it's always 5am

they’re all bi and dating and i love them?

small kitty thing

it was very early in the morning, 2:46am to be exact, and kit laid awake on his back, head toward ty.
he stared at the dark ceiling, feeling heat radiate beside him, because ty lay in bed with him.
ty was one of those people who looked pretty in their sleep. his lips were parted, soft breaths escaping between them, one hand resting on his bare stomach, rising and falling. his hair fell perfectly on his pillow, around his head. the open curtains sent the moonlight over ty’s skin, his pale chest glowing. kit admired ty’s slender figure, his delicate bones and elegant face. his runes that decorated him.
kit sighed in admiration and turned to his side, facing ty who was still lying on his back.
“baby. baby, wake up,” coaxed kit, stroking ty’s cheek. ty stirred.
“hmm?” he hummed, still sleeping.
kit shifted closer to ty, resting his own hand on top of ty’s hand, rising and falling on his stomach. kit’s face was almost buried in ty’s warm neck. he traced ty’s runes with the barest tips of his fingers.
“i love you,” kit whispered, because he did. so much. his love for ty was almost inexplicable. whenever his eyes fell upon ty, a surge of love washes over him, his body overwhelmed with affection and adoration, and all he ever did was stare. “i love you, tiberius.”
ty made a humming sound and turned his head, facing kit. his eyes were closed. “i love you, christopher,” he said, though it came out mumbled because he was practically sleeping.
kit’s eyes welled with tears. he was definitely not the emotional type, but having someone like ty love him turned kit soft. kit stroked ty’s hair, down to his jaw and back up to his hair again, repeating. ty leaned into kit’s touch.
kit couldn’t sleep until much later, almost after 5am, but when he half woke up, ty’s eyes were still closed and his hand was up kit’s shirt, rubbing his back subconsciously in his sleep.

Friend: You look upset, what’s wrong?

Me, internally: In the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, John Gabriel Utterson has live with knowing that both of his best friends are dead. He was the lawyer to both of them but still the death of Robert (Hastie) Lanyon was still so sudden and out of the blue, he couldn’t save Dr. Lanyon. Then he has to live with knowing he was seconds too late to save Henry Jekyll. This is all canon by book standards. Not to mention, Lanyon doesn’t exist in the musical but Utterson does. Mr. Utterson is forced to shoot Dr. Jekyll six times, killing him. In the Wedding Reception, after Henry is shot, you can hear John drop his gun and cry “Oh my God! No!” In every adaptation, John Gabriel Utterson is forced to watch his best friends die.

Me, laughing: yeah, I’m good. How are you?

there’s something about the way he looks at you. head tilted, resting on the palm of his hand and the softness in his eyes. he’s never looked that way at anyone else, not that you’d know. even he doesn’t realise until he’s told. but when he looks at you, it’s like the rest of the world falls away and he’s too wrapped up in you to care. it’s as if you’re a piece of art that he wants to admire every piece of. he looks at you so delicately, captivated by every word you speak. his friends are envious of that look - because they know it’s a look of pure love that can be hard to find, but he’s found it in you. 

try the kool-aid.

  • James: Remember that co-operative dinner you made me have with the cow chop crew so we could try and resolve some of our issues? Well, it blew up in my face.
  • Brett: What happened?
  • James: Screaming, tears, physical threats, Aleks pulled out a gun, it was messy…
  • Brett: No, why did it fall apart?
  • James: Oh. No one was assigned the dishes.

the masochistic voice in my head: this framework arc can only end in one of three ways

1. the rest of the team makes it out alive. there are tears and a hell of a lot of guilt and hurt/comfort in heaps. possibly a wedding. 10/10 would highly recommend. least likely.

2. fitz kills jemma in the framework and that’s the moment he Wakes UpTM. she dies in his arms. it’s the actual worst. 0/10 would never recommend. likelihood varies due to whedon trope. joss would. jed/mo might have qualms.

3. fitz Wakes UpTM under different circumstances, probably from elizabeth henstridge’s best performance to date. he is so consumed by guilt that he sacrifices himself for the rest of the team to get out of the framework. in the midst of virtual purgatory he is approached by robbie reyes who offers him the mantle of ghost rider. the last shot of s4 is him riding off into the sunset determined to settle all the devil’s scores (as well as his own) and make it back to jemma. 6/10 would questionably recommend but accept due to both-of-fitzsimmons alive factor. bonus if robbie can be free. just crazy and wild enough to be most likely.

okay but listen, the bayverse movies actually have some really cool and neat lore its just that none of it is in tHE FUCKING MOVIES its all in the comics and novelization

like you know the Arcee triplets from the second movie? theyre actually three separate individuals that have a sibling spark bond. And the other two? Chromia and Elita. The three of them used to ave legs too but how did this happen you ask? Well its all thanks to a decepticon medic named Flatline who really hot but thats not what we’re talking about right now and he split Arcees spark and brought Chromia and Elita back to life

but do we get even the slightest glimpse of this in the movie? No, because we need to learn the ‘hardships’ Sam faces when he has to go to college and his relationship problems not, you know maybe getting to know the fuCKING GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS THAT THESE MOVIES ARE BASED OF OFF