it's always the ones with the crazy hair


no way. not funny.

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loved the doodle comic! and the scene on the boat was adorable, but even if his jacket is green wouldn't the doctors have been able to see Gladstone?

ah yeah sorry that’s hard to interpret with it being in black and white- it would have been murder to colour the whole thing for that one gag though so I just tried to show it by shading in Magica’s hair and dress but I guess laziness doesn’t always pay :’D anyway it would have looked more like this;

so hopefully you can see how they’d get away with that, also fun fact in my original pass it was a flower barge! but I figured vegetables were funnier :P

Highschool bus ride reddie hcs

-richie and eddie rides the bus together; since derry is not a big town, there are minimal busses and there are so many goddamn kids packed into one bus

-eddie highkey HATES this, always disgusted by the smell of messy children and immature fuckers and the countless germs they spit out

-richie tells him to chill out and forget about it; “babe come on, it’s not tht bad.”

-“ITS NOT THT BAD?? Richie fucking ToZieR u dont know me at ALL”

-eddie n richie always sit in this one seat in the front/middle-ish section of the bus to avoid the crazy hyper ass kids in the back

-richie actually wanted to sit in the back with all the fucking crazy screaming disgusting hyper kids, but eddie swore to god that he will never even taste the air in the back of the bus

-so instead of being a giant hyped up screaming duck, richie sits w eddie and constantly makes jokes that shamefully cracks eddie up and plays with eddie’s hair

-tbh it’s so much more fun than screaming yo mama

-eddie sits in the inside seat; he thinks that would minimize his contact w this disgusting atmosphere

-once eddie fell asleep on richie’s shoulder on their way back home, since their bus stop was one of the last stops they were always on the bus for like 40mins

-richie will never tell anyone that he kissed eddie’s lips while eddie was sleeping


-but eddie knows; how could he not know, richie was literally shaking and crumbling into pieces the whole ride before/after he kissed him

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Do you have any dazatsu headcanons?

Only   t o o    m a n  y

-Atsushi purrs in his sleep sometimes, also when Dazai (or anyone lol) scratches behind his ear or neck.

-Dazai gets cold easily so he cuddles Atsushi A LO T.

-Atsushi helps Dazai with his bandages whenever they need to be changed. (In the mornings)

-Dazai is so used to Atsushi fixing his bandages for him that when Atsushi isnt around, he often forgets to fix them himself if they get loose, sometimes they get so loose that he trips over them.

-Atsushi likes nose kisses alot and he laughs every time and Dazai cant stop smling, everyone is disgusted.

-Atsushi isnt too affected to see Dazai only in his bandages, but if he walks in on Dazai without them:

-Sometimes Dazai lets Atsushi cuddle with him without the bandages, and Atsushi keeps kissing every part of his body thats usually covered by them.

-Atsushi likes biting/licking Dazais ears because its one of Dazais weak spots. (Dazai might whimper)

-Often when Atsushi isnt paying attention to Dazai, Dazai keeps himself entertained by playing with his hair or long belt.

-Sometimes he pulls the belt hard wich makes Atsushi snatch it back with a pout.

-Dazai gets flustered rather easily and he cant handle it so he tries to always be the one making Atsushi the flustered one.

-Atsushi often asks Dazai to tie his tie for him.

-Atsushi has a special presimmison to play with Dazais hair.

-Whatever Atsushi does to Dazais hair, he keeps it like that all day.

-Atsushi has a CRAZY sex stamina, he often ends up riding Dazai who is too tired to move after cumming 3 times Atsushi please he is old.

-Atsushi has sensitive nipples and he hates it but Dazai LOVES IT.

-Atsushi often worries Dazai is going to dissapear without saying a word to anyone.

-Atsushi and Dazai have sex at the Agency alot and have been caught at least 5 times by Kunikida. (Kyoka is kept far away and safe by Ranpo)

-Atsushi is very shy, before he gets Dazais dick inside him, then he starts being loud and bold. ( ͡ຈ ͜ʖ ͡ຈ)

-Dazai likes to make Atsushi sexually frustrated in public.

-Dazai likes to tease Atsushi in every way, alot, every day. He is grabage.

-Kunikida often sends Dazai and Atsushi on tiny missions together JUST TO GET THEM OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

-When Atsushi cries Dazai doesnt know what to do.

-Drunk Atsushi is VERY clingy and flirty and Dazai has to keep himself calm.

-If Dazai goes on a mission without Atsushi, Atsushi cant sit still. He tries to keep his mind busy with work but he is worried and scared, Dazai returns everytime with a smile and praises Atsushi for waiting like a good boy and Atsushi follows him all day, and Dazai doesnt mind.

-Dazai is fine with the idea of Atsushi topping him.

-Dazai insists on going with Atsushi on dangerous missions, unless he is needed badly somewhere else.

-Dazai and Atsushi stargaze on sad nights and hold hands.


- He’s not very experienced so he likes to explore with things a lot.

- One thing he really enjoys doing is fingering you. Two, sometimes three, fingers will be pushed deep inside of you, curling quickly and harshly. Hearing the noises you make and the slight sounds coming from your entrance, turns him on very quickly. He likes leaning down and sucking on your clit to pleasure you more.

- Eren prefers receiving over giving oral, but when he goes down on you one of his favorite things that you do is pull on his hair. He loves when you pull on it.

