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Do It Again

This one’s for @avasmommy224‘s Birthday Challenge - Happy 30th my love!
Hope you have an AWESOME day, followed by an incredible year. May the writing gods bless you with so many ideas you pray for writers block!
Enjoy, Jenn - this one’s for you!

Prompt: “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”
Word Count: 2139
Warnings: Fluff, Smut - take that as your summary as well!
A/N: Thank you to @wi-deangirl77 for giving this a once over and making sure it made sense! Use the gif to inspire your imagination!

“Ow!” Jensen’s voice was rough with sleep, but he was sure as shit awake now.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, swatting me with the pillow he’d pulled from under his head. I flinched back, capturing the pillow and thumping it back down on him.
“I just wanted a piece of that fine ass!” I whispered, resting my head back to the dip in the small of his back, savoring in the warmth of his bare skin.
“No need to bite,” he growled, reaching to slap at my pantie-clad behind, running his hand up my thigh towards my knee that rested near his face, giving it a squeeze.
“And I was having such a nice dream too.” He murmured, lifting himself to rest his lips against my bare leg. I was aware from an eagle-eye view, we probably looked like a ying-yang, perfectly describing us, our differences that made us a whole.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a monster woo smut where your both in a daddy/little girl relationship?

Baby Girl: AMBW because why not

Your eyes darted open slowly, looking around to see your surroundings about you. Your legs were curled up into one another, your hands tangled into the sheets and your straight fucked up hair was everywhere the ends curling slowly because your hair liked to torment you like that whenever you didn’t tie it down. But there was a reason you didn’t do so. He had come over last night. Kim Young Woo but most knew him by Monster Woo, his dancing name.

He had been you’re boyfriend for over a year or so now, but on top of that he was also your daddy. That relationship was the one that started first. He and you had met at a club, he had danced there and seeing you stare at his body he couldn’t help it he had to come over to your table and give you a lap dance teasing you and making you shy in front of all your friends. He had asked you back to his place after everything was over and you knew what was going down. But that wasn’t the last time he wanted you.

He had called regularly asked for you both to met at different places or each others houses, even when he went to other cities and states to dance you were always there right beside him. He was the one you went to for everything and it just so happened you were the same for him. Of course feelings didn’t come into play for a while neither side said anything in fear the other side would leave. It was a sexual thing until he saw you giving a lap dance to another male and that was it he knew then he wanted you in every way. 

Smiling widely at your own thoughts, you rolled over slightly to stare up at him. He didn’t snore loudly it was a soft snore, his dark black raven locks tumbling over his eyes as he rested, his tattoos showing over his body his arms sprawled out wildly, one was trying to rest under your head and he didn’t even know where the other one was supposed to be probably. Laughing softly you let your eyes roam down his well defined body and for some reason you couldn’t stop looking at his waist and lower. He was so fucking sexy and you had always found yourself getting wet at just the thought of him touching you. With a bright smile and ideas swirling around your head you pushed the covers off of his hips leaning over to lay your body against the bed facing his morning wood.

You licked your lips at the thickness that lay against his stomach anything but soft. Slowly you gripped it in your tiny hand stroking it up and down causing a grunt to slip from his lips as he moved a bit. Your hand continued its motions watching his erection come to life. Your mouth leaning forward to take slow cat like licks against the head of his shaft, his breathing got harder and you knew he probably thought he was having a wet dream at how he fought with his sleep. But you didn’t want him to wake up before you got a chance to get on top (something he liked yet he rarely let you do it because he felt he moaned too much).

You pulled back from him licking your lips, you climbed on his body, your hand gripping at his dick the other bracing on his chest and you knew he was starting to stir. Slowly you waited until his eyes were opening and you slid yourself down on his dick ever so slowly letting your mouth open to part into a ‘o’ shape. You waited until he was fully buried inside of you, both of your hands on his chest, his dark eyes watched you for a bit and he didn’t even fight it. 

You picked yourself up and dropped back down on him slowly, riding your daddy just like he liked it. He let his large hands come up to cup your brown ass cheeks in his hands. He squeezed and grabbed hard at the flesh lazily slapping it with his hands. 

