it's always sunny in philadelphia

If you👉🏻 do not🙅❌ get my👫 sister🙎💁 her stories📚📺 and a NEW🆕 room as SOON⏱⌛️ as POSSIBLE 🕐🕐 then I👱 will come💦 down👇🏻👇🏻 on this 🏥hospital🏥 LIKE the HAMMER🔨🔨 of THOR⚡️🙏🏻. The thunder⛈⛈ of my vengeance😤✊🏻 will echo🎙 through 👇🏻these👇🏻 corridors🏥↔️ like the GUST 💨 of a THOUSAND1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ WINDS💨💨😤

I’ve been thinking a lot about Frank Reynolds lately. I read an interview of Kaitlin Olsen in which she stated that Frank’s character was brought in to show the Gang their future; he is the evidence of who they’ll become because they will never change or grow as individuals. Of course they don’t realize it and besides Charlie none of them would miss him if he died or just left the gang. But looking at the episodes with this in mind makes his character feel more important somehow???

Just how his success never made him happy, how he never became a better person and how he knows no one will care if he dies so he just wants to be thrown away like garbage. But still having an ‘anything goes’ approach to life. I just think Frank’s character arc is a kind of foreshadowing to what the end of Sunny and the Gang might be. Its kind of a background plot that leads the younger members of the gang along in their character development. I don’t know. Just a thought I had.