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Jessi Klein, head writer for Inside Amy Schumer, spoke to Fresh Air recently about the genesis of the ‘Last F**kable Day’ sketch: 

“That was an idea that definitely came out of conversations in the [writers’] room. I guess there was an Us Weekly floating around the room and we were looking at pictures of actresses in the “Who Wore it Best?” [column] and everyone looks amazing. And we just started talking about at what point do people start to age out of being in those magazines [and] kind of start to end up on the covers of the really kind of lowbrow ones with pictures of them at the beach and “Oh, look who is aging terribly!” — when that same person two years ago was so hotsy totsy in the middle of the magazine? I guess we started talking about what would happen if you took that idea all the way to its conclusion. …

It was funny for me to think about what if there’s this sort of Malcolm Gladwell-y tipping point that’s really specific? We kind of age slowly, but how does it work in magazines and how does it work in Hollywood? What little visual change is suddenly too gross to see on a magazine or in a movie or in TV? So that’s kind of how that idea got taken to that place.”

The full interview:

‘Schumer’ Writer Jessi Klein On Barbies, Ageism And Pumping At The Emmys

Note: This video is uncensored. Just so you know.

Long over due for an update. Inspired by a recent message I got. Still doing the wash and goes. Still using curly girl method. This is ~5 years of hair growth and a lil over 4 years post big chop. It’s stretched a bit in this pic. My hair normally shrinks up to above my shoulders (especially when it’s humid or Unstretched) It’s amazing how long your hair gets when you find a good, healthy routine and stick to it. School had me so crazy over the years I stopped thinking about my hair length and before I knew it…bam it’s super long. Stretched all the way out its ~ hip length. It’s the longest it’s ever been in my life. I finally have mermaid-reach-my-booty-hair. It’s great. Maybe this winter I’ll straighten it just to really see the length…but maybe not lol. I don’t wanna damage it. I love the baby curls so much. They’ve been so good to me, I don’t wanna hurt them. Peace and blessings!

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You seem to really like the Nerve movie, so I take its it's really good? I had never heard of it till you started posting about it so thank you!

I actually didn’t hear about the film until a week before it came out! It was a YouTube ad while I was waiting to see the video I was trying to watch and as I watched it all I could think was that

1) Dave Franco

2) Cyber Thriller 

3) Colors looked amazing

4) The whole “win or be killed” kind of deal is MY SHIT in films.

5) I loved the plot

Like when the trailer ad was over I told my friend who I see movies with the most that we have to go see it when it comes out and I was actually with another friend in Gainesville when it came out so they’re like we can go see a movie and I’m like NERVE LETS GO SEE NERVE PLEASE 

And it was even better than I thought it would be! 

It sucks it had not a lot of promotion cause it’s phenomenal in my opinion.

It has great cinematography, colors, soundtrack, actors/actresses, plot, etc. It’s everything I love in a film.

I want to see it again so so bad ;v;

Please go see it everyone!

This is the trailer:

its stupid how much I love this movie.

I’d totally be a Player haha

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips on script writing? I have a cool idea for a story I think would work best in audio drama format, but I know absolutely nothing about writing scripts. The Bright Sessions is so amazing and well written, I was wondering how you do it! Thanks <3

First of all, thank you! I am consistently surprised and delighted when people like my writing.

Here’s a fun secret: I also know nothing about writing scripts. 

I’m not kidding - I have never taken a scriptwriting class or read a book about scriptwriting or really done any creative writing at all since I was 14. I’m not saying this to be all, “look at how much of a natural talent I am!” because I’m not. Not when it comes to writing. But I have been studying acting for a very long time, so that’s the arsenal of tools I pulled from. 

Over years of reading/seeing/performing in plays and films, I’ve picked up a thing or two about dialogue. I instinctively understand what a scene between two people is supposed to be like because I’ve performed in approximately 2 million of them (that’s all acting class is sometimes, guys). 

