felt Chris wrap his arm around your shoulders. Triple H came over and picked you up in a great big bear hug. He was always like a father figure to you.

“I’m so proud of you. I’m sure Chris is proud of you too. We’re all proud.” You hugged each other again then went your separate ways. You went back to your dressing room to sit and take in what just happened.

You looked at the title that was still in your hands. This will never feel real. You were lost in a trance until you heard someone knocking on your door.

“Come in!” It was Chris

“Come here, I need one more hug.” He laughed, eyes still glassy from emotions. He picked you up off the ground and squeezed you tightly.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”

“It was all you. I’m so proud of you. I cant express that enough.” It felt so good to hear that. The room got quiet for a few minutes.

“This means we get to clean our titles together” He said with excitement when another knock came.

“Hey sorry to interrupt but can I have one last Interview with you for today? I know you’re probably tired of seeing this mic but” Renee said

“It’s fine if Chris can join”

“Of course!”

You picked your title up and put it on your shoulder. Chris looked over at you with a smirk on his face.

“What’s the smirk for?”

“I’m just so happy for you.”


“I’m here with our new Raw women’s champion, Y/R/N along with Chris Jericho.”

“Renee, what did I tell you earlier tonight? That I was going to win. And what did I do? I won! I think I still have confetti in my hair.” You both giggled

“Chris, how do you feel about Y/R/N’s achievement tonight?”

“Renee, I can’t even begin to put into words of how proud I am of her. Back in 05 she came to one of my meet and greets and that’s where we first met. And now? I just stood in the middle of that ring, on a WWE PVP and held her hand up high while she held the women’s title in her other hand. That is amazing. Not to mention she beat Ric Flair’s daughter for the title too in under what 3 minutes?” You nodded.

“Well congratulations Y/R/N.”

She walked away and left you two to yourselves. The rest of the night you took selfies with everyone who wanted one, did your photoshoot even got one with Chris in it to keep for yourself for memories. Then after you got everything done you went back to the hotel and spent the night with Chris and Natalya talking about memories and playing games with each other on your phones.

This was a night you’d remember forever.

Feliciano and the King of Hearts

Chosen by the gods as the Queen of Hearts from the moment of birth, we follow Feliciano’s story as he grows into royal life, learns to rule, go against age old customs, and his relationship with his husband to be, the King of Hearts.

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                                                   Chapter 43

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Prince!Joshua {Req}

tw: harassment, death mention
note: thank you to all the people who requested this au! i hope you like it!
- Admin Mochi

