it's an elaborate ruse

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How do you think the paladins, Allura, and Coran would react to finding out their s/o can tap dance?

Man dancing is so rad. I wish I could dance like at all. Being talented must be nice.


-Hes a bit taken back, he prides himself on being very informed on all things, but curious to see their skills

-He probably knows famous tap dance routines, things from movies and such, and asks them if they know how to do that

-He mostly just finds it adorable and he hopes that they enjoy it. He hopes they werent forced into learning like he was with ballroom dancing

-Omg no he didn’t just admit his mother made him take ballroom dancing …. these things never leave the privacy of their bedroom


-Hes is mostly just confused

-One he wants to know how this topic even got brought up and two he wants to know the point in learning something like that

-He is a very practical person so he just doesn’t understand the concept of learning something that isn’t directly related to helping you survive or w/e

-Yet still … he wants to see them perform. He has heard of tap dancing but he doesn’t think that hes ever seen it

-He finds it cute how into it they can get but the noise … he can’t stand it. So then s/o of course has to use it to their advantage whenever they need to annoy him. Lance also finds this hilarious and wants to learn how to tap dance to achieve the same effect


-The way she finds out is actually kind of funny. She gets slightly irritated when s/o is tapping their foot while she is trying to work so she tells them that they should just pick up tap dancing if they want to make so much noise 

-S/o is petty and tap dances out of the room

-She has so many questions about this but isn’t sure where to start. Her main question is why? Tap dancing seems like such a old school style she wasn’t even aware that it was around any more

-Its not something that really effects her every day life so she doesn’t think about it too often but she does smile any time she hears s/o tapping their foot now


-He is HYPE

-He wants a TALENT SHOW and he wants PRIZES and he wants this cause he knows that together they can WIN

-They would totally do a cute dance routine together cause Lance is surprisingly a good dancer and quickly picks up the steps

-He acts as if its all for the sake of the joke but really its all some elaborate ruse to spend more time with s/o

-S/o figures this out pretty quickly but doesn’t mind and deliberately messes up just so that practices take a little bit longer


-Just when he thought that s/o couldnt get any more cute he finds this out and !!! why are they so adorable!!

-He wants to know everything about why they chose this and when they started and if they have ever performed and just a billion questions

-He just loves knowing everything about his s/o so he looks forward to listening to everything and wants to see them perform


-She isn’t sure what tap dancing is but is sure it is a very difficult task and is very proud of them

-Once she sees what it is she is mesmerized and intrigued   

-She wants to learn how to tap dance too! Its such a unique form of dance and like nothing that she is use to 

-She isn’t very good at it, she actually has two left feet when it comes to dancing, but s/o thinks she is super cute and is more than willing to help her out


-Anything that his s/o does is the best thing in the entire universe and he is sure that this is no exception

-And surprise! He was right and he gushes over their talent and absolutely wonderful sense of timing and rhythm

-He wants to watch them all day and wants to show it off to anyone who is willing to watch. It gets to the point where s/o is tired and everyone else hears tap dancing in their nightmares

-He on the other hand never gets tired of it and just finds it to be so pure and innocent and he is so lucky to be able to experience this piece of Earth culture with his s/o

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Didn’t we all agree that Sharon flirts with Alaska but it makes her uncomfortable and gets Sharon off while simultaneously making Chad mad so that he’ll hate fuck her

its all an elaborate ruse so that sharon can assert dominance and get fucked better


I’m totally serious guize srsly look

We know that home world gems under Yellow Diamond have a yellow diamond symbol on their uniforms:

You know who else has a yellow diamond on their clothes???

That’s right, it’s Kiteman!! But wait, why isn’t he wearing the same uniform? Cause he’s yellow diamond duh he can do whatever he wants. Where is his gem??

If you take a closer look, it’s obviously on his forehead. He summons that helmet with it. Why is he mostly green then?? Its all an elaborate ruse to throw everyone of his trail. I mean, Who would expect yellow diamond to be hiding out in batman the brave and the bold? Exactly

You’re welcome everyone for this amazing revelation god I’ve got like A+ detective skills I could be like the Riddler or something but not Batman cause he’s all ripped and stuff yeah

“why not ship ourselves?”

Me: *pauses video for a few minutes* phew…. okay…… some postage jokes or some boat jokes whatever its cool, stay cool, you’re ready for this…. *unpauses video*

Next frame is literally R&L standing face to face.