So when I sat down to write the first episode, I had a few things to go off of: 

  • how Sam talks
  • how Dr. Bright talks
  • what information I wanted to reveal
  • what the characters wanted from each other 

Those four things are more or less all I think about when going into writing. Since that first episode, I realized I’ve absorbed a lot more about scriptwriting from just being in entertainment than I was giving myself credit for, but you can get there too. If you have a favorite movie, find the script online and read it as you watch the movie. You’ll start to realize that you know a lot about more about dramatic structure than you think. Watch movies, listen to podcasts, and read books. Read all kinds of books. 

Then figure out what your characters want from each other and how they are going to get it. There’s this great acting exercise where you improvise a scene with a partner. One of you enters and presents a problem that you need the other person’s help with. There are only two rules to this exercise: 1) the person with the problem must get the other person to help them and 2) the other person cannot under any circumstances say yes to the person who needs help. It is incredibly frustrating but you end up finding all sorts of creative ways to make an argument. 

(and this is what’s great about audio drama - you can get away with making a scene that is only dialogue)

If you want more formal (aka real) advice about scriptwriting, I highly recommend checking out the writing tag of @personalinsanitymoment (Gabriel Urbina of Wolf 359). That is a man who knows writing and knows audio drama and, as I am doing now, answers questions by pointing to smarter people, which is always a good idea.  

Here is my biggest piece of advice, courtesy of the ever-interesting Shia LaBeouf: just do it. I spent a year sitting on the first script of The Bright Sessions thinking no one would like it and guess what? That’s the script that you hear in the first episode. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, let that passion drive you and people will respond to it. Work hard, write every day, and don’t get too bogged down in self-doubt. 

The best piece of advice I’ve received since moving to LA is this: “Lauren, a lot of people are going to give you a lot of advice about the best way to be successful in entertainment. Don’t follow all of it”. It is ironic that that is the one piece of advice I have followed, but the point is that you can get advice from a lot of different people and read all the major books and take the right classes but at the end of the day, you’re the person you need to listen to the most. 

As Stephen Sondheim, one of the greatest artists of all time, wrote: 

“Anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new. Give us more to see.”

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the kakashi mom drawing u just posted is amazing?? i love the idea that kakashi got his love of dogs from being an inuzaka , im curious tho like what happened to her then i mean did she die or is she still alive and in kakashis life? ahh i just wanna know everything its so cool!!

thank you!!!!!!

she’s dead unfortunately :’//

i imagine she died when kakashi was around 1-2 years old??? sakumo didnt talk much about her to kakashi bc it was painful. kakashi didnt even know his mom was an inuzuka till years later when he went through shinobi profiles and stumbled upon her file.

she was killed in the third war by stone ninjas after being ambushed & then abandoned by the chunin/genin team she led 

//~im in love.~\


I’m pretty sure every single leafy acc on this god damn website knows whats been going on lately and honestly….its stupid as fuck when you think about its pretty fucking stupid….. 

As we all know a certain acc put not just @leafys-girl on blast but all of us on blast and that was a pretty fucked up thing to do and now everyone is worried that Calvin might say something in his next video(s)… and people are thinking about leaving…. which sucks endless amounts of ass because the majority of those accs are my friends, or i wish i were they’re friends and their accs are amazing as fuck…

But i just wanna ask you guys something…. to all the leafy/Calvin acc on tumblr..

Why did you make a leafy fan acc?

Because you are a FAN of leafy you love him and you want to show some support and you wanna post content related to him… I’m pretty sure that’s what every leafy acc came here to do… I mean shit that’s what I came here to do. We are a community of raging, kinky, and amazing leafy fans and we should just stay that way and not let this bullshit get in our way… I mean either way I’m staying, because I care and talking to you guys on here make my fucking day 

I know I sound like a fucking peacemaker right now but i just hate whats been going on for the past 3 days….and I just had to say something… 

Guess who finally did their very first Rhymetime at the library today???

It wasn’t so bad, while simultaneously being the Absolute Worst

I basically breezed through the whole thing on a giddy raft of hysterical panic so intoxicating that I don’t actually remember a lot of what happened

I think I sang? I’m pretty sure there were a lot of little kids??

