it's an elaborate ruse

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THEY LITERALLY BELIEVE THEY ENDGAME. A show that already has a f/f ship that doesn't get enough screen time & is sideline. One of the two is BARELY in the show at all. They advertised a "s*nvers-centric" ep when there was 5 minutes. A show that has 0 problem abandoning a supporter black man for unhealthy fratboy who owned slaves. They spend the majority of their time developing an unhealthy relationship btwn two white ppl. Its all an elaborate ruse in their mind. I should not b shocked

but, but–cw might make sc canon if they win the poll!!! all that other stuff doesnt matter okay as long as there’s gay you can forgive any amount of horribly problematic writing


I’m totally serious guize srsly look

We know that home world gems under Yellow Diamond have a yellow diamond symbol on their uniforms:

You know who else has a yellow diamond on their clothes???

That’s right, it’s Kiteman!! But wait, why isn’t he wearing the same uniform? Cause he’s yellow diamond duh he can do whatever he wants. Where is his gem??

If you take a closer look, it’s obviously on his forehead. He summons that helmet with it. Why is he mostly green then?? Its all an elaborate ruse to throw everyone of his trail. I mean, Who would expect yellow diamond to be hiding out in batman the brave and the bold? Exactly

You’re welcome everyone for this amazing revelation god I’ve got like A+ detective skills I could be like the Riddler or something but not Batman cause he’s all ripped and stuff yeah