“Fuck baby girl why do you do this to me?” He asked with his voice deeply laced with sleep and arousal. It made your toes curl your hips slamming down onto his faster bouncing yourself and he aided by bucking his hips up fucking into you.

“I always enjoy morning sex because you sound so good moaning my name, how you fuck into me and push me back to sleep. You know you love grabbing on my big ass don’t  you? You like it when I bounce on this dick don’t play like you don’t.” You teased forgetting who he was for a second.

“Ohh.. Is that right –?” He asked calling out your name with a smirk. Slowly he planted his feet into the bed gripping one hand at your hips and keeping one hand cupping your ass cheek he started to pound up into your dripping pussy keeping you in place as he gave you quick hard deep thrusts.

“So since you can tell me about how much I love to feel this pink pussy dripping down on my shaft as you take daddy’s dick maybe you can tell daddy how much you love fucking riding me while that big ass mouth moans for me and no other?” He asked with a smirk knowing full well you could barely answer him.

“Yes daddy! Aaggh~ FUCK! Youngwoo!” You cried out his name, your nails scratching down his chest as he pounded into your tight pussy. Your head rolled back as you cried out in pleasure, his balls slapping against your ass as he rutted up against you making sure you ate those teasing words you gave to him. Every time he shifted his hips he pressed against your spot that he knew too well, slamming you down on his dick all the while. He controlled you and owned your body.

You reached a free hand down to rub at your clit as your stomach swirled and tightened, he nodded his head biting on his plump lips, watching you with steady eyes. You made yourself squirt on him as you came releasing your juices on his dick and that’s all it took to have him spilling his cum inside of your pink walls. Sliding in and out he let his pace falter for a bit so that you both could ride out your orgasms. 

He let his feet slowly slide down until he was resting on with his body lying down. He gave you a sweet smile, reaching a hand up to cup your cheek he brought your head down so that you could kiss his plump lips. His free hand rubbing circles of comfort into your skin and you both laughed lazily. You loved mornings like this. Nothing beat letting daddy wake up to his favorite baby girl. 

Titillate (M) | Jonghyun

// halloween gets rather crazy at night…and not because of zombies

Jonghyun has a thing for uniforms.

More specifically, Jonghyun has a thing for you in a uniform.

You found out this amusing fact on a cool autumn’s night when you returned home from a Halloween party. Jonghyun had been watching a horror movie on the TV from the kitchen, the remains of his midnight snack scattered on the dining table. The moment he laid his eyes on you, you felt the lust bursting forth and attacking you from all corners. The white blouse you had on was buttoned up to a point just fairly above your cleavage, and its ends were tucked into the high-waisted, plaid navy skirt that barely covered the milky thighs that Jonghyun loved to squeeze every time you were together.

You caught sight of his Adam’s apple moving up and down as his eyes scanned you over. Pretending not to care, you removed your bag from your shoulders to let it hang on the stand. You swept your long, wavy hair to one side and your heartbeat rose with each second as Jonghyun’s eyes never left your body.

His knuckles turned white as his grip on the remote control tightened, his body reacting to your movement in ways he was too familiar with. You walked slowly up to his side and leaned over his lap to grab the remote, being highly aware of the warm air that he was breathing down your neck. The television was now turned off; the menacing orchestral music, and the all too piercing screams of the female protagonist came to an immediate halt. All that illuminated the apartment now were the fairy lights hanging down from the walls.

In the tension-filled silence of the space, you pushed Jonghyun’s chair backwards, giving yourself some space to straddle his thighs. Your toes were barely touching the floor, and when you inched yourself forward, the increasing bulge that threatened to burst out of this sweatpants came into contact with your clothed core, and you had to stiffen a moan.