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dude im so happy you feel the same way as me about MCRX like i thought i was the only one dawg

thank you!! its not a stunt for money and without everyones damaged egos in the way this would be something huge and amazing. like you cant just expect them to do something that huge and be upset when its not what you ‘want’. either way MCR is actually doing something and i think thats fucking awesome. Even if it’s so much as a dance party remix of welcome to the black parade i’ll be blasting that shit for an entire year. its new content and i am SO excited. -Dylan

Something I love about Helen McCrory’s fans is the sense of happiness and pride we all feel when amazing things are happening in her life. More importantly, though, we feel that same sense of pride and happiness when amazing things are happening in each other’s lives, and I think that is incredibly beautiful.

No matter how ridiculous anyone thinks being a huge fan of someone is, I think it’s awesome how an actor or actress can bring people together and give an individual a whole new set of friends to share things with. 

McCroryans, je t’aime. <3 



Prompt: “Hi. Can I help you?”

Word Count: 2,878

Warnings:  A little cursing, Embarrassment, anxiety, fluff(you probably need a magnifying glass to see it), I think that is all but I might be wrong

Summary: On your morning run routine, you run into a very attractive man with these amazing, blue eyes; they’re completely captivating. Once you finally get around to telling your roommate about him, you begin to think telling her was a bad idea. Especially when she has no sense of filter.

*(I might make a part two, but only if anyone is interested. Let me know what you think. I know this doesnt really have much fluff or smut and its what we look forward to, but I have an idea for a few more parts that could possibly happen)

*Remember, Charlie doesn’t know Castiel at this point in time


The only thing you had thought about the last few days, was the color blue. Not like a dark navy or a pastel. No, this blue was an enhanced sky blue; electric almost. It had depth, so it held many shades within. The longer you had studied, the more you saw; as if those eyes were a book and you were reading into them. Making out the little crevasses within the iris, you had seen the sky and you began to see the ocean residing in the orbs; even with your lack of imagination. They were truly intriguing and the sight of them put you at a loss for words; making you blush and aware of your every move. The hesitation and lack of your attention, completely embarrassing you. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if the person they belonged to wasnt so attractive, though it didn’t look like he even noticed how red your cheeks had become.

His hair was an ebony color. It was dark brown, but if you weren’t in the right lighting, anyone could mistake it for black. His jaw line was sharp with a light stubble covered across. His lips were full and even though they appeared to be chapped, it didn’t stop you from fantasizing how they would feel against yours. Needless to say, you hurriedly paid for your things and left the counter before any other crazy things crossed your mind.

That whole ordeal happened three days ago and even now, every time you closed your eyes those blue orbs were the only thing you saw. In your entrancement, you hadn’t caught his name; the idea of looking at his name tag didn’t even cross your mind, you were too focused on his face. The aspect of the situation was beginning to make you go crazy. You couldn’t get him out of your head and you didn’t even know his name; let alone who he was as a person. But that didn’t stop your heart from crushing on him. Needless to say, you’ve avoided the gas station completely the last few days; knowing that if you went back in there and saw him, you would be a blushing, stuttering mess again. Sure, your heart fluttered over the idea of seeing him, him and those gorgeous eyes, but you decided it was best to stay away. With your record of embarrassing yourself in front of your crushes, you didn’t need to add more things to the list.

So there you sat, on a bar stool reading over your paper for the college english class you were enrolled in. You were making corrections on the paper with a red pen, mind completely focused on the paragraphs in front of you; somehow escaping the dark hair and blue eyes that floated through your mind. Until your roommate walked in, laying her car keys and phone beside you on the table; stalking off to the refrigerator to grab a soda.

“Hey,” she greeted, “how’s the paper coming?” She knew you had stayed up late most nights the last week working on the darned thing. It wouldn’t of gave you so much trouble if you could have had complete attention on it, but even against your attempts, you were always brought back to blue. Sighing, you dropped the pen and ran a hand through your hair.

“I still have errors literally every other word,” you exhale. She let out a chuckle as she approached you again, pulling out the stool beside you.