- His favorite position is missionary.

- Eren is also quite vocal. Hearing you moan makes him moan.

- If he gets a boner, he’ll pull you into a supply closet and fuck you there if he really needs to. When he’s horny, he doesn’t give a fuck about if anyone hears you. Plus, he always says, “its normal to have sex, its not a crazy thing,” if you ever complain about being heard.

- He gets super embarrassed when you leave hickeys in places that they’re visible to anyone, like on his neck or collarbone. But when he leaves them on you, he’s really smug and slightly cocky about it.

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smoke swirls in the air - not from too many parties but from burning leaves (and his leaves, his shaking hands, they might be burning too, right along with the rest of him). the skies rise and set earlier, always in brilliant dying colors like the pink at the end of his nose and the roses blooming in her cheeks. everything is crackling ground and pavement covered in dozens of shades of orange and yellow and red as the trees shed, become something new. just like them.

now things slow down, take on a smolder, a long-burning warmth like the light in the windows of the houses lining the quiet streets. things aren’t as bright as they were this time three months ago - now they’re the silence of an orchard on a windy day, the contentment of a fireplace as it crackles its welcome. the young gods have gone into hibernation - they will return in nine months’ time, reincarnated bigger and better, but for now they are on clotheshangers in their closets, neatly pressed and waiting for the unbearably golden days to return. but she is young and restless year-round. and he is coming alive, nothing but a pile of leaves set aflame by her touch, and coming alive has no timeframe.

summer may be her season, but fall is her lifetime: quiet nights strolling the chilled streets that once felt so hot against her feet, nipping bourbon from a bottle and feeling the slow burn in her godless chest instead of the instant ignition of cheap summertime whiskey. the beast deep in her throat where the desire hides is not curling its tail around its head and sleeping: it is rising, roaring, intoxicating in its pure power, pure persuasiveness, pure pride. she does not sleep at night - instead she stokes the fire in its mouth, stokes it with words that have rolled off her boy’s tongue deep in her dreams.

summer may potentially be his season, but fall is potentially his lifetime: his old cemetery now full of so much life, and he always hoping she will be there, his goddess, his persephone or aphrodite or athena or all three in one. distraction runs rampant, restyling him into a crazy-hair wild-eye laughing-loud calamity. he has never felt so much in his chest cavity - he has never tasted something as sweet as vitality on his tongue, dripping from her fingertips, pressed into the creases of her warm skin. it’s like pain, but it isn’t; it’s like dying, but it’s just the opposite. his smile extends from ear to ear as he thinks of the taste of her temple and looking at him someone might call him crazy. and someone wouldn’t be wrong, but insanity tastes so much like love, who could deny it when it sneaks to your doorstep so stealthily, knocks on your door so sweetly, and keeps its blade hidden until you’re facing the other way and it’s too late to uninvite the devil?

the stars twinkle as diamonds in the display case of the sky, as they’ve finally found their mascots, their disasters, their star-crossed lovers.

- ii. the falling season // part five of “seasons” // abby

Tiny Twins

I’ma just tag some people don’t mind me. *Casually whistling* I have no idea what this is. It might seem rushed at the end. I’m sorry.

@mewsicalmiss @pirate-patton 

“Why me? Patton always seems so much more enthusiastic about your ‘grand’ adventures.” Roman cut through the vines with his sword only somewhat listening to what his fellow aspect had to say.

“Well, Patton never knows what to do in the dire situations that I get into. At least you know how to think on your feet.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “That is true. If Patton were here he would just make a pun off of everything he saw.”

“Well if Patton were here at least he would enjoy my company a little bit more.” Roman scowled behind him and marched on leading the dynamic duo to the mouth of the dragon witch cave.

Logan huffed in annoyance. “Falsehood! You’re worse than Virgil at jumping to conclusions. I do not dislike your company. I just don’t see why you chose m-.”

“Shhhh!!” Roman ignored Logan’s complaints, shushing him and telling him to stay put. “Wait here.” He began to traverse into the dark cave.

“Roman! I-”

“SSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!” Roman raced back and clasped his free hand over the logical aspect’s mouth. “For once in your life would you shut your mouth?”

Logan pulled back looking extremely offended, but kept himself quiet while slightly pouting. Roman smirked.

“Thank you…” He whispered and trudged back into the cave.

A while had passed, when finally the sounds of battle rang from inside the cave. Logan pulled up a stump and sat at the mouth, twiddling his thumbs and waiting  for Roman to return. He was only worried when he heard Roman’s yell turn into a blood curling scream all of a sudden. With a start Logan arose from his seat and yelled not once but twice into the dark, sideways abyss.

“Roman? Roman!” He bolted straight in almost as fearless as Roman, taking every bend and every twist trying to follow the path the noise had taken in reverse. He came to a well-lit opening only having enough time to gather in his surroundings before a cloud of purple smoke enveloped him and the same blood curling scream that he had heard earlier, erupted from his own mouth.

10 minutes later…

“OH GWEAT! THIS IS JUWST PEWFECT! I tought I told you to tay put!”

“I dwid! But then you scweamed! I was scawed!” Both Logan and Roman found themselves covered in lingering purple smoke, as four-year-old versions of themselves trudged through the forest. Roman was dragging his now very heavy samurai sword with both hands behind, making very adroable squeaky grunts as he tried to carry it.