  • ok prince joshua…..
  • is next in line to rule a seaside kingdom known for their hospitality like everyone there is so sweet and the king + queen don’t believe in violence, they literally just want their citizens to live a peaceful life theyre so nice~ they also lend their hand out to countries who need it
  • and what do you know? their son is just as sweet and everyone adores him
  • the type to go looking for a snack in the kitchens but end up talking to the staff and helping wash the dishes
  • commoners have been calling him “the winter gentleman” ever since he was 13 bc of his kind-hearted nature and neat appearance
  • also v down-to-earth like you can catch him riding his bike around the park or walking into a bookstore as if he’s some regular guy in college and the commoners love that about prince joshua
  • is literally every princesses dream
  • at balls, you can never catch him alone because there’s always a princess near him, trying to win his heart…..but honestly….?
  • nobody could ever fit what he wanted. why? because he wasn’t over you
  • oops
  • oh yes, you knew this prince ever since you both were old enough to play hide-and-seek in the large grandfather clocks in the hallway
  • believe it or not, you two were a bunch of adorable mischiefs!
  • y'all used to run around in the hallways and climb all over the bodyguards
  • one time you and joshua sneaked into the kitchen and managed to just eat half a pot of honey before the head chef noticed and panicked
  • lol but nobody could be mad at you two because you all were too cute
  • however, as you both grew, the troublemaker phase ended and little joshua was becoming a gentleman at the mere age of eight
  • so cute bc he starts opening doors and pulling out your chair and giving you tiny flowers he picked for you~
  • one time he wanted to teach you the waltz bc that’s what his etiquette teacher was teaching him atm
  • and you both were so giggly while twirling in the banquet hall and the bodyguards were sighing bc this was cutest thing they’ve ever seen
  • joshua: y/n? promise you’ll dance with me when we’re old enough to join the dances? // you: *nods eagerly* promise! *frowns* but won’t you have to dance with all the princesses? // joshua: i do but…..only you have my heart~
  • bodyguards raising their eyebrows because wOW??? THAT WAS PRETTY SMOOTH FOR AN EIGHT YEAR OLD???? WHERE U LEARN THIS–
  • but yeah, you two were inseperable and definitely best friends ^^
  • you both shared a lot firsts: first time riding the “big kid” bikes, first guitar lesson, first train ride, first time reading….even first kiss (^:
  • however the bad news came when you both were 15, a year before you both could attend the balls
  • due to your grandmother falling ill, your father (a nobleman) wanted to move closer to take better care of her and so you had no choice but to go
  • you cried when you told joshua this and inevitably, this broke the prince’s heart but he only gave you a sad smile and a tight hug, promising that he’ll see you again someday
  • on the day you left, he gave you his guitar pick necklace as a way to remember him by and in return, you gave him a ring of yours
  • to this day, almost six years later, he keeps it on a silver chain around his neck and whenever he misses you, he just stares at that ring and then goes to play your favorite song on his guitar
  • so he’s almost 20, right? which means the coronation ceremony was only a year and a half away
  • and although his parents were never the type to meddle bc they trusted joshua, they began to worry that their only son would never find someone and they knew that once you became king, it would be so much harder because he’d be too busy for love every single day
  • and so they intefered just a bit. all they had to do was invite a royal family to dinner and insist that joshua show their lovely daughter around the castle
  • her name was princess rosejoy and tbh she was everything joshua could want in a girl: kind, smart, easygoing and cute~
  • they clicked just as easily as a seatbelt and by the end of the week, those two were on a nickname basis, calling each other “josh” and “joy”
  • the reason why he accepted her was because he told himself that you weren’t going to come back and that he needed to move on from you and give princess joy a chance
  • and so its princess joy and prince joshua and the kingdom is raving because they look so good together and they’re happy that their beloved prince was finally falling in love ^^
  • but life is never simple is it? plot twist: you moved back to the kingdom with your family
  • your grandmother had passed a year after your family had moved to the countryside where she lived. your father couldn’t bear to leave the place. but now, five years later, he was getting back up on his feet and taking the whole family back to the kingdom
  • and like?? you’re psyched!! not only were you going to the place you missed, you get to see your best friend again~
  • the whole journey there, your stomach would flip with every bump in the road bc you were highkey nervous to see joshua again
  • was he still babyfaced? did he still play guitar? would his smile still be the same? was he still as kind and silly as you remember?
  • but above all, you wondered if he still had feelings for you just like you did for him…..
  • as soon as the carriage rolled over the border, you felt your worries slip away as you took in the scenery you had missed so much
  • the king and queen were the first to greet the family and the queen was gushing over how beautiful and mature you’ve become and then she’s like “oh, joshua’s going to be so glad to hear you’re back!” and you ask where he is and she tells you that he’s gone to the beach and that he’ll be back soon
  • so you go up to your old room and you find your things had been brought up and you begin to arrange them for the next hour and a half
  • after, you sighed in content at ur hard work then went to over the window to see if the view was as good as you remembered
  • but as you’re opening the window, you see!! joshua!! and he’s riding in through the palace gates on a horse and ofc your heart soars but then you realize that there’s a beautiful brunette clinging onto his waist and your heart drops
  • in your head: “ofc he’d be courting someone by now. did you think he’d wait? don’t think so selfishly.”
  • when joshua heard that you were back, he immediately went upstairs to search for you but you were gone
  • that night, there was a feast in honor of your family’s return and joshua looked around for you but no luck
  • where were you? well, you were outside
  • after hearing from a maid that the girl was a princess named rosejoy and that joshua was probably going to marry her next year, you had taken a walk around the castle, trying to sort your feelings
  • by nightfall, you ended up on this wall that was easy to climb up on and you watched the dark waves crash onto the shore as you played with joshua’s necklace
  • an hour passed when you heard someone’s voice call you from behind (three guesses who lol)
  • ofc it’s joshua but tbh you didnt recognize him at first bc he had gotten taller, his face looked slimmer and his hair was no longer swooped to the side, it was dyed and parted neatly and he just looked so handsome and mature ???
  • joshua also lowkey thinking you got more beautiful and different too but ofc he’s not going to tell u that
  • but anyway you quickly drop the necklace under your shirt collar and say a quiet hello
  • he climbs up onto the wall and goes “what are you doing…?” and you say “oh…..just taking in the view. i missed it….and i missed you! how are you?”
  • and from there, you fake a smile and both you and joshua are catching up and it feels like old times again and you know how the phrase goes: time flies when you’re having fun ^^
  • two hours later, joshua looked at his watch and saw that it was almost eleven. “sorry y/n, i gotta go to sleep. i promised joy that i’d take her to see the sunrise tomorrow.” and you can feel your face drop but quickly, you straightened it out and say “ok! im gonna stay out here though~” and joshua smiles and says “dont stay up too late ok? you know how cold it gets out here” and you smiled and nodded, feeling a bit better– at least he still cared right?
  • for the next few months, you tell yourself that it was for the best and you even got to talk to joy, who was actually one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met and that was saying a lot considering the country was filled with nice ppl
  • it got to the point where you would tell joy childhood stories of joshua and you both would laugh as joshua pouted and tried to defend himself
  • and you + joshua are still close as ever but if u were both honest, yall still had lowkey feelings for one another
  • anyway, winter came soon and that means the Snow Heart Ball aka joshua’s birthday ball
  • everyone from around the world comes because so many good vibes and its a great way to ring in the new year and say goodbye to the old one
  • and tbh this is one of the things you missed and you decided you weren’t going to worry tonight and just get cRUNK
  • you had met up with joshua and joy at the beginning but you lost them in the crowd so you ended up dancing around with random people, trying to dance your heart away
  • however at one point, some random person came up to you and gripped your waist, gyrating against you, making you panic
  • you pushed against him but he didnt budge. your anxiety grew when you realized nobody would be able to hear you over the loud music
  • before you could kick him away, the weight was suddenly yanked off and you look up to see a furious joshua and a shocked joy
  • joshua immediately pulled you away with joy following you both as she asked if you were ok
  • joshua was worried to the max and kept asking questions to make sure you weren’t hurt
  • and to you its normal but to joy….as she watched joshua tend to you, she noticed there was this look in his eye like someone….someone who was in love
  • according to josh, you both were childhood friends but joy had always been the perceptive type and she had a hunch that maybe you were more than just a friend…..
  • for the next few days, she struggled internally and always waved josh off when he asked what was wrong, only saying she was homesick
  • but one night, she decided to visit you and ofc you were surprised like wow?? hello??
  • and you both talk casually and joy could see why joshua would like you: you were just so nice and easygoing and v bright
  • she finally breaks the ice and asks you “y/n…..have u ever fell in love with someone but you know you can’t really have them…?”
  • brain: highkey yES // mouth: “mmm….i suppose so, a long time ago. why do you ask?”
  • and that’s when joy breaks into her own story, about how she had fallen in love with a soldier in her father’s army. he was a general’s son but nonetheless, her father didn’t approve bc he wasn’t a monarch like herself
  • and tbh you feel bad bc imagine giving someone all of you only to get torn down by someone who you would also give up your life for……
  • you tell her you’re sorry but she shakes her head and says “josh, in a way, has inspired me. im going to go back home this week and try to work it out.” and youre like “wait,,,,what?? you’re not going to marry him??” and she says “as much as i would’ve liked to marry someone like him…..he isn’t for me.” and she sweetly smiles and goes “ive seen the way he looks at you, y/n”
  • and you choke like “a-at me? what do you mean?” and she goes “idk how to describe it…..his eyes always shine whenever he sees you.” and youre like “pfft no dont be fooled joy he looks like that all the time-” but joy silences you by placing a hand on yours
  • joy: “you make him happy. happier than i ever could. just take care of his heart, ok? you deserve him.” and she leaves you like that, speechless and shook
  • during the week, she also goes to speak to joshua and she tells the king + queen that she’s leaving and on the day she does, she gives you a hug and whispers to you “remember what i said~”
  • it actually takes a while though bc it’s kind of….awkward?
  • and you’re honestly like what do i do? bc like you /do/ want to approach joshua but at the same time, he’s not approaching you so….
  • and for two weeks, yall just keep your distance and think by yourselves
  • until one night, after dinner, joshua caught up with you and asked if you both could go to the wall and youre like okay o:
  • after you both get there and sit down, there’s a small silence until joshua says “so…, i have to tell you something.”
  • and he launches into his joy story and when he’s done, you also tell him your side and at the end you’re like “i guess….she made me realize…..that i like you???” and joshua is like oMG on the inside but on the outside, he shyly smiles then looks at you and when he does, you now know what joy means by his eyes shine
  • joshua: “well if im being honest…..i really like you too, y/n.”
  • and that is the start of a beautiful relationship
  • it starts lowkey but soon the whole kingdom knows thanks to the gossiping bodyguards lol but nobody thinks it’s weird or a bad thing~
  • yours and joshua’s fathers talking about being in-laws and your mother + queen rolling their eyes lmao
  • princess joy also writing to you about how her father finally accepted her + her soldier love 😍
  • you and joshua always going on the wall and talking…..maybe kissing lol who knoes
  • joshua being lowkey jealous when a boy wants to dance w/you at the ball lolol and also vice versa
  • yoooo bike riding with joshua
  • getting into playful arguments with him over whether japanese anime was better than korean drama
  • yall are like best friends and lovers rolled into one
  • and soon it’s coronation day and bodyguard!seungkwan is running all over the palace, searching for you and practically dragging you across the grounds when he does
  • turns out joshua really needed a pep talk before going out to accept his crown and let me tell you that boy looked fINE except his legs were shaking ;;
  • so you tell him what’s wrong and he’s like “what if i cant run them as well as i thought i could? what if everyone loses their trust in me when they realize im not as-”
  • and you cut him off like “what? smart? kind? talented? fair?” and joshua is blushing bc you’re kind of complimenting him bt you put your hands on his shoulders and look into his eyes “joshua hong. you are one of the most capable people i’ve ever met and i’m not just saying that. you’re going to make a great king. trust me. and i’ll be right here, you won’t be alone, i promise.”
  • and joshua is nodding and then the trumpets are blaring and you take the crown from his hands and put it on his head and give him a quick kiss “go show the world whose a king.”
  • and bc this is joshua he is going to smile and go “a king is nothing w/o their queen/king.” and you smile and shake your head, pushing him out
  • bodyguard!seungkwan: oh jeez my father was right….joshua is smooth asf
  • and prince joshua does just what real-life joshua said: “i’ll make you my princess and we’ll be forever happy”
  • the end c:

theghostonthestairs  asked:

Hello! A friend recommended you, is there anything you can tell me about Hecate? I'm kind of at ground zero.