“Oh come on. Im sure its not that bad,” she remarked as she took the paper from you to examine it. Rubbing your eyes, you held your face in your hands. You had less than five hours before it was due and you couldn’t seem to pull yourself together.
“Whoa,” she looked up at you with a raised brow, “are you feeling okay?” she moved back down to the paper to study it once more before she dropped it and looked at you with clear concern. It wasnt like you to write so poorly; you were one of the best writers in the entire class. She would playfully tease you sometimes about it but at the moment, she held no humor in her features.

“If by feeling okay you mean feeling well, yeah I feel fine; great even,” you stand from your seat, stretching a little before you continue to get you a snack. Settling for an orange, you move back to your seat by your friend. You can feel her gaze on you as you began peeling it.

“Okay, if your not sick then whats up?”

“I don’t know,” you began but the blue eyes circled your thoughts.
“Im sure its nothing.” The look on her face was proof that she saw the falter in your features.

“Clearly its not nothing; somethings bothering you.” she proceeded. You knew she wasnt going to let this go and you sighed again.

“Theres a new guy that works at the gas station; the one I usually buy a water at after my morning run.”

“And?” She looks intrigued. You haven’t exactly had a boyfriend the whole time the two of you had been rooming together and a smirk lit her face.

“And I can’t stop thinking about him.” you look up at her and shake your head disapprovingly at her cheeky smile, knowing she was fixing to tease you about it and ask a million questions.

“Whats his name?” she crossed her legs and watched you as she waited for an answer.

“I don’t know,” your eyes fall to the tile below you, trying to recall a memory you didn’t even know if you had. She scrunched her brows together in confusion.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Look Charlie, I met the guy once and it was a few days ago…” you ramble off.

“Well what happened?“

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. What all did you say to each other?” You laughed at her inquisition. You knew she was going to think you were crazy, but if you didn’t tell her she wasnt going to stop bugging you about it.

“We didn’t exactly converse…” she stared at you with her head tilted to the side as she took in the information.

“Did he do something then?” Charlie questioned and you drew your brows together, confused at her question.
“To make you laugh or something. Obviously he caught your attention but how? Its not common for a guy to make you feel all…” she trailed off but you knew what she meant and she had a point. The few years that you had roomed together, she had tried and failed to get you to go on a date with a guy or even talk about one that peaked your interest. It wasnt that you lied about liking someone, you just never felt absorbed in anyone; not until now.

“No, he didn’t do anything,” turning your head to the side, you thing the whole situation over. This is what had been bothering you. You couldn’t quit place what it was about him; it just seemed like everything about him invited you in and that was reason enough.
“I went on my run three days ago and when I stopped at the convenience store I went straight to the back not really paying any attention to my surroundings. I grabbed a water and when I went up to the front to pay for it, I saw him. The next thing I know, I am outside again taking a drink of my water. Everything in-between is mostly a blur; except for his eyes. Every time I close my eyes, an image of his blue ones are staring right back at me. I literally can’t get them out of my head,” looking back up at her, she still has a smirk but her teeth are shining through this time.

“Love at first sight?” she let out a little laugh as you scoffed.

“Funny. Your hilarious,” you roll your eyes playfully at her and she stands.

“Come on,” she holds her hand out for you to take it and you look back at her curiously.
“(y/n), come on. Were going to go see if he’s working.”

“The hell we are.” you explain, looking at her like she’s insane as she grabs her phone and keys.
“Are you crazy? I don’t even know the guy,” you begin to panic, your nerves taking over.

“Thats why you get to know him, silly,” she pulled you up and started pulling you out the door.

“Charlie, I can’t do this,” you raise, loosing all confidence in you.
“Im not good at talking to guys. Im awkward.”

“I just want to see what he looks like. He has to be something special if he grabbed your attention,” she brings up again, lip out pouting so you will give in.

“Fine,” you sigh, crossing your arms to your chest, “I’ll go with you but I’m not going in.” She smiled and tugged you to her car, the unedited paper long forgotten. The ride to the little store was less than five minutes, it hadn’t take you long to get there. She pulled in by a pump, taking her seat belt off, she glanced at you. Your head was slanted down, almost as if you were afraid to look out the window.