“Ugh!!” Roman pouted like a child and screamed to the sky before continuing to carry his sword. “When dad sees us like thwis… we’re scwewed.”

“Thwat or he’ll just fawn ovew us like we’re swome sort of…childwen!” Logan gripped his fists tightly and muttered under his breath.

“Thwat’s what we are Logan! CHILDWEN! That stupid dumb Dragon witch. They’re so mean! I hwave no mowe dignity!” Roman kicked a rock as he threw his temper tantrum.

Logan felt it easier to blame what Roman was blaming instead of his fellow aspect for dragging him into this. “Yeah. That dumb dwagon witch!”

Patton was baking a cake waiting for the two aspects to come home, when the ‘height’ of the situation was revealed to him. The first thing he did was drop an empty plate when he saw the two children in front of him. The next thing he did was squeal. And then he screamed. Yes in that order

“OH MY GOODNESS!!! You two are so cute!! Wait…what happened?” Patton’s cooes immediatly turned into worry.

Roman rolled his eyes with the same amount of sass as his adult version. “Dumb stupid dwagon witch cuwse. It’ll go away eventuwally. I’m stawting to like it though since erlenmeywer twash isn’t talking so much.”

“Hey! Twake that back!” Angry little logan stomped his foot and squeaked at Roman who just stuck his toungue out at him.

Patton stifled a giggle and bent down to pick up Roman. “Now Roman that’s not how we talk to other kids.”

“No! Let me goooooo!!” Roman squirmed in Patton’s arms but began to squirm and squeal even more when he felt Patton’s fingers tickling his tiny sides.

“Awww…your so cute when your this size!”

“EEheheheheh! No tickwes!!” 

Logan giggled. “That’s what you gwet pwincey!” This turned Patton’s attention to the snarky well-dressed toddler. 

“Oh don’t think you’re getting away either.” As Patton began to reach for Logan with an adorable smirk on his face, the little logical aspect gasped squeakily and ran down the hall way.

“You’ll never catch me!” It was impeccable timing that at that very second Virgil opened his door. Glancing up from the phone he saw a four-year-old Logan squeak adorably and turn around as soon as they made eye contact.

“Virgil catch him!” The darker aspect needed no second warning before shoving his phone back in his pocket and diving toward the scurrying child. Logan had no chance against Anxiety scooping his former debate partner up in his arms and walking back to Patton, who now had Roman sitting on his shoulders  and was playing horsey with him.

“Fastew my noble stweed!” Patton whinnied like a horse to keep the little prince entertained. It was all it took for Virgil to snort and lose himself to laughter.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Logan continued to squirm in Virgil’s arms, to which he huffed in amusement.

“Let me guess. Dragon witch?”

Logan stopped squirming to fold his arms and pout. “Precisewly! And its Roman’s fault!”

Virgil chuckled and ruffled little Logan’s hair to which the child wrinkled his nose at. “It’s always Roman’s fault.”

“Hey! No it’s nwot!” Roman jumped off of Patton in defiance and ran to Logan and Virgil shaking his fists at them defiantly.

“It was too!” Logan managed to jump out of Virgil’s arms and onto the floor to face his opponent. “You dragged me out on that adventure with you!”

“You agweed! So it’s your fault for coming along!”

“UNBELIEVEABLE!” Logan’s voice was starting to mature and revert back to its orginal state. “You’re the one that goes on those crazy adventures all the time!”

“Yeah! Well if you would just stayed put in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Roman’s voice began to deepen as well.

As the two toddler’s circled the other throwing insults at each other, they were unaware that the curse was wearing off. Patton arose from the floor trying to decide if he should break them up or not. Virgil got out his phone and began to record.

It wasn’t long before the curse effects completely dispersed and left two grown men fighting like children. It was about five minutes until they both realized just how stupid they looked. Patton burst out laughing so hard that he fell on the floor while Virgil clicked the stop button from recording and he gave the two aspects a smirk before running to his room and locking the door.

“VIRGIL!” Both Logan and Roman chased him, but were unsuccessful in getting him to delete the footage. And to this day, he still teases them with it.

And no. Patton and Virgil never let them live that down. Ever.

P.S. In all of my tiny!sides one-shot fics, It will ALWAYS be Roman’s fault.

Lets talk about the animation quality/art style of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

NOTE: I live in switzerland, so my english is not that good but I try my best. I couldn’t find a post about this specific topic or something similar to what I’m going to be talking about. If this was already done, please let me know! Anyways, lets start this post!

As a kid I always noticed that the art style/animation quality changed with every episode. Each episode had a different art style/animation quality. I was really pissed about it, but as a kid I didn’t know better but now I do. I figured out that they’re is at least three different art styles/animation quality.

So, here we have the first one. I call this the actual art style/animation quality.
Its my all time favourite tbh.
I really love the way the draw/animate the eyes! I MEAN JUST LOOK THIS ONE:

And then here’s Seto:

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And Bakura! (How many times I re-watched this episode because of the art style)

Originally posted by thedyeddiaper

Its just perfect. The lines are gorgeous, animation is on point, shading is amazing, proportions are god damn right, no crazy hair and I always enjoy watching this art style!! You get what I mean, right?