Ohhhh boy, do I ever! Most of what a Google search will find on this magnificent Goddess is based upon later sources, or are moderately recent inventions. Note that I have no problem with that: I believe the Theoi can change—especially in the eyes of the people who worship Them—and one of the ways They do so is by the practice of epithets. So, in my personal practice, this modern version of Hekate is an epithet of Her that I respect, but do not offer sacrifice to. Yet, even in the time of the ancient Hellenes, Hekate’s domains were entirely re-invented, so to say She would not have changed after the fall of the Hellenic empire seems not only futile to me, but disrespectful to a very adaptable Titan Goddess.

Hekate’s (Ἑκατη) worship was most likely imported from Thrace or Anatolia, where—especially at the latter—records were found of children being named after Her. This version of Her is single-faced, rules in heaven, on the earth, and in the sea, is a Theia of childbirth—to both animals and humans—and it is She who bestows wealth on mortals, victory, wisdom, good luck to sailors and hunters, and prosperity to youth and to the flocks of cattle. Yet, if mortals do not deserve Her gifts, she can withhold them from them just as easily. After the Titanomachy, Zeus bestowed upon Her the highest of honors. This is the Hekate found in Hesiod’s Theogony, written around 700 BC:

“Again, Phoebe came to the desired embrace of Coeus. […] And she conceived and bare Hecate whom Zeus the son of Cronos honoured above all. He gave her splendid gifts, to have a share of the earth and the unfruitful sea. She received honour also in starry heaven, and is honoured exceedingly by the deathless gods. For to this day, whenever any one of men on earth offers rich sacrifices and prays for favour according to custom, he calls upon Hecate. Great honour comes full easily to him whose prayers the goddess receives favourably, and she bestows wealth upon him; for the power surely is with her. For as many as were born of Earth and Ocean amongst all these she has her due portion. The son of Cronos did her no wrong nor took anything away of all that was her portion among the former Titan gods: but she holds, as the division was at the first from the beginning, privilege both in earth, and in heaven, and in sea. 
Also, because she is an only child, the goddess receives not less honour, but much more still, for Zeus honours her. Whom she will she greatly aids and advances: she sits by worshipful kings in judgement, and in the assembly whom she will is distinguished among the people. And when men arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, then the goddess is at hand to give victory and grant glory readily to whom she will. Good is she also when men contend at the games, for there too the goddess is with them and profits them: and he who by might and strength gets the victory wins the rich prize easily with joy, and brings glory to his parents. 

And she is good to stand by horsemen, whom she will: and to those whose business is in the grey discomfortable sea, and who pray to Hecate and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, easily the glorious goddess gives great catch, and easily she takes it away as soon as seen, if so she will. She is good in the byre with Hermes to increase the stock. The droves of kine and wide herds of goats and flocks of fleecy sheep, if she will, she increases from a few, or makes many to be less. So, then. albeit her mother’s only child, she is honoured amongst all the deathless gods. And the son of Cronos made her a nurse of the young who after that day saw with their eyes the light of all-seeing Dawn. So from the beginning she is a nurse of the young, and these are her honours.” (ll. 404-452)

Epithets associated with this version of Her are:

  • Krataeis (the Mighty One)
  • Kourotrophos (nurse of children)
  • Soteira (“Saviour”)

It is speculated that Hesiod hailed from a region where Hekate was heavily worshipped, and as such, his views upon Her power and stature were not reflected in the rest of Hellas, where other—Olympian—divinities took up her role—Artemis as the protector of animals, Nemesis as the administrator of justice, Selene as Theia of the moon, etc. As such, it was only logical that her power was dwindled down some—or, more accurately, focussed—into darker territories like the night, the (new) moon, spirits, the underworld, and sorcery when her cult spread throughout Hellas.

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter—composed somewhere in the late seventh century BC or the sixth century BC—sets this in motion, making Her an Underworld Goddess, and giving Her a Khthonius character. She becomes linked to caves, to torches, to night, and the Underworld itself. This transitional Hekate—still a protector of youth, and a bringer of plenty, but a more mysterious Goddess, linked to both the upper- and lower world—aids Persephone by being a torchbearer to Her mother, and by watching over Persephone when She is in the Underworld. When it is time for Persephone to leave, it is Hekate who guides Her out. It is this Hekate that is linked to the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Epithets associated with these events are:

  • Propolos (the attendant who leads)
  • Phosphoros (the light-bringer)

Hellenic tragedians felt drawn to the Khthonic side of Hekate, and slowly Hekate transformed into a Titan Goddess of the night, the moon, and (protection against) witchcraft, ghosts and necromancy. In this period, roughly around the fifth century BC, She also became the Goddess associated with crossroads, and Her triple form was born. Pausanias’ ‘Description of Greece’ wrote of this form:

"Of the gods, the Aeginetans worship most Hecate, in whose honor every year they celebrate mystic rites which, they say, Orpheus the Thracian established among them. Within the enclosure is a temple; its wooden image is the work of Myron, and it has one face and one body. It was Alcamenes, in my opinion, who first made three images of Hecate attached to one another, a figure called by the Athenians Epipurgidia (on the Tower); it stands beside the temple of the Wingless Victory.” [2.30.2] 

There are two versions of this depiction. Both forms—when made into a statue—are called ‘Hekataia’. The first are three women, beautiful and young—a maiden, as Hekate was always depicted—usually around a pillar, holding various attributes. A version of Her in this depiction can be found on the right. Statues like these used to stand at crossroads in ancient Hellas, as well as near the gates to a home, which was just as much a crossroads. Hekate, in this form, became a Goddess of purification, expiation, and protection, associated with thresholds and gates, both reaching back to the Underworld association. Very rarely, She was represented with a single body, and three heads, all looking different ways.

In another, scarier, and more bestial version, Hekate is depicted similarly as above, but with the heads of various animals. The Greek Magical Papyri, or Papyri Graecae Magicae, name the three as such, but variations exist:

“Take a Lodestone and on it have carved a Three-faced Hekate. And let the Middle Face be that of a Maiden wearing Horns, and the Left Face that of a Dog, and the One on the Right that of a Goat.”

It is this Hekate that is appeased with the Deipnon, at the new moon: the last day of the month. These days, when the nights kept getting darker and darker, were some of the scariest days of the month, and were considered impure. The night when the moon completely disappeared was sacred to Hekate, as Hekate was able to placate the souls in Her wake, and could purify the household of miasma accumulated during the month. Removing this miasma allowed the members of the household to call on Hekate during the following month in times of need—as we have seen was common practice—and be more likely to have Her look favorably upon the supplicant.