“You can’t ignore this place forever, you know. Where else are you going to buy a water? Not to mention its on your route where you run.” She stated smoothly. Lifting your head, you smiled at her as you knew you were about to one up her.

“Exactly. Thats why I haven’t ran the last two mornings,” you state matter of factly.

“So you’re telling me, you’re going to stop running because a boy is making your heart flutter?”

“Charlie,” you sigh her name.

“(y/n) you’re in love with him. You can’t ignore something this big.”

“I don’t even know him. How can I love someone I don’t even know, someone that I have never even talked to?”

“Like I said, you can get to know him. Who knows, even if it doesn’t work out, at least you gave it a shot right? Who else has ever made you feel this way? I mean, you love to write and its something you’re very good at, but you and I both know that our professor will not except that paper back at the house; especially from you.”

“I thought you said you just wanted to see him?” you feel your anxiety rise and you feel nauseous.

“I do. Im going to pump some gas and I need you to go pay for it. After I’m done I’ll come in and buy something and then well leave. Think of it as a secret covert mission. You’re the bait and then I’ll swoop in just in time to save you. Well be in and out before you even realize.” She explains, holding out a ten dollar bill. You watch her for a minute, hoping she’ll change her mind but you know she is dead set on her plan. Ripping off your seat belt, you snatched the money from her and opened your door. Without even looking at her, you knew she was smiling; she knew she had won this battle. On your walk up to the doors, you could see him inside, ringing up an elderly woman things. Glancing back to the ground, you decided just not to look at him. When you were right by the door, a man ran up and grabbed it for you allowing you to enter first.

“Thank you,” you give weakly. He smiles at you and nods, walking off to the back of the store.

“Good day ma’am. And good luck,” you hear a deep, rough voice and you’re forced to look up. The woman at the counter grabs her things and smiles politely before heading out. He smiles back at her and watches her for a minute until his eyes move to you.
“Hi. Can I help you?” You stand there for a moment, lost in those piercing blue eyes again. Its a few seconds before you gain your composure and look away; with your head hanging down, you approach him.

“My, um….” you clear your throat and curse yourself inwardly.
“My friend needs ten dollars on pump 4 please.” Your eyes don’t wander past the collar of his shirt, you refuse to look into his eyes. Whatever power they have on you, its strong and you can’t help but loosing yourself in them every time. Instead, you eyes his name tag. Steve. Looking down at the counter after he took your money, you are sure he said something but you were too engrossed in not looking up at him that you had absolutely no idea what he said. Taking a glance outside at Charlie, she began fueling. The receipt machine began printing your ticket beside you and you jumped, not expecting it. Ripping it off, he held his hand out to you. Your eyes trailed over his long fingers that held the white paper; his hands were as if they were sculpted. An image of his fingers caressing your body flashed through your mind and it was almost enough to stifle out a moan. Reaching out for the receipt, your fingers grazed his and it felt like a bolt of electricity went through you. Standing off to the side as you waited for Charlie, the man who had held the door open for you sat his things on the counter. You felt eyes on you, but you dared not look up.

“Hey, you’re the one that saved the little boy from that fire about a month ago, right?” Your eyes met with the mans and you felt Steve starring at you too.

“Oh yeah, it was no big deal,” you basically mumble out, not really sure what the big significance was.

“No big deal? It sure was a big deal. You saved the police chiefs son,” he declared.

“I just did what anyone else would have done,” you blow off and glance out towards Charlie, she was walking in now.

“Well, I think you deserve more credit than you’re giving yourself. Not a lot of people would have been brave enough to do what you did. This one is a true hero,” he turned back to Steve to say the last part. Grabbing his things from the counter he headed towards the door, nodding back at you one last time before he disappeared. Charlie glanced between you and the man and her brows were scrunched together.

“What was that about?” she asked out loud, Steve still clearly aware. Charlie shifted her gaze from you to look at the dark haired beauty.

“He recognized me from the fire,” you explain deadpan, it really wasnt a big deal. You had only help someone out.