And here we have the second art style/animation. The one thing that really stands out is how they draw the profile of the characters. Its unique. And the proportions are also really nice!

This is my second favourite art style/animation of this series. Its not so smooth like the first one, but it stands out. The hair is drawn a little crazier but thats okay. The clothes have more details (shading) Again, I love how they drew the profile of the characters.

And here we got the third art style/animation, my personal most disliked one. I just dont enjoy it. As a kid I was getting so mad because I didnt liked it how they drew the characters, with no love. (But now I know that they didnt put much money in the production of the episodes)

Do you see what I mean? The animation is not smooth. Proportions are not right. (Face) I really dont like this art style. I hate it tbh. I dont find any morw words.

I hope you liked this post. It was just something that I wanted to talk about. Leave your opinion! I would love to read them.

ASKS - Mini Stories/Headcanons/Ideas

Little ask-stories sent to my main blog, posted here!

violetsnowstorm555 said: Archaeology majors agree never to dig anywhere near campus for fear of what might come up.

Anon said: What about that one kid who thinks the fair folk are actually ALIENS

k4t3yk4t said: There was that one occasion with the Vegan™ freshman who discovered the black fur coat in her roommate’s closet. She was so appalled… She stole it, not to keep, but to confront her roommate later about. She never got the chance to. She wasn’t seen for months, but eventually came back. She was different, when she did, though.. And never went near the pool again.

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Dating Wes Would Include

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•You both started out as editors, and of course clicked right away.

•He got onto Smosh Games, and you became a writer ( you were both so proud of each other )

•Everyone making bets as to if you would end up together

•They called it before you even knew it you were interested

•You’re totally best friends with Noah, and he asked about the relationship first.

•It didn’t take long for you guys to get together, and everyone loved it


•"Wes, let go"
“I’m going to miss you though”

•Okay, but, he ADORES you

•Lowkey brags about how cool and beautiful you are all the time

•You’re a super healthy eater and are always trying to get him healthy substitutes. He never dislikes them, but he obviously prefers some good cupcakes

•Him always trying to get you to eat icecream

•"Y'know you want a bite"
“What’s one spoonful gonna do?”

•He not AT ALL a jealous guy, he trusts you with absolutely everything, no matter what

•It was almost crazy how soon he entrusted you with every little thing, he just adored you immeidetly

•You guys are the hardcore dream couple

•You’re really sick with weapons and athletics and combat, and he LOVES IT SO MUCH

•Being the referee on Smosh Summer Games, and the fans fell in love with you

•Being there for him when he has asthma issues

•He was into your guys relationship as a serious thing really fast

•Once you sat down and ran through a script you were working on as a side project away from Smosh. You had your reading glasses on and were waving around the pen in your hand. You were obviously running off just coffee, and were just wearing sweatpants and a tank top. You were ranting on and on and were so passionate about it and when you finished he just, “I love you”

•Big hugs where he picks you up and spins you around

•Constant hand holding, hair twirling, arm around you - anything. Sometimes he just likes to have a hand gently on you, just to know you’re there

•You guys are DEEP sleepers, but he’ll force himself up to make breakfast for you when he can

•The fans really loving the relationship, it first being clear from a few of his instagram posts that were selfies or random pictures of you. Neither of you came out and said it, but everyone caught on




•Grocery trips have to be a team effort. When he leaves a shopping list it just looks like chicken scratch, if you go by yourself you forget a bunch, and if he goes by himself you guys only get chocolate and candy

•But you guys makes a great team

•You’re both really hardcore and strong and everyone jokes about how you’re both the go-to people for a zombie apocalypse

•Him calling you in during livestream to make you say hi to the camera. You don’t like to, but he always tricks you into it

•Your apartment is a HAZARD. There are swords and weapons of all sorts everywhere, and you two are the only ones aware of all of the whereabouts

•Courtney once came over and almost cut her finger off when she accidentally found some ninja stars by the cereal

•He loves it so much when you play with his hair

•Hardly ever fighting, but when you do its sad and shaky, because neither of you want it to be happening

•You make up really really fast though, the one time you didn’t, it was crazy how zoned out you both seemed the whole week, just tired and strained. Everyone felt bad. But when it got worked your moods came back faster than the speed of light

•Both knowing your relationship will keep growing day after day

•Just trusting each other completely, working together through everything, and loving each second of being with each other

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Tell us about the people you love.

