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i have no excuses for this other than it’s captain america day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Oh hey Peter, glad I caught you!” You smiled as you grabbed said brunette’s arm, he was obviously in a rush to leave the school grounds. He turned around and smiled that warm grin you loved, making you drop his arm and a blush to rise to your cheeks. It had been at least a year since you have had realised you had a crush on your childhood best friend and downstairs neighbor Peter Parker. Although from the way he acted, you assumed he had a crush on someone else (Probably Liz Allen, you had spent countless hours listening to him ramble on about her). Although up until this point you had tried to stop the onslaught of teenage hormones, in a sudden change of your own heart you decided to at least try and get him in a date like situation with you.

“Oh hey (Y/N), sorry I was going to walk back to building with you but something came up. Make it quick alright,” He tried to continue smiling but you saw the anxious look on his face, how could you miss it. Fearing the worst, like he had a date, you fought off the butterflies in your stomach as you tried to form a coherent sentence.

“Oh yeah sorry to keep you waiting, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my apartment on Friday night. My parents don’t mind and I was gonna order some pizza,” You trailed off, watching as a smile engulfed his face. A feeling of hope bubbled in you, maybe he didn’t have a date, maybe you did have a chance!

“Sounds great, maybe we could invite Ned over. He told me the other day he hasn’t seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies yet, so maybe we can marathon those,” He beamed with his usual optimism, making your own smile drop. You got the signal that he obviously wasn’t interested in you and quickly returned a fake smile to your face.

“Great Idea, I’ll text him tonight and ask. C’mon let’s go, I have a lot of homework to do,” You hurried Peter, walking onto the street surrounding the school. Peter watched after you carefully before cautiously following. He had no idea why you were upset but he definitely wasn’t happy about it.


Peter had quickly suited up once he had gotten into his room and told Aunt May he was slogged with homework. That would hopefully keep her distracted for long enough. His phone had alerted him to a bank robbery in the area, and he was quick to swing into action. Still his interaction with you today was on his mind. His (H/C) haired best friend that was with him through thick and thin. You had never directly asked him more than 2 hours prior to a casual movie and pizza night, so maybe something was special about this Friday night. He was jumping from building to building when it finally hit him.

“OH GOD SHE WAS ASKING ME ON A DATE!” He yelled into the air. A couple of members of the public looked at the masked hero, he sure seemed underqualified for the job of saving the city now.

So this happened 

(Edit, Here is part two )

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hurricane // panic! at the disco

Home: Part One

Request: Can I request one where the avengers raid a hydra base and find an 18 yr old girl covered in blood and dirt? She refuses to talk but goes with them without a fight. Nat cleans her up and cuts her hair and recognizes her as Clints daughter that vanished years ago. When Clint gets to the room the girl breaks down and runs to him immediately remembering her dad.

Pairings: Clint x daughter!reader, eventual Bucky x reader

Word Count: 1,532

Warnings: None? Minor violence?

A/N: So I tried a slightly different style of writing. Honestly, I’m really not too sure about how this turned out. I really had trouble getting it all on paper but I really hope you like it! :)

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“Alright guys, my sector’s clear. How’s everyone else doing?”

“I’m clear too, Cap. On my way to the meet point now,” Tony replied through the coms. There were more sounds of confirmation until only Natasha hadn’t replied.

“Nat?” Steve asked.

“Slightly-“ she grunted, “-busy right now,” she dodged a fist and threw her leg into the guy’s gut. He doubled over, crying out and she took the opportunity to Taser him in the neck, “Ok, done,” she paused, noticing a door on her left. Curious, she pushed the door open, eyes widening at the sight before her, “Wait, guys. I think you better come here. I’m near the rendezvous point, go down the south hall and you’ll find me in the end room on the left. And whatever you do, be quiet.”

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“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing

all of you: writing some sad shit about bucky barnes 

me: bucky is a memelord who texts t’challa (who is also a memelord) memes and t’challa replies with “fight me” then bucky says “turn on ur location binch” then they meet up and fight and the winner says “get rekt” and parkours away