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Orange-lined triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus)

The Orange-lined triggerfish is a demersal marine fish belonging to the family Balistidae, the triggerfishes. It grows up to 30 cm long. It is widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific. It inhabits coral reefs, lagoons and external reef slopes at depths up to 50 meters. The orange-lined triggerfish has a varied diet based on different benthic organisms such as algae, molluscs, sponges, hard coral tips, echinoderms, and fish. This triggerfish is diurnal, solitary, and territorial. It can be aggressive with other fish. It erects its first dorsal spine to intimidate opponents and predators.

photo credits: Hans Hillewaert

Since he emerged from the Mustache Swamps in the late 1970s, one of the Enquirer’s perennial targets has been none other than Burt Reynolds, who came to loathe the magazine’s “exposes” so much that it’s more or less considered his nemesis.

Between 1972 and 1988, the magazine had a very peculiar tradition: Every December, its owner would erect an enormous Christmas tree in front of the Enquirer’s headquarters in Lantana, Florida. It had 280,000 lights and a train with 320 cars riding on 1,700 feet of tracks, and it was said to be the world’s tallest Christmas tree. The Enquirer tree was something of a tourist attraction, and Burt Reynolds hated this. So, one Christmas, he decided to use it as a vessel for his vengeance. But what could he do about it? All he had on hand was a giant stable full of horses, the number of a good helicopter rental service, and no particular plans for the holidays. Surely some form of poetic justice against the magazine that had flung shit at him for years would eventually come to him, as soon as he did something about those giant mounds of horseshit in his backyard …

Yes, I’m saying that Burt Reynolds once rented a helicopter, strapped two huge nets of horse manure under it, flew to the National Enquirer Christmas tree, and damn well dumped that poop all over it, and yes, you’re welcome.

6 Stories Of Celebrities Getting Petty Revenge, Just Like Us

the divinity of the
present moment here in the

winter air shimmering spawn
of inconceivably long

odds immense ancestor of
an infinitely branching

today’s breaking froth on the

unspooling beaches of now
lies asleep on the window

sill in front of the stirring
sphinx of the city its head

erect capturing time’s dreamt tail
in the still hour before dawn



In its heyday, Soviet officials erected some 14,000 statues to honor Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and a powerful political icon throughout the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, former Soviet states began dismantling Lenin statues by the thousands.

Swiss photographer Niels Ackermann tracks down the ousted Lenins in his ongoing series Lost in Decommunization. There was a decapitated golden statue in an overgrown square in Chabo, and nothing but the nose of a 28-foot monument—once the largest Lenin in the country—in Kiev. An Odessa statue was completely unrecognizable, transformed into Darth Vader.

MORE. When a Lenin Statue Is Decapitated, Where Does the Head Go?

Today, May 18 in 1860, the Republican National Convention nominated Abraham Lincoln for President of the United States.

The convention was held in Chicago where, after the decision for the venue was made, no large enough meeting hall to house it could be found.

Quickly, a wooden frame assembly hall to seat 10,000 delegates, guests, and observers, was constructed – it was to be known as the “Wigwam.

Despite its rushed erection, the building proved fit for the purpose with much lauded acoustics and great lines of sight from most seats.

After the elimination of a stout list of candidates many delegates switched to Lincoln and he won the party’s nomination against William H. Seward on the third ballot.

It took until noon for the result to reach Springfield, IL where Abraham Lincoln awaited the convention’s outcome and in the hours to come, large groups of people gathered in front of Lincoln’s modest two story house.

During a short speech in response to a serenade, Abraham Lincoln apologized for not being able to invite the whole crowd into the limited space of his home to which, according to the Illinois State Journal, one of the onlookers replied:

“We will give you a larger house on the fourth of next March'”

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  • louis: heard u let perrie edwards go..
  • zayn: heard u got briana pregnant?
  • louis: you know tatts are permanent, right?
  • zayn: you know condoms are a good idea, right?

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when you get a charlie horse in your toes they curl up much like a shrivled up penis so when your toe is normal 95% of the time its basically erect ie your toes are always turned on

Bl. Alvarez of Cordova

(1350-1430) was born to a noble family in Zamora, Spain. He joined the Dominican Order and preached throughout Spain, and served at the court of Queen Catherine. He went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and upon his return preached the crusades against the Muslims. He founded the famous priory of Scala Caeli (Ladder of Heaven) at Cordova, a convent of strict observance, and it is said that angels helped provide its building materials. He erected pictures of the holy places in Jerusalem in its gardens, popularizing the custom of the Stations of the Cross. He lived a life of great austerity and begged for alms even though he could easily obtain what he needed from the royal court. Numerous miracles are attributed to him. It is told that he once found a dying beggar, wrapped him in a blanket, and carried him back to the convent. Upon unwrapping the cloth he found only a crucifix. Blessed Alvarez was dedicated to Christ’s Passion and helped spread devotion to the Way of the Cross throughout western Europe. He also successfully led a resistance against the anti-pope and brought Spain under allegiance to the true pope in Rome. His feast day is February 19.