  • dies her hair. really likes U2. my mum. pushy. pretentious. wanted kids her whole life. i am not what she expected. couldn’t do art history at school because her dad said she had to do calculus. judgemental. likes period dramas where a man in a billowy white shirt walks across a field. wants the best for me.  
  • likes working out. has sunburnt ears. my dad. taller than me. doesn’t like his mother. funny. mean. can’t control his temper. drove me to school for five years at seven in the morning for netball practise. would do anything for my mother. loves me in quiet ways. does the dishes at his in-laws house. wrist-deep in soapy water. hands bigger than the pots.
  • blonde. drives to fucking fast. known her six years. annoying. defensive. wants love badly but is good at hiding it. made me the best birthday card i’ve ever received. bad with emotions. bad with cleaning. has the worst gag reflex. she was the first person i told. i think she’d known the whole time. never- not once- made it weird between us. i love that girl.
  • beautiful. my favourite of all time. my sister. never hears the words to any song correctly. came crying to me at five because she took a pick-in-mix fruit burst when mum wouldn’t buy her one and was drowning in guilt. can always make me laugh. looks good in anything. far too good for me. for her friends. for any boy. a star in the daytime.
  • ridiculous. makes me crazy. my brother. never has a damn shirt on. can’t take responsibility for anything. needs medication to make his brain quiet. to stop banging around in his head. always ends up in the middle of the fight. principal knows his name. calls me bigfoot and thinks its clever. the best hair in the world. i’ve gone to bat for him a thousand times. i’d do it a million.
  • short. talks with me about communism when we’re drunk. known her three years. gets sick of people easily. would stick up for me in a fight when she loves me. would be the one fighting me when she doesn’t. loves her mum. i’m always worried she’d going to get bad again. says ‘i love you’ a lot. bad at being subtle. good at saving money. uses up all my calling minutes with conversations about memes and socialism. i don’t even mind.
  • always cold. good at drawing. known her ten years. a pale stick. smart without trying. insomniac. doesn’t eat. the definition of anxiety. makes me worry. gets drunk just by looking at a beer. hates beer. too good for her other shitty friends. avoids confrontation. looked after me for four hours after i had too much bacardi. stopped me from running on the road. listened to me talk the whole night. i’d never let anything happen to that girl. she’d never let anything happen to me.
  • funny. the most beautiful voice in the world. is @deadgwen. drove from the mount back to auckland in her bikini with her friends over new years. shaped the way i talk to people. made me love capitals. made me love her. could tell her anything I wanted. understands me right to my middle. hair is the most lovely thing. she is the most lovely thing.
  • ethereal. ham aficionado. is @alrightpotter. the best taste in music. worries a lot. lives in a house almost as beautiful as she is. had a dream where lily evans got married on a school quad. too good for even sirius black. so calming. my middle ground. beyond talented. is going to be famous one day and i’m going to get to say you see that girl? she loves me. that beautiful girl loves the guts out of me. i know. i can’t believe it either.
Thee rak (Part One)

Wordcount: 2.821

Genre: Fluff / Slice of Life

BamBam x Reader
Description: BamBam changes hair colour as much as he does with girls or clothes. However, there’s one thing that will never change: for him, you’ll always be his “Thee rak”.


Y/N: BamBam is driving me crazy. Hence I wrote this fluffy (sorta), romantic (SORTA) one shot cut in more parts (as always) because I’ve got too many feelings for him and I couldn’t hold back.

If someone wants to tell me its opinion you’re more than welcome, whatever kind of feedback is always appreciated  ^^

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S: Dedicated to M., ‘cause I kind of promised her and she deserves it (you already know the tons of reasons why and I won’t say anything else ‘cause you’re perfectly aware I’m like Patrick Swayze and his “Ditto” in “Ghost” when it comes to these things XD) You’re such a good person ^^ Forgive me if the main protagonist isn’t Jaebum, though T.T

*EDIT*: Thee rak is the correct Thai translation for “My love” so I changed it.

Part Two

The first time you met, BamBam’s hair was blond.

Messily pulled back, a bit sweat, and the thin fingers of a brunette -with her skirt up long enough to see her panties with strawberries- were running through it while his silly chuckle among whispered words filled the room.

Your bedroom, actually.

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Jackson: So Yang’s with Hunt, Grey’s with Shepherd, Torres is with Robbins. And you were with Sloan, until he dumped you. It’s wonder you guys got any work done.
Lexie: He didn’t dump me. He forgot about me. He decided that we were going to start a family, and didn’t ask me. He forgot I was even there. He left me lying there in dirty dishwater.
Jackson: What?
Lexie: Nothing.
Jackson: I’m pretty.
Lexie: What?
Jackson: In my family I was always the pretty one. My face, my eyes… The body. You should see me with no shirt on. It’s kind of ridiculous. But my family is smart, driven crazy overachievers. And they look like they’re smart. They don’t look like me. Which has its perks, except that my family treated me like I’m pretty. They expected nothing from me. Ever. They never pushed me. Never thought to. So I had to push myself. Hard. I didn’t even tell them I was taking the MCAT’s until after I aced them. My point is that you can’t just change your hair. Okay? You wanna be unforgettable, you wanna not be mousey? You can’t just change your hair. You have to actually change. Just sayin’.
—  Jackson Avery and Lexie Grey - 06x14 Valentine’s Day Massacre

Best Friend: You two have been inseparable since you first met. You always get in trouble together but you wouldnt have it any other way. He understands you on the deepest level and is always there for you.

Secret Boyfriend: It started off as talking but then he made a move. Now your stuck with make out sessions at his house when his parents are out. You both try to keep it a secret but little do you know…

Likes you…: He knows about you and {secret boyfriend}. He is the only one that does and boy does he wish he didnt. He loves you, hes in love with everything you do. From the way you laugh to how your hair looks when its put in a messy bun, hes crazy about you. However things came to a crashing end when he noticed how you would always look at {secret boyfriend} and his assumption were confirmed when he watched {secret boyfriend} pull you into his house ({secret boyfriend}’s house if thats not clear)

Makes a fool…: Honestly he doesnt know why he becomes this way around you. Its just when he sees you he tenses up and makes a fool of himself. The amount of times hes done it too are far too many to count, one time he literally fell head over heels for you (in his defense he was getting you water and the floor was wet). He has no clue why but he always gets this weird fuzzy/knotting feeling in his stomach whenever he look/thinks about you (which is a lot).