Epithets associated with this version of Her are:
  • Apotropaia (that turns away/protects)
  • Enodia (Goddess of the paths)
  • Klêidouchos (Keeper of the Keys)
  • Propylaia (the one before the gate)
  • Tricephalus or Triceps (The Three-Headed)
  • Triodia/Trioditis (who frequents crossroads)
  • Trimorphe (three-formed)

The spell above—taken from the Papyri—is used to make a protective amulet, and offer protection much in the same way as her three-formed appearance at crossroads and entrances does. Then again, the Hekate in the Papyri is not a gentile being. The materials in the Papyri—which are Graeco-Roman Egyptian in origin—stem from anywhere between the second century BC to the fifth century AD, and show a much darker—although highly honored—part of Her, still linked to many other Goddesses:

“To You, wherefore they call You Hekate, Many-named, Mene, cleaving Air just like Dart-shooter Artemis, Persephone, Shooter of Deer, night shining, triple-sounding, Triple-headed, triple-voiced Selene, Triple-pointed, triple-faced, triple-necked, And Goddess of the Triple Ways, who hold untiring Flaming Fire in Triple Baskets, And You who oft frequent the Triple Way and rule the Triple Decades, unto me Who’m calling You be gracious and with Kindness give Heed, You who protect the Spacious World At night, before whom Daimons quake in Fear and Gods Immortal tremble, Goddess who Exalt Men, You of Many Names, who bear Fair Offspring, Bull-eyed, Horned, Mother of Gods And Men, and Nature, Mother of All Things, for You frequent Olympos, and the broad And boundless Chasm You traverse. Beginning and End are You, and You Alone rule All. For All Things are from You, and in You do all Things, Eternal One, come to their End. As Everlasting Band around Your Temples you wear Great Kronos’ Chains, unbreakable And unremovable, and You hold in Your Hands a Golden Scepter. Letters ‘round Your Scepter Kronos wrote Himself and gave to You to wear that All Things stay steadfast: Subduer and subdued, Mankind’s Subduer, and Force-subduer; Chaos, too, You rule. Hail, Goddess, and attend Your Epithets, I burn for You this Spice, O Child of Zeus, Dart-shooter, Heav’nly One, Goddess of Harbors, who roam the Mountains, Goddess of Crossroads, O Nether and Nocturnal, and Infernal, Goddess of Dark, Quiet and Frightful One, O You who have Your Meal amid the Graves, Night, Darkness, Broad Chaos: Necessity Hard to escape are You; You’re Moira and Erinys, Torment, Justice and Destroyer, And You keep Kerberos in Chains, with Scales of Serpents are You dark, O You with Hair Of Serpents, Serpent-girded, who drink Blood, who bring Death and Destruction, and who feast On Hearts, Flesh Eater, who devour Those Dead untimely, and You who make Grief resound And spread Madness, come to my Sacrifices, and now for me do You fulfill this Matter.”

Epithets associated with this version of Her are:
  • Antania (Enemy of mankind)
  • Khthonian (Earth/Underworld goddess)
  • Prytania (invincible Queen of the Dead)

Throughout the following centuries—especially with the rise of Christianity—Hekate lost many of Her domains, and a greater focus was placed upon her darker features. Slowly, she became a sorceress, a witch, out to destroy the common man. By this time, she also became a crone. Around 1600 AD, William Shakesear describes the common opinion of Her best in his Macbeth:

"Have I not reason, beldams as you are? Saucy and overbold, how did you dare to trade and traffic with Macbeth in riddles and affairs of death, and I, the mistress of your charms, the close contriver of all harms, was never called to bear my part, or show the glory of our art?”

Hekate as the Queen of Witches, teacher of magic(k), ready to deal with desperate souls. This version of Hekate, especially combined with the Papyri Graecae Magicae, inspired occultist Aleister Crowley to write his Hymn for Her, and describe Her as a maiden-mother-crone trinity with Persephone and Demeter—the Goddesses with whom she was identified at Eleusis—in his 1917 novel ‘Moonchild’:

“…and thirdly, she is Hecate, a thing altogether of Hell, barren, hideous and malicious, the queen of death and evil witchcraft. […] Hecate is the crone, the woman past all hope of motherhood, her soul black with envy and hatred of happier mortals; the woman in the fullness of life is the sublime Persephone, for whose sake Demeter cursed the fields that they brought forth no more corn, until Hades consented to restore her to earth for half the year.”

Gerald Gardner—as all whom have been around the Neo-Pagan circles for a while undoubtedly know—was a great fan of Crowley, and used much of his teachings to create Wicca. This is how the modern image of Hekate entered modern Neo-Paganism, and how Hekate changed from a benign and helpful Goddess of animals, childbirth and victory into a Goddess associated with the dead, with magick, and sorcery. For those of you reading this who are not Hellenistic, perhaps this post will help you understand why Hellenists are usually not so happy with Hekate’s current image—if you weren’t already aware of those reasons. For Hellenists reading this, perhaps this post sheds some light on the modern incarnation of Hekate, and helps you figure out in what incarnation you want to worship Her at your home. Whatever the case, to my knowledge there isn’t a single other Hellenic Goddess who managed to reinvent Herself as much as Hekate did. In a changing time, Hekate found a way to stay current, and be revered by many around the globe: a divine skill, indeed, and one worthy of honors and respect.

I’ll make a Dwarf out of you!

Thorin Oakenshield recruited twelve dwarves to accompany him on his grand quest of reclaiming Erebor, each and every single one of them were undoubtedly loyal and honorable, with a heart as willing as the crownless King’s himself.

Everyone had to prepare for the long journey ahead, which meant planning, packing necessities and, of course, sparring to make sure everyone would sharpen their fighting skills before hitting the road. 

That’s where you make your entrance. 

Known as the best shield-maiden among dwarven folk, you were expected to help Thorin and Dwalin in training The Company before they had to leave. As stubborn as they all were, that would prove to be quite the challenge. And then, there was this silly dwarf who thought he could win your affections. 

Oh Mahal, what had you gotten yourself into?

Disclaimer:  I do not own any characters of ‘The Hobbit’. They belong to their wonderful owner, J.R.R. Tolkien. That man is a genius. I do not own the gifs I use, they belong to those who created them. This one-shot, that I’m actually really proud of, was based on this Imagine from ImaginexHobbit. This blog is amazing!

Author’s note: This is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever written, but you know what? I honestly regret nothing. It may not be the best of my writings… but you know what? YOLO! I might continue to ruin make Disney even better with all the silly ideas that were born from this one-shot. Also, since I absolutely adore Bofur so much, that adorable cutie pie, I decided to pair the reader with him. Enjoy! 

Warnings: Slight swearing, silly dwarves, fluffy/flirty Bofur, badass reader
One-shot written by: Erebor’s Secret
Words: 2622
Pairing(s): Bofur x Shield-maiden!Dwarrowdam!Reader

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Souvenirs (A CS AU) Part 5/14

A Modern CS AU where Emma has grown up in Maine her whole life and runs a store with Ruby and MM. Killian Jones is the new guy in town, who just bought the local bar. Only Emma and Killian have met before and now she can’t help but wonder if their past has influenced his plans for the future. Includes tons of fluff and a happily ever after. Rated M.

Part One Here, Part Two Here, Part Three Here, Part Four Here

A/N: Hey all! The first part of this chapter is from Killian’s POV and the second is from Emma’s. It’s so incredibly fluffy and when I first wrote it I truly thought I had out done myself on the fluff scale. BUT I am also introducing a new character who will be helping Emma and the others at Three Fates. So strap in for a bonanza of cute, and cuddly. We all deserve it in a world that is less than perfect, so just treat your self.

Even if he tried, there was no way that Killian Jones could keep the smile off of his face. It had been a few weeks since his first arriving in Storybrooke, and he couldn’t have dreamed that it would turn out this well. Hell, part of him had been worried that he’d come here and Emma wouldn’t even remember him, or that yes she’d already have found someone else, but he’d known, deep in his soul that he had to try. He couldn’t take another day living with the what-if, he needed to know if the two of them had truly been everything he’d felt during their one night five years ago.