Lady Raptors Part 4---

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Drake sat lazily in a delicious haze this woman had created for him. Her small hands tampered across his chest sweetly. Nic leaned up and sucked his wet lip into her mouth. Her thumbs stroked his freshly grown beard as he got lost in her. He has never felt this way about anyone in a while. Nor wanted anyone so bad in his life.

Nic leaned back completely, releasing his lips. She giggled when he came up with her in a daze. Adjusting them slightly, she pushed him back against the cushion. She straddled his waist and traced circles on his chest.

Drake looked up at her with raw desire in his eyes. She winked at him and leaned down carefully. He raised his hand and curled his fingers in her hair. She kissed down his chest and abs, reaching to pull his dick out of its confines.

Drake’s erection twitched at her cool touch and then relaxed. He bit his lip when she ran her thumb along the tip. Nic lifted her head and swooped her wide black hair over one shoulder. She focused on his throbbing erection with fascination. Drake looked down at her watching him and became even harder if possible.

She pressed her lips to the tip and allowed her tongue to peep out. Drake tilted his head back and groaned. He bucked his slim hips, just wanting her to stop with all the teasing. Nic laughed at his impatience and opened her mouth. And right before he could push into her mouth, the doorbell rang.

“Fuck!” Drake yelled rubbing his face in annoyance.

Nic sat up and grabbed her bra and shirt off the floor. Drake pulled up his sweats and stood up with obvious anger. After Nic fixed her clothes, she looked up at him with a smirk. He rolled his eyes at her.

“I’m gonna go ahead-” she began. Drake cut her off while he headed to the door.

“Don’t fucking move Nic.” He ordered. She laughed and did as told. He reached the door and swung it open harshly, a lethal look on his face.

“Damn nigga!” Wayne stepped back slightly.

“What’s yo problem?” Chubbs laughed at the look on his friend’s face. Obviously not bothered. Drake ignored their comments.

“What are you guys doing here?” He ran a face through his curls. They looked at each other and shrugged.

“We brought weed.” Wayne said evenly. The only thing Drake was concerned about at this moment was getting his dick wet. And he wanted Nic all to himself.

“Now is not a good-”

Drake trailed off when he saw Wayne and Chubbs’s eyes drift to the side of him. Then he heard her sweet voice.

“Hey, I’m Nic.” She smiled holding out her hand to Wayne. “It’s nice to met you.” He looked over at Drake and grinned knowingly.

“Dwayne Micheal Carter.” He took her hand and kissed it. “But you can call me Wayne.” She noticed Drake tense beside her and laughed silently. She then turned to Chubbs and introduced herself.

“You look familiar…” He drifted off with a thoughtful look. Then he snapped his fingers together. “That’s right, you that bad ass basketball player with the big-” Wayne elbowed him, making a grunt leave his lips.

“With the big ass?” She watched a slight blush go over his face and laughed easily.
“Yeah I know.” She winked at the both of them. She turned to Drake and cocked her head in a bird-like manner.

“I see now is not a good time.” She pouted. Nic reached up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Instantly feeling him grab her waist tightly.
“So maybe I’ll catch you around?” She tossed her hair off her shoulders with a shrug.

“It was nice to meet you guys.” She grinned and stepped up to them.

They slid to the side and let her walk through the doorway. All their eyes watched her ass as she strutted off. ‘Are all men the same?’ She thought with a audible laugh. She maneuvered into her car and started the engine. Nic looked up to see that Wayne and Chubbs had went inside. But Drake still stood there with a slightly irritated look on his face. She blew a kiss at him and pulled out of the long driveway.

Drake watched her leave and then closed the door. He walked into his living room to see them niggas already lit some blunts up. They did not even allow him to sit down before bombarding him with invasive   questions.

“What was she doing here man?” Chubbs asked slowly, exhaling the heavy smoke.

“Nigga did you hit that?” Wayne brought his up to his lips.

“Ya’ll asses showed up before I could.” Drake huffed in annoyance.

“You getting tired on us Drake.” Chubbs laughed rolling a blunt for him.

“You have no idea.” He groaned, the feeling of her thick body against him still fresh on his mind.

Chubbs finished rolling and handed Drake the blunt. He took a long pull and passed it back to him. They would have questioned his actions, but they were too high to care. Drake was not in the mood to smoke. Nic was heavy on his mind.

He felt his phone buzz in his pocket and pulled it out . After he unlocked it, his semi-hard on he had had before, came back with a vengeance.

Nic sent him a picture of her in the shower.  The lense had specks of water on it and the picture quality was steamy. Which gave an illusion of intimacy between the couple. Her full breasts were covered by one arm, and the  water was running down her hair and back. She angled it to where he could see her ass but not alot of it. And it was captioned.

Baby: I want u inside me pretty boy😽