Walks you to Class: You two dont have any classes together yet he always seems to find you in the hall and insists on walking you to class. You arent annoyed by thins but actually its kind of nice. You two have deep discussions on the way to class and if you dont have time to finish them you pick them up the next day.

Buys You Stuff: Lets just say this boy is well off. Whenever he takes you shopping he always ends up paying, you try to pay but he always manages to pay without you noticing. You feel indebted to him but he always says that you can make it up to him by giving him a secret fashion show, which you do. These fashion shows always end with you both laughing on the floor and clothes everywhere.

Shows up Randomly…: Sometimes he has no reason to come over, he just does. but your happy he does because he always entertains you. He just wants to spend time with you because, in his eyes, your the best thing to have ever walked the earth. Your so beautiful, funny and just all around amazing. He could listen to you talk about nothing for eternity and he does when you go on a rant, until you look over at him and ask “what?” with a cute confused look on your face. Oh does he adore that face so much.

Takes care of you: He dosnt know why but theres this feeling inside him compelling him to protect you. When your sick he’ll make you soup and pick up your gross tissues, when your sad he’ll cheer you up, hes always there for you.

Writes songs about you: He dosnt share them with everyone. He hopes to one day get up the courage to share them with you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are. He also feels like the songs are a special thing that just the two of you have and dosnt want to loose that.

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something that really boggles my mind is the fact that no one was able to figure out that Miley was Hannah Montana. all she did was put on a blonde wig. when celebs dye their hair, you can still very clearly obviously 100% tell that it’s them….just with a new hair color. Hannah didn’t wear wild crazy makeup, no prosthetics to alter her features, no mask, no nothing. just a blonde wig yet no one noticed? How many wigs has nicki, chyna, kylie, gaga, etc worn and you can always tell its them instantly ofc bc it’s just a wig!! I wouldn’t expect ppl at Miley’s school to wonder about it (perhaps) but if Hannah was this big mega superstar that the show portrayed her to be, how on earth did no one see her on the streets with brown hair and flip out at their random celebrity sighting. No one even recognized her speaking voice that she didn’t bother to change? if you’re a big big stan you even recognize friends of celebrities that regular ppl wouldn’t even know about (like Taylor swifts friend Abigail or Rihanna’s friend Melissa as a random example), so if Hannah had all these wild fans who could still recognize Lola even though she had a new wig every fucking day, how didn’t they realize she was Lilly? It was a known fact that most ppl at her school were big Hannah fans. In the first season they basically beat up Oliver (I think it was him) over his tickets! They were nuts for Hannah! Yet nooooobody could recognize Lilly and Miley??? Or when Miley was dating Jake Ryan and the media was going wild trying to figure out the identity of this “mystery girl”. BITCH it’s obviously Hannah with brown hair! Same voice, same height, SAME FACE, same age, cmon now! None of this makes any sense. Miley should’ve only been able to keep her secret for a week max after she became a top star and thassa fact, jack!

Weight of the World

This is a one shot i wrote due to the huge amounts of Rivamika I’ve been exposed to. Its pure angst and pain too.

Levi can’t remember the exact day he realised he was in love with Mikasa. Seriously, he has no idea what is worse; this or the fact that he let himself experience and go through all this process.

Up to now he had never even though about settling down and having a family, but everytime he sees her face he can only think about how many children he’d like to have.

Everytime he closes his eyes she’s there. And she doesn’t whip over that fucking mindless brat who had lived a cursed life. No. She’s there for and with him, standing in the sand, in the very place the ocean water hits her pale feet, over and over again with rage because the wind is so strong. It took a while for him to realise which way the wind had to blow for the waves to vanish or to appear. Nonetheless, if one could consider her a magnificent beauty, when his eyes were closed, she looked like a goddess.

But just like Eren was cursed to die, so is Levi cursed to stay alive and suffer. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t suffer amd he definitely can’t remember ever suffering from the stupid void feeling other shitty human beings like to call love. Never has he ever believed one of these disgusting lies people said to fool themselves with. For him love is pure and golden and now that he’s had the chance to feel it, he can say he’s blessed.

But it’s either cursed or blessed. And although he can really understand why all the people are trying to fool their own selves, he has absolutely no idea what to do or say about himself. There is something sweet in the bitterness of knowing he is never going to receive the love he wants from Mikasa, amd it feels truly beautiful to have fallen for a rough diamond, like her but it’s also truly painful to watch as his hands are filled with mud and bleeding cuts, while he’s desperately seeking for her love.

It feels even worse that all she can think about is Eren. Levi is damn aware that if she could, she’d literally be with him in the afterlife -if this shit existed- to watch over him. She is obsessed with the suicidal brat, to the point it didn’t matter if he is dead or alive. She has driven her self to a point of no returning with all this, but all Levi cares about is that Eren’s mere thought of existence, and the lack of it included, has scarred her, bruised her heart and darkened her soul.

Such thoughts are always in his mind, as it never seems to get rid of her. The walk he’s taking in the corridors has been long, his candle is at the point of extinction, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t even know why he’s doing this to himself; walking up and down the corridors of the abandoned headquarters, so he can watch over her. To listen to her voice.