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Korrasami Book 1-4 Analysis/Musings/Headcanons

So, now that we know this is the end game, I was reflecting on their relationship over the show as a whole. I think knowing these two women end up in love and walking into the sunset spirit portal together can help color or make sense of their interactions.

We know from Bryan and Mike’s posts that Korrasami wasn’t planned from the start, but rather grew organically out of the writing process, and only became consciously penned in during the second half of the series. For that reason, as characters, the growth of their emotional bond might seem hard to understand. But that’s where my character analyses/head-canons come in! Hopefully this post explains a few things, or fills in the gaps in a way that seems logical and consistent with their characterization.

Warning: it’s lengthy (originally written 12/20/14, updated Feb 2015).

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Malec Alphabet Drabble - Z

Z - Zenith

If there was one thing in his long life that Magnus had never dared hope for, it was a family. Hardly surprising really, considering that from the day he was born he had been without one.

Oh, he had parents, but in name only. His father was an unmitigated bastard and, though he’d only figured it out later, not actually his blood. He’d treated Magnus worse than the dirt under his shoe and hadn’t been much better to Magnus’ mother. It took the warlock a long time to realize that neither of them had deserved what they got from the man. That realization that he was worth more had also given Magnus enough will to keep on living, after everything. 

His mother, on the other hand, lost that very will when he was still a boy and it had led to her taking her life soon thereafter. For many years, Magnus had been angry with her, furious that she would leave him with the man that had tormented them both so much… but then, as he grew older, he realized he could hardly begrudge her for escaping their abuser in the only way she thought possible. Still, it hurt to be without her, it hurt to be the one left behind. He had loved her, his mother, though she had been far from perfect. And she’d loved him, despite the part of her that had been frightened by the slit pupils of his natural eyes, by the magic in his blood. Sometimes Magnus wished his love had been enough to save her, even if had only been for a little while longer. He would have liked to say goodbye. But it was not to be.

He hoped she had found some peace in her final moments. She’d earned that much.

With his mother gone, the man he’d once called ‘father’ took out his anger Magnus, as he always did, going so far as to blame him for the death of his wife. Only his anger and blame no longer had boundaries; his violence against the warlock boy suddenly had lethal intent. In his weaker moments, Magnus still had nightmares of the murderous look in the man’s eyes, the very same look he’d worn moments before he’d try to drown his ‘son’. But Magnus had not been the one to die that night. (I am immortal, after all, he thought sardonically.)

His meeting with his true father, the demon Asmodeus, had not gone much better.

From then on, family had become a vague concept to Magnus, something that he feared just as much as he envied. And when, after centuries spent looking for a partner in life, for someone who could love him, who he could love back, only to be spurned at every turn, the idea of family went from vague to nonexistent.

If Magnus was destined to be alone for all eternity, then he wouldn’t keep fighting against it. No, he was going to embrace it. He would do this like he did everything else, with style.

Of course, life was a fickle thing; it hardly every went according to plan.

For example, the first time Magnus had met Alexander Lightwood, he had thought that whatever spark was between would be a simple passing affection. Something to be cherished for a short time, but ultimately let go. He’d hardly expected to marry him, let alone have children with him.

But, like he said, life was capricious. 

And he couldn’t be happier for it. Magnus had a family now and gods, were they beautiful.

The warlock smiled as he walked down the familiar streets of Brooklyn, both his hands held by much smaller ones. His sons were tired out from their afternoon at the park. Max and Rafael Lightwood-Bane were five and seven respectively and even their seemingly infinite reserves of energy sometimes waned.

Max had been with him and Alec since he was a baby, adopted when he was just a month old. He was a warlock, his skin a charming blue color that was currently hidden under a glamor Magnus cast so that they could walk through the crowds unnoticed. The rest of the Lightwood-Bane clan always made sure to reassure Max that his skin was nothing to be ashamed of, that it was special. Thankfully, his son accepted this easily. His little blueberry was a happy child, always smiling and laughing. He might be the quieter, more contemplative of the two boys, but his natural kindness always shone through.

Rafael, on the other hand, had only been theirs since he was five. A shadowhunter Alec found in the streets of Buenos Aires, he had been very reserved and shy the first few months he had been with them. Soon enough, however, Rafi had opened up to the rest of them. He had a surprising sense of humor, and found out he could be as loud and feisty as Magnus, though his completive nature was all Alec. Still, he was a loyal child and he loved his brother and his fathers to bits. He was fiercely protective of them all, often defending Max against the other shadowhunter children of their generation who ridiculed him for being a warlock. Hell, he sometimes spoke up against adults who insulted Magnus or Alec. (Nothing had prepared Magnus for the onslaught of pure, unadulterated love that Magnus had felt at that; there was nothing quite like the love you had for your children… or the feeling their love for you could give you.)

His boys were a blessing he hoped he never took for granted. It wasn’t always easy, of course it wasn’t. Fatherhood was a challenge for him and Alec. And lord the boys could argue and sometimes they were so damned loud that it drove them both nuts. But still, the reward was incomparable. Just the fact that he was able to go to the park with his sons when he wanted and play with them was a joy. Being able to look down now and see their tired little faces brighten at the sight of their apartment building made him smile.

Magnus tugged them both gently into the elevator, giving Rafi the honor of pressing the button for their floor while his little blueberry leaned against his leg, yawning. (The older warlock knew that if suggested a nap, however, he would be quickly rebuffed.) 

“Anyone up for a snack?” Magnus asked as soon as they were back in the loft.

“Me, Papa!” Rafi exclaimed, all former tiredness gone. He clambered onto one of the stools.

Max followed close behind. “Me too!”

Magnus had to chuckle at their eager antics. Oh to be a child. Their happiness was so simply given. “Coming up, my young sirs,” he joked.

He prepared their snacks quickly, with the experienced air of any parent, giving them some grapes and a couple cookies each. For good measure, he handed them some coloring books and paper as well. As the boys were clearly happily occupied, the warlock took the chance to get some of his work done. Sadly, being the High Warlock of Brooklyn wasn’t all fun and games. 

Still, he didn’t get all that much finished, not with the boys constantly asking him things. Magnus really didn’t mind the interruptions though; having a full family life had become the epitome of his happiness. He also loved to watch his sons interact, loved that despite their bickering there was absolutely no ill will between them. It was sweet, how devoted they were to one another. They weren’t in any way related by blood but anyone who watched them couldn’t deny that they were brothers. (It particularly warmed his heart, when he noticed Rafi leaning over complimenting Max’s drawing. Magnus sometimes forgot how adorable children could be… when they were in the right mood for it, that is.)

Distracted as the boys were, they didn’t notice the telltale sound of the front door opening. That must be Alexander. Magnus quietly got up from his seat and went to greet his wayward husband, indulging in a slow, deep kiss while they could. Alec was surprised by it, but melted into as he always did. The younger man ended their embrace sooner than Magnus would have liked however, pulling back so they could actually have a few moments to talk amongst themselves.

Alec looked much the same as the day Magnus had first met him, with the exception of the thick stubble he’d taken to sporting the last couple of years. At first he’d grown in an attempt to look slightly older (which it did only slightly) but he had become quite attached to it. Magnus had too, truth be told.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said now, grinning sheepishly. Despite it being Magnus’ day to take the kids, Alec had expected to be home in time to join in on his family’s little park adventure. The warlock hadn’t been too worried when he hadn’t shown up though; it happened sometimes, with him now being the official Head of the New York Institute. 