“Oh,” she smiled at the cashier and focused back on you.
“Were you going to get anything?”

“No, I’m okay,” you answered and she nodded her head and began walking towards the back.

“Im going to grab a drink,” she called over her shoulder. Nodding your head, you swayed back and forth on your feet; anything to keep your attention occupied until she came back.

“It was a very brave thing for you to do,” the rough voice spoke and your eyes shot up to him before you could stop yourself. Giving him a soft smile, you nodded and your eyes fell.

“I only acted on instinct,” you add and he nodded his head to, giving you a warm smile. That smile alone was enough to make you drop dead and you began smiling like an idjit.

“What are you two grinning ear to ear for?” Charlie hummed, sending you a wink before focusing on the cashier. His smile didn’t fade as he rang up her drink, he cast a few glances at you through the purchasing process and Charlie couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at you. After he handed her her receipt, she thanked him and before you knew it, she had you in a bind. Your face as red a fire engine.

“My friend here, likes you,” she began, throwing you under the bus. His eyes widened a little and he looked over to you again. You could feel his gaze as you tried your best to cover up your furnace of a face. His smile widened and he looked down away from you and Charlie. She smirked at the two of you and picked up a pen that was laying on the counter. Scribbling something down, she slid the receipt towards him.
“Here’s her number if you’re interested,” She smiled and turned to leave. Stalking after her, you didn’t even dare looking back at him. You felt his eyes on you as you walked towards the exit and you slipped out a quick ‘sorry’ before you left.

“Charlie!” you yell as the two of you approach her car. “What the hell? That wasnt part of the plan?” She didn’t answer, but you saw her smirk. What the hell had she just got you into?

Take it (Shownu) SMUT

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Request: Hi adminnim thank you for making “little push” it’s amazing. Now can i request the sequel of it like smut maybe, when you decided to give your virginity to shownu if you know what i mean 😊😊😊😊😊😊i hope it’s possible to make. Saranghaeyo adminnim

adminnim! nado saranghaeyo

Little push

Hope you like it~~~

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you know how in sailor moon, especially early sailor moon, there was always some minion of the negaverse going to crowded high energy places and sucking the life out of everybody? like there would always be this “oh no” moment where all the norms in the crowd start swooning and collapsing and then sailor moon has to save the day?

that’s me right now. help sailor moon there were minions of the negaverse at the night vale show last night. 

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But I love reading those kind of things! :D It's interesting to see what people's preferences are! You can compare yourself with others, know if you have common interests and stuff! :3 When I watched Mononoke hime the first time I was maybe 10, and I was a little scared, but now that I rewatch it, I'm fine! So I don't think you have a wierd family :) I'm a big fan of Ghibli movies, and my favorites are Howl's moving castle and Spirited away!

8D If you guys are okay with me rambling like crazay about stuff, ask ahead! I’ll tell you if it starts to get weird….XD

I was weirded out by my family, cause i expected them to shout at me, or pop the tape out, but no, it turned into one of our most fav movies to watch! <at least for me and my dad. My mom claimed it’s “long and boring”>

Spirited Away I agree, is the most creative and original animated movie i propably ever saw. It’s not based on anything, that’s what most impressive for me. You think they will ever try to make a remake? Howl’s Moving Castle is one of my personal favs too, it was so sweet and…yet so twisted. Like, the stuff with the Witch, jfc….

This girl right here is everything I wished to be with. Waking up in the morning, with the thought of ‘holy shit she smells like heaven’ and when she turns to look at me and smiles saying softly a good morning its like everyone around me disappears, she is the only one for me and I hope I’m the only one for her. When I look at her, I can’t stand thinking about a life without her. She’s amazing, if you think otherwise without even really knowing her I suggest you get to know this gorgeous women for she is an angel. I love Avaleigh Carter. You’re my everything sweetheart

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The skelebros' household is an uncanny construction when you think about it: You can clearly see a balcony on the outside but there's no access to it, when you get out of the Workshop you reappear in front of the house and not behind it like it should logically be. We could say the house is the image of its owners.