There is no doubt that Mikasa would never want to have his kids. She wouldn’t enjoy seeing so many black haired heads and probably she’d wish some of them would resemble her one and only Eren. And with their genes, this would never happen. Even if these kids would look so handsome that mother nature would bow before them, Levi was sure that she’d never consider any one of them worthy to be her kid. Levi thinks she could always try to fool herself too. His hair isn’t as black as hers, it has a light brown side to its blackness, when hers is completely black and his eyes are both blue and grey all the while hers are so dark, that no one could possibly tell the actual color. They could easily make children that looked like they were pure Ackerman blooded, but Levi’s dreaming like a crazied teenager. And he’s way too old to be thinking like a teenager.

Nevertheless, he stands alone, in the dark hallway, hearing the muffled sobs that come out of her mouth. His heart is throbbing for her. That once strong woman, who he had spent nights thinking about ever since her cadet days, now being eaten by her own demons.

And he knows that he can bear thousand knives planted on his body, bloody hands that his brain can’t even control anymore and a strong amount of dirty mud covering his body, only if she is to say she’s going to love him back. Not because he wants her to suffer like he is now, but because if he can take the weight of the world in his shoulders, he can take all her pain away and learn to live with it for her to be alright. For her to lock her plump lips with his and just say those precious words.

I love you

My askbox is always open for requests, whether its a pairing or a reader insert

anonymous asked:

Can I request all of the alphabet for Alex Summers please! BTW, I love your blog! You're an amazing writer.

Thank you honey, here’s the pretty boy as per requested ;)

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) - Already Done (see below)

You both just can’t move, not that you’d want to. You’ll eventually roll over into his open arms where you just hold each other. You both ask if each others alright as you know Alex can sometimes work himself up a bit when you’ve had sex. But you just lay there, basking in the warm glow of each other.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He loves his arms. He’s really proud that they’re so toned and strong. It’s also his favourite part of him because he can lift you with them and when they flex and strain he notices you admiring them.

And I’m sorry but he’s such a boob guy, he loves to watch them bounce, the way they feel and how soft they are. They’re so comfy to rest on according to him as well. He can just lay his head down and rest between your cleavage. Saying that though he does also have a slight hair kink. When you’re going down on him he loves the feel of your hair trailing after your lips down his body.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

So Alex goes slightly red when he cums. Partly from the strain of cumming and partly from his mutation and him trying to control it. But when he cums, he cums a fair bit, he loves to cum on your chest and watch it drip slowly over you as you lick some off. That really gets him off, just the visual of you covered in his cum.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) 

He keeps some photos of you in his office desk. When he first got a camera he was photographing everything, there were of course lots of you, smiling, absentmindedly staring off out at the lake, those were some of his favourites. But the ones he cherished the most were kept safely hidden away in his desk. The photos of you, wearing nothing but lingerie and a pair of stunning heels, posing for him on a chair. Each photo the clothes you wear get less and less until there’s is just one of you, straddling the chair with nothing on but your panties, the solid back of the chair covering part of your breasts including your nipples, always teasing Alex for more. He keeps those photos in his desk for when he gets bored and horny. You cant be there all the time, but he does love to cast his mind back to that wonderfully long afternoon you spent as his muse.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

he’s fairly experienced before he met you. He’d had his fair share of one night stands but never anything more as he was always afraid of hurting people. As a result he really knows what he’s doing, hes so intuitive to what you want and what you like because if he as going to please any of his one night stands he’d have to learn fast.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

Missionary is his favourite position by far, vanilla as it may seem he loves to see you, all of you and this is the best way to do it [NSFW]. Whenever you take control though, it drives him crazy, even if you’re still wearing light pink he loves that you’re taking charge of him [NSFW]

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

You two are always laughing and giggling as you have sex, not that its laughably bad, but you make each other laugh and if the bed squeaks in a funny way, that’s it you’re both one or.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

His pubes are a soft mousy blond colour, a little like his hair and he keeps them fairly trim. Not particularly sculpted but he hates when there’s a bush, and he thinks it makes his dick look bigger if more of it is exposed.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 

Alex is so romantic sometimes, but even when he’s not, in the heat of the moment he always tells you he loves you. In a mumble at the nape of your neck, shouted out as he climaxes or breathlessly as his hips are going non stop in and out of you, he always finds time to tell you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) 

He likes to tease him self and draw it out. He’ll settle himself on his bed, with the door locked, t-shirt off an sweats hanging low on his hips. He likes the feel of the fabric against his skin so he starts off by gently stroking and rubbing his cock through his pants. By the time he takes it out from behind the soft fabric he is achingly hard and red at the tip, gripping with both hands he loves to sensation of each hand going in a different direction up and down his length. He also loves teasing his balls and tugging on them to get different sensations. Sometimes he even tweaks his nipples (he likes a little pain with the pleasure)

When he cums, he cums hard like this. stomach tensing as he throws his head back in bliss, adams apple bobbing up and down as he gulps for air. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) - ALREADY DONE (see below)

He loves when you call him sir. You’ll say it casually during the day, or whisper it in his ear as you’re walking past, working him up, making his jaw clench and him breath through his nose. That how you know you’ve got him right where you want him. He’ll back you into a quiet corner or pull you into an empty room before warning you to be careful what you wish for.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