“It’s fine, darling, though you’re going to have take over tomorrow; I have a couple appointments to take care of,” Magnus replied. As much as he enjoyed that the kids had summer holiday, it was rather difficult logistically; he and Alec were rather busy men. Thankfully, they were taking a couple weeks off later this month. 

Alec nodded at the reminder. “Ok, I’ll get the boys then. They can spend some time with me at the Institute. Clary’s been asking when she could next give Max an art lesson and Izzy and Jace want to show off for Rafi again.”

Magnus only rolled his eyes fondly at commentary. The extended family he’d married into had quite the entertainment value, he had to admit.

“I have something to tell you,” Alec started, eyes sparkling with excitement. He was about to say more when their sons came dashing into the front hallway. 

“Daddy!” Max shouted, crashing into Alec’s legs. Luckily Alec was expecting it and didn’t even flinch.

“Daddy!” echoed Rafael loudly, copying his younger brother.

Alec smiled widely, putting an arm around them both. “There you are! How are my boys?”

“Good! Papa said we could come with you tomorrow!” Rafi said excitedly. In the meantime Max tried to clamber up Alec’s legs, always wanting to picked up, though he was getting slightly old for it. Alec obliged him easily, settling him on his hip.

“Well, you know Papa is always right.” 

Max and Rafi nodded sagely.

Magnus puffed out a bit proudly and flicked his hair from his eyes dramatically, glad when it had its desired comedic effect and both the boys let out a high-pitched laugh.

The rest of the night passed in a hectic blur, ending with all four of them sprawled on the couch, watching movies. It was almost midnight when Max and Rafi were finally sound asleep. They’d begged him and Alec to stay up with them, but eventually the movie had lulled them to sleep anyways. Magnus watched their sleeping forms with a smile, feeling completely at peace. He found himself reaching across the back of the couch and taking Alec’s hand in his, calling the other man’s attention to him.

“I want another one,” he said abruptly. He’d been thinking about the possibility for a while and realized that, with as good as they had it now, it would be the perfect time to add another member to the Lightwood-Bane clan.

Alec’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “Already? It’s only been two years since we brought Rafi home.”

Magnus understood his shock; after all it had been Alec who’d wanted both boys before Magnus had even thought of the possibility of them. But the warlock knew what he wanted now. He loved being a father more than any other role he’d taken on in his long life… and he could just imagine a third child, running around with the boys. So he just smiled charmingly at his husband and continued. “Exactly, so I think it’s about time we bring another one home. The boys are getting along lately and they’re well behaved.” 

“Relatively,” the shadowhunter replied dryly, eyes twinkling with the kind of exasperated amusement only a parent could have.

“Yes, well. They take after their father.”

“They do have your flare for the dramatic.”

“Oh please darling, we all know you’re the real drama queen in the family,” Magnus said smartly, causing Alec to roll his eyes. Case in point, the warlock thought, barely suppressing the urge to laugh. Instead he brought their conversation back on topic. “I think now would be the prime time for another one, don’t you? I can tell you’ve been thinking about it. I know you far too well, Alexander.”

(Alec still wasn’t much good at hiding his emotions from Magnus, no matter how hard he tried. Magnus saw the longing looks he’d been giving the boys, the way his eyes occasionally lingered on Clary’s pregnant stomach… the way he sometimes looked at old of pictures of him and his siblings from when they were young.)

“Well you’re not wrong,” the shadowhunter shrugged, a shy smile playing at his lips. 

Magnus echoed the boys earlier and nodded sagely. “I know.”

Alec look at him for a long moment, considering. Then his smile widened and he squeezed the warlock’s hand. “Well, ok then. Let’s adopt another one,” he said, trying to keep his excitement in so as not to wake the kids. 

“Thank you, darling.” Magnus replied, quietly happy. Although the fact that they were going to have another child didn’t quite settle in yet, he already began thinking about how they could announce it to the boys. (Perhaps this time they should do the cheesy thing and buy them both a ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ t-shirt or something like that… Magnus did enjoy having the opportunity to do the quintessential dad thing). Then Alec squeezed his hand again, successfully getting his attention.

“I guess now would be a good time to mention something Luke talked to me about today,” he said, his expression an odd mix of apprehension and muted excitement.

Magnus’ curiosity was peaked at this seemingly off-topic segue. “Luke?”

“I was going to tell you earlier, but he came to see me at the Institute this morning about a problem he’s been having with the pack. Apparently one of the members died unexpectedly; a car crash would believe it? Even his enhanced healing couldn’t help him, or the woman he was with. Luke said that his friend was driving her over from a rival pack so that the two of them could be together,” Alec paused, brow furrowed; the report of the incident clearly bothered him, though he was doing his best not to show it. Magnus intertwined their fingers further in support and waited patiently for him to continue. “Thing is… she was pregnant. A mundane found them and got them to a hospital, the doctors there managed to save their baby daughter,” the shadowhunter said the last part softly, glancing at his husband meaningfully.

The warlock was beginning to see where he was going with this, but didn’t dare give into hope just yet. (Besides the fact that it might not work, it would hardly be right to dismiss the tragedy of the situation… now more than ever Magnus understood the sadness of mortality.) “But her parents didn’t make it?” he checked, frowning.

“No, they didn’t. The baby’s just a few days old and she’s all alone,” Alec replied, glancing at their sons, genuine sadness in his eyes.

“She’ll hardly be alone,” the older man tried to console as he thought about the situation. “It’s customary for the rest of the pack to take in the children of deceased members.”

“Normally. But with her parents coming from two rival packs, there’s been feuding about who’ll take her. Werewolves are proud, even amongst themselves.”

Magnus nodded, accepting this. Pride was a pitfall in every species in the Shadow World. Even mundanes sometimes succumbed to it. “So why bring the problem to you?” he asked, despite already having his suspicions.

“Because Luke thought of another solution. He wants to suggest that the baby go to a third party, outside of either pack.” Alec turned to him more fully, careful not to jostle Max, who was lying against him. “He came to me because he thinks we could be that third party…” The shadowhunter stared at him nervously, fidgeting with the fingers of his free hand as he let the words settle in. “…so, what do you think?” he finally finished.

Magnus stared back at him for a long moment, considering. He wanted another child, yet he found himself hesitating just the slightest bit. Perhaps it was because this was sooner than he’d expected… or perhaps he was still unsure? Maybe they should wait…

But then he thought of that little girl, of what she could mean to them. He hadn’t really considered having a daughter, too stuck on the idea of having another child to think about the specifics. Now that it was a possibility though, he couldn’t help but imagine it. There had been many important and utterly impressive women in his long life, most recently his two sisters-in-law. If this little girl (his little girl, a part of him already insisted) turned out anything like Isabelle or Clary… well, then Magnus would most definitely be proud to be called her father. (He would likely be proud to be her father regardless, if his love for her became anything like his love for Max and Rafi.)

And then there was the fact that she was a downworlder like him. Although not all children of werewolves became werewolves themselves, they still possessed preternatural abilities; she’d need people who understood that (not like his father). He and Alec were more than qualified for that. And besides that, he was sure if they ever ran into any trouble, Luke would offer his assistance. Lucian Graymark was far too honorable a man to leave a lone wolf completely without a pack to support her. 

