it's always sunny in philiadelphia

Mac playing the Nightman.

How long has it been since I posted actual artwork here? Shame. Anyway, huge W.I.P. artist statement ahead: 

Part of a larger illustration project. I’m making a full page advertisement for the hypothetical 10th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m kind of breaking the show’s branding image by going with something that doesn’t go with the black, white and yellow color scheme they’ve stuck to in the past, but I try to justify that by saying it’s a milestone achieved. 

My idea is to have the gang in front of Paddy’s, each in one of the costumes they’ve worn over the years. Naturally, I can’t really do anything from unaired seasons, but 1-7 gives me plenty to choose from. 

I want the style to mimic painted stained glass, which will hopefully be conveyed by the combination of traditional rendering and vector lines. I was inspired by a piece done for a bar in Syracuse by a local artist. The idea started there, and there’s some longer, ramble-y explanation I have for a ~deeper~ meaning, but I’m silly, it’s 4AM, and it might be better paired with the finished piece when it comes to it.


Kitten “Mittons” lol