It’s a bit like Howl’s Moving Castle or Hogwarts when you think about it.

As in, they are totally doing it on purpose with the sole intention of confusing the fuck out of anybody that is not Sans and Papyrus themselves.

That’s what I call a jape, worthy of being executed by The Great Papyrus!

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You know what I frickin love about GMW is that the actors are the right age for their characters. Like that's amazing. I adore TW but no 16 year old looks like Holland did in season 2, hell no 18 year old looks like that. Same goes for Tyler & Dylan although they're younger. I just love accurate portrayals because as a preteen I wondered why I didn't look like the girls on TV & then I realised its because they're in their frickin 20s. GMW gets a thumbs up for a lot of things especially this.

I absolutely agree with you, although it makes me nervous, thinking about whether the show will continue on when they’re older on a different channel and what will happen. The idea of seeing Rowan in any sort of sexual or romantic situation where she could feasibly be uncomfortable makes me really uncomfortable. I know she hated that kiss with Peyton and I wouldn’t want her to have to go through that again if she didn’t like it– even if it has been two years and maybe she’s more grown up about it now. Maybe that will never happen, though. 

The thing about casting people who are older is that they’re able to do sex scenes without people being squicked out. Like, Sabrina is about the age Scallison was in s1 and s2. Imagine seeing Sabrina in Scallison sex scenes. It would be so creepy and weird, right? 

But I agree, as a girl (and probably a guy) it really does fuck up your self image. 

mermaid-cadaver replied to your post: “when clearly financially well-off ppl ask to be bought luxury goods on…”:

yea it irks me too. especially if the person is like… really popular and they’re clearly just exploiting the kindness of their followers who’d do anything to impress them.

its absolutely all about popularity (and sometimes attractiveness lol) n yeah just flat out being super transparent about “yeah i dont care about any of you but i know you all think im amazing so buy me stuff to try to get close to me like a sucker haha” like flat out saying that as if its… idk empowering or some shit? jfc

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hey dude!! just a reminder that you are wonderful and beautiful and you deserve to live. you will be ok. I promise!! please try to stay positive, because even though I know its hard, life is worth living. think about the good moments, the happy moments, and all the people who you love and who love you. we'd all be devastated if you left, so please stay!!! i love you

i am literally crying, i read this 5 times, i love you so much, thank you, i will save this and when i need it i will read it again

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I agree that Rory's S3 hair was absolutely stunning! I loved when it was a little curly/wavy in S5 as well. Like you, I wasn't a fan of the super short hair in S4. I'm also not crazy about her S6 bangs---somehow they just never seem totally Rory-ish to me! What about favorite/least favorite hairstyles for Lorelai?!

Oh, Lorelai! I think about her hair less, so this should be fun!

I really like Lorelai’s hair when it’s curly and closer to its natural style, though it looks great straightened too.  I like it a lot here:

Lorelai’s hair looks amazing almost all the time and I can’t think of any styles I really disliked.  I do, however, feel sad that it was tied up like this only once - I thought it was very cute and casual:

Thanks for the ask!

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  • name: sammy
  • nickname: this is my nickname??
  • zodiac sign: libra 
  • height: 6′0
  • favorite color:  light/pastel purples and blues
  • time right now: 10:17 pm
  • average hours of sleep: 6
  • number of blankets: it depends?? usually two or three
  • favorite fictional character: mona vanderwaal, heather mcnamara, jason dean
  • favorite book: eleanor and park
  • favorite bands: simple plan, fall out boy, p!atd, 
  • dream job: singer, author
  • what am i wearing right now: a pink floyd tank top and flannel pajama pants
  • when did you create your blog: june 2014??? i think
  • number of people following: 600?? omg it’s amazing and so clean rn
  • what you mainly post about: aesthetic/rp life/big brother
  • do you have any other blogs: a really old personal
  • when did your blog hit its peak: right now bitches
  • who are your most active followers: everyone i love you all
  • what made you join tumblr: kayla did. damn her
  • why did you choose your url: because i’m sammy and i roleplay

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