He wondered what the boys would think of her. Considering they were Alec’s sons as much as his, they would probably adore their little sister, maybe even to the point of arguing over who got to play with her. He could just see it now. It would nice, he thought, to have a third child so soon.

“Magnus? You’re worrying me a little, it’s not often your rendered speechless,” Alec said, trying to make a joke, though his fidgeting continued to betray his nervousness. “What are you thinking?”

Magnus smiled widely, gripping Alec’s hand even more tightly. “I was thinking that we could do with some female influence around here,” he said finally.

Alec’s returning grin was blinding, and the way he threw himself at Magnus and over the boys was enough to wake them both up, muttering grumpily. Neither of the fathers minded though; at this point, nothing could ruin their good moods.

Two days later, Magnus finally got to meet the baby that had become a constant source of discussion and speculation in their house. Magnus’ first thought about her was that she was a beautiful little thing. Dark skinned and dark eyed, she stared up at him peaceably. The warlock was glad for that, thankful that she wouldn’t know the pain of losing her mother and father, that it wouldn’t affect her happiness in the long run. He would make sure that her biological parents were remembered though, that this little girl knew where she came from. He was sure Luke would oblige them with that.

Luke handed the baby silently over to him now, watching them with a quiet smile. Magnus took her carefully, keeping his hold on her secure enough to be safe but also still gentle and comfortable. As soon as she settled in Magnus’s arms, he knew… he knew this little girl was theirs now… that this baby was his and Alec’s just as much as Max and Rafael were.

Alec stood a little closer to his side, wrapping one arm around Magnus while his other hand rested over the baby’s tiny head, covering her dark curls. The warlock knew his husband was thinking much the same thing.

“It’s unusual for a werewolf child to be with non-wolf parents but under the circumstances, I thought it best for you two to take her,” Luke told them. “The pack knows and trusts you both. We’ll be there for you and for her whenever she needs it. Someone is going to have to help guide her along when the time comes.” 

“We’ll take good care of her,” Alec promised, running a long finger down the baby’s cheek.

“I know,” Luke said immediately, without a hint of doubt in his voice. “Well, I’ll leave you both to it.”

After their friend left, Magnus wasn’t quite sure how long he and Alec stood there, just admiring her; he couldn’t wait to have her home with the boys. Thankfully for them, the adoption went through with relative ease, seeing as they didn’t have to deal with many of the mundane regulations of such things. They gave her a name at the same time of course, sticking with their little tradition and naming her after someone important to them both. The whole process went by rather fast and it was only a couple of days until they were able to take the newly dubbed Belle Lightwood-Bane home. (Isabelle had tears in her eyes when they introduced her to her new niece the very next day, a small, genuine smile lighting up her face when she heard the name.) 

But first, Belle got to meet her big brothers. Alec and Magnus had told them about her right away, of course, and their responses had been enthusiastic. He knew sometimes children got jealous of their younger siblings for taking away their parents’ attention but Max and Rafi had both experienced this before when Rafael came home a couple of years before. So hopefully this introduction would go smoothly.

When the moment of truth finally came, the boys both looked at Belle with utter fascination.

Rafi, being the less shy of the two, stepped forward to greet her first. He peered down at her, where Alec was crouching with her in his arms.

“She’s so little,” he observed in wonder.

“She’s a baby Rafi,” Alec reminded (they forgot sometimes that their oldest son hadn’t been there when Max was an infant), “but don’t worry, she’ll be walking around after you soon enough.”

“And you too Blueberry,” Magnus added, giving Max a gentle push forward, encouraging him to say hi. Overcoming his nervousness, the little warlock put a small hand on his sister’s fist. He giggled immediately when the baby gurgled at him. 

Looks like this meeting is a success

Magnus felt his heart swell with utter happiness. He was well aware that their family wouldn’t always be this happy and peaceful with each other (everyone had their bad days) but for now… for now he would bask in what his life had become.

Because this moment, this here, this was his zenith. Being here, surrounded by his family, was the peak of Magnus’ life. One day, only he and Max would be left, one day Alec and Rafi and Belle would only exist in his memories… but as long as he had this here, this moment, Magnus thought that perhaps it might not be so bad. 

For now, however, he would enjoy this. He had his sons, he had his new daughter and he had his Alexander.

Life couldn’t get much better than this. Magnus would know; he’d lived through it all.

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One final thing: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s read the whole alphabet! I hope you all enjoyed it! I couldn’t have finished this without all the support <3 So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Osiria Rose: Prince Edward Oneshot

Summary: Edward stumbles on a flower shop. He doesn’t want to leave. (Happy early birthday, Edward!)

Pairing: EdwardxMC

He had only heard a whisper of the flower from a passing maid when he made up his mind.

“Louis,” Prince Edward declared that morning, “we’re going to a flower shop.”

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Happy 65th Birthday, Mary Louise Streep (June 22, 1949 - )

If there’s a heaven for directors, it would be to direct Meryl Streep your whole life, and my wish for the world is that Meryl will [someday] be 90 years old, acting in a great role written about a 90-year-old woman. - Alan J. Pakula

I would like to be one of those actresses who can do anything. I would like to be like Meryl Streep some day, but then I don’t know many people in this business who don’t have that goal. Amanda Seyfried

There is always talk about remaking All About Eve. (…) But after I’m gone, I’d like to look down, or up, and see Meryl Streep playing Margo. - Bette Davis

She loves to work and fortunately she’s a genius. - Bette Midler

Meryl Streep is one of the sweetest people - she’s so subtle and understated yet completely polished. Bobbi Brown

She’s aging beautifully and she doesn’t care. Cher

She’s a remarkable woman as well as the best actress. She’s an activist, a mother, and has managed her career without compromising; you don’t see her in advertisements or the gossip columns. We’ve been working together now for 30 years. It’s extraordinary to follow someone for so long, especially someone who has no interest in being photographed. She may be the only actress who’s not interested in looking at herself. She has no vanity; she gets no pleasure out of looking beautiful. She wants to get it over with as quickly as possible.

In the case of Meryl I first [photographed her] on Kramer vs. Kramer. And it’s unfortunate, because even though we’ve developed the most incredible closeness and friendship - truly, I never have enough of photographing her - she is constantly trying to avoid it! I think she kind of tolerates it, you know? Most women and actresses, at a certain point, will start to feel beautiful in the eye of that moment for the photographer and they start to relax and enjoy it. But Meryl will never get to that point, because she’s not interested in being looked at if she’s not performing. Brigitte Lacombe

She’s someone who I admire not only for what she can do - that’s a given - but for who she is. Emily Blunt

Meryl embodies everything a great, worthwhile artist is about. James Woods

Yes, I have been star-struck, by Meryl Streep. That woman is just luminous. She just radiates, it’s incredible. - Kylie Minogue

Meryl Streep does things I would never have thought possible… Her presence on screen is outstanding.Leonardo DiCaprio

As an actor, there’s no one better or classier than Meryl [Streep]. I’ve said this before, but honestly, I feel like we’re all very lucky to be alive right now and experience, first hand, her performances. I don’t think there’s ever been as great an actor, so when people like her come on our show, it becomes so important to honor them. To make sure I’m doing my very best because we are very mindful that this has to be worthy. Lisa Kudrow

Meryl can be anyone. Nobody understands what she does and how she does it. It’s great to be near her and to be part of it; it’s great to see her happen. The thing I always say is that she’s never lost an iota of the joy of doing it.