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Pillow Talk — S.Coups

Originally posted by taecheol

A/N: so this is kimbapkiddings’ first smut imagine written by yours truly, admin japchae! I rly hope you guys like it. I was super inspired by pillowtalk by zayn bc c’mon, pillowtalk?? s.coups?? they gO TOGETHER so here’s this imagine. have fun ;-)

Plot: The tension between you and Seungcheol had already been there when you became his close friend as a new backup dancer for Pledis. It only escalated once the two of you were paired for a sexy lap dance routine. When he looks into your eyes during the lap dance, he can see it all: your body underneath him and your pillow talk late in the night.

Word Count: 2,298 words
Song: “Pillowtalk” by Zayn
Content: rough-ish vanilla sex, cunnilingus, fingering, calling him oppa

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Punk!Percy Preppy!Annabeth
Subway Rides

Annabeth looks at the time on her phone for the fifth time and looks down the dark tunnel as the other commuters do. She’s at the farthest end because this door is near the stairs in the station she needs to get off. That doesn’t matter though, she should be able to see the train coming in just fine.

The subway should be here by now. Actually, it should have gotten to the station at 4.35pm, like every week day because that’s the exact time she takes it to go home after work.

But not today. Today its already 4.38pm and its not here yet.

And damn it if its another suicide. She internally curses. She already had to endure two of those in the last month. And its not fun at all. All the transports collapse when that happens and forget about taking the subway at least for two hours. Jesus.

The subway is not here at 4.39pm but it enters the tunnel with its bright lights exactly 4.40, Thank every divinity. Exclamation marks

‘of course’, its her only thought as the carriage door stops right in front of her, its so full of people they are all crushed against the door.

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Bulging Expectations

One of my longtime fags knows that I’m quite into underwear. He has always enjoyed getting me pairs and because I’m so generous, occasionally getting the chance to see me wearing something he’s sent. It gets me excited that Underwear fag is getting a raging hardon just from knowing I’m wearing a gift he’s ordered for me.

So this morning, Underwear fag sent me a message stating that he was getting worked up thinking about me. First, I reminded him that he had to pay the fagtax for getting excited. Fags need that constant admonishment for daring to sexually pleasure themselves without their Master’s permission.

That was a largely self-defeating effort, as when he paid his chub charge, the thrill of paying me led to his getting a full on erection. Of course, this brought its own erection expense, which he gladly paid twice of his own accord. I guess he was feeling double guilty about having the gall to fondle his cocklet without my permission.

Realizing I had to grant him some relief or he was going to explode, I sent him a picture of my cock getting a mild chub in blue square cut boxers from his incessant fawning. My greedy cock swells whenever a fag gives in and submits in his desires to serve me.

After I sent him this picture, he was silent for a few minutes. He then returns and assures me that I’ll be hearing from him again very soon.

Husband Reacts to 1D: Iconic “Larry Stylinson” Moments 1-10

In honor of Harry and Nathan Followill’s matching tattoos, it’s time for the third and final episode of Husband Reacts to “Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments.” This was a frequently suggested topic, and Hubs already tackled Moments 21-30 and Moments 11-20.

If you remember from the last two posts, Hubs thought this was extremely stupid and stopped paying attention about halfway through. I totally agree with him, but I’ve been wildly busy this past week and didn’t have time to put together a new Husband Reacts post, so here’s his sarcastic reactions to some stupid “Larry” moments.

Just a reminder that Hubs knew nothing of “Larry Stylinson” going into the reaction. I briefly explained that many members of the fandom believe that Harry and Louis were (or still are) in a romantic relationship, which has been hidden from the public, and remains unconfirmed by either party. I then showed him the “Top 30 Iconic Larry Moments” video, uploaded by youtube user freddieismyqueen. I asked him to react on the content: namely, did the clips present enough proof to convince him that “Larry Stylinson” once existed (or still does)?