Generally he likes to keep it in the bedroom because he get jealous easily and doesn’t like the idea that others might see your beautiful body. But he wouldn’t say no when you pull him into an empty supply closet an lock the door.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

You two kiss a lot, but when you walk up to him, place your hands on his chest leaning in to give him the softest of kisses, almost a non kiss is when he gets turned on. Because its like you’re holding back from him, teasing him to come and get more. And he can’t get enough.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Although he doesn’t much mind a secluded closet on a rarely used hallway for a quick rendezvous, Alex isn’t really a fan of sex where people might catch you, he may have been once when you guys were younger but as he’s matured he likes having private moments with you, where he can appreciate you fully, not rushed encounters that never fully satisfy him

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He’s got such a wide mouth, and such a pillowy soft tongue. His languid licks up and down you are like no other. Pushing through your folds you cant help but let a shiver wash over you, eyes rolling back as he brings his tongue to work n you, sucking meticulously at your clit to draw your orgasms closer and closer. 

But he cant deny he loves receiving oral from you. Your hot soft mouth engulfing his cock makes him buck his hips up so hard he has to try and control it. He loves when you tongue at his sensitive head and swallow hard around him, looking up at him with big wide puppy dog eyes.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

His pace is fairly average, most of the time its quite sensual and loving, not particularly slow though. Its when  you have quickies that he goes fast and hard, you love that side of him but you cant deny that you both love sex in your bedroom the best, where you can focus on one another completely.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Alex will take you anywhere. He gets jealous so easily and so turned on by the thought of letting everyone know who you belong to. He’ll sneak you away to a dark corner of the club or empty room at the mansion and fuck you senseless, not bothering to cover up either of your moans or the marks you leave behind. The man has no shame when it comes to his love, and lust for you.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s always up to experiment with you, he’d never say no to trying something new. He’s not a massive risk taker though when it comes to getting caught. He doesn’t fuck you because you might get caught but its never really something he thinks about if there is a chance.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He’s got really good stamina, if you’re getting close he can keep up the same pace or even speed up a bit to get you over the edge. Plus we’ve all seen his swivel hips, he knows control.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

 I don’t think Alex owns any personally, but when you two start experimenting new kinks and positions together he’s really keen on handcuffs. He loves to cuff you and be cuffed, just the idea of being restrained and helpless really turns him on. And when he finds your secret vibrator you kept under your bed before you got together he’s only too happy to help you relive some good times with it.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He loves to tease you, just to see you get frustrated with him. Its one of the ways you two end up laughing in bed. He’ll get you right to the edge or orgasm before taking the vibrations of your favourite toy away and watching you curl in on yourself. He’ll try and calm you don through fits of giggles by blowing raspberries on your tummy and kissing all the way up to your lips.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s got such a deep manly voice and if he makes any sound its probably going to be low growls from the back of his throat or groans when you clench around him as he gets balls deep inside you. Although I also have a personal headcannon that when you’re domming him (which he also loves) he’ll let out light sighs and whimpers at your teasing him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He started going to the library a lot more when he saw that’s where you mostly were. Hank thought it was hilarious when he fell off his chair whilst trying to look at where you were going, trying desperately to get you to notice him reading. Until Hank pointed out that the book he had absentmindedly picked up belonged in the children’s section he had thought he looked rather smart.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) 

He’s about average size perhaps 6 ½ -3/4″ and he’s slightly thicker than average, like the nice thickness that stretches you just right as he’s pushing in. (Am I allowed to say he’s got nice balls? like if balls could look mildly attractive his would) Its pale, like his skin, but its got a plush velvety red tip just like his lips, that curves just slightly at the end, pressing right up against you when he’s inside you.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive is so high. You wouldn’t think so giving his strict military time and the restraint he put on him self as a teenager, but when he has to have you, he has to have you.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He’s asleep as soon as his head touches the pillow most nights, unless you stay up talking. But does he look adorable when he just passes out, tongue hanging limply in his mouth as quiet snores drift into the room.

Dee and Fire

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.


When Dee was 12 she overheard her mother talking on the phone about a kid that burned down the cabin that the kids at school would always say was hunted. Her mother called him a “crazy fucking maniac” that “deserved to root in the loony bin”. Apparently the hunted cabin was old Reynolds property. Dee snack out that night and ran, scared out of her mind, to see what was left of it. She walked through whatever remained of it and suddenly, she got it. At first she couldn’t understand why someone would do something so ugly, but when she saw it, she felt as if someone blew out all those fires everyone kept lighting inside her chest, her lungs would look like the old hunted Reynolds cabin. Two months later Dee asked Barbara what happened to the kid that did it. “Oh him? Killed himself.” Oh.


When Dee was 16 she figured out that burning on the outside is better than burning in the inside. Her lighter collection held 63 different lighters, all stolen.


When Dee was 19 she met a girl with hair that looked like flames & Dee was fascinated with all things that radiated warmth. When they moved into the same dorm, Dee threw away all her stolen lighters and let the girl make her feel heat in places she thought would always remain cold. One day the girl came back to their dorm with her hair dyed black and all Dee could do was destroy everything and leave only ashes behind. “Crazy fucking maniac”, she whispered to herself.

She was done with fire.