Weeks before we begin shooting, the company starts to get together.
And whoever is playing her lover is in love with her.
Whoever is playing the villain is a little scared of her.
Whoever is playing her best friend is her best friend.
She shifts her soul slightly and changes the chemistry of all the relationships.

I think she’s remarkable, and will be even more remarkable from a little bit of a distance - people looking back, saying, ‘this woman played ALL these parts?; 

Meryl’s got to be one of those phenomena, like Garbo,
that happen once in a generation.
 - Mike Nichols

She’s one of those unique actors who can laugh the world’s laughs and cry the world’s tears. - Phyllida Lloyd

Whenever she did a scene, you wished that the author were there to see it. - Robert Lewis

There’s simply no finer craftsman in the business. She’s as good as it gets.Robert Redford

I’d like to make a movie with her. She is arguably the greatest actress this country has seen in 40 years. - Steven Spielberg

For me, the greatest human being in America is Meryl Streep. She’s the top of the top, and nobody can be close to her, not even one inch. - Valentino

She’s a tremendously important artist in our time. She’s historically important. - William Hurt

SasuSaku Countdown Marathon Prompt - Back Then

Date: October 8th, 2014
Pairing: SasuSaku
Prompt: Back Then
Title: Uchiha Ubiquity
Summary: Sasuke just wants a little peace and quiet.
Written by: ebondeath
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Previous Prompts: The Beginning

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There are days, and he will never tell this to his wife, when Uchiha Sasuke longs for the old days. The days when he was free to brood and angst and nobody knew where he kept his tomato stash. It isn’t that he wants to go back to being a seething ball of bitterness and rage, no, that isn’t what he misses. He wouldn’t trade his life now for anything.

What he misses is the silence.


Is it possible to smirk and groan at the same time? Sasuke manages to achieve this as the front door to the Uchiha manor slides open abruptly and three tiny hellions spew forth and tackle him to the ground. Sasuke drowns under a sea of pink and uchiwa fans and hugs and kisses until the laughing voice of Uchiha Sakura calls off their daughters.

There are momentary pouts as the girls scoot away from their father, but these are soon wiped away as they all try to tell him about their day at the same time:

“Otou-san, guess what! I learned how to walk on water today!”

“Well, I hit all the targets right in the middle with my shuriken!”

“I saved you the biggestest tomato!”

Sakura smiles at him as their daughters relate the day’s adventures, that soft, easy smile that comes from loving someone for so long and bearing children together. Sasuke smirks back at her, knowing that for all their annoying chatter, the girls will be unrivaled kunoichi one day. How could they not be, given their parentage?

The chatter and the tugging of his clothes continues as he steps inside the house and removes his sandles. The Uchiha patriarch’s mind once again wanders back to his days in solitude. Back then, the Uchiha manor was silent as the grave, the only sounds had been his breathing and the echo of his footsteps. There had been no screaming children or trigger-hair tempered wife to holler at him.

For a person such as Sasuke, who had been used to near-constant solitude and quiet for the majority of his life, raising a family is a difficult transition. He does not and can not regret it, of course. His second goal in life is to restore his clan, and with four children, he has made a good start.

Sasuke and Sakura had married at twenty-one years old. The former missing-nin had returned to Konoha following the Fourth Great Shinobi War, at seventeen, and upon completion of his probation, had demanded in typical Sasuke-like fashion that the Godaime reinstate the Konoha Military Police Force and allow him to rebuild it. Tsunade had narrowed her eyes at him and told him that if he wanted to be a part of it, he would have to marry and put roots down in Konoha as a show of good faith that he planned to remain there and give his loyalty to the village. If he could prove to her that he was legitimately engaged to a woman, she told him, then she would honor his request. In the mean time, she would be busy finding a solution to their corrupted council.

Sasuke had thought that convincing Sakura to marry him would be easy. The first time he asked (in the middle of a spar), she punched him clear across the training ground and wouldn’t speak to him for three weeks. After some soul searching (and odd heart-to-heart talks with Naruto over ramen), he decided that he would take it slow. He had time now.

So he spent the next two years re-earning her trust. At nineteen, he asked her out on a date and she acquiesed. They’d had a picnic dinner in the gardens behind Uchiha manor and he kissed her for the first time under the just-blooming sakura trees. They spend the next year going out on sporadic dates and dancing around the idea of a relationship. At twenty, Sasuke finally asked Sakura to be his girlfriend. Later that week, Ino collected a large sum of money from their friends among the Rookie Nine. Sakura later learns that there had been a running bet on how long it would take she and Sasuke to get together.

A year later, Sasuke proposed again and received another punch for his troubles. Sakura asked him what took him so long before answering with a resounding yes and a kiss to seal the deal. Sasuke swears she will be the death of him.


Almost nine years later, nearing his thirties, Sasuke decides he was wrong. Sakura isn’t going to be the death of him, their triplet daughters are. Uchiha Suzuki, Suzuno, and Shizuka are four years old and Naruto refers to them as the Uchiha Pain Train. They are the joy of Sakura’s life and the terror of Sasuke’s. They are not identical, but each of them bears Sakura’s petal-pink hair and Sasuke’s coal-black eyes. With their black and red Uchiha clothing, they could be on an advert for Hot Topic.

Unfortunately for their parents, their personalities at four years old are the spitting image of Inner Sakura. They are loud, they are rowdy, and fight each other over everything. Sasuke’s death glares, which could make a grown man wet himself, have no effect on his daughters. He has absolutely no control over them, yet they hang on Sakura’s every word. That’s not to say that they don’t love him, far from it. They adore their father with all the fervor that a young child is capable of. His greeting every day when he returns home from the Police Force is proof of that. And he loves them in return, but he is also more terrified of them than he is of Sakura with all of her chakra-enhanced strength.

As much as he loves his daughters, the child that makes his chest swell with fatherly pride is his firstborn, his son Akira.

Uchiha Akira is nearly the spitting image of his father, though he lucked out of whatever gene that makes Sasuke’s hair spike like a chicken butt. At eight years old, Akira is quiet and introverted, but undoubtedly a prodigy. Just like his father, but without all of the anger and bitterness that young Sasuke carried in his heart. He is in his fledgling years at the Ninja Academy, but already he is top of his class and lightyears ahead of his classmates. This boy is the future of the Uchiha clan that Sasuke has hoped for.


Dinner in their household is always an interesting affair. Sasuke and Akira eat silently, Akira dutifully eating his vegetables and rice while Sasuke picks from a bowl of tomatoes. The triplets run around the table chasing each other, pots and pans are invariably being thrown about the room, and Sakura declares that her children are perfect angels. Sasuke is not stupid enough to tell her otherwise.

Afterwards, Sasuke does the dishes while Sakura attemps to bathe the girls and put them to bed (Sasuke does not envy her this task). She tells them stories of their genin days and how their father is the strongest, handsomest jounin ever. They don’t need to know about ANBU yet.
Sasuke helps Akira with his homework and his training in the backyard before the oldest, too, is sent off to bed.

Twilight is Sasuke’s favorite time of day. Back then, it had been morning, when he saw the whole day ahead of him and its opportunities for his training for revenge. Now, it is twilight, when he sees the innocent sleeping faces of his children as he slides the shoji door to their rooms shut. When he retreats to the garden with Sakura, to hold her and bury his face in her neck and she tells him that she loves him (he hopes she will never stop telling him). He ‘hn’s in response, and she knows that she, too, is loved in return.

Back then, the silence was filled with his pain and unhappiness.

Now, it is filled with the peace that his wife and his family bring him.