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Orange-lined triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus)

The Orange-lined triggerfish is a demersal marine fish belonging to the family Balistidae, the triggerfishes. It grows up to 30 cm long. It is widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific. It inhabits coral reefs, lagoons and external reef slopes at depths up to 50 meters. The orange-lined triggerfish has a varied diet based on different benthic organisms such as algae, molluscs, sponges, hard coral tips, echinoderms, and fish. This triggerfish is diurnal, solitary, and territorial. It can be aggressive with other fish. It erects its first dorsal spine to intimidate opponents and predators.

photo credits: Hans Hillewaert

happinessisawarmpau  asked:

Dry humping J-hope ? Please I love your blog so much but every time that Im in my iPod unfollow the blog but I love you guys so much

Aww cutie thank you <3 We love you too! My hobie feels these days are killing me

Oh dear you are so sweet, of course I’ll do it! I hope you enjoy it ;D

Here for the rest of the series

Warning: Explicit Content

Dry Series; J-Hope

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In its heyday, Soviet officials erected some 14,000 statues to honor Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and a powerful political icon throughout the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, former Soviet states began dismantling Lenin statues by the thousands.

Swiss photographer Niels Ackermann tracks down the ousted Lenins in his ongoing series Lost in Decommunization. There was a decapitated golden statue in an overgrown square in Chabo, and nothing but the nose of a 28-foot monument—once the largest Lenin in the country—in Kiev. An Odessa statue was completely unrecognizable, transformed into Darth Vader.

MORE. When a Lenin Statue Is Decapitated, Where Does the Head Go?

The artist.

You are doing a live canvass piece. You call up and ask for a model. Im struggling with my plumbing business so this is my way to make some extra cash.

I get there and you show me where you want me to pose. I get myself set up and so do you.

We get started. I take my shirt off and you cant stop staring at me. You can see how defined i am. Youre very attracted to me. I take the rest of my clothes off and take my pose. Out the corner of my eye i can see you staring. I cant hear anything touch the canvass. I ask if everything is okay and you say you just need to reposition yourself for better light.

You move to the other side of the room. Now you can see my penis. Its semi hard and you can tell its going to be big erect.

You start to feel a burning desire with in you. You want to know how it would feel in your hand. You ask me to repose and i do it. Its still not right. You get off your chair come in close and help reposition me to suit you. Your hand brushes against my cock. I find you very attractive so.i flirt a little. You blush as you take your seat and get start your canvass. We talk as you start with the outline. We continue to flirt throughout most of the session and you decide that you want to be a little more comfortable. So you suggest a break for stretch and you to change. I agree and you head off as i stretch.

You come back into the room wearing your underwear. Im shocked when i notice you. My dick begins to swell straight away. You tell me that you feel its only fair if we even out the playing field.

You take the remainder of your underwear off and return to your seat. I repose but now my eyes dont leave your body. You begin to tease me and separate your legs. You rub yourself as i stare in awe. I cant take it anymore and youre dying to feel my dick inside you. I dash to between your legs and kiss your pussy roughly. I can taste that youve been wet for a while. My tongue darts in you. You grab my hair and pull me away. You pull me up and kiss me roughly. You tell me that youre paying so you call the shots. You grab my hard cock and guide it towards your pussy. I slide in a tiny bit and pull out. You need to adjust to my size. I do this a few more times until youre ready.
I feel your wetness surround my cock and i thrust slowly but deep into you.
Its everything youd hoped for. You bite onto my lip as you kiss me rough. My hand moves up your body to your tits. I grab them roughly. You let out as gasp in my mouth. I pick you up and carry you to the table. I put you down and push you to your back.
I rub your clit quickly. I want you to orgasm desperately. I want to feel you tighten and release on me so badly. You put your legs over my shoulders to let me get deeper in you. I thrust quickly as you moan loudly. You can feel yourself building. You grab my hands and place them on your tits. You moan out as i pinch at your nipples. Youre about to come when you let out a loud moan. I see your body tense repeatedly. Your orgasm rips through your body. You push me away. You get up and spin me around to lie on the table. You tell me that you want to suck my come from me.
You take me into your mouth and suck roughly. You work your way up and down my shaft. The mixture of you and me combined in your mouth. You start to rub my balls and you can tell im close to coming. You suck harder and you feel my balls pulse in your hand. You can tell its coming. I let out a loud grunt as i come in your mouth. You carefully take every drop and make sure you dont spill a single drop. You tell me that we best get back to it and head back to your canvass and tell